ACE Family Takes A 'Break' From YouTube (Without Addressing Any Of Their Fan's Concerns)

The ACE Family, who have 15.3 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.7 billion video views, have decided to take a break. Austin McBroom, 26, and Catherine Paiz, 28, as well as their two daughters Elle and Alaia, are going on hiatus after three years of posting weekly videos featuring their day to day shenanigans.

The couple have come under fire recently for a video that has circulated on social media that showed McBroom buying an unidentified young girl an adult-themed lollipop. The pair had also been criticized for advertising a basketball charity event that appeared to be open to fans, in which they promised to give 100k to a member of the ACE family who completed the challenge. Afterwards, it was revealed that the event was only open to fellow celebrities. In addition, a series of tweets posted by McBroom surfaced in which he made disparaging and seemingly racist remarks about Black women. The family has yet to address any of these controversies.

The family has also been called out for its pranks, in which they’ve simulated home invasions. In response, YouTube announced changes to its external Community Guidelines earlier this month. The updated guidelines have banned pranks on the platform that cause victims to suspect they are in physical danger or that actually cause physical harm or emotional distress. The platform gave as an example the Tide Pod challenge, where participants are dared to eat a Tide Pod, which contains poisonous bleach.

In a video posted yesterday, McBroom and Paiz said the family needed to take a break to focus on their merchandise and mobile app, and to produce a reality series that will premiere on their channel on February 23. After the series is finished, the family says they will return to posting weekly videos.

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The new reality series is expected to explore the ACE Family’s life in more detail. “I’m a little nervous because we share a lot of stuff that we never talked about,” McBroom says of the series. “You know our channel is all about positivity and making you guys happy, but at the same time it’s hard at times to do that when other things happen. We want to show you guys what some of those other things are.”

The family says that a trailer for the reality series will debut on their channel in a few days.

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