According To Guys: He’s ACTUALLY Really Into These 23 Things

We tend to think that men are complicated, but they are totally misunderstood. As a matter of fact, men are simple creatures, and once you understand their thinking and mindset, you'll quickly realize how easygoing they actually are.

There are so many articles out there about what women want in relationships, but what about what men want? Did we forget them? We certainly didn't, which is why we are here to express their needs; all the nitty-gritty stuff they are actually super into. We did not have to dig deep though, because they are not as complicated as we make them out to be. While men think women are the ones who send mixed signals, and we think the same about men, we are both guilty of sending 'em. However, deep down, men are only trying to express to women what they really think and want. And yes ladies, they love coming home to an empty sink, too.

So, why is there always so much confusion between the two sexes if men are quite direct about the things that they are totally into? Most of the time, it is because there are many things they are afraid to admit, and as women we do not enjoy reading between the lines. So, to help ya'll out, below is a list that will be beneficial in understanding how a man's mind works. Here are 23 things he's actually into.

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23 He Digs Compliments

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Women are not the only ones who crave compliments from their partners - men do just as much. Why don't we know that? Because they play it off like they don't need them. Well, ladies, men do want to be complimented when they throw on their tight jeans or dress shirt; they want you to remind them of what attracted you to them in the first place.

They won't ever beg you to say, "Hey, I love the way that shirt shows off your biceps" - no, they'll expect you to naturally toss compliments their way. And do it, because it makes them gush.

22 He Wants To See Her Break A Sweat (Like At The Gym)

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Do you know what really gets a man going and what really drives him wild? Sweating off all those Easter chocolates at the gym by his side. When a man sees his lady all raw, sweating and working on her body, it encourages him to do the same. Not only that, but he will feel like both of you are in it together, which will make him feel like he is building something with you. As they say, couples who sweat together stay together!

Go pick a dumbbell with him, and your healthy bodies will go a long way together.

21 He Loves When She Takes Time Away (With The Girls)

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Men acknowledge and know the importance of couple time, but they also really want you to have your own life. This means, spending time apart from your beau is actually something that he respects and values; he wants you to have girls' night with your friends, and he also wants you to take a shopping trip to NYC on the weekend. Having your own set of friends will give him the space that he sometimes needs.

Although you two may have a whirlwind romance, by detaching and hanging with the girls, he'll appreciate you even more; it shows you have your own identity and he digs that.

20 He Adores Feminine Touches (Like Flowers)

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If you want to make your bathroom pink, contrary to what you think, he will most probably dig it. Now, do not exaggerate; no man wants to live in a home or go over to a woman's house that is full of unicorns and pink rugs. However, he does not mind and actually appreciates the feminine touches a woman brings to the table.

Those tulips you love to gaze at, those lavenders you love to smell, and those plants you find bliss in taking care of... do not be ashamed of them, because men do find such things beautiful. And do not be surprised if he wouldn't mind receiving a rose from you; it shows him you care.

19 He Goes Bonkers When She Enjoys Sports Night

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It is football Sunday, it is a religious holiday for him and his boys, and you join him - does he like it when you do? Absolutely! In fact, he wishes you'd tag along more often.

If you are already a fan and know all the rules and quirks, great, but if you don't, he'll totally dig having you around so you can learn the sport and cheer with him. He wants to hear you mock the other team when they ruin a play, and he also wants you to shout when his team makes a touchdown.

18 He Is So Into A Woman Who Can Goof Around

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Come on ladies, you do not need to be serious 24/7; when the work hours are over, it is time to lighten up and enjoy life!

Men may not vocalize much of what they like, but they go nuts for women who know how to be goofy now and then. When time and place permits, be silly and show off your playful side with him; make witty jokes or go up to strangers and photobomb their selfies.

He will go bonkers knowing that his lady is confident, fun-loving, and does not care about what people think. He wants to feel like he is with a live wire!

17 He Wants To Spend Time With The Families

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What do men want badly? They want their significant others to fit right in with their families. Many men will not have the guts to say this out loud, because it will sound like they want something serious, and some men are afraid of that.

If he sees you get along with his family, and his family loves you right back, he will instantly feel weak in the knees for you. And if he adores your family as well, there is no beating around the bush - you two are meant to be. He may not admit it, but deep down he gets butterflies when he sees you with his family.

16 He Is Into A Woman Who Shares The Same Goals And Dreams (Like Travelling)

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If he loves to travel, ski, or hike, he will want to find a woman who wants the same things out of life. If your goal in life is to travel, and his goal is the same, he will go bonkers for you because he knows that he will have someone who will support him and his direction in life.

Men are basically into women who have the same vision in life as them, and it is one of the things they first look for. He won't say it, but it is extremely important to him in order for the love to last a lifetime. If he loves adventure, there is nothing he craves more than a woman who will hike up a mountain with him.

15 But He Also Loves A Woman Who Has Her Own Hobbies

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Yes, visions between a man and woman in a relationship need to be aligned, but a man also wants his woman to be independent and have her separate hobbies that make her content.

Although he wants to share his passions with you, what he really wants out of a relationship is a woman who could teach him about her passions.

While he may like going to the ocean to surf, you may like following a singer around the world, and guess what? He totally digs that. It provides needed balance in a relationship. Be your own person and do not lose yourself. He'll probably end up rocking out at a concert with you.

14 He Needs A Good Listener

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If you want your man to feel a deep personal connection with you, you just have to keep your ears open. Men do not open up as much as women do, which is why they're afraid to ask you to listen, so when they speak out, show them how attentive you are.

Once he knows and feels like he can open up to you, he'll feel like he can share anything with you, and he'll admire that. Men are really into women who are good listeners because that is how they bond. Learn how to be good listeners, ladies.

13 He Goes Gaga When She Gets Dolled Up

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Yes, a man will go bonkers for a woman who chills with her joggers on, hair tied in a bun, and no makeup on, but a man also likes it when he sees his woman dolled up with some lipstick and wearing a flattering dress.

We are sure you have seen couples who dress like models all over IG, and that is because men nowadays actually go nuts for well-dressed women. Men are much more fashion conscious these days, so they get a kick out of walking hand-in-hand with their partner who looks fierce and dashing.

12 He Wants Some TLC Sometimes

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We have a top secret for you: men love to get pampered. Are you surprised? Maybe, but men love some TLC as much as we do. That means, if ever you feel like having a date night at the spa, ask him instead of your bestie, and he will be so thrilled.

Men often do not express that they are down for some TLC, because they do not want women to think they're feminine or selfish. Deep down, though, after a hard day at work, they would do just about anything for a smooth back rub when they arrive home. The reason they do not say they're super into it is because they want it to happen naturally.

11 He Enjoys Surprises (Like A Delicious Meal)

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"Surprise! I prepared a delicious home-cooked meal for you," are the words every man is keen to hear when he walks through the door. He probably will not express his desire for a fresh meal though, because he does not want you to feel pressured into coming home and getting your hands busy after a long day at work. However, little things as such are appreciated by men more than we think; it is the kind of thing that could turn his dull day into a fabulous day.

Or how about gifting him with the cologne he just finished? Unexpected surprises will always wow him - it is the little things that count.

10  Seeing Her Help Out Others Is A Plus

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What do men find most appealing about women? Kindness. And how can we show that to them on a daily basis? By being kind to others.

Trust us, men go gaga when they see women engaging in acts of kindness. A few examples that are sure to do the trick include helping elderly people with their groceries, approaching a mother with her children and telling her how adorable her kids are, or even holding the door for others. There is something inherently attractive about a woman who effortlessly treats people with kindness.

9 When She Offers To Pay, He Doesn't Mind

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Whether you are seeing a man, or are in a relationship with him, one thing he will admire is when you offer to pay.

So many women always expect men to pay, and when that happens repeatedly, men get turned off. Men are simple. They do not expect you to dish out the cash, but to at least offer to pay here and there. Chances are, they will not let you pay, but they have heart eyes when you simply offer because the offer itself is nice. Also, know that if you've been in a serious relationship for a while, it is okay for you to pay sometimes, and guys are really into that.

8 He Appreciates When She Lets Go Of Her Phone

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"Hallelujah!" is what he will shout if the woman he is with is able to put her phone down when in his company.

We know you have all seen that couple, ready to dine, with fine linens in their lap, and...staring at their phone screens - not cool. Whatever you do, do not be that girl. Any man will marvel at a woman who is able to leave her phone in her purse, and ignore it when her ringer goes off.

He will go gaga if all of your undivided attention is on him; your besties and Snapchats can wait. Putting your phone aside lets him know that you want to be solely with him.

7 He Likes When She Makes the First Move

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Ladies, we are just going to put it out there, men do not want to do all the work - they absolutely do not. As a matter of fact, they may run away if they feel like they have to do everything.

When a woman shows initial interest and makes the first move, a man will instantly go bananas. We are not restricting the first move thing to first dates. All those times you are at a bar, concert, or coffee shop, and you see a guy cute, have the guts to approach him first, and he'll instantly be intrigued. Making the first move instantly makes you irresistible.

6 Be Close With His Buddies

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Many women have different ideas when it comes to being friends with their guy's besties, but there is only one right idea, and that is that every girl should be friends with their partner's friends.

Men love their boys, and they have probably been brothers for ages, so when you come along, you have to win them over as well - yes, you do. And once a man knows that his friends have approved, he'll fall crazy in love, and once that happens, you want to get as close as possible to his friends. Nothing impresses a man more than seeing his SO hanging out with his friends and having a blast.

5 He Wants Her To Pick Up The Phone And Call

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There is a lot of pressure for guys to initiate conversation, and the truth is they find that totally unfair. So, how do we make them feel more comfortable? Just by picking up the phone and calling them once in a while.

Communication is vital in keeping a healthy relationship going, and you certainly won't keep it going if all you do is text him. Sadly, many rely on texting nowadays and forget what it is like to pick up a phone and dial digits, but talking on the phone is a major plus. Pick up the habit again, ladies, because if you want to talk to a man, he'd prefer that you call him so he can hear your voice.

4 Yes, He Actually Loves To Cuddle

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Men love impromptu cuddle sessions - yes, you read that right! Do not laugh at him when he asks you to cuddle while watching a movie, or in the middle of the day, because he actually really wants to. It is a gesture of romance, and if you cuddle often, it will show him that you are passionate and spontaneous. No one ever plans to cuddle, it just happens, and men love the spontaneity that comes with a cuddle session.

We are going to repeat it again, so be sure to mark it down somewhere. Men LOVE to cuddle; the closeness makes them feel so good and they are so down for that.

3 He Loves It When She Throws On His Clothes

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Remember how we said men are simple creatures? Here is a point to prove that.You do not have to wear your skimpiest or tiniest outfit to impress him. All you have to do is throw on one of his oversized T-shirts, one of his baggy dress shirts or his favourite team's jersey.

His face will be gleaming and he'll have a huge smile on his face. Why? Because you will look attractive in his clothing. He will want to throw you over his shoulder in no time.

2 He Adores A Woman With A Good Attitude And Good Vibes

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Be a part of the "good vibe tribe," and watch how easily men will flock towards you. Your vibe is the first thing that attracts a man, because if you're in a good mood, your vibe will be good, and that is irresistible to any man.

The power of vibe is so strong, and for men, your vibe is more important than almost anything else about you. If you're excited and enthusiastic about life, he'll go bonkers for you because he knows that it'll always feel good to be around you. Ladies, remember that guys determine how they feel about a woman based on her attitude and how they feel when she's around.

1 And Yes, He Loves To Come Home To A Clean Home

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Men should be able to keep their homes in order, but when a woman partners up with them and helps them maintain cleanliness, they are happy fellas.

Why are they really into clean women? Because it assures them that they will always live in a beautiful and healthy environment and that their children (one day), will be in good hands. If you already have children with your partner, you already know how much he appreciates coming home to a clean place. He will also offer to help out.

Ladies, men do indeed go bonkers for women who know how to keep their place looking good.

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