According To Fitness Pros: 10 Reasons Couples Let Themselves Go (10 Ways To Change)

We’ve seen this time and time again: couples get far too comfortable and before they know it, that Netflix & Chill routine becomes a daily occurrence. That once-used gym pass is now collecting dust next to the gym bag that is also unused. Sadly, this becomes a reality for couples more times than not.

But in this day and age, any information is just a click away or as easy as a simple search on our smartphones. Thanks to the likes of YouTube and various other platforms, including social media, trainers have pretty much become extinct. What we’re trying to say is getting fit can be easier than ever.

Despite the ease of it all, some don’t catch on and that’s especially true for lots of couples. Laziness, lack of long-term goals, and bad eating habits tend to be an issue when it comes to a couple’s fitness longevity.

What if we said that even working out together can lead to a negative end result? Scroll down to find out what we’re talking about as we take a look at 10 reasons couples stop caring about working out and 10 ways to change that–all of that from a fitness expert. Let’s get started!

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20 Stop Caring - Netflix & Chill

via Netflix

Oh yes, the classic Netflix and chill. This one is a silent but serious issue among various couples. What better way to relax than by putting on a film, TV show, documentary or whatever else Netflix has nowadays?

With all that content and comfort, this can lead to a lazy routine for couples on a daily basis.

It is just so easy, sitting and watching television. However, it isn’t the best hobby and one that can take couples out of their groove completely. Why hit the gym when relaxation is just a click away via Netflix?

19 How To Change – Cut Down TV Time/Exercise During Netflix

via Us Weekly

A couple doesn’t need to rid themselves of Netflix completely. For one, moderation is key. Instead of laying around all day, maybe cut the TV time to an hour or less every night when all your other tasks are done with.

Another way to change this is by actually exercising with a partner while watching Netflix. That can include a variety of bodyweight movements along with even hitting the treadmill while your favorite TV show plays in the background. That’s definitely a win-win situation couples need to try.

18 Stop Caring - Restaurant Life


This is a big reason couples stop caring. They figure, "why even try when we’re hitting up restaurants every other day?" Of course, without eating well, training becomes that much more of an uphill battle.

However, what couples must realize is that in this day and age, all restaurants have healthy options.

And in fact, tracking your calories can be as easy as just a couple of clicks on your phone through an app. Eating out shouldn’t be an excuse for eating poorly. Even some of our favorite fitness enthusiasts eat out on the regular while still keeping it clean.

17 How To Change - Use Technology To Your Advantage

via Time

As we stated in the entry prior, eating out at restaurants doesn't need to dampen someone’s fitness journey. In fact, thanks to so many technological advances, various apps exist that can allow us to track our food, even at restaurants.

My Fitness Pal is the perfect example of that. A couple just needs to put in the meal from the restaurant and there you have it, the meal is tracked. Taking the calories into account daily is super easy. And this flexible approach can make life a lot easier on couples who are trying to eat better.

16 Stop Caring - They Workout Together

via Pop Sugar

This is another reason a couple's fitness journey might have come to an end sooner than expected. Couples have different goals when they’re training. One person might be all about the cardio while the other is all about the weight training.

This clash can lead to things like some unhealthy competition between couples.

So let’s say the person that does cardio is done, the other will feel the pressure to finish that much quicker. Also, it can also happen that one person in the relationship takes the gym very seriously while the other does not. Such factors can lead to a short gym span for couples.

15 How To Change - Use It As Alone Time

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If the above scenario applies to you and a significant other, it might be time to go at it alone. In fact, this can be a big-time benefit, as working out separately allows a couple to have some alone time throughout the day. As they say, fitness can be one of the best therapies out there.

Working out alone can give that added amount of concentration without having to worry about a loved one. It can also tighten the bond between a couple as you’ll be that much more excited to see your partner once the workout is done. Not to mention that you’ll also be oozing confidence from the concentrated workout!

14 Stop Caring - Eating Right Is Hard

via Glamour

Even before some think about joining the gym, they reconsider strictly because of the eating part of the lifestyle. We’ve all heard this before in one form or another: “it is too hard.” That’s just the mind being lazy and wanting you to stick to that easy routine which consists of unhealthy foods that taste great.

But couples need to realize that healthy foods are also not only easy to make but quite tasty as well.

It doesn’t have to be dry chicken and a plain Jane salad every other day. Once again, using something like YouTube can make the experience so much easier, with an influx of fitness influencers willing to help out with their own recipes.

13 How To Change - Create Structure

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Eating right can be easy based off the various tasty recipes and info online. It can also be so easy with a little bit of structure. Preparing meals in advance is an easy way to do this. Couples can have a good time making yummy meals on Sundays in preparation for the week.

With a regular routine, eating right can become a breeze for any couple. You can even add a reward for your dedication at the end of the week with a tasty cheat meal! Proper balance is always the key, and there's nothing like a little junk food—in moderation, of course.

12 Stop Caring - Boredom

via Video Blocks

This is one of the biggest reasons couples stop working out. The sheer boredom and repetition of lifting weights and walking like a robot on the treadmill. Some couples would rather hit the movie theater or better yet, hit the club for a casual drink with some friends.

The biggest reason why boredom takes place is due to the fact that couples don’t set goals.

Just hitting the gym to hit the gym can get boring really quickly. So why not make it interesting and set a goal—perhaps to lose five pounds in six weeks or maybe gaining strength by trying out different exercises.

11 How To Change - Give Flexible Eating Plans A Try

via US Weekly

Boredom can also take place out of the gym and in the kitchen. However, modern fitness influencers ain’t got time for dull chicken and salad at every meal. Therefore, most influencers follow a flexible eating routine which makes things a lot more interesting.

With a specific calorie count per day, couples can mix and match the things they eat, which can lead to your favorite foods staying in the rotation as long as you hit the proper protein, carb, and fat amount at the end of the day. Gone are the days of those bland and tasteless meals–get with the times!

10 Stop Caring - Uphill Battle


Thinking about the end goal isn’t the way to go. This can lead to lots of negativity and even before you get started, it just turns into an uphill battle trying to achieve a goal. So many couples quit the gym due to this factor. Getting from A to B is no easy task, so couples should be aware of that even before starting off.

For those that want to change their lives, it is a slow and steady build that takes months and years, not weeks and days.

As the quote goes, it isn’t about building a house as fast as possible: it is about perfectly placing each brick one step at a time.

9 How To Change - Create Short-Term Goals


In order to place those perfect bricks a bit at a time, couples need to create short-term goals en route to the big goal. Heading towards the big goal right away is a bad route to take and can lead to unreasonable expectations.

Instead, if the plan is to lose 20 pounds total, why not start off with the mindset of losing five pounds in four weeks? It might not seem like a lot at first, but over the course of time, it’ll turn into 20 pounds lost before you know it.

8 Stop Caring - Inexperience

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Remember when mom and dad told you to try new things? Well, that still applies in your later years. Some might think otherwise and that also applies in the fitness space. Couples get down on themselves for inexperience.

Due to that, they’d rather stay home and save the embarrassment of actually trying to learn.

But that's an outdated mindset, especially with all the resources available within our fingertips. No need to hire a trainer any longer—platforms like IG and others have more than enough info available to get started.

7 How To Change – Use The Resources

via Best Health

Don't be lazy and say it is too hard. So many resources exist—even for those that have no experience. A platform like YouTube has every single detail for anyone to get started from workouts to calorie plans to even what to make inside of the kitchen.

The internet is filled with info and the same applies to books that are easily accessible and filled with fitness information as well. If need be, a couple can also hire a trainer to learn the movements properly. Everyone has to start somewhere—even those great fitness enthusiasts were once oblivious to their craft—so always remember that.

6 Stop Caring - Can’t Fit It In Their Schedule

via 360 News

This is the easiest excuse every couple tends to give–they have no time to hit the gym. This can be understandable...

However, the biggest mistake is that couples don’t prioritize the gym—instead, they try to fit it in.

Why not make a change and think the opposite way? Fitting it in definitely won’t be as appealing compared to some of the other things in your schedule. Therefore, finding a place for it won’t come easy. The minute you make it the top priority, your mentality instantly shifts and all of a sudden it becomes a lot easier than first anticipated.

5 How To Change – Plan Ahead

via Hawt Celebs

Planning ahead of time can ensure that fitness longevity. Trying to fit it into an action-packed schedule just doesn’t work. Instead, the week before getting started, a couple should already think about the times they will be going to work out. Saying "maybe I’ll go later" just doesn’t work most of the time.

If the plan is to go after work, don’t even think twice about it. Pack your gym bag in the morning and always have the intent to hit the gym after work. Planning ahead makes life a lot easier and you won’t be faced with the decision to decide between the gym or Netflix with a partner.

4 Stop Caring - Laziness

via Word Press

We didn’t have to dig deep for this reason. This is a common reason as to why couples refuse to hit the gym or just flat out neglect to continue: just some sheer good old fashioned laziness.

Laziness can be understandable, at times especially for those that work long hours in an office or any other type of job.

Thinking about hitting the weights seems like climbing Mount Everest after a long day of work. However, that mindset is your mind just being weak and relying on your old tendencies. Give the gym a try in your routine for a week and you’ll see that it really isn’t as hard as you might have thought.

3 How To Change - Proper Life Balance

via Pop Sugar

In order to break through the laziness habit, you also have to work at maintaining balance. You can still enjoy the much-appreciated relaxation time. However, a well-thought-out balance needs to take place.

By going to the gym, you can create a reward system like an extra 20 minutes of relaxing time throughout the week. The greater balance one has in their life and relationship the easier everything seems to be. Being lazy with a partner can lead to negativity and lessened self-esteem, but balancing things out can change that in a big-time hurry.

2 Stop Caring - Comfort

via Pop Sugar

We close off the list with one of the most obvious reasons a couple might stop to workout. It doesn’t get any more basic than pure comfort.

Especially when someone is in the comfort of their own home alongside a long-term partner, getting fit becomes that much more of an uphill battle.

There are a lot of things any couple would rather do than hit the gym and work up a sweat. This is the biggest reason any couple can stop caring about working out.

1 How To Change - Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

via Men's Journal

We’ve heard this time and time again and for good reason—this statement is so accurate and can change anyone’s life. If you’re going to change anything about yourself, you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to make a dream a reality. Not only does that apply for those looking to change and sport a fit look but it also applies to everything in life.

Once you get out of that comfort zone and the pressure sets in, the exhilaration of it all makes you feel as though you’ve tapped into a new life. Although getting out of your comfort zone might sound intimidating, it can lead to lifestyle changes beyond your wildest dreams.

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