A Star Is Born: Lady Gaga’s Most Head-Turning Outfits

Nowadays, all the talk seems to be about Lady Gaga; the woman who has been giving us all the feels lately, along with her A Star Is Born co-star, Bradley Cooper.

We have been seeing a lot of the superstar and fashion icon lately since she has been hitting the red carpets for her lead role in the film, along with nominations ― keep it coming Gaga, we cannot get enough.

From the start of her career, Lady Gaga has been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion (sorry Kardashians, but she is the fashion queen), but lately, her outfit choices are so beautiful that she is killing us softly ― and with her song too.

Gaga makes a statement with practically everything she throws on, and between last year and the two months of 2019, the triple-threat starlet is making fashion history. Her looks have been so iconic and have ranged from flashy and revealing to glamorous and sophisticated; from vintage to modern yet classic. We are convinced at this point that she could put on a garbage bag and still make it a stunning outfit.

She blessed us with angelic music lately, and a tear-jerking film, but we know that her incredible outfits will not slow down. So, in the meantime, while Gaga is boiling up her next outfit of the day, check out her most outlandish, epic, fearless and dramatic fashion statements thus far.

25 The Best Dressed At The 2019 Oscars

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On one of Lady Gaga's biggest nights, she not only picked up an Oscar but she also made history with her dramatic and classy black gown designed by none other than Alexander McQueen. The A Star Is Born Oscar winner stole our hearts the entire night; first with her dazzling gown and secondly with her heartfelt message.

However, Lady Gaga made us all feel nostalgic when she channeled the graceful Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's iconic ensemble. Gaga may not have sung “Moon River,” but her giant Tiffany Diamond from Tiffany & Co.— a 128.54 carat diamond, according to Elle, is what had our eyes staring. The black satin ball gown was glamorous to the trillionth degree and is ATM her most iconic outfit.

24 Gaga The Silver Swan

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Lashes and diamonds aren't only Ariana Grande's favourite things, but clearly Mother Monster's too. Always bold and daring, Gaga let her hair down, and kept her makeup at a minimal to make her glitzy silver gown the standout piece of the night. And we all know that when it is time for the singer, actress and sartorial fashionista to hit the red carpet, she does it better than anyone. For the Grammy Awards, she showed up like a real star with a strapless silver sequined gown from Celine by Hedi Slimane.

And, to add more bling to her shiny look, she accessorized the flashy yet sophisticated gown with 100 carats of Tiffany & Co. diamonds. What Lady Gaga wants, Lady Gaga gets ― even Tiffanys.

23 Cinderella May Have Lost Her Slipper

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As expected, Lady Gaga had a major sartorial moment at the Golden Globes when she showed up in a custom lunar blue strapless Valentino gown. The voluminous dress, without a doubt, took over the entire red carpet, but we all know Gaga - she dresses for what she wants. It was not-so surprising that Gaga wore the most dramatic gown there that night, and we are so thrilled she opted for the cornflower blue-hued gown that made her look like the Cinderella she is.

And just in case the beautiful powdery blue train gown was not enough, she dyed her hair to match it. We're not going to lie, but in that billowing haute couture gown, we were praying for some kind of proposal.

22 A Star Was Certainly Born

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Leave it to the star who first turned heads with “Just Dance,” to continuously turn heads until this day so effortlessly.

Her role in A Star Is Born kept her quite busy, but at each event, Gaga showed up looking like a real star. At the UK premiere though, she looked like royalty.

Matching the colours of the film’s title ― white and gold ― Gaga went way back in time and stunned in an Elizabethan-inspired ball gown. Evidently, to make her avant-garde dreams come true, she turned to fashion house Alexander McQueen and we are currently bowing down to Sarah Burton.

The dress featured rich and creamy pearl embroidery with gold that looked like it was going to pop off the gown, a ruffled collar and intricate detail ― it was a Gaga hit.

21 Giant Pink Gown 'A La Gaga'

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It takes a special person to pull off a gown that is jam-packed with feathers, and that is no one other than Lady Gaga. We wish we were a part of her bloodline so that we too could strut in a giant feathered gown like it’s nothing.

Our dear Gaga always keeps us crawling back for more. Just when we think she has worn the most sartorial things, she hits us with another and we go bananas. Let us face it, Gaga is the only A-lister who can wear anything that is on the runway of the ready-to-wear haute couture shows.

This outlandish Valentino Couture vibrant but soft pink gown made its debut on the runway, but Gaga took the princess gown and threw it on for the Venice Film Festival. And as always, she stole the show.

20 Lady In Red

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Lady Gaga can look sassy and classy, but we all know she can be revealing as well; like a chameleon, she can pull off both looks. How she makes a skimpy dress still look somewhat classy is beyond us!

In just one day, the one-of-a-kind fashionista took over the streets of New York in three different lavish outfits. She made this her last, and evidently her riskiest. The red mini dress showed off her flawless physique, and with the fishnets, black velvet gloves, hairstyle and red lipstick, Gaga was channeling luxurious vintage vibes.

That humongous red tulle ― only Gaga could pull that off ― utterly extravagant, feminine and alluring.

19 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Prettiest Of All?

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Lady Gaga could look fabulous in the rain, so any outfit will do. She is just that great ― kind of invisible too. We say that because it seems like whatever look she tries, she slays ― meanwhile, in this silver gown with a train, we would look like grandmothers.

The custom design Givenchy Haute Couture gown made all fashionistas proud. It was the perfect execution of metallic lace. Whatever you have ever thought of, Gaga has pulled it out of the hat, but we were especially mesmerized by this number because of the old Hollywood look she pulled off. The scalloped cape, the old school luscious waves, the diamond necklace, and of course, the red lipstick made it all happen.

18 Gaga Or Elsa?

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Why do we have a feeling that Lady Gaga would nonchalantly show up to breakfast with this gown on?

While promoting A Star Is Born during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, Gaga posed for photos in a cool-toned Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture gown. Featured on the runway, Gaga took the dress and made it hers, all while looking like a beautiful goddess.

Only Gaga could bring a fluid gown to life, and we cannot fault her for making it look so elegant. With the transparent blue organza dress grazing her body, we're not going to lie, she could have certainly frozen over the entire city of Toronto ― thankfully, "Let It Go" was not on her set list.

17 Classy And Sassy

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Narrowing down her best looks, this black velvet number was undoubtedly going to make its mark on the list.

Showing up at the Toronto Film Festival in 2018 with Bradley Cooper for the A Star Is Born premiere, all eyes were on the powerhouse who sizzled and stole the spotlight from her co-star in a dramatic Armani Privé gown.

And that veil — oh, Cooper did not have much unveiling to do as Gaga did it all herself. The movie has certainly helped her show off her classiest looks on the red carpet, and she has stunned us all. We almost feel like we're transported back to the Marilyn Monroe era where diamonds and black dresses were a woman's best friend.

We confess, the strapless velvet black gown that was accessorized with a sequined fascinator and a netted veil had us envying the starlet.

16 All Hail The Armani Privé Gown

via Evening Standard

If anyone is going to show up looking like a million bucks, even in thin lace, it is the fashion queen, Lady Gaga.

Get this — Gaga showed up at the red carpet of the 2018 Grammys in a dark, punk-Victorian billowing Armani Privé gown. The dress accented her body with a nude bodice, and showed off her fit legs, but later, during the award show, she whipped off the black skirt — and there was a risky Gaga in a thin jumpsuit.

Certainly, the best dressed that night, with her hair that was braided and laced up like a corset, she put all other looks to shame #sorrynotsorry.

15 The Power Of The Slit

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The pop princess has shown off her love for fashion in many eccentric ways, but lately, she is feeling herself more and showing off her toned legs. The leg slit has been implemented in many of the gowns she's worn to star-studded events.

On the same day that Gaga showed up at the TIFF in the skintight velvet gown shown above, Gaga switched dresses for the post event, and once again, had us drooling with a more extravagant dress.

The Ralph & Russo Couture dress was made for Gaga. Also velvet, the black silk dress had contrasting pink satin with structured frill shoulder detailing. It fitted Gaga perfectly, in more ways than one.

14 Gaga's Twist On The Pantsuit

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Lady Gaga brings the drama every time; the floor is always hers since she continuously pushes the boundaries. Sometimes, we scratch our heads because we do not comprehend how such a tiny woman could appear so grand, especially in oversized outfits like this deconstructed dark beige khaki suit that she donned for a feminist event.

If Gaga has a vision, she makes it come to life. Her imagination is too creative, and only she is able to slay an ultra-baggy Marc Jacobs pantsuit. Her choice to wear an oversized pantsuit in lieu of a gown certainly got our approval. So fierce, Gaga.

13 Only Lady Gaga Could Make The Matrix Alive Again

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If The Matrix director is ever looking to do a reboot with a woman as their lead role, they should look no further than the electric star. Gaga gave us major Matrix vibes here, and she transported us to another world.

The all-leather look is certainly fierce, but with her hair tied in a bun and dark shades, we also get an old-school Hollywood glamour vibe. Taking over the streets of New York in an all-black-everything outfit, the fashionista looked edgy and ready to take over — and look at those Kiss boots — fashion, baby!

12 Gaga Looking Like A Throwback

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One day Gaga has long, luscious and glamorous waves with the classiest dress, the next she has short hair and is sporting a funky dress — that is Lady Gaga, folks.

Surprising the crowd at the MTV Movie Awards, Gaga graced the stage in an edgy Alexander McQueen outfit. It does not get anymore Gaga than this. Rocking a striking red dress with sheer black detailing, we got a throwback of the early 2000s Gaga, looking a little more rocker, and the little monsters approved of the whole combo. The cherry red corset with a black sheer maxi skirt attached was chic and so cool.

11 Leave It To Gaga To Invent The Tuxedo Dress

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Can we please have a moment of silence to just appreciate the beauty and magnificence of this dress?

After Gaga wowed the world with her blue Cinderella gown, she had something else up her sleeve (not literally), and she showed up at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala in a never-seen-before sleeveless crystal-embellished black tuxedo Ralph Lauren dress.

And ahem, notice once again the high leg slit — such splendor. The singer and actress looked like an old Hollywood starlet, dazzling with her posh gold and black feathered cape.

10 Gaga, The Angel

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We literally went gaga when she showed up at the SAG awards in this all-white number. Gaga does not just want to be a memory, she wants to imprint our minds with her looks, and she surely did because she looked white hot in this but also quite angelic.

Pause — do you notice the very high leg slit incorporated in the Dior Haute Couture gown? It has definitely become a staple for Gaga's red carpet looks.

Looking Marilyn Monroe-esque, it really is not hard for Gaga to look that outstanding. She slayed in the plunging white gown and was a stunning vision we'll never forget.

9 Gaga Doing The Vogue

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We would have loved to see the fashion icon play the role of her pal Donatella Versace, but we will settle for Gaga rocking Versace outfits, like this bodysuit clearly dedicated to Vogue — can we get Madonna in one of these, too?

If an outfit is not over-the-top, it is not Lady Gaga, nor is it Donatella Versace. This one hit the spot. The bodysuit that Versace custom made for Gaga, according to the star's IG, featured crystal-detailed re-creations of vintage covers with sculpted hot-pink shoulder detailing. It was fit for a Queen.

8 Little Bo Peep, Is That You?

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Lady Gaga's middle name should be surprising, because her fashion looks keep surprising us.

While in Barcelona, Gaga had a little bit of fun and experimented with styles that, well, only Gaga would strut in — or lounge around in as captioned on her photo. This pink lace outfit by Dominnico that Gaga donned reminded us of a character in a Hans Christian Andersen children's book — she was just missing shepherds.

However, we see no fault in this look, as Gaga looked dashing and so sweet in her delicate outfit.

7 Oversized? Doesn't Matter

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Rawr Gaga, thank you for welcoming us to the jungle! Nothing is too extravagant for Gaga, who could walk out of her home in a potato sack and probably still make a fashion statement.

While out in New York City, Gaga decided to go with one of the biggest trends right now: leopard print. She went all out with a structural leopard-print coat, pants and boots. And with those cat eye sunglasses, Gaga surely looked like a feline. We heard her growling from here with her loud print.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to look this fierce stepping out of her home.

6 She's So Electric

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From her "Poker Face" days, we knew that the star was about to change the world with her outfits, and if you still do not like it or accept it, deal with it!

On date night with her now ex-fiancé, Gaga layered her floor-length velvet turtleneck mustard dress with an electric blue vinyl trench coat and the color-combo was fabulous — and as eccentric as her spirit. Everything Gaga touches turns to gold — seriously, not many others would have looked in their closets and said, "I am going to wear this for our date tonight."

To top it all off, she finished her look with a tight bun and glasses, and looked like a steamy secretary.

5 La Dolce Vita

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There is never a dull moment with Lady Gaga, so do not ever be surprised if you catch her strutting the streets in the wildest outfits one cannot even think of, like this one.

We know Gaga loves her fashion and wearing the most glamorous and lavish outfits, but this foxy Dolce & Gabbana look was clearly Gaga channeling her Italian Sophia Loren side. Lady Gaga could be anything she wants, and this black lace skin-tight outfit that showed off her skin, along with a black corset, emphasized her greatest features.

With the black headscarf, the classy star looked like she was ready to hit the streets of Italy with a cup of espresso.

4 Gaga Loves Her Haute Couture

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Stars like Lady Gaga never stop shining, they just keep going for more and more. Gaga is the couture queen. Whatever is featured on designer runways that is outlandish, out-there, eccentric and weird, Gaga will fetch it and rock the heck out of it.

Talk about taking outfits to new heights, this classic tuxedo shirt had over-the-top ample shoulder height, but Gaga made it look so appealing and alluring — where can we get one? The pastel yellow satin outfit by Viktor & Rolf was all about the details, and to add more to the elaborate ruffles, Gaga put on a detailed belt — bam!

3 Mother Monster Looking Like A Fairy Queen

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We need a tall glass of water — revisiting this outfit has us hyperventilating all over again! We cannot stop thinking about this dress, although it was worn by Gaga a year ago. And we also know that if we put it on, we would look completely lost.

When Gaga sings, she sounds like an angel, but when she hit the stage at the 2018 Grammys, all eyes were on the phenomenal Armani Privé dress that she switched into just for her magical piano performance. She looked like she was an angel covered in white wings, and the extravagant strapless gown with multiple tulle layers and poufy sleeves had us daydreaming.

2 Channeling Some Vintage

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Was it a romper? Was it a dress? No, it was a mish-mash of both. We are so accustomed to seeing Gaga in daring and lavish gowns when she attends events, so we were stunned by her outfit choice to say the least.

These days we cannot predict what the singer and actress will show up in, but when she made way with her elegant white romper dress that was strapless and backless, we were floored. We love a sophisticated Gaga.

Designed by her bestie Brandon Maxwell, the ivory formal jumpsuit was everything.

1 PVC? No Problem For The Bold Fashionista

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No one comes close to matching Gaga's style and aura!

Is it just us or did Lady Gaga channel some serious Little Red Riding Hood vibes in this outfit? She definitely also channeled some old-school "Just Dance" Gaga.

With so much going on, the futuristic scarlet PVC jumpsuit screamed Gaga. The starlet can transform into just about any look, and we accept whoever she decides to turn up as because she always leaves us speechless.

The sizzling look featured a flared hemline, a cinched waistline because of the belt, and an edgy hoody — nothing shallow about this outfit.

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