A Sneak Peek Inside These 20 Famous Women's Wardrobes

The wardrobes of the world’s biggest stars mostly remain a mystery to the public. While some famous women openly let fans take a peek inside their extensive collections of clothes and accessories, most celebrities like to reveal as little as possible. All we’ve got to go on is what we see them wearing when they’re out and about.

We’re sure the wardrobes of people like Rihanna, Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Lopez are out of this world. Although we don’t know the full extent of what designer pieces are hanging in their closets, we can get an idea by taking note of what they wear.

Keep reading for a sneak peek inside the wardrobes of these 20 famous women. Be prepared for some serious fashion envy!

20 Priyanka Chopra: Givenchy Duffle Bag

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We are in love with this Duffle bag carried by Priyanka Chopra. Given that it’s a Givenchy bag, we’re sure this didn’t come cheap. But with its neutral color, Chopra could really wear it anywhere. Plus, it’s big enough to actually hold her belongings, but not so large that it draws attention from the rest of the outfit.

19 Khloe Kardashian: True Necklace

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This True necklace has to be the best piece of bling we’ve ever seen Khloe Kardashian wear! While the word “true” could be meaningful to anybody, it’s especially important to Khloe, whose daughter with Tristan Thompson is called True. Since her birth in 2018, True has changed Khloe’s life for the better!

18 Amal Clooney: Bottega Veneta Dress

Evening Standard

Amal Clooney is one of those people who looks amazing no matter what she wears, but this Bottega Veneta dress makes her look even more suave than usual. Not many people could pull off this bright color, but Amal looks brilliant in it. We’re also loving the matching coat, which adds to the overall chic-ness of the look.

17 Katie Holmes: Camo Valentino Bag

Purse Blog

A lot of people out there dream of owning a Valentino bag. For Katie Holmes, that dream is a reality (that she’s probably experienced more than once!) This Camo bag boasts the rock studs that have made Valentino shoes and accessories so popular, so you can tell what brand it is from a mile away.

16 Zendaya: Christian Louboutin Shoes


Here’s something else you can identify from a mile away: Zendaya’s Christian Louboutins. Another dream of girls and boys all around the world, red-bottom shoes just aren’t a reality for everyone since they come with such a hefty price tag. If you can afford them, though, they’re definitely worth splashing the cash. Zendaya looks like a dream!

15 Mariah Carey: Hermès Birkin

The Sun

Once you own your own Birkin, you know you’ve made it. But of course, the queen of high notes herself, Mariah Carey, didn’t need an expensive designer bag to tell her that. This stylish bag by Hermès comes in a range of colors and styles, but we think pink is perfect for Mimi.

14 Kim Kardashian: Yeezy Clear-Heeled Flip Flops


No matter what Kim Kardashian wears, you can be sure that it will be on trend around the world within hours. That’s good news for her husband, Kanye West, since she so frequently sports clothes and accessories from his Yeezy label. Like these clear-heeled flip flops, which we must admit do look super comfortable.

13 Gigi Hadid: Slashed By Tia Ruffled Top

Evening Standard

Ah, Gigi Hadid. Another soul who could literally wear a potato sack and still be unbelievably beautiful. We’re yet to see her in a potato sack, though. Normally, she wears stunning pieces like this ruffled top by Slashed by Tia. The color on her is divine, and we love the matching nails!

12 Cardi B: Versace Shirt Dress


Cardi B definitely isn’t afraid of taking a little fashion risk. Since rising to global superstardom with hits such as ‘Bodak Yellow’ and ‘Bartier Cardi’, she’s been able to get her hands on whatever designer clothes she likes. We’re low-key obsessed with this Versace shirt dress, especially when paired with the leopard-skin boots.

11 Julianne Hough: Strathberry Mini Tote

Purse Blog

In case you hadn’t heard, Strathberry is the brand to have. With its signature single-strap handle inspired by a musical note, this is one brand that has impressed even members of the Royal Family. Julianne Hough’s mini tote may be super small, but it definitely makes a statement. Especially with that color!

10 Beyoncé: Broderie Anglaise Printed Silk Kimono

Fashion Bomb Daily

Beyoncé knows how to stop a crowd both on and off the stage. When she turned up to an NBA game with husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy wearing this Broderie Anglaise Printed Silk Kimono, she definitely turned some heads in the best way possible. Have you ever seen anything so regal?

9 Kendall Jenner: Frame Matrix Leather Coat


This look by Kendall Jenner is giving us serious ‘90s vibes. A leather coat of this length could easily overwhelm a person of shorter stature, so it’s lucky that the model is 5’8”! Jenner is another star that likes to take some fashion risks, and she definitely got it right this time.

8 Lady Gaga: Black Valentino Dress

PopSugar Australia

Lady Gaga’s style has changed dramatically over the years. From wearing dresses made of meat to dresses that seethe with elegance, Gaga has definitely gone through something of a transformation! The off-the-shoulder look we can see on this Valentino dress is so in right now— Gaga has always been ahead of her time!

7 Kourtney Kardashian: Givenchy Antigona Bag

Pop Sugar

The Kardashian sisters are known for their elaborate wardrobes. We’re sure this isn’t the only designer bag that eldest sister Kourtney has, but it is one of our favorites! The Givenchy Antigona Bag isn’t just for show— you can tell that it’s also about practicality. But yes. It does look amazing.

6 Lizzo: NY Rainbow Striped Bodysuit

Paper Mag

Like the rest of the world, we can’t get enough of Lizzo. It’s not just her talent that we admire, but her creative sense of style and confidence with which she wears any outfit. Not everyone would be comfortable in green hair and this NY Rainbow Striped Bodysuit, but Lizzo is.

5 Katy Perry: Two-Piece Versace Outfit

The Blast

If you can afford it, that Versace print is all the rage these days. Though other brands have tried to imitate the iconic design, and you can always tell when you’re not looking at real Versace. When it comes to this Katy Perry outfit, we definitely are looking at real Versace. And our eyes are starry.

4 Rihanna: Dior Bag With Her Name On It


If anybody else on the planet were to carry a bag with their name on it, you’d probably call them arrogant. But being the queen that she is, Riri can just get away with stuff like this. When Dior makes a bag with your name on it just for you, you know you’re somebody.

3 Kylie Jenner: Johansen Cha Dress

via vogue

When it comes to setting fashion trends, Kylie Jenner has followed in the footsteps of her older sister Kim. Just yesterday, it seems, we were watching Kylie as a kid on KUWTK. Today, she’s rocking stunning outfits like this Johansen Cha Dress, and leaving her social media followers in awe as she does.

2 Nicki Minaj: Chanel Purse


As one of the most successful female rappers that the world has ever known, Nicki Minaj has earned the right to wear and carry whatever accessories she likes. We are loving this Chanel purse, which looks right at home with Minaj’s pink fur. It’s always a good day when Minaj rocks those Barbie vibes!

1 Jennifer Lopez: Chanel Belt


Sometimes, the smallest detail can make the most difference. This Chanel belt may be the smallest part of Jennifer Lopez’s outfit, but it makes the biggest statement. The belt makes the whole outfit seem more elegant somehow and finishes off the look perfectly. At first glance, our eyes are instantly drawn to her waist.

Sources: Vogue, Pop Sugar, The Blast, Paper Mag

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