A Matter Of Seconds: 20 Things That'll Make Her BF Walk Away

We are not all Ariana Grande; not all of us can say "Thank U, Next" after a breakup, and neither can we just go out and spoil ourselves and our besties with rings. So, to avoid the pain of going through a breakup, we got your back, and wanted to let you know that there are a couple of things in relationships that men will just not tolerate or have the patience for.

Some things will instantly make a man drop a woman, and the problem today is that many women are left wondering why their partners just left them. Some men resort to ghosting women after they break up, and some just refuse to have any contact with their ex partners. Unfortunately, there are many factors that make men break up with women they love: some get bored easily, some do not like being nagged, some do not accept certain behaviours.

There are hundreds of reasons, but if you read on, we have delved into a man's mind and explored the main reasons why he may decide to say "Thank U, Next" ― and he’ll be grateful for his ex, too.

20 She Does Not Support His Wildest Dreams

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A healthy relationship always includes two people supporting each other at all times.

Now, we know that sometimes guys' visions are way beyond ours; they think tomorrow morning they are going to have Ferraris. However, some other and more realistic grand dreams of his should not be ignored. To makes his dreams possible, even his wildest ones, he will always count on his other half for her support.

A man can talk to a million women, but he only needs one woman to make him feel like a million bucks and make his dreams come true ― so be that one woman. If not, and you decide to rain on his parade instead, he won't keep you around. Which man would tolerate that?

19 When She Tries To Fix Him

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No man wants to be "fixed" ― ladies, he is not an old appliance that needs repairing. If you are with your man, it is because you accept him how he is, because a man will not change unless he wants to. And if a woman constantly hounds him to change, he will make a change; he will change his life by leaving his ladylove behind.

With the snap of a finger and without hesitation, a man who feels criticized will feel like she is trying to fix him, and that is not what he wants. Men do not want to feel like they are incapable of doing anything in their lives because their independence is important to them. And if this sounds familiar, before you make him quickly run away, fix your attitude.

18 She Tells Him How To Spend His Moolah

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Men always want to be the breadwinners, so trust us when we say that a man will break up with a woman on the spot if she badgers him about how to spend his earnings. He will turn his back on her and continue spending his money in whatever way he chooses.

When a woman thinks she can tell her man how to spend his money, it takes only seconds before he makes up a bunch of scenarios in his mind about how their future will be together money-wise. In addition, a woman deliberately commenting on how he should spend his money shows a man that his girl does not trust him financially.

Let him be a real man and responsible on his own ― do not take that away from him.

17 She Stops Taking Care Of Herself

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Even if a man truly loves his girlfriend, if he feels he's lost the woman he fell in love with, he'll drop her. It is natural for a relationship to become a bit routine and for the two people, or one of the two people involved, to let themselves go a little.

However, if a woman was always pampered, well-dressed and looking fabulous when she first met her significant other, and that is why he felt weak in the knees around her, but now she suddenly stops all that, the guy might just hit the road.

Call a man bad for doing so, but if a woman completely stops taking care of herself that is a whole other ball game. It shows a lack of effort and self-love on her part.

16 She Intentionally Makes Him Jealous

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A woman will not need to purposely make her man jealous numerous times before he leaves her. No, she can count on him leaving after two attempts at most.

It is one thing if a woman accidentally makes her man jealous. In this scenario, a woman will admit she did wrong and he will forgive her. However, intentionally making a man jealous will make him leave her. Why? It is not attractive, and it will not make a man more drawn to a woman because it is outright disrespectful to him.

If you go out one night and do something silly to make him jealous, do not be surprised if he bounces without you.

15 She Only Cares About What Others Think

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We live in a world where people feed off social media gratification, which leads many women to care about what other people think. Ladies, unless you are Kim Kardashian, you should concentrate on what you think about your man. Not many people love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye, but Kim is still by his side.

So, what do we mean when we say "what other people think?" If a man does nothing wrong that would make a woman doubt his trust, yet other people are saying things that may be false, she listens to them because she cares what THEY think. If a woman considers other people's opinions over her own or that of her significant other, it won't be long before he lets her go.

14 When She Craves Attention From The World

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No man finds a woman who lives off attention attractive, especially if he constantly gives his undivided attention to her. What more could any woman possibly want if she gets all the devotion in the world from her significant other?

Clearly, some women do not take their man's attention into consideration because they crave the approval from other people. Whether a woman is using social media to get people talking by posting revealing photos of herself or going out with her man and fishing for compliments from others, a man will not hesitate to instantly drop her. She is clearly insecure, and no man wants that kind of woman in his life.

13 She Complains To Her Friends

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Don't make a man feel like your relationship is a burden to bear, and do not complain to your besties about the relationship.

If you are the type of woman to run to your gal pals to complain about your relationship and your boyfriend constantly, do not be baffled if he leaves you. If everything he does is never good enough, because you talk bad about him to your friends, he will stop taking the initiative to please you.

We get it ladies, we all have the itch to run to our friends and tell them everything about our boyfriends, but if all your chatter is filled with complaining, and your boyfriend is aware of it, he'll take the door quickly. If men do not feel appreciated, they quickly lose interest, so zip up the complaints.

12 She Ignores Him During Tough Times

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A man will pull away and leave a woman he loves if she does not have his back. Contrary to a previous point, in which we mentioned that a man will say "Thank U, Next" to a woman if she does not support him, here, a man will snap his fingers and be gone if in a tough time his girlfriend ghosts him.

He needs his plus one by his side. However, if a woman is not there when her other goes through something difficult, because she prioritizes other things, like partying, he'll solve his own issues.

11 Her Friends Are Just Way More Important

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If a woman is in a relationship but she spends little time with her boyfriend and most of her time with her girls, the relationship will take a hit without a doubt.

When any woman enters a relationship, her state of mind should change. The relationship needs to be split 50/50 between her partner and female sidekicks. However, where most women make a mistake is that they continue their single lifestyle by prioritizing their main girls and pushing their boyfriend to the side.

Spending time with friends will not keep the relationship alive, and if a woman constantly chooses to have girls’ nights over date night with her man, she'll find herself alone.

10 Yet She Decides Who He Can Hang With

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Just because you two are an item, that does not mean you can decide everything he does, and that your input will be always considered ― unless you want to be in a relationship with yourself.

We want to stress that just because a woman is dating a man, it does not mean she has the power to take over his life choices. Remember, before you came along, he had a life.

Men usually stick with the same brothers for years, so if a woman comes into the picture, or further in the relationship starts dictating to him who he can and cannot hang with, he'll gladly hold the door open for her. Some women hang with their friends, not caring what their SO thinks, but think they're allowed to tell their partner who they can surround themselves with – girl, bye.

9 He Apparently Embarrasses Her

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If this happens in a relationship, there will not even be a conversation about it ― get what we're saying? Trust us when we say that he'll even be content to get rid of you.

A relationship is successful if there is compromise. This means it is not all about one person in the relationship, but both. However, if a woman is not satisfied with how her boyfriend dresses, how successful he is or how he acts, she'll often resort to expressing her feelings of embarrassment.

A woman should not feel embarrassed by her man. It is not healthy, and he will not feel like he can be himself. For example, if a woman is at a party with her partner and he is chilling around and cracking jokes, and she gives him disapproving glances because she is not in favor of his behavior, he won't stay.

8 She Only Cares About The Money

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Every woman should be like Ariana Grande when she says, "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" ― ladies, you must be your own woman. Independence looks good.

A man will tell you to hit the road if you're with him and digging for the gold, we promise. A man does want to be in a relationship in which the woman he is with is dependent on him for every single thing, including him being the only one to make the dough.

Also, ladies, men are not two steps behind. They know instantly when they are dealing with a sugar baby, so please do not be surprised if he does not want to deal with a gold digger.

7 She Disses His Family

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When you get into a relationship with someone, you also get into a relationship with his family and lifestyle. Now, we know that not everyone in the world is lovable, and that we will not necessarily get along with everyone but remaining neutral with your partner's family is vital to keep the relationship alive.

If he is a mama's boy, you'll want to tread carefully to stay on her and his good side. However, if a man is dating a woman that is selfish because she wants him all to herself, or a woman that does not like his family or blends in with the family, he'll run for the hills without warning.

His blood levels will spike if you do not get along with those closest to his heart, hence an unexpected breakup.

6 She Hangs Around Men Daily

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No man wants to be in a relationship with a woman who gives him any sort of competition. A man does not want to fight for his girlfriend; he should not be mixed up in the pool of men vying for her attention.

This is a serious problem, because he should not have to share his lady with other men. Now, we are not saying that a woman should veto all her guy friends when in a relationship, but if she is constantly surrounded by men, he'll be turned off as the idea is not too thrilling to him.

He'll recognize it as the inability for you to be with just one man, and no man who wants to be in a committed relationship will deal with that.

5 She Acts Like His Second Mother

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What puts off most men? Women who constantly nag.

Does a man want to be in a relationship that makes him feel like a child again? No. Does a man want to be controlled and told what to do? Certainly not.

Men already have their mothers or siblings to nag them, they do not need another person trolling them. And let us inform you, they will not tolerate much of a woman's nagging and whining. Even if a man is desperately in love with a woman, one thing he will not take is nagging, because he'll always feel like he cannot be his genuine self.

4 She Invades His Privacy

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The world thrives on social media these days. With a few clicks, we can find anything we want to ― literally, even which IG pages our guy has been checking out.

However, we also know that social media could ruin relationships, especially if not used properly. A reason why any man will drop a woman as fast as she checks his text messages is if she gives herself permission to invade his privacy.

What happened to trust? We know that women tend to become instant FBIs when they have their partner's phone ― if you're one of those, and he leaves you, you won't have to investigate why he did. Surprise! It was your snooping around. Invade his privacy and you'll lose him.

3 She Is Like A Walking Negative Sign

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If a woman is negative above anything else, a man will not want to spend his days with her; he'll take his baggage and leave.

Why? Because a man who seeks a relationship wants to be in a relationship because it feels good. However, if things are constantly negative, it will weigh on him and he will not want to stick around. Eventually, any kind of negative situation will make a relationship fall apart, and men are the type to rid of whatever brings them down. We are not saying he will leave for one negative comment, but if his days with his lady feel terrible rather than good, it will not be long before he finds sunshine elsewhere.

2 She Compares Him

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Why is it that women compare in relationships? We, as women, do not want to be compared to other women, so why do we do that to men? Some women tend to forget that men have feelings and emotions as well. Remember that the past is the past for a reason, so when engaging in a new relationship, leave the past there ― along with your ex.

A man finds joy in knowing that his partner chose him, and he wants her to choose him every day. If he starts feeling like his partner is comparing him to her ex-boyfriends, or her best friend's boyfriends, he'll feel like he is her second choice. It will constantly erode his joy if his own lady is comparing him to other men. It's a complete sign of disrespect to him and it is a bad feeling. He'll be expressing how grateful he is for his ex when he leaves.

1 She Is Harmful

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Men in relationships seek happiness, not arguments or anything harmful, and we truly want to stress this.

As women, we tend to forget that boundaries work the same sometimes, especially in relationships; neither a woman nor man should be physically touched or talked to in a violent manner.

Make no mistake about it, men will not accept his girlfriend throwing slurs at him, insulting him, slapping him or shoving him. The way the penny was dropped, is the way a man will drop any woman who shows such behaviour.

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