Here's Why This 95 Year Old Dancer Is A Real Fitness Inspiration

With the onset of a new year, it's safe to say that we're all looking for a little fitness inspiration to help us stay on track towards our goals. Look no further than dancer and yogi extraordinaire, Phyllis Sues. At 95 years old, Sues is no stranger to living life to the fullest. According to the Los Angeles Times, Phyllis became an entrepreneur when she turned fifty, and later discovered her love of the trapeze when she turned 75. Ten years later, she delved into yoga and tango dancing. As if that wasn't motivating enough already, Sues has revealed that she's planning to pen her first book-- 20 Tips To Change Your Life and we're all ears to hear some of her tips. According to Sues, she simply wants to inspire people of all ages to turn towards a healthy lifestyle. In her personal life, Phyllis has said that she has good genetics, stating that her mother lived until she was 94 years old and her sister just celebrated her hundredth birthday.

Since she was a teenager, Phyllis has loved ballet, and she continued on to pursue training in Spanish dancing. Later, Sues embarked on a serious adventure, becoming a professional dancer and performing around the world. Although she had always been curious about trying the trapeze and being like a circus artist, she had never taken flight until she turned 75 years old. In an interview, she revealed that she was completely scared, but she enjoyed the feeling of freedom nonetheless.

With one glance at Sues' movements, you might be shocked to discover that the dancer only started taking yoga about a decade ago. According to Phyllis, someone had to force her to try a class in Hollywood, but as soon as she tried it, she fell in love. Initially, Phyllis felt a bit intimidated by the thought of doing handstands, but she continued to practice on a daily basis. Her routine? Sues performs hatha yoga for about one hour, and she has nothing but praise for the discipline of practicing yoga.

Her morning routine tends to vary, as sometimes she chooses to do jump roping or strength training with weights. Instead of a traditional gym, Phyllis prefers to keep things home-based and workout in her living room. Over the years, Phyllis has suffered from a variety of injuries, including rotator cuff limitations, rupturing her bicep, meniscus problems in her knee and experiencing neuropathy in her feet. However, Sues has continued to dance her way through it all, and truly exemplifying what fitness goals really means.

“Move. Listen. Learn. That is my philosophy. To be sedentary is terrible, so move. Dance, walk, anything, just move. Then, know how to face challenges, because there are so many out there.” Phyllis says. “Receive them and respond to them, and learn something every day, a new language, a musical instrument; it will keep you all there. I’m so driven and I don’t give up; no matter how difficult something is, I will accomplish it.” We can’t wait to read more about Sues healthy lifestyle tips in her new book. Thank you, Phyllis, the world needs to hear more stories like yours!


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