90s TV: 15 Shows That We Still Relate To Today

The 90s was definitely a long time ago, even though we're super nostalgic about that decade and definitely wish it was still happening. Sure, we love our iPhones and Instagram accounts and Netflix, but there were so many amazing things about that time period. We could wear plaid without a second thought (and we mean plaid everything, not just shirts), cute Babydoll dresses were the norm, not the exception (and you didn't look pregnant!), and, of course, the television was absolutely golden. We might think that we couldn't possibly still think that those shows, whether a sitcom or drama, is still relevant in today's day and age. After all, life in 2016 looks so different from life in 1994 or 1998, right? How could we honestly think that we have anything in common with these characters and storylines? But when we take a trip down memory lane and re-watch our favorite TV shows, it becomes super clear that we have more in common with these fictional worlds and storylines and people than we might think. Here are 15 90s TV shows that we still relate to today.

15 Beverly Hills, 90210

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Okay, so you're probably thinking, "I don't live in Beverly Hills, or California, or anywhere warm at all. I'm not in high school anymore, my life is not particularly dramatic, and I'm not stuck in the middle of some grand love triangle. How could this show possibly apply to me today in 2016?!" The truth is that it really does, because this show is ultimately about finding yourself, fitting in, and realizing that it's okay if you're the new kid in school/town/wherever. You've definitely been the new person at work at least once before, and you've had to fend for yourself, figure out the lay of the land, and learn who you really are. That's definitely a constant journey that you're probably still on. So yeah, you can still relate to 90210. Because life is often hard, and tricky, and you need your best friends by your side to help you out, whether it's 1999 or 2016.

14 Clarissa Explains It All

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This fun and super colorful 90s show aired on Nickelodeon and was pretty much the best show ever. It was about Clarissa, a super unique teenage girl living with her adorable but sometimes clueless parents and her super annoying brother, Ferguson. If your brother ever bugs you or gets under your skin, which he probably does because that's pretty much in the job description of being a brother, then you can still relate to this series. But most of all, if you're proud of who you are even if you don't always fit in, you can still relate to Clarissa. She is still such a fantastic TV character and role model for anyone who wants to really own who they are and not listen to other people. She always wears what she wants and does what she wants and doesn't care about being popular. She just wants to listen to herself and stay true to who she is. That's always the best way to go, no matter what decade it is.

13 Mad About You

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If you've ever moved in with your sig other and had to deal with all kinds of funny and sweet issues, you can still relate to this amazing 90s sitcom. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt starred as Paul and Jamie, a super in love couple who got on each other's last nerve but loved each other all the same. It's still so relevant because all couples who live together (or get married, of course) end up fighting and dealing with problems big and small, and those things don't change whether it's the 90s or 2016. This one is always worth a re-watch, especially evacuees it's one of the lesser known 90s sitcoms. It kind of gets overshadowed by Seinfeld and Friends. The humor is very similar to those shows, so it's an easy one to get used to, so go ahead and check it out if you've never seen it. You're going to laugh a lot and think it's definitely relatable.

12 Party Of Five

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Remember this adorable and totally tragic TV show about a family that lost their parents super young and had to learn to fend for themselves? Party Of Five could definitely be a total downer sometimes, but it also had a ton of heart, and that's what still allows it to hold up today when so much time has passed. Basically, you've had some struggles and rough days and tough seasons of your life. So you can still relate. Because things still go wrong and you still need to pick yourself back up when you fall, whether it's the 90s or the 2010s. Those things don't just magically go away just because we have laptops and real cell phones and all that now. So watch this show whenever you need to remember that everyone suffers sometimes and things usually work out for the best anyway.

11 The Wonder Years

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Granted, this show began in the 80s, but it lasted into the 90s so it still counts as a 90s TV show. You might not have seen much of this show depending on your age, but you need to binge it as soon as you possibly can (and thankfully, it's on American Netflix, which will make that job pretty easy). You can relate to Kevin's struggles and his coming-of-age storyline because you are still dealing with daily life and all its trials and tribulations. He deals with love, friends, family, and trying to understand the world around him when things are changing so fast, both in his daily personal life and in the actual world. What's cool about this show is it would weave in actual real-life events, like elections or tragedies, so you realized that although your own life can change in all kinds of ways, so can the outside world. It can be pretty unnerving, and that's still true today because sadly our society has more than its fair share of tragedies on an almost daily basis.

10 Blossom

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This amazing, sweet, charming and often hilarious show is all about Blossom, the main character who is growing up with her amazing brothers and dad... but, sadly, without her mom. You can still relate to this 90s show if you've ever had to move on from such a terrible loss or had to do anything when the odds were unfortunately stacked against you. Think getting into your dream grad school program which requires a Math test when that was never your strong suit, or getting a new boss who you don't connect with as well as your old one. There are always going to be tough times in life, no matter what, and this show definitely proves that. But as long as you keep your sense of humor, remember who you are, and keep your friends and family around you, things should work okay in the end.

9 Melrose Place

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Okay, so you might not relate to much of this show... least past halfway through season one, when the truly crazy and amazing soap opera-type storylines starting. You've probably never had a crazy neighbor like Kimberly (well, hopefully not, at least!) or been part of some steamy love triangles. But you can probably relate to the very first few episodes of season one because originally, the show was supposed to be a super relatable show about a bunch of twentysomethings moving to an apartment complex in L.A. and following their dreams. So for those first few episodes, the characters are figuring out life, love and jobs and all that. They have money issues, they struggle with all kinds of stuff, and you've definitely gone through that before.

8 Ally McBeal

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This quirky, offbeat and magical show about Ally, the lawyer who had tons of weird hallucinations and a theme song for her daily life, still holds up today. It may not be the 90s anymore but you've 100 percent had to fight for respect and the appreciation at the office, you've had to see your ex-boyfriend all the time even when you were still hopelessly in love with him (and his new girlfriend, too!), and you've wondered if you would single forever. Ally went through all that and more. Her hallucinations might have been a coping strategy -- that's definitely one reading and interpretation of the series -- but she also had her best friends around her, and that super cute bar where she went all the time and listened to live music.

7 Felicity

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Have you ever been torn between two guys, or even in love with two people at once? Have you ever had your heart broken or gone against what your parents wanted for you? What about following your heart to a new city and trying something totally new and out of character? By now, the answers to at least some of those questions is probably a big fat, yes, and that's exactly why Felicity is still insanely relatable, all these years later. Felicity is pretty much every girl who hasn't experienced a ton of what life has to offer yet. She's been so focused on academics that she's never been in love, and now she's figuring out how to live in a big city and she's also trying to do what she wants and learn who she really is. If you've ever quit your job to follow you career goals and dreams even if your friends and fam didn't understand it, you can totally relate.

6 My So-Called Life

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The great thing about this show is how many times you can watch every single episode, and it's like you're discovering its honesty, beauty, and intelligence for the very first time. MSCL is such a gorgeously written, acted, produced and crafted show that it's hard to believe it only made it on the air for 19 glorious episodes. If you haven't seen it, you've probably heard all about Angela Chase's (Claire Danes) brilliant monologs and observations, her love for the bad boy Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) and her quirky and lovable family. If you're a fan, you already know how relatable it is, because Angela is all of us and she says what we're thinking all the time. Like when she jokes about her mom, "I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother. It just means too much to her." Come on, you know you've thought the same thing about your own mom.

5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Yeah, you're not a vampire slayer, but that was never really what the show was about. It was always a super clever, super smart metaphor for high school and the tough, dramatic life of a teenager. It's really about girl power (#SpiceGirlsforever) and standing up for what you believe in and who you are and being super strong. You've definitely had to be strong before, whether it's telling your boss what you think about something in an important meeting, or getting fired and having to pick yourself up and find a new job. Or, of course, getting dumped or ghosted or anything like that, which has happened to literally everyone. So you can still watch Buffy today and learn from her strength and courage and bravery. You still want to be just like her... only hopefully without the vampires roaming around.

4 Dawson's Creek

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Okay, so you're not in high school anymore, and you might not be in love with your best friend in the entire universe/soulmate. But you 100 percent are still trying to figure out who you are and what you really want, and you probably don't have all the answers to life. In a sense, you're still coming-of-age, even if you're in your 20s now. So although you're not the same age as Joey, Pacey, Dawson, Jen and Jack, you can still relate to their everyday problems, struggles, and tragedies. You can still watch old episodes and feel things as intensely as you did back when you were a dramatic teenager. Because these things still happen today. You sometimes get embarrassed or make huge technology-related mistakes, like when Joey sent an email to her entire college instead of to Dawson. Oops. You've also experienced love and loss and bad dates and good dates and all that.

3 Seinfeld

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Of course, we still love this "show about nothing". Because it's actually about everything. It covers every single topic that a sitcom possibly could, from love to dating to friendship to work to bad bosses to bad boyfriends to how fruit is a total gamble to why finding a parking spot in Manhattan is pretty much the holy grail. So how could we not still relate, all these years later? Sometimes, our lives aren't about much at all. We work, we see our friends, and we chat a lot -- sometimes about silly stuff that doesn't matter much at all. We pretty much have the same conversations that Jerry and his pals do. Like when Elaine dumped a guy because he didn't write an exclamation point on a note that her friend had a baby, and Jerry said he'd never heard of someone dumping another person based on punctuation. Hilarious... and relatable. You've probably been annoyed at a guy you were seeing for a similarly silly reason, or at least one of your friends have. Yeah, this is one 90s show that will never, ever stop being funny and amazing and totally true.

2 Friends

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Yup, we still love Friends -- maybe even a little too much. Nope, that's not possible. We still love Joey's jokes and Joey and Chandler's bromance. We still love Monica the obsessive cleaner and Rachel the ditzy yet lovable fashionista. And of course, we're still laughing at Phoebe's originality and charm. But we can still relate to this show, even though we don't live in the same apartment building (or across the hall) from our best friends. But we wish we did. We wish we could see them more often, and we're still dealing with issues like the characters on the show -- trying to find a job that we love, trying to quit our dead-end job to figure out our true career, dealing with money, going on dates and trying to find love, breaking up with people that we adore but know aren't quite right for us. Yeah, it's still a pretty relevant show.

1 Sex And The City

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Although the pilot premiered in June of 1998 on HBO, which was definitely not exactly yesterday, we can still relate to this show most of all, which is why it made the top spot on our list. We love love, love this show. We can't possibly process our adoration of it enough. We still want to be Carrie Bradshaw: a strong, smart, witty, clever and ambitious career woman who is happy whether she's single or coupled up. She is seriously #singlewomangoals. We still want to forge strong, important friendships like that on this series. And, most of all, we're still solo and dating and trying to find our own version of Mr. Big (but hopefully without all the lame drama and on-again, off again stuff). We can relate to this show so much that it can sometimes hit a bit too close to home and the episodes can be almost painful to watch. So although we have different technology and we meet people via apps instead of at the bars that Carrie and her friends frequent, we can safely say that dating and life in a big city hasn't changed since the very first time we fell in love with Carrie and her shoe addiction. That's either amazing... or terrifying.

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