90's TV: 10 Characters We Wish Were Our Best Friends

The 90's were filled with TV shows that will forever live on in history, ones that we'll introduce our children to, and hope they learn to love as much as we do. From grabbing a burger at The Max to a coffee at Central Perk, there was one thing each show had in common; a character that we could only dream about being best friends with.

Whether your enjoyment came in the form of a TV personality handyman or a curly-haired teen, there's no doubt you can name one that you wish frequented your house. Hilarity or drama, the options for entertainment in the 90's TV world was endless. TGIF frequented most household televisions each Friday, probably accompanied by take-out pizza, and the reasons your parents found these shows just as enjoyable as you did as a teen? Hidden humor, which is incredibly fun to watch back now, graced the scripts of most of these shows.

Early 90's through 1999, let's take a look back on our BFFs of the 90's!

10 Kevin Arnold: The Wonder Years


Cute, innocent and relatable. Not only did Kevin snag the cutest girl next door, but his loyal best friend, Paul, was always there for him for a reason. We would have loved nothing more than to be invited to gather around the Arnold's dinner table and reminisce about the day with Kevin.

9 Will Smith: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Moved from the rough parts of West Philidelphia to live with rich Aunt Viv, Uncle Phil, and his spoiled cousins in a Bel-Air mansion, the ball was in Will's court from the time he pulled up to the house in a classic taxi. His personality was as eccentric as his 90's style and he was always up for giving his cousins a hard time- in the most loving way possible, of course. Will was always in the know about sports, music, and all around just having a good time with a little trouble here and there.

8 DJ Tanner: Full House

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Sure DJ could tend to be a goody-two-shoes, but that didn't stop her from making our list. Think about it, almost everyone in her (large) household was on TV - how cool is that? Not to mention her extremely hunky Uncle Jesse who rocked out with some hot band mates in the basement. DJ was even able to snag a boyfriend from the band in High School. Though she once forgot her best friend's birthday, her entire Tanner family clad went above and beyond to make sure they did what they could for Kimmy. Who wouldn't want a friend with a family like that? Ok, so basically we want to be BFF with her family.

7 Joey Tribbiani: Friends

Photo by: Matthew Ralston/NBCU Photo Bank

Obviously, the Friends group would be the golden group to be a part of, but Joey Tribbiani was the one who could always make us laugh. His dating life wasn't as complicated and dramatic as the others, and his biggest excitement was food. It didn't hurt that he was a hot soap star, either!

6 Tim "The Toolman" Taylor: Home Improvement


It's Tool Time! Tim "The Toolman" Taylor has a way with wit. He was a loving, sarcastic father, husband, and friend. Tim wasn't afraid to give anyone and everyone a hard time, but he was also always there when you needed him.

5 Kelly Kapowski: Saved by the Bell


The clothes, the hair, the personality! Kelly Kapowski truly was an IT girl if we've ever seen one. She always kept the group tight-knit and held together. She was a dream girl for many- whether it was her adorable looks or the dream of raiding her closet and chatting over shakes at the Max after cheer practice.

4 Marie Barone: Everybody Loves Raymond

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Marie Barone was an over-bearing, over-loving, and over-baking mom who just had to live next door to her favorite son, Raymond, and his family. Though we're glad she was just in a sitcom, it wouldn't hurt to have Marie as a best friend every once in a while. She was known to cook the best dinners and most delicious desserts and did some hilarious things without even knowing it.

3 Sean Hunter: Boy Meets World


Talk about loyalty! The friendship between Cory and Sean still gives us chills to this day, but we can't help choosing Sean as our BFF. Sure, he comes from a long line of dramatic family issues, but that just makes us want to be the shoulder he leans on. At the end of the day, Sean was the real MVP of Boy Meets World.

2 Porkchop: Doug


Man's best friend! There's no denying that people take their dogs with them everywhere nowadays, but Doug and Porkchop started that trend way back in the 90's. Porkchop was always there for Doug, even when he wasn't able to attend shows and school with him. Porkchop gets over-looked in the friendship area, but not this time.

1 Tommy Pickles: Rugrats


Tommy Pickles always did the enviable! He squirts milk in the cameras face, isn't afraid to walk around naked, and eats until he falls asleep. Need we say more? He was the leader of the pack and never let the fear of Angelica get in the way of his fearless adventures!

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