’90s-Inspired: 20 Nail Art Looks That Made A Comeback (& We’re Totally Obsessed)

We live in a fashion era that is a mish-mash of many decades, but lately we have been feeling like '90s children all over again. Some trends of the decade were truly rad, which is probably why we are seeing them in window displays, on the streets, and in the pages of Vogue.

Recently, the '90s have been giving us all the feels, with monochromatic jogging suits, plastic chokers, plaid skirts, overalls, and scrunchies, to name a few fashion musts. If you wore a choker in the last two years, then you were throwing it back to the '90s.

Are we living in the '90s all over again or is it just a fantasy? And let's not forget about our nails.

When we get our manicure done, we feel like Alicia Silverstone ― except not so clueless. With social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, we see daily images of nail looks and nail art that literally give us flashbacks.

Whether it's a simple colour, a pretty pattern, a logo, print, or art-inspired by a show, these '90s manicure looks are hella bangin'.

20 Chrome It Up

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When we think of chrome, we cannot help but think of all those pink and purple chrome coloured hair clips we'd shove into our hair for no reason. Between chrome heart earrings, chrome coats, and chrome barrettes, we were just about sure that the '90s chromed us out, but we were so wrong.

The top trend to up your beauty game in 2019 is the pink chrome nail look ― oh em gee, it looks glam.

19 If You Love This Show, Give It A Go!

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Want to nail this next look? Rewatch Saved by the Bell and we promise you'll get it right. We know not everyone is into nail art, but the '90s were so fun, hip, and super colourful. If you brought back the bike shorts, then we are sure you can pull off some Saved by the Bell nails.

You'll have a banging time matching your nails with all your clothing, and every time you look at your nails, you may start singing the intro song to the beloved '90s show.

18 Yes, The '90s Brought The Nude Nail

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The '90s gave birth to some bold colours, but not all were OTT. As a matter of fact, although the decade was all about whatever was flashy or dark, some pale colours also had their moment. We're talking nude nails.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Kim Kardashian is Queen of the nude nail (and lip, FYI).

It's all about choosing barely-there pinks and soft beiges to keep your manicure classy.

17 Paint Swatch Manicure

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The '90s were all about playful colours, anything that was bright and looked happy, but with so many sweet choices, it was hard to pick just one. So, what did '90s babies do? They painted a different shade of the same colour on every nail so that the result was like a paint swatch. We totally had patience back then ― thankfully we go to a nail salon for that now!

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have been seen rocking this look, and models on the runway, too. Time to bring it back.

16 Do You Speak French?

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We're going to make you wish you were a kid or teen again. Remember when you'd have those sleepovers with your besties and you'd give each other makeovers? You'd also give each other stick-on French manicures, right?

Well, if you were a fan of the French manicure, you'll be pleased to know it's still in style. In fact, it never went out of the style books.

15 Plastic And Purple Are In

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If ever we wanted to give a name to the '90s, it would be the “friendly plastic decade!”

Seriously, everything we used was made of plastic and we were digging it. '90s plastic accessories were everything ― there were sandals, backpacks, beaded scrunchies, and press-ons.

Well now, a new top nail look for 2019 is colourful plastic nails, and it looks so cool. Make sure your nails are nice and long to get a full plastic effect. You might also want to incorporate some purple when you're feeling it because it's so gorgeous.

14 Highlighter Nails

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If Kylie Jenner is doing it, then the whole world follows. Oh, the power of social media! If you follow the self-made billionaire, then you'll know how important a fresh manicure is to her.

In recent months, you may have noticed that she cannot get enough of neon. She's wearing neon clothing, rocking neon hair and slaying lengthy neon nails.

Nothing screams '90s more than highlighter colours.

13 Do Not “Trash” This Look

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There are so many '90s trends that we thought would be long gone, but they're back and better than ever! Flame nails were huge in that decade and they're still newsworthy now.

In the '90s, we saw the flame trend everywhere, especially on oversized shirts. And now that everyone is rocking a Trasher sweater with jeans and vans, the hottest nail look is the flame nails! Caution: If you attempt this fiery nail look, you'll feel some real '90s nostalgia.

12 Time To Whip With White

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Back in the '90s, just about anything a little outlandish was trendy, and 2019 is going to be complete with odd trends, such as white nails. One of the biggest requests at nail salons, especially during the warmer months, is a plain and white manicure. This time, we're not using white-out the way we did in school, though.

11 Don’t Limit Your Metallics

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The '90s did not exist without dark metallic blue nails. This nail look that is rocking makes us feel like we did the first day of school ― fresh and cool.

Metallics have been around for quite some time, but the dark sky blue is reminiscent of the '90s, and we are super excited to keep it going, especially since it also has a bit of a futuristic fashionista touch to it.

10 Feeling Bee-ootiful In Black And Yellow

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The black-and-yellow school-girl look was not only reserved for school, especially when the 1995 cult classic movie Clueless came out. Suddenly, every little girl, teen and adult wanted a yellow-and-black plaid skirt and knee-high socks. Luckily for us, this look came back hot, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, people are getting nails inspired by the film, with the plaid print or a pattern of yellow, black and white, on their manis. Too cute!

9 We All Have A Dark Side

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In 1994, Chanel created a colour that at this very moment is the sultriest shade if someone wants to go a little darker; we are talking about the Vamp colour.

This dark red polish is seen all over the red carpet, Instagram, and the fashion houses are using it too.

Why was it such a hit in the '90s? Because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Now, this colour is seen as the go-to classy, sophisticated and glamorous nail trend.

8 Make It Sparkle

via Sassy Daily

Just looking at the above photo of glitter nails will transport you back to the '90s, where we spent the night painting each other's nails and talking about boys. Most nail polish collections consisted of an abundance of glitter, and they look the same right now.

Open the pages of Vogue, or glimpse through Pinterest, and you'll immediately notice that glitter nails are sparkling everywhere.

If you did not hesitate to be extra as a child and always painted your nails with glitter, then ask your aesthetician to make your nails as fancy as you are.

7 Make A Texture Statement With These Jelly Nails

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Just when we thought we saw it all, the '90s hit us hard again with jelly nails. And now those see-through, colourful nails are back! Go on and try them if you’re in the mood to boost your Instagram likes and have some fun. The nail look also goes by the name glass nails, in case you want to holler at your aesthetician to book your next appointment right now. These nails are all about that juicy summer feeling!

6 The Yin To Your Yang

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While some '90s fashion items may be coming back around, this one just brings us all the way back. You certainly recall the yin yang ball that was the ultimate accessory to have on just about anything, especially when the grunge phase came around, right?

Well, the yin yang look is a top nail trend in 2019. It's all about having balance. You could do one white nail, one black nail, or ask for nail art of the '90s symbol ― whatever you do, the '90s is going to give you props.

5 The “Silverstone Blue”

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We're not done yet with Alicia Silverstone ― she truly made her mark in the fashion world in the '90s!

It wasn't just her fabulous outfits in Clueless that made her so memorable. Silverstone was all over our favourite teen magazines because she became an instant beauty icon.

In the '90s, she made the light blue shade for nails a hot choice for manicures, as Buzzfeed reports. Now we are in 2019, and we cannot seem to escape the gorgeous and soft blue. This colour is Instagram-friendly, and we are sure it is going to stick around for some time.

4 The French-Coloured Tips

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This hot trend is kind of like the French manicure, where you just paint the tips of your nails, but it adds oomph to the classic look by sidestepping white for bolder colours.

Whether you're feeling a little funky or a little more somber, this nail trend can easily be rocked. On the runways, the designers have opted for earthy tone colours, meanwhile on Pinterest we are seeing nail tips in the colours of the rainbow. We dare you to try it ― you'll get addicted.

3 Add In Some Bling

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Forget the butterfly clips from the '90s, but please remind yourself of this '90s nail trend the next time you get your mani. If you are down to have a little bit of fun and up your nail game, then ask for pierced nails. Say what? AS IF!

We are not joking, actually. Remember back in the '90s people had bling attached to their nails? Well, the look is back in a big way. There's no need to go OTT, though. A simple solid-colour manicure with one nail that's pierced with a fancy gold charm will do. Whether you're feeling extra, or just a little funky, this nail look will leave a banging impression.

2 All Black Everything

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Sure, the '90s were all about bright and joyful colours, Backstreet Boys, and Full House, but there was also the grunge phase.

And with the grunge phase came one of the hottest nail trends that's still around: black manis.

The '90s saw a black overhaul, and women who wore black nail polish then were frowned upon. Now, black is what most women veer towards when it comes to their manicures. A gorgeous black lacquer, whether matte or glossy, will certainly keep its place at the top ― oh '90s, we could not thank you enough!

1 One Colour Is Never Enough

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Nails from the '90s were straight up quirky. Though some would probably want My Little Pony or Powerpuff Girls nails, we just cannot easily sport those to the office. However, the '90s also brought the half-moon look, so it's a nice compromise. It's much simpler, yet still daring and intriguing.

Designers have been making their models rock graphic nails since 2017 to represent the '90s, and the half-moon look is awesome. If you want to try it out, just look at the runways for some inspiration, but dare to be creative with it. We love adding a dash of glitter to the half-moons. It's so glam.

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