90 Day Fiance’s Ashley & Jay: 20 Things The Maybe-Ex Couple Can’t Keep On The DL

Over the years we have seen some exciting reality television couples grace our screens. Some of them were cute and meant to be (remember Trista and Ryan from The Bachelorette?). Others made us wonder if the couples we were watching would even make it through the week, they were such mismatched messes.

Some of the most "heck no" couples that we have ever seen have come from the reality television franchise 90 Day Fiance. Is it surprising to anybody out there that two random strangers, forced together by disparity and time constrictions, never made it to forever? Not exactly.

Even though most of these couples fizzle out before the ink on their marriage certificates thoroughly dries, it's fun to watch them try to navigate a relationship while still getting to know one another on the most basic level.

These days we can't seem to take our eyes off of Jay and Ashley. An older Ashley met Jay while vacationing in his native Jamaica.

This unlikely pair manages to break up almost every day, according to internet news sources. What they cannot manage to do, though, is keep their little secrets on the DL. Here are all the facts that fans could ever want to know about Ashley and Jay!

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20 She Has Baby Fever?

Before the new year, Ashley from 90 Day Fiance, told her fans that hanging around other cast members and their new babies gave her a bad case of baby fever! Another 90 Day alum couple, Kalani and Asuelu, shared their sweet son Oliver with their castmates and Ashley could not get enough of the little guy, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

We can understand why she might want a little one of her own. Oliver is adorable, and it has been a minute since Ashley had a little one in her arms. Both of her children are well out of the baby years these days. Only time will tell if this case of baby fever is a fleeting feeling or here to stay.

19 If They Do Have A Baby, She Won't Carry It

If Jay and Ashley do ever decide to expand their blended family and add another child to the mix, they might have to get creative. Ashley underwent a procedure years ago that left her unable to carry any more children in her own body.

Jay is young and has no children of his own yet, so they may have to try using a surrogate mother to help bring a child into the world or could even look at adoption if that is more up their alley. The entire Ashley and Jay saga is unconventional at best, so going about parenthood in nontraditional ways seems to suit their story just fine.

18 Ashley's Kids Aren't Much Older Than Her Man

Ashley has two children from previous relationships. Her eldest child is eleven years old, and the 'baby' is around seven. Ashley is 31 and well into the adult years, but her hubby is barely an adult himself. At twenty, he is a mere nine years older than one of his step-kids! Think about how mature you were when you were twenty? Ashley likely finds herself raising three kids most days.

Jay's age and level of maturity might be one reason that these two seem to always be on the rocks in the romance department. The fact that they got engaged only eight days after they met might be yet another reason why they seem to struggle with relationship stability.

17 Health Issues That They Can't Deny

via people.com

Ashley has had her fair share of health issues in her lifetime. She revealed that she had a pretty severe cancer scare years ago that left her barren. The new wife and mother also battles Lupus, an autoimmune disorder.

While Ashley has kept her personal bouts out of the spotlight at times, this last one that left her hospitalized made her feel that she should be sharing her woes with the world in hopes of helping those going through similar struggles. According to the GoFundMe page that her friends started for her to cover medical expenses, she is currently on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant.

16 Fake Social Media Accounts

Recently Jay got caught with a fake social media page, and this sent fans into a flurry of doubt regarding their favorite unlikely couple. Ashley went on record to say that she was aware that her man had done such a thing and apologized to fans if that page led them to doubt the love that the couple has for each other.

Ashley swears that the entire reason Jay created the fake page was to protect Ashley and the kids from a former friend who was posting to the initial page and using slanderous messages and images. Fraud sites aside, we think this couple has a lot more to worry in terms of their relationship. Perhaps they should stay off of the internet altogether.

15 Together Or Divorcing?

This reality couple breaks up and gets back together more than a couple of high school sophomores. Back in December, the couple's social media page hinted at the idea that the two were going through an ugly split. They stopped following each other on social media and then started making ominous comments that seemed directed at hurting hearts and creating emotional turmoil.

In January, Ashley took a huge step and filed for divorce, only to retract the whole thing a couple of days later. The "are they or aren't' they" left us all so confused. Last we heard, they were still married and madly in love, but who knows what next month will bring.

14 In New York Together During A Time That They Were Supposedly Over

The winter months were impossible to keep up with when it came to Ashley, Jay and their marital drama. Seriously girl. You are a thirty-one-year-old mother to two, either divorce the guy or stay with him, but don't go messing around and changing your mind every couple of days.

While the world thought that Jay and Ashley were done forever, they were packing up their suitcases and heading off to New York City for a bit of mommy and daddy time. When photographers in The Big Apple snapped pics of the couple getting a bit of java and looking all stylish, they were all smiles and looking far from Splitsville.

13 Ashley Is Losing Followers And Endorsements

The thought of losing social media followers and endorsements is just about the most wretched thing that a reality star can hear, other than their show is getting canceled! Jay and Ashley are dealing with a decline in both areas because of the possible fraud that the pair's fans believe they are a part of.

Because of the fake social media page that the couple had, Ashley's biggest supporters started leaving her high and dry. In the few hours after the fraud debacle broke, she was already down 1000 followers! She also lost her deal with Gottex Studio, a sportswear company that the reality star was working closely with.

12 Jay's Flirtatious Nature

Jay has been flirty from the very get-go, so it was no great surprise that murmurings started surfacing that Jay had pretty much had a wandering eye from the very start. Some reports even said that he was doing untoward things the day after his wedding!

Word on the street is Jay thought he was too young to be tied to one woman forever so he quickly made a separate social media account in hopes of landing other ladies. Hmmm, we have to be honest here. If this one is true, we saw it coming from a mile away. Sorry, Ashley.

11 She Was No Angel Either

While Ashley was doing her best to make the world detest her ex just like she did, he was throwing it right back at her. Marston's man tossed some fighting words into the universe saying that Ashley was the one who could not keep to her marital vows.

He let all those nay-sayers who were coming at him on the net know that it was Ashley who had been dishonest with him over the course of their courtship! Whether she stepped out on Jay, or he stepped out on her, or they both made drama, we might never know. For now, however, the two wayward lovers seem to have set past issues aside.

10 Facing Negative Comments From The Net

While it remains eternally unclear if Jay and Ashley are together or not on any given day, one thing is for sure: these two get no love from the net. Their actions and drama seem to bring out the ugly in the negative Nancys that surround them.

Whether they are slinging accusations at each other on social media, filing for divorce and then retracting their claims days later, or asking people for money via GoFundMe, Ashley and Jay aren't exactly making new friends left and right. Everything they post gathers plenty of negative attention and comments from the social media universe. These two have to have pretty thick skin by now.

9 The GoFundMe Refund

Ms. Marston and her husband Jay have no problem getting behind a computer and asking the world for money to help cover the costs of living. He once asked for cash to help get himself his own place, and she once begged for moolah to aid in health care costs.

After their internet fraud scam heard round the globe, Ashley tried to show that she was an honest and sincere person by refunding all the money that she had raised through the website. According to her post, the donors were all refunded their money, and she hopes that her gesture will help put those ugly rumors of her being a scam artist to bed.

8 Cast Controversy

The internet is full of people that think the lowest of Ashley and Jay, but strangers aren't the only ones that believe these two are up to no good. Their own 90 Day Fiance cast members can't stand the sight of them either. Tarik Myers, Paola Mayfield, David Toborowsky, and Steven Frend have all denounced the controversial couple for all that they have supposedly done.

These former friends and colleagues all expressed feelings of surprise and hurt over everything that Ashley and Jay have engaged in throughout their courtship. In short, no one likes these two, at least not as far as we can tell.

7 Some Reports Say They Are Only Together For TLC

So will these two leave the 90 Day Fiance show for good or is there a way to get them to stay on, continue to bring their drama, and help TLC snag some big ratings? According to some reports, money talks, and Jay and Ashley are listening. Many sites are claiming that the couple is only in it for the money, and every step of their relationship gets shared with the intent to rake in the dough.

There are also claims that when cameras are not rolling, there is not much to this couple and they are all for show and money. If that is the case, fans will discover this for themselves eventually. They can't keep this facade up forever.

6 While Others Say They Are Quitting The Show Entirely

While some speculate that Jay and Ashley are only together so that they can make some serious dough off of their reality show, other reports claim that they are putting their relationship first and ending their stint on the series for good. In Touch Weekly reported that the pair was ready to part ways with TLC after calling the station "fake."

Per the site, Ashley claims it was TLC that forced the unstable duo to keep their truths under wraps following the fraud debacle. As recently as last month there were reports that the couple was utterly done filming with the reality television giant. I guess we will know where they stand on this matter when the new season airs.

5 Her BFF Is No Fan Of Jay's

Once upon a time, Ashley was loyal to her best girlfriend, Natalie. These days though, her allegiances lie with her new husband and she and Natalie aren't just estranged pals, they are total enemies! Even before the former friends decided to engage in a full-blown social media war, Natalie made it clear she was no fan of Jay's.

Because Ashley felt her pal's resentment towards her new love was misdirected, she decided Natalie was no real friend, and from that point on, the rift between the two only grew. Call us crazy, but maybe Natalie was onto the truth, and Ashley wasn't ready to hear it.

4 And That Former BFF Has Been In A Social Media Smackdown With Jay And Ashley

It was one thing for Ashley's best friend to not be able to share in her newfound happiness, but these two took their issues to all sorts of new levels when they decided to air out each other's grievances on social media.

Natalie took to the net to let the world know about Natalie's former relationships and how screwed up and unhealthy those unions were. She even included some photo evidence of what she knew. Ashley hit back with claims that Natalie was no angel herself and even had a criminal past. How ridiculous for grown women to sink to such levels of causing pain!

3 Family Members Dropped Out Of Their Wedding Because They Were Scared

The days leading up to Ashley and Jay's big day were anything but pleasant. According to the pair, they started receiving such spiteful comments on the internet that there was genuine concern about how their wedding day would shake out. People made racial slurs towards the engaged couple, and some wedding guests started becoming increasingly concerned that there might be dangerous moments during the "I Do's."

Some family members took the comments so seriously that they chose to not even attend the wedding festivities. After more than one person dropped out of the wedding because of safety concerns, Ashley and Jay decided to go to Vegas and do a quickie wedding instead.

2 Ashley Has A Rough Past

Ashley Marston is only thirty-one years old, but she has lived through enough pain and drama to last her several lifetimes. The blonde bartender not only became a mommy early on, but she has also battled several severe illnesses over time, including one that left her young and barren.

Ashley has been engaged two times before walking down the aisle with Jay, and according to In Touch Weekly, at least one of those engagements was unfortunate and dangerous. Things got so bad at one particular point that Ashley had to go ahead and press charges against her ex-fiance. So even though Jay is no prince, he might be a small step in the right direction for this mother to two.

1 And She Was Engaged Several Times Before Marrying Jay


The jury is out on whether Jay and Ashley will weather the storms before them and stick things out forever. Considering they break up every month though, we aren't going to be holding our breath on this one. Despite their rocky relationship woes, this is the first time Ashley has been able to call herself a Mrs.

She was formerly engaged two times, and some reports even claim that she was far from single when she first met her future hubby while vacationing in sunny Jamaica. There are also murmurings that Ashley's ex-boyfriend footed the bill for her supposed "tropical girls' trip."

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