9 People Kaley Cuoco Doesn’t Mesh Well With (+ 11 She Loves)

Very few television sitcoms have reached the mega success that The Big Bang Theory has. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang have captivated viewers for a decade, and now that the show is coming to a close, fans can't help but sit back and reflect on the good times that these actors have given us.

Pretty Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, is not only a good time gal onscreen, but she is a lovable character off-screen as well. The blond beauty has one of the tightest female wolf packs in all of Hollywood and is the reigning queen of #girlsquad.

It isn't just the ladies who adore Kaley though; the guys are pretty big fans of hers as well. It seems like almost everybody wants to be besties with the highest paid television actress.

True, Kaley's circle of friends and admirers is vast, and she seems pretty welcoming when it comes to letting people into her world, but not everyone is on Penny's good side these days. While some have managed to forge solid and longstanding friendships with the famous actress, others have made an enemy out of her.

Here are eleven people that Kaley Cuoco loves and nine that she doesn't mesh all that well with.

20 Kaley's Fav: Lacey Chabert

Actress Lacey Chabert is another famous friend in Kaley's super awesome girl gang. The former Mean Girls and Party of Five starlet attended her friend's pre-wedding festivities as well as her birthday party and actual wedding to now-husband Karl Cook. The pretty lady made sure to post several images to her social media channel while having a good time at all of her friend's celebratory events.

Kaley also attended Lacey's big day back in 2014 when she married her prince charming. It seems the ladies make it a priority to be there for each other for every significant milestone and we love that.

19 Cuoco's Not Crazy About Ryan Sweeting

While Kaley is still close friends with her costar and ex-boyfriend, Johnny Galecki, she is anything but with her ex-husband. Before marrying her current husband, Karl Cook, Kaley was wed to tennis professional Ryan Sweeting. The courtship between the two was a whirlwind, and they divorced less than two years after walking down the aisle.

Cuoco has recently spoken up about the split, placing the blame for the marriage dissolution firmly in Ryan's court. According to her Cosmopolitan interview, Sweeting changed suddenly, and Kaley found herself married to someone she didn't feel like she knew. She thought that she would never marry again, but thankfully someone came along to change her perspective on the matter.

18 Kaley's Fav: Zooey Deschanel

In 2014, Kaley Cuoco discovered that she and actress Zooey Deschanel have a lot more in common than comedy and excellent acting skills. They are both avid animal lovers. The ladies equally adore their puppy pals and are obsessed with horses. They were spotted riding together and had to stop and take a selfie entitled #horsegirls.

We imagine that Zooey very much approves of Kaley's new marriage to another devout horse lover. Kaley's husband is an accomplished equestrian and from what we can tell, she meshes best well with people who have a similar love for animals, especially dogs and horses.

17 Kaley's Fav: Ali Fedotowsky

New mom and former reality star of The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky was also in attendance at Kaley and Karl's recent wedding. She and her husband Kevin Manno might be exhausted beyond reason from their new life as parents, but that didn't stop them from celebrating their good friend's big day.

Ali posted several pictures of herself, her husband, and their friends all having a riot at the over-the-top event. You know someone is a truly a good and dedicated friend when they get into heels and makeup for you only months after giving birth. Go, Ali! You are a rock star!

16 Cuoco's Not Crazy About Her Producers

Kaley and her fellow Big Bang actors are undoubtedly good at what they do, but that doesn't mean that they don't occasionally receive direction and advice from the show's producers. However, Kaley has been known to disregard the direction that producers give to her. She took to social media to "artfully" show fans how to do a professional job at ignoring superior.

She wasn't the only cast member to shun the thoughts and views of the superiors though. Her costar Johnny Galecki looked equally spaced out during the producer's direction. With funny actors like these two, it's hard to know what is funny business and what constitutes serious thought.

15 Kaley's Fav: Beverley Mitchell

According to Buzzfeed and the image evidence they managed to dig up on the internet, Kaley Cuoco has one of the deepest girl squads in all of Hollywood. We get it, who doesn't want to be besties with Penny? And actress Beverley Mitchell is one of Kaley's closest pals. She was in attendance at her recent wedding festivities (see her over there on the lefthand side rocking the floral dress?).

Beverley Mitchell isn't a significant player in Tinsel Town any longer, but back in the day, she was a total "it" girl. Bev played Lucy Camden on the family show 7th Heaven.

14 Cuoco's Not Crazy About: Commentors On The Net

High profile actresses have to develop a thick skin so that the low blows and hard-hitting comments from the public don't completely derail them. Because we now live in a world run by social media, every actress's image and lifestyle are on display for opinion twenty-four hours a day.

As popular as Kaley is, the snarky and downright rude comments that she sometimes reads about herself still gets her down and makes her subconscious. She admits to becoming a bit obsessed at times with what the fans think about her appearance. If she is going to survive the spotlight though, she is going to have to let people's opinions about her slide.

13 Kaley's Fav: Johnny Galecki

Kaley and her on-screen husband, Johnny Galecki, are about as #goals as it gets. For starters, their bond could have gone way south years ago when Kaley and Johnny dated for several years and then broke up in real life. Their work on The Big Bang Theory could have made for some seriously awkward moments, but somehow these two displayed all sorts of levels of maturity and came out of the relationship as best friends.

They still support each other in all that they do in life. Kaley's admiration for her ex-boyfriend and co-star is mutual. Of her, Galecki has said, "We're dear friends, still. Kaley's not just an ex; she's a part of my life."

12 Cuoco's Not Crazy About Babies

When it comes to babies, Kaley has some mixed feelings, much like her onscreen character Penny does. The Big Bang Theory's Penny and hubby Leonard look like they will likely bypass parenthood, but in real life Kaley and her new hubby Karl Cook might take a different life path.

Becoming a mother is still a real possibility, but Kaley is pretty blunt about her thoughts and feelings about working with little ones. She told Late Show host Stephen Colbert that babies are incredibly hard to work with and are the biggest divas around. She joked that they insist on being carried in and only work for about six minutes.

11 Kaley's Fav: Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett was rightfully honored at this year's Golden Globes ceremony, receiving a standing ovation from her peers. Immediately following the legend's moment, however, the rumor mill was ablaze with gossip that Cuoco purposely avoided standing up for the icon. Kaley hit back hard, saying that people were "crazy" to think she dissed the esteemed actress.

While Cuoco doesn't usually address the outrageous, she did this time. Kaley took to social media to clear the air, telling folks that not only did she stand for Carol, but she was sobbing. She went on to make it known that Burnett is one of her idols and all around favorite people.

10 Cuoco's Not Crazy About Mayim Bialik

Some reports out there claim these two alpha females are perfectly cordial towards each other, but other rumors claim they have no love between them. According to the gossip website Naughtygossip, producers have to keep the ladies apart in hopes of avoiding any catfights between the two.

Mayim is supposedly cool with Kaley and has tried to make peace with her several times, but Kaley isn't a fan of Mayim's. Our take is that they might not adore one another, but they also probably don't brawl. Mayim was invited to Kaley's wedding after all, as Popculture reported, so things can't be all that bad!

9 Kaley's Fav: Kimberly J. Brown

Kimberly J. Brown, the star of Halloweentown, is another one of Kaley's loyal pals. She was present for the wedding festivities and posed in quite a few pics with her other girlfriend, Lacey Chabert. That's right; these three actresses are all tight. Kimberly and Lacey go way back, to the days before Penny. They starred in the famous Broadway show Les Miserables together when they were kids, and they are still tight all these years later.

Maintaining true and lasting friendships in Hollywood is a challenge for many, but Kaley seems to have managed to keep her girl squad tight. We love that so many of her closest friends are ones that she goes way back with.

8 Kaley's Fav: Amy Davidson


Actress Amy Davidson is another sister from another mister that Kaley goes way back with. The fiery redhead and Cuoco starred in 8 Simple Rules together, playing... you guessed it, sisters. The chemistry that these two shared on camera was real, and the proof is in their friendship. After all these years they still support each other.

Davidson was not only at Kaley's wedding bash but according to Popsugar, she also flew out with a few of Kaley's other closest friends a few years back to pet a bunch of lions and tigers for Cuoco's 30th birthday bash. Anywhere that Kaley goes, Davidson is going, too.

7 Cuoco's Not Crazy About The BBT Crew

Fans adore Kaley's onscreen character Penny for her lovable, goofy and often confused personality, but in real like the actress has a much shiftier side to her. According to Celebdirt, not all that is Penny is cute and lovable. She has been known to throw quite the tantrum on the set of her show, The Big Bang Theory.

The cast and crew have had their fill of the famed actress and have grown tired of her mood swings and bursts of anger. An insider revealed that Cuoco tends to flip her wig over makeup and wardrobe and even loses it on the catering team from time to time.

6 Kaley's Fav: Courteney Cox

Lots of esteemed actors and actresses in Tinsel Town have become fans of the Big Bang Theory's talented cast, but Cuoco got a shout out on social media from one of the most well known and celebrated sitcom actresses of all time.

When we talk about sitcom comedy gold, the show Friends takes the cake. Even though Friends has been in syndication for years, people are still begging for a reboot or big screen spin-off. Friends actress Courteney Cox made sure to show the younger comedienne some love by letting her know how pretty she looked in one of Kaley's social media uploads.

5 Kaley's Fav: Jennifer Aniston

Cuoco did some major fangirling when she met one of sitcom comedy's most loved actresses, Jennifer Aniston. It seems that Friends actress Courtney Cox isn't the only one who sits firmly in Kaley Cuoco's corner. Kaley worked up the courage to walk up to the mega-actress and give her the praise that Goddess Aniston is due by pretty much everyone in the universe.

And to Kaley's surprise, Jennifer knew precisely who she was! Kaley told late night talk show host Seth Meyers that the moment of the meeting Jennifer ranks up there with the best ones of her entire life.

4 Cuoco's Not Crazy About Kevin Sussman

Kaley enjoys most of her Big Bang costars and considers them to be her family. The gang has gotten close over their decade of working side by side every day. She particularly loves Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, Jim Parsons, and Melissa Rauch. There are rumors flying around Hollywood that she and costar Mayim Bialik aren't exactly besties, and Kaley might not be super thrilled with one of the lesser players on the show, Kevin Sussman.

Sussman plays quirky, down-and-out comic book shop owner Stewart on TBBT. Over the years he has been noticeably absent from Kaley's social media channels, making us think they two aren't great pals. Kaley likes to throw shout outs and share images of those she truly adores on the internet.

3 Kaley's Fav: Karl Cook

Kaley loves a lot of people, and she tends to keep her friends close by, but the person she loves above all these days is her equestrian husband, Karl Cook. As reported by The Insider, the couple married in front of friends and family in a lavish ceremony earlier this year after getting engaged in 2017.

The romance came as a welcomed surprise to Kaley who swore that after the breakup of her first marriage, she would never get hitched again. When Karl came along, she knew that she just had to take the plunge and say "I Do." The two had way too much in common to deny. They love animals, love to joke around and laugh, and are both magnificent looking people. They are a match made in heaven.

2 Cuoco's Not Crazy About Fur-Wearing Folks

Kaley is an absolute animal lover, and advocates for the rights of her furry and winged friends. Anyone who doesn't believe in respecting animal life is no friend of hers. She has spent over a decade advocating for her furry friends and has made it crystal clear that she can not stand people who treat dogs badly or are indifferent to them.

Cuoco has several rescue pets, including her beloved pit bull mix, Norman, who she saved ten years ago after he found himself stuck in a shelter with a bum leg. Since Norman, she has added two more rescue dogs and seven horses to her fur baby collection, and she loves every single one of them with all of her heart.

1 Cuoco's Not Crazy About The Notorious Bad Tipper

This juicy detail was quite the reveal. Kaley told Vogue Magazine that she once dated a guy who was a notoriously bad tipper, and that didn't fly with her. She tried to ignore the flaw in her dream guy because this was all back when Cuoco was 19 and she thought Mr. Bad Tipper was the future father of her children.

She could no longer ignore his poor tipping ways, though, when he and Kaley went out to dinner and her man insisted on paying. She was so embarrassed at the tipping slight that she snuck back into the establishment and left a hefty tip in his stead, and then broke up with the guy a week later.

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