8 WWE Diva Contracts Vince McMahon Might Not Renew (+ 7 That’ll Leave)

With WrestleMania done and dusted, WWE is now looking forward. The big FOX debut looms near and the company wants a big boost in ratings. At the moment, it seems to be the women’s division that’s getting it done on a nightly basis. However, morale isn’t the greatest. In general, the larger the locker room of females, the more likely it is that talent is unhappy with their position on the card.

Ten years ago, the thought of leaving WWE scared the talent. However, in this day and age, that’s no longer the case. Divas have opportunities all over the map with the likes of Impact Wrestling, ROH and the newly acquired company, AEW. With that in mind, some unhappy talents can choose to leave and work elsewhere. WWE is aware of this and they’re now trying to extend contracts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at certain Divas McMahon might choose to not renew. For some, a release might actually benefit their work, given that they really aren’t doing much with WWE. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at Divas that might leave on their own terms once their deal expires. These Divas are currently underutilized and could be doing more with another company.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. With further ado here are eight WWE Diva contracts McMahon might not renew and seven that might leave on their own. Let’s get started.

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15 Won’t Renew – Paige

via WWE

This definitely isn’t Paige’s fault; it's more on Vince McMahon and how he feels about managers. The boss isn’t the biggest fan of managers and usually, they don’t last. Paige was finally given a new role after stepping down as the SmackDown Live GM, and she is now the manager for both Asuka and Kairi Sane.

The idea sounds great on paper but we’re not entirely sure as to how long it will last. In all likelihood, once Paige’s deal is up, WWE might struggle to find a new role for her, which might not lead to a renewal. We can also see Paige decide to leave the company and try something else out given that she’s still so young and in her mid-20s.

14 Leave On Their Own – Lana

via IG

Take a look at Lana’s IG page and you would think she wasn’t in the wrestling business but rather the modeling biz. That seems to be the direction Lana’s taking in the recent months. She isn’t doing much in the ring either, and we haven’t seen her compete in quite some time.

Given that she came from the world of show business, we imagine that Lana might want to take this path once again, opting out of a contract renewal with WWE. She had her prime run with the company but it might be best for both sides to move on, especially now that Lana won’t be on the Total Divas reality show any longer.

13 Won’t Renew - Mickie James

via IG

Mickie James rejoining WWE was a big-time long shot. Fans thought they saw the last of her, and so did James herself, as she contemplated retirement. Just when those thoughts came creeping in, she was offered a one-time shot to return. The one match ultimately turned into a new contract.

She might be 39 but James still looks as great as she did back in her 20s–she truly is an ageless wonder. However, with younger Divas emerging, McMahon might pass on another contract renewal once her current deal runs out. Surely, once she calls it quits, she’ll be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame shortly after.

12 Leave On Their Own - Sasha Banks

via IG

Of course, this is the most obvious entry on the list given all the news surrounding Sasha at the moment. She’s currently sitting out thinking about her future. Sasha hasn’t been the happiest since moving from NXT, and things would only continue to spiral when she dropped the Tag Titles at WrestleMania. According to Ring Side News, Banks was none too pleased with the decision backstage.

With AEW and lots of other wrestling alternatives, we can see the scenario of Banks leaving the company and getting a fresh start somewhere else. The only problem is that she might have to wait until her deal expires; the chances of WWE granting her a release are quite slim given her value.

11 Won’t Renew - Alicia Fox

via IG

WWE fans might have forgotten, but Alicia Fox is still employed by the company. The veteran signed with WWE over a decade ago. In the last couple of years, she really hasn’t been used all that much. Instead, she’s making headlines for the things she’s doing out of the ring, like a shouting match with Rousey’s husband last year or, most recently, entering the ring under the influence. We haven’t seen her since the incident.

Given that she’s hardly used and no longer a cast member on Total Divas, letting Alicia go might make the most sense for WWE. It can also be of benefit for Fox, as she can finally revitalize her brand away from the company.

10 Leave On Their Own - Bayley

via IG

We can’t make mention of Sasha leaving without discussing Bayley. Like Sasha, Bayley hasn’t enjoyed the same type of success compared to her days with NXT. In fact, thinking about booing Bayley during her NXT days didn’t seem possible; however, on the main roster, that’s the point we’re at now.

A lot of the fault goes to WWE for that, their bad booking of the lovable hugger. Like Banks, Bayley might elect to resurface her name out on the indie scene. It may give Bayley a much-needed boost. However, like Sasha, she might have to wait until her deal expires.

9 Won’t Renew - Maria Kanellis

via IG

Maria is another face wrestling fans might have forgotten about. She isn’t on any of the main shows; instead, she’s currently on 205 Live alongside her man Mike Kanellis. Maria returned to WWE in 2017 after a lengthy hiatus from the company. Many assumed she’d have a great role in her return but that hasn’t been the case.

With rumors that the couple asked for a release, a contract renewal seems improbable at this point. The couple might be better off elsewhere anyway since they grew to great fame without WWE by their side. Getting released might not be the worst decision.

8 Leave On Their Own - Naomi

via IG

Even before the Women’s Revolution, Naomi was behind the scenes aiming for higher octane action in the women’s division. However, she was told to tone it down–thankfully, that’s no longer the case these days as women have just as much freedom as the men in the ring.

It worked out great for Naomi who initially thrived as a multi-time Women’s Champion. However, that steam seems like it is starting to slow down a little bit; a quick loss to Mandy Rose proved exactly that. Given her skill level, we won’t be surprised if Naomi, along with the Usos, decides to take their talents elsewhere.

7 Won’t Renew - Tamina

via WWE

She joined the WWE in 2010 and almost a decade later, she is still employed by WWE. The 41-year-old was finally put to good use in late 2018 and early 2019, entering a tag team alongside Nia Jax. It has given Tamina some purpose on the show, as aside from that we really hadn’t seen much of the veteran.

It wouldn’t make sense for WWE to give Tamina a long-time commitment or lengthy contract extension given that she’s in her 40s. Her run might be winding down. Perhaps once her contract expires that could be the end for her WWE run.

6 Leave On Their Own - Ember Moon

via IG

WWE has a tendency to underutilize talent. That’s especially apparent in the male division and now with added females to the RAW and SmackDown rosters, it is becoming more and more obvious.

One of the most underutilized talents has to be Ember Moon. She’s without a doubt one of the most skilled out of the entire rosters. However, she hasn’t been shown such commitment by the WWE since her main roster run began. If things don’t change in 2019, Ember might be inclined to leave on her own and search the indie scene for a new opportunity to be billed as the top dog.

5 Won’t Renew - Dana Brooke

via IG

For somebody with no experience prior, Dana Brooke caught on rather quickly, especially when it came to the persona part. However, the biggest mistake was giving her a premature call up to the main roster. Brooke needed more experience in the ring before getting this upgrade.

It hurt her early on and she really hasn’t recovered from it yet. Given her current run, it might be better for Brooke to explore options outside of WWE and work more matches with other indie promotions. WWE may see this situation in the same way and opt against a contract renewal with Dana.

4 Leave On Their Own - Asuka

via IG

She entered WWE with a world of hype surrounding her. Triple H took great care of Asuka during her NXT run. That seemed to follow when she joined the main roster, however, Asuka was never the same following her first loss to Charlotte at WrestleMania. She has moved down the card ever since and lots of fans are none too pleased. Even the formerly respected voice of WWE Jim Ross felt that the company wasn’t doing a good enough job with The Empress.

She’s currently in a tag team which really doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade. We can see the scenario of Asuka betting on her talent and choosing to work elsewhere.

3 Won’t Renew - Sarah Logan

via IG

Sarah Logan is in need of a big change and that might be on its way. With Liv Morgan moving to SmackDown Live, the Riott Squad has finally come to an end. This could make or break Logan’s WWE run. According to Sportskeeda, there is a chance that she might join the newly added team on RAW, the Viking Experience. Some also believe she might be in line for some type of push.

No matter what the outcome, if Logan doesn’t thrive in the spot, she might be better off leaving the company and getting some extra reps on the independent scene. If her solo run doesn’t work, WWE might have the same feeling.

2 Leave On Their Own - Ronda Rousey

via IG

This appears to be the case at the moment. Ronda is now taking an extended hiatus from WWE. Some speculate she might be starting a family during her time away from the ring while others believe she might be back in time for SummerSlam on the road to next year’s WrestleMania.

No matter what the outcome, the ball is basically in Ronda’s court. To her credit, she did her absolute best during her recent run, rarely taking any days off and competing a lot more than most fans expected. In all likelihood, this is just a goodbye for now type of deal.

1 Won’t Renew – Ruby Riott

via IG

Like Ember Moon, Ruby Riott is one of the most underutilized talents on RAW. With Liv Morgan going to SmackDown Live and basically the Riott Squad coming to an end, Ruby’s future seems rather uncertain. She can either thrive in the spot or continue to fall down the pecking order–it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

However, just given her recent booking, we have reason to believe that things might not change and perhaps she might be out the door once her deal comes to an end. This would be a big-time mistake given her talent. Hopefully, Triple H can give Vince some words of wisdom!

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