8 Ways To Flirt With Him Without Being Obvious And 8 Ways That Come Across Needy

Let's face it, you really like him! How can you not? He is smart, funny, charming, and everything you have ever wanted in a man. But you are not sure whether he likes you back the same way.

Granted, he hangs out with you often, sends you cute and witty texts every now and then, and even bought you a candy bar that one time at the mall. But is that because he likes you likes you or is it because he considers you a cool friend? There's only one way to find out.

You have got to flirt with him.

If that last line froze you like a deer in headlights, don't worry. Flirting is not as difficult as you think it is. It's an art you can master quite easily...if you are willing to practice. Plus, it's more about having fun with your main man and letting him know you are interested than about impressing him.

Believe us, once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature to you. In fact, you would be able to charm practically any man on this planet. Not that you want any man. You just want that one!

So, to help you get there – charm your main man – we have put together a list of 8 ways to flirt with him without being obvious and 8 ways that can make you come across needy.

Believe us, you don't want to be caught doing the latter!

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16 Not Obvious: Smile And Wave At Him When You See Him


Have you ever seen a child smiling at you and felt a smile break out on your face too? You can't help but respond to that innocent look of happiness.

That's exactly what smiling does to your man too.

So, the next time you meet him, smile and wave at him with genuine pleasure. You will find him greeting you back with a huge grin too.

Believe us, nothing is as infectious as a smile. (Maybe germs, but this is a flirting guide, not a science lesson!)

Just remember: your smile needs to be genuine for it to work its charm. It's because all humans have an inbuilt fake sensor. So, it won't help your case if you are pissed off at him but greet him with a wonky, plaster smile!

15 Needy: Hug Him Longer Than It's Polite When You Meet


We know you have fallen head-over-heels for him. Your friends know you have fallen head-over-heels for him. And there's a high chance even he knows you have fallen head-over-heels for him!

How can we not when your emotions are all over the place whenever you are around him? Plus, there's that awkward thing you do by finding excuses to hug him all the time. That too, longer than it's considered normal!

Believe us, it's the neediest thing anyone can do when they have a major crush on someone.

Not that we blame you for doing it. We have all committed such shenanigans in the name of flirting when we were really green in the game. Just cut it out from here on, and you would be good to go.

14 Not Obvious: Hold His Gaze When You Talk To Him


The eyes are the windows to the soul. No wonder we are not comfortable looking into people's eyes for too long when we talk to them. But that's exactly what you need to do when you want to flirt with him subtly and let him know you are interested.

After all, don't you feel an extra zing in your heart every time his eyes lock onto yours?

You would be doing the same to him when you hold his gaze during your conversations.

It's a subtle body-language cue that tells him that you are listening to him with rapt attention. That you think his words are valuable and the conversation is important. Plus, holding someone's gaze is a sign of bold confidence. And confidence is incredibly attractive!

13 Needy: Ask Him What He Thinks About Your Outfit


Please don't do this.

You might think it's cute and forward when you ask him what he thinks about your dress, but in reality, it is a sign of insecurity.

The truth is, women who are confident about their look, their hair, and their dress, never ask people for compliments in "subtle" ways like this. It's because they don't need compliments to boost their self-image. They already know they look awesome, and if compliments come their way, they just graciously accept it.

So, if you really want to impress him, impress yourself first. Wear something you feel beautiful in. Your behavior will automatically reflect that. Believe us, he will compliment you on his own when he meets you. After all, who can ignore a confident, beautiful woman like that?

12 Not Obvious: Whisper In His Ears When You Are Out With Him In A Crowded Place


The best thing about this tactic is that it brings the two of you closer but does so in a classy manner. Here's why it works.

First of all, when we are out in a crowded place, our personal space shrinks to match the circumstances. That's why when you go out with him to a concert or a busy marketplace, you tend to walk close together since you would rather let each other into your personal space than bump into strangers.

Secondly, since crowded places tend to be quite noisy, the two of you will either have to shout to be heard above the din (not advisable!) or bend so you can whisper your conversation into each other's ears.

The latter creates a sense of intimacy since whispering brings a person even deeper into your personal space.

So, you can be sure that this tactic will bring the two of you closer even after you have walked out of the crowded situation and don't need to breach each other's personal space anymore.

Only now, you wouldn't mind doing it anyway. :)

11 Needy: Whisper In His Ears For No Reason


The reason why the former tactic works but this one does not is that, in a crowded place, you don't have a choice but to whisper in each other's ears. But when you are the only two people in a park and can easily hear each other from some distance, deliberately dipping close to whisper in his ears would immediately cause him to throw up his guard. After all, he has not invited you into his personal space yet!

Remember: this guide is about flirting with him when you are not sure whether he likes you or not. Because if the two of you are already quite close, and you think he likes you, this tactic would not seem so out of place.

10 Not Obvious: Slowly Shift Your Hair From One Shoulder To The Other While Talking To Him


Here's a fact no one can deny: we girls have gorgeous hair! Mostly because we wash it regularly and make an effort to keep it shiny and strong.

But what you may not know is that men really dig our lustrous manes.

It's true! The fuller, shinier, and softer your hair looks, the more he will want to run his fingers through them, even though he is not allowed to (since you are not together yet).

That's why he loves it when you run your fingers through your locks or play with a strand while you talk to him. Nothing sets off his imagination better than this simple, playful, but powerfully-feminine gesture!

So, the next time you are having a face-to-face conversation with him, gently shift your hair from one side of your head to the other and then tuck in the stray strands behind your ear. It's one of the easiest ways you can really get him to start thinking of you as the one!

9 Needy: "Accidentally" Rest Your Foot Against His AGAIN Even Though He Shifted His Away A While Back


Here's a basic body-language lesson for you: if someone lets you rest your foot against theirs when they accidentally end up touching, it means they are interested in you and don't mind you encroaching in their personal space. But if they shift their foot away, it means they are not comfortable with you (if you have just met this person) or are not interested in you romantically (if the two of you have hung out together many times already).

When the latter happens when you are with your main man, regardless of how much you may like him, do not try to rest your foot against his again! You would be disrespecting his personal space and will portray yourself as needy.

8 Not Obvious: Touch A Finger To Your Lip While Thinking


Touching a finger to your lip is one of the most potent flirting techniques. It can generate interest in him instantly! So, use this tactic wisely and modestly if you don't want to make your interest in him super obvious.

One good way of doing that is touching a finger to your lip in his presence while you are thinking of something.

This gesture is very natural and so, does not arouse his suspicion. But it, nevertheless, conveys a message to his subconscious mind – that you are a woman he could kiss one day if he asked you out.

This tactic is like the modern version of the "drop your handkerchief before him" tactic that women used to employ in the olden days. The idea is to put the thought of pursuing you in his head while making him think it was his idea all along!

7 Needy: Find Excuses To Pick Up Something On The Floor Infront Of Him Or Pull An Impromptu Yoga Pose


We get it! You are proud of your physique.

Maybe it's because you have been working out at the gym regularly and have lost some extra pounds or maybe it's because you were born with a supermodelesque body and want to show it off.

Whatever your reason might be, don't pull this trick in front of him if you don't want to look needy. After all, most people don't keep dropping their keys, phones, and lattes multiple times (please don't drop the latte!) in the span of fifteen minutes!

If you really want to use this flirting tactic (it's one of the more risqué ones), do it just once. That is, either drop your pen innocuously and then pick it up while he's watching, or announce that your muscles are feeling cramped from sitting for so long and then do some basic yoga stretches!

6 Not Obvious: Compliment Him About Something Specific


You probably do not know this, but men love compliments (sincere ones, that is) just as much as you do. The only difference is, society believes that women need to be complimented while men don't. That's the reason why they tend to light up and grin so broadly when they are complimented. It's because they usually don't get to hear good things from people.

Just keep these points in mind before you end up committing a compliment faux pas.

One: compliment his character, not the action. So, if he helps an old lady cross the street, tell him he is a kind man because he did so.

Two: be super specific. So, don't just tell him he is cute. Tell him you find him cute because he opened the door for you.

And three: don't compliment his looks. Because if he is good-looking, he has heard it countless times already!

5 Needy: Pinch His Cheeks Or Jaw When You Compliment Him


When we are madly in love with someone (or have a huge crush!), we cannot help but want to touch them as much as we can. It's a human need, so don't feel weird about it.

But having said that, if you keep finding excuses to pinch his cheeks or touch his jaw too early on in your interaction, you will just come off needy.

Believe us, you might think it's cute when you tell him he is super nice and then pinch his cheek like a five-year-old, but he probably will shift away from you soon after that because you intruded in his personal space without his permission.

A better idea is to slowly ease him into being okay with your touches by brushing your shoulder against his while you are walking side-by-side or by holding his hand when you cross a busy road.

4 Not Obvious: Touch His Arm Or Shoulder Gently While Talking To Him


This is a more confident flirting tactic, but if done correctly won't arouse anyone's suspicion.

All you have to do is brush your shoulder against his every now and then as the two of you walk next to each other and then gently touch his arm every time you wish to draw his attention to something you have noticed on the way.

Just remember: every move of yours needs to feel natural otherwise it will become very obvious to him that you are flirting.

That means, if you brush into him, it really should feel like you were looking elsewhere and so bumped into him unintentionally. Or maybe you found his joke funny and bumped his shoulder to show your appreciation.

Believe us, you will find plenty of ways to touch him naturally, you just have to grab the opportunity with confidence when it presents itself!

3 Needy: Exaggerate Your Expressions And Actions Whenever He Is Around


Yes, we know you are terribly happy to see him, but that doesn't mean you turn into a total clown when he shows up! Believe us, peacocking like that is a big giveaway that you are seriously interested in him. And that's the easiest way to lose his attention since it would make him feel that he can have you without even putting in an effort.

So, control your emotions when you are with him.

You don't need to be an ice queen (please don't repress your emotions completely); just be at ease and remain poised. Men love women like that.

Plus, over-exaggerated expressions and actions, just to get his attention, always end up making you seem like a high-maintenance drama queen. And good men usually are not attracted to that!

2 Not Obvious: While Walking Away From Him, Turn Back And Smile


This is probably our favorite flirting tip on this list. It's because it's one of the sweetest and most amazing ways you can let him know you find him cute and interesting without making it super obvious.

So, the next time you say goodbye, walk two steps away from him, then turn back as if you want to catch one last glimpse of him, smile and wave at him, and then walk away without turning around again.

Believe us, he will still be thinking about this cute action even after he has returned home.

You can even throw a witty quip at him as you do this. Bonus points, if you can make him laugh. Just don't do it too many times. Twice is more than enough, although we still think one is the best.

1 Needy: Scribble Your Phone Number On A Paper And Then Kiss It Before You Give It To Him


This one is so needy, it's actually hilarious. And we definitely don't want you to be the butt of the joke. So, steer clear off this one if you don't want him to smile at you nervously as he takes the paper and then never call you again!

It's because when you kiss the piece of paper, it tells him instantly that you are interested in him and that he does not need to make any more efforts to impress you. And men tend to lose interest real fast after that, which is something you definitely don't want.

So, if you really want to give him your number, do so confidently. Maybe even say something in the end, like, "I usually don't give my number to people, but you seem very interesting." It would simultaneously be a compliment and a challenge since it would tell him you really enjoyed the conversation with him but he still hasn't impressed you completely.

Believe us, when it comes to flirting, it's always best to let his imagination do most of the work and still make him feel like he is the one chasing you!

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