8 Things You Should Forgive Him For And 8 You Should Never

There are things in life that we must forgive so that we can live happy, so that we can enjoy a peaceful life. They are the things we forgive so that our relationship can continue, grow and last. They are the things that every couple goes through, and they are the things that make us human. On the other hand, there are things that we should never forgive because the impact they have on us will live with us forever. It doesn’t mean that you should let it define you as a person. You can still let go and move on, but you don’t have to forgive it happened you just need to accept that it did and decide for yourself what you want to do moving forward.

Don’t feel pressured to forgive things that the man you are with or were with has done because everyone tells you that you should or because you think it’s the right thing to so. When it comes to forgiveness in relationships, the sad thing is that sometimes you forgiving that someone means being okay with things never going back to what they were. Because sometimes, forgiveness cannot fix a strong and special relationship that has been broken.

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16 Forgive Him For His Past

Forgive him for his past because we all make mistakes. Forgive him for the son he was to his parents when he was young and naïve. Forgive him for the friend he wasn’t when his friends needed him to show-up, when someone counted on him and he failed them terribly. Forgive him for the employee he was when he lacked motivation, passion or purpose. Forgive him for the partner he wasn’t in his previous relationships. Forgive him for the hearts he broke before he met you because he was too selfish to leave. Forgive him for the things he’s done when he was at his lowest. Forgive him for the times he was lost when he didn’t know who he was or what he wanted. Forgive him for his past because he no longer lives there.

15 Never Forgive Him For Who He Is Today

Don’t forgive him for the choices he’s making today because he has the gift to change his life. Although he might not be a changed man in seconds, he can be a good person in the little things he does every day. Don’t forgive him for not being a good person to you because he had a rough past. Yes, that sucks and it does carry on to his who he is now if he doesn’t address it. But, don’t forgive him for blaming everything that is wrong in his life on everyone else instead of taking ownership and doing something about it. Don’t forgive him for taking the easy way out when he has support and resources that can help him heal, get better and become stronger.

14 Forgive Him For Breaking Your Heart

Forgive him for not being able to be the man you need him to be. You don’t have to stay with him. And if you’ve left him already, it’s better if you just let it go because you deserve to be happy. Forgive him for breaking the promises he made because he couldn’t keep them or never had the intentions to do so in the first place. Forgive him for disappointing you, forgive him for making you hate love, forgive him for letting you lose yourself in the process of loving him. Forgive him for leaving you when he could have stayed and worked it through. Forgive him for not being there when you needed him the most. Forgive him for not fighting for you like you would fight for him, forgive him for not loving you as much you love him.

13 Never Forgive When He Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

Don’t forgive a man who makes you feel inadequate. The man who puts you down constantly, emotionally and mentally. The man who doesn’t know how to love you right or refuses to love you the way you deserve. Don’t forgive the man who makes you feel like you’re the problem, like there’s something wrong about you, and that you need fixing. Don’t forgive the man who makes you feel that you’ll never good enough for him, that you need to change who you’re to please him, that you’re nothing without him. Don’t forgive the man who projects his insecurities on you. The man who makes everything your fault, the man who makes you feel ordinary, the man who makes you feel less than you actually are.

12 Forgive Him For Protecting You

Forgive the man who doesn’t tell you everything all at once because he cares about you, about your well-being and your opinion of him. Forgive him for not overwhelming you with his problems in his personal life, at work, or just in general. Forgive him for not making his issues your issues because he knows that it’s wrong and unfair of him to do that. Forgive him for keeping you at a distance instead of bringing you closer because he doesn’t want to hurt you when he’s hurting. Forgive him when he doesn’t know how to ask you for help when he is in-need so he pretends he’s okay instead. Forgive him for thinking that protecting you is always the right thing to do even when you don’t need protection.

11 Never Forgive Him For Lying To You

Don’t forgive a man for insulting your intelligence. Don’t forgive his white lies because the person who lies about the little things is also someone who would lie about the big stuff. Don’t take a chance on someone who proved to you that he’s not trustworthy, that with him you’re emotionally unsafe, that with him you will be living in constant fear instead of security. Don’t forgive a man who doesn’t respect you enough to be honest with you, the man who thinks that you only should know what he wants you to know. Don’t forgive a man who keeps things from you, who only tells you false things about him so you think he’s better than who he actually is. Don’t forgive a man who manipulates you to stay with him, who keeps you in the dark.

10 Forgive Him For Questioning Your Character

Forgive him for thinking you are going to do him like everyone else did. Forgive him for assuming that he knows you already when he hasn’t had the chance to get to know you yet. Forgive him for allowing his past experiences shape his future instead of enhancing it. Forgive him for not being completely healed or ready for love. Forgive him for judging you because we tend to judge what we don’t understand. Forgive him for asking you questions that he already asked before because he’s traumatized. Forgive him for being on the edge at times because he’s still learning how to live with his anxiety. Forgive him when he says mean things but hold him accountable for what he says because that’s not acceptable. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be the big person.

9 Never Forgive Him For Betraying Your Trust

Don’t forgive a man who walks all over your trust because not only it’s disrespectful, it’s toxic. Don’t forgive him for cheating on you because you had a fight. Don’t forgive him for having an emotional affair with someone because things have been difficult lately. Don’t forgive him for justifying his lack of character and commitment. The thing about betraying your trust is that it’s a choice. Things like this don’t just happen because there are not only signs, but it takes two to tango. You don’t have to give him a second chance because he’s sorry and you’re in love with him. You don’t have to lie to yourself about how much it stinks and how you’re actually not okay with it. You don’t have to make it easy on him and harder on yourself. You’re allowed not to forgive him for it.

8 Forgive Him For Not Taking Care Of Himself

Forgive him when he doesn’t take a good care of himself because he’s been going through a rough time. Forgive him for not putting effort in looking good for you or just to impress you. Forgive him when he doesn’t eat well because he’s too stressed about work and his future. Forgive him when he hasn’t been to the gym lately because he’s been feeling down and it’s hard for him to get out of the house. Help him whenever you can. Encourage him to do the things he loves and is passionate about the most. Make time to do little activities with him every week until he gets back on track. Offer to lend him a hand to take some of the pressure off his plate. Choose to be his friend, understand where he’s coming from and give him space to recover.

7 Never Forgive Him For Not Caring About You

Don’t forgive a man for not taking care of you. We all go through hard times in life, but that’s no excuse for being an asshole or for forgetting about the ones who love us the most. Being busy is not an excuse for making you feel rejected because he doesn’t make time to talk to you or see you. Being determined to make his dreams happen is not an excuse for committing less to you and to your relationship. Being worried about his finances is not an excuse for being stingy with you. Having a lot on his mind is not an excuse of not having you on his at all. Don’t let him get away with not taking care of you emotionally and physically because when you love someone, their well-being becomes a priority of yours.

6 Forgive Him For Not Loving Himself

Forgive him for taking down to himself because no one has called him out on it. Forgive him for thinking he’s not good enough because no one told him that he can conquer the world. Forgive him for to accepting himself for the man he is because his parents and family never did. Forgive him for settling for less than he deserves because his self-esteem has been damaged by his childhood and the experiences he’s lived. Forgive him for not loving himself after all these years because he thinks there’s nothing loveable about him. Forgive him because his wound is still bleeding. Forgive him for not asking for the things he needs and for not standing up for himself because he thinks that that’s the best he’s ever going to get. Forgive him for not seeing himself the way you see him because that takes a lot of love, courage and patience.

5 Never Forgive Him Being Self Centered

Don’t forgive a man for loving himself too much to the point everything is about him. Don’t forgive a man who makes you feel like a secondary character in your relationship because you’ll always come second if not, last. Don’t forgive a man who revolves everything about him because he’ll occupied to see what’s going on in your world. Don’t forgive him for choosing himself over you because healthy relationships are about compromise. Don’t forgive him when all he does is talk about his problems and his social life that he doesn’t leave room for you to talk about yours because truth is, he doesn’t care to listen. Don’t forgive him for making choices that affect you both without talking to you about it, without considering how it would change your world.

4 Forgive Him For Not Loving You The Way You Needed

Forgive him for not loving you the way you need someone to love you because he probably doesn’t know any better. Don’t hold it against him when he thinks he’s doing the best he can when he actually is not even close. Forgive him for not understanding what you need him to do or say in a specific situation because he’s still trying to figure it out. Don’t get mad at him when he doesn’t get where your feelings are coming from because he’s probably never experienced them before. Forgive him for thinking that you want him to say that you look pretty in that dress when you actually want him to say his real opinion. Forgive him when he doesn’t give you space you need the way you need it. Forgive him when he doesn’t give you tough love because he doesn’t know that sometimes, loving someone means telling them what they don’t want to hear.

3 Never Forgive Him For Treating You Poorly

Never forgive a man for treating you like garbage. Don’t forgive him when he treats you like you mean nothing to him, or that you’re unworthy of his attention, affection and love. Don’t forgive a man who is physically violent with you because that’s not love, that’s abuse. Don’t forgive a man who makes time for you when it’s good for him, who only remembers you exist when he wants something from you. Don’t forgive a man who looks at you as an object instead of a magical human. Don’t forgive the man who wants you to treat yourself poorly as well because that’s not love, that’s control. Don’t forgive the man who looks down to you, who doesn’t respect you, your family and friends, or your goals in life.

2 Forgive Him For Letting You Go

Forgive the man who lets you go because he knows that you are not right for each-other. Forgive him because he knows that it’s not working, that you’re not on the same page. Forgive him because he knows that you deserve someone better than him, someone who loves you deeper and stronger, someone who is more committed than he is. Forgive him for letting you go because he’s not in a good place in life and you deserve someone who becomes better just for you. Forgive him because he knows that he will never be the man you need him and want him to be. Forgive him because he knows that you’re not going to be happy with him and that there’s someone out there who will make you happy for a life time.

1 Never Forgive Him For Abandoning You

Don’t forgive a man for running away from his responsibilities towards you. Don’t forgive him when he’s not a good brother to you like he should be. When he’s not the father who you have the right to have. The one who’s there for you when you’re a child, when you’re growing-up and when you don’t need him anymore. Don’t forgive him when he’s not being the man you deserve, when he runs away any time you need to talk about your feelings, when he’s not there when he’s the one you need to be there. Don’t forgive the man who isn’t brave enough to walk away so he decides to stay, the one who ends up becoming a ghost. The man who makes you feel so lonely although he’s sitting right in-front of you.

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