8 Things Circulating In The Divas Locker Room We Hope Are True (+ 9 We Don’t)

2018 was quite the year for the Divas division. Arguably, the females surpassed the males, especially in terms of storyline interest. The women were rewarded with a women’s only PPV: Women’s Revolution.

The good times would continue in 2019 where, for the first time in Wrestlemania’s 35 year history, the women were given the chance to main event the show. The PPV closed out with Ronda Rousey, Charlotte, and of course the winner, Becky Lynch.

With a lot of ups, come, of course, the downs. The division is in a bit of a stalemate at the moment with lots of departures, injuries, and low morale. Between talent sustaining injuries to a few stepping away from the ring, things are pretty uncertain for the division at the moment. In this article, we’ll discuss nine current rumblings backstage that we really hope aren’t true.

On the contrary, there is also a lot of good at the moment. Behind the scenes, some of the other gossip that is circulating might really help the division. We’ll touch base on things that are rumored, like future women’s events, along with a contract extension everyone hopes is true.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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17 Hope Is True - Becky Lynch To Stay On RAW

via WWE

The Superstar Shakeup did very little to help RAW’s women’s division. Instead, SmackDown Live stacked its division. Divas on the show include Asuka, Bayley, Ember Moon, Charlotte, Kairi Sane, Liv Morgan, Mickie James, Mandy Rose, and so many more.

RAW, on the other hand, really doesn’t have much talent to pull from, and making matters worse, both Banks and Jax are currently MIA. At the very least, Lynch staying on RAW could bolster the brand’s roster–we really hope this rumor is true and that Becky stays on RAW for good. Returning to SmackDown just wouldn’t be a good move for her.

16 We Don’t - Rousey Taking An Extended Break

via IG

Ronda’s future seems to be very unclear at the moment. However, what should be expected is for Ronda to take an extended leave. Some are hoping it’s all a work and that she’ll return soon, though Ronda recently added fuel to the fire, claiming she’s inclined to start a family. Here’s what she had to say via her YouTube channel;

"As for WWE plans in the future, we want to have a baby first," Rousey said. "I don't know what it's like to have a baby. I could be like, 'I don't care about anything else other than this baby.' And you'll never see me again ... Or, I could be like my mom, who trained while she was eight months pregnant and then won the US Open six weeks after giving birth, which was [crazy]."

15 Hope Is True - Liv Morgan To SmackDown Because Of Total Divas

via IG

The Riott Squad was finally torn apart during the Superstar Shakeup. Now, some assumed this was done in order to give the individual faction members their own solo runs–though, according to the recent rumors, there might be another reason for the split.

According to Cagesideseats, the split might have to do with the fact that Liv Morgan is set to join the cast of Total Divas. This is great for fans as we’ll get a deeper look into her personal life outside of the ring. It could also lead to a push for Morgan, one that is certainly merited given her development in the ring.

14 We Don’t - Lana Removed From Total Divas

via YouTube

“Kevin Dunn told me that E! Executives took a poll and that we are strongly disliked by the demographic, I just sat there. It was like my tryout for WWE all over again. I’ve gone through a lot of different range of emotions. I’ll cry, but when I get hurt, I get really angry. That’s how I deal with hurt, I get really angry. Like, who is this new E! Executive?”

Those were Lana’s unhappy words during the Lilian Garcia podcast. Now, no official announcement has been made, but it appears as though Lana might be pulled off the show. Lana was none too pleased, even pointing the finger at the edits made on the show that depicted her in a certain way.

13 Hope Is True - Lana Not Going Anywhere

via WWE

With all the tension rising from Lana’s potential Total Divas exit, some speculated that she might decide to leave the company altogether–exploring other options like the Bella twins outside of the company. While we don’t know where WWE stands on this matter, we do know that Lana intends on staying with the company for as long as possible. Here’s what she said on the 411 Podcast;

“I would like to wrestle as long as I can. There’s no greater rush, and I love the challenge and I love learning. I’m always learning. As a human, I just love to continue to grow and learn, and I feel like that’s what I’m always doing in wrestling and I love that.”

12 We Don’t – Nia Jax Out Long Term

via IG

We haven’t seen Nia Jax since WrestleMania. Finally, the reason for this was revealed and it is not a good one. Jax is expected to miss a hefty amount of time after undergoing double ACL surgery. According to Jax, she fought through the pain for over a year but ultimately caved and had reparative surgery.

Given the timeline of the recovery rate for this type of procedure, this isn’t the best news. RAW is going to need lots of stars to step up in Nia's absence, especially with the declining ratings in the recent weeks. We wish Jax a speedy recovery.

11 Hope Is True - Big Push For Dana Brooke

via IG

With the likes of Nia and Banks currently on the sidelines, along with several of RAW’s former Divas on SmackDown, the brand needs several females to step up and make a name for themselves.

According to Ring Side News, one of those Divas might be Dana Brooke. This would be a popular decision given her in-ring improvements in the recent months. It is also said that Dana has a great demeanor behind the scenes, something we're definitely rooting for. Lots of fans are hoping this rumor holds true–but we’ll see how things play out in the next couple of weeks.

10 We Don’t - Major Push For Lacey Evans

via WWE

Unfortunately, this rumor might be true, especially given the current wins and exposure piling up for Evans. No disrespect to Lacey, who seems to have lots of potential. However, as Jim Ross said, she’s just too green at the moment and needs more experience on the main roster before she climbs the ladder of the division.

For the time being, it would be a wise decision to push someone like Ruby Riott or even have Naomi turn heel and enter a program with Becky. Lots of better options exist than giving Evans a major push, at least in our (and most fans') opinion.

9 Hope Is True - Mae Young Classic Returning

via WWE

We’re not quite sure when, but according to Wrestle Talk, the Mae Young Classic should be returning for the third year in a row. This would be nothing but a positive given the success of the show the last two years. Kairi Sane, the first winner, went on to win the NXT Women’s Title and she’s now on the main roster. The second winner, Toni Storm, is also having a big run at the moment as the current NXT UK Women’s Champion.

Without a doubt, the tournament will launch another wrestler in the right direction while giving us another memorable tournament like in years past.

8 We Don’t - No All Women’s PPV In 2019

via WWE

With the 2019 PPV schedule coming out, it was quite bizarre to see no PPV scheduled for the same spot taken up by the Women’s Evolution event in 2018. This might mean that WWE doesn’t plan on re-upping the event.

That would be an unpopular decision given the success of the 2018 PPV. It is still possible that the slot will be filled with the event, however, at the moment, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Fans are hoping that the event wasn’t just a simple one-off and instead becomes a yearly tradition. It had to have been lucrative enough to justify repeating, right?

7 Hope Is True - Nikki Might Not Be Fully Done

via WWE

Soon after Nikki announced her retirement, TMZ also released a statement that Nikki wasn’t exactly done with the company. In fact, TMZ stated that Bella would be open to making a return, however, the timing for it must be right. Nikki then made another statement claiming that she was open to fighting a certain champion–again if the time was right.

This is great to hear for WWE fans. Lots of Divas come out of retirement; we recently saw that with Beth Phoenix who’s now a regular on the RAW roster. Fans are hoping the same goes down with Nikki Bella.

6 We Don’t - Tough Enough Returning

via WWE

Season Six was the last time we saw Tough Enough. This was back in 2015. Viewers quickly saw that the show was flawed as Sara Lee took home the top honors, earning a WWE contract. It was a controversial decision, to say the least, given that she was quite green in the ring. She would leave the company just months after while Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville got contracts despite coming up short in the official competition.

WWE recently filed a trademark for the show–which means something might be brewing behind the scenes. Lots of fans are hoping it isn’t to revive the series–we'd rather leave the memories in the past.

5 We Don’t - Bayley In The Dog House

via WWE

The night after WrestleMania, Bayley dealt with yet another loss to Alexa Bliss–this was an easy victory for Alexa, leading fans to believe that Bayley is in the dog house with the company. It is said that Bayley and Sasha were none too pleased following their championship defeat at WrestleMania–perhaps this got her in the company’s bad books.

She’s now on SmackDown Live, and fans are hoping she gets a fresh start with the brand. It’ll be interesting to see if she can get back to her winning ways or if she’ll continue to slide down the card into obscurity.

4 Hope Is True - Tag Titles To Be Defended On Both Shows

via WWE

We love the idea of the Women’s Tag Titles being defended on both shows. This gives us the chance to see new teams on both brands. We’re already starting to see that over on SmackDown with the inception of Paige’s new team featuring Asuka and Kairi Sane.

Defending the belts on both brands can give the titles the proper exposure they need at the moment. Keeping them on one brand just wouldn’t be the right decision as it would keep the other brand in the dark. We hope this concept stays, as there's no need to have separate championships on both brands.

3 We Don’t - Sasha On Her Way Out

via WWE

We really don’t know what the future holds for Sasha Banks. Following her WrestleMania defeat, things turned sour. According to Ring Side News, Sasha wasn’t aware of the plans for her storyline until the day of the show. She was none too pleased with what went down and hasn’t been seen since.

The situation seems to be at a stalemate. The company even broke up the Boss and Hug Connection with Bayley joining SmackDown Live while Sasha remains on RAW. We hope the two sides can resolve the conflict–Sasha leaving the company wouldn’t be the best decision for either side.

2 Hope Is True - Becky To Sign Huge Contract

via WWE

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Becky might be signing a huge new contract extension in the very near future. With the morale backstage at an all-time low, getting Becky onboard for the next couple of years is a big time move and at this point an absolute must, given her current popularity.

The contract might even change the wages made per year for those in the women’s division–something that is arguably long overdue, especially given the brand's growth in the past few years. Becky’s extension could be a big plus for not only her personally but for the fans and the other Divas in the division as well.

1 We Don’t - Low Locker Room Morale

via WWE

At the moment, it is said that the locker room morale is at an all-time low, and that also includes the women’s locker room. With the turmoil surrounding Sasha plus the various departures like Ronda Rousey taking a hiatus, things seem to be a little shaky at the moment behind the scenes.

Given how great 2018 was for the women’s division, we hope this trend continues. 2019 was off to a great start with the women main eventing WrestleMania for the first ever time. Let’s hope this low morale is just a minor post-WrestleMania slump and that things start to pick back up soon.

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