8 Signs That Will Never Hurt You And 7 Signs That Are Guaranteed To Break Your Heart

Relationships! Who’s not frustrated by them? Whether you’re on the lookout for love or you’re happily seeing one (or two) people, relationships get frustrating sometimes. There’s only so much that you can take when it comes to the twisty turns of love, and it’s hard to figure out when to say enough. Luckily (or unluckily) the stars are able to help! We’ve looked through the zodiac and have found horoscopes that perfectly outline if your heart is going to get broken. How? Easy! We’ve managed to pinpoint 8 signs that would never, ever hurt you, and 7 signs that are going to break your heart. You might think that’s a little dramatic, but trust us… These signs are the best at what they do. Whether they protect you or break your heart is another story… So, where does your person fall in all this? Are they going to help you or hinder you on this mad road of love? Read on and find out!


15 Gemini Needs You To Keep Talking

On the bright side, Gemini folk are great for water signs. These are the signs that can handle a person who changes on the daily. The adaptability makes them a perfect match, and a lot of the issues Geminis face in regular relationships won’t show up. Geminis are also easily talked to. They’re a sign that likes to talk, so you can absolutely take advantage of that and make your relationship work out. While Geminis will break your heart out of frustration, they’ll also make you fall in love with them with one simple turn of phrase. You’ll be able to hold on to them by talking to them, which is not only great for you, but also great for the care and keeping of your Gemini. Those Geminis don’t often find people patient enough to chat about their needs. Be one of the rare ones and really get to know all the different sides of them; they’ll never be able to let you go!

14 Pisces Will Love You No Matter What


A sign that will love us for us. Don’t worry if you’re an anxious wreck; we guarantee that your Pisces lover has dealt with worse, and is probably happy to console you. As a sign whose emotions run high all the time, Pisces people are well attuned to knowing what people need emotionally. It’s one of their biggest strengths, which also means they’re a very understanding sign… Especially in relationships. You won’t find someone who’s better at listening than a Pisces. One thing to be aware of? They like romance. Don’t get upset if they try to shower the bed with rose petals, or get glum because you won’t. Pisces folk definitely are the ones who’ll be getting their heart broken in the relationship if you’re not willing to play along. Just do it! Romance is fun, especially when you know the person will love you forever.

13 Aquarius Is Hopelessly Devoted To You

What a funny sign. If you’ve ever met any Aquarius people, you know that evil little glint they get in their eye when they’re up to mischief. It’s delightful. There’s nothing cuter than an Aquarius with an idea, which makes them very, very attractive when they’re in their element. The people who like Aquarians are usually creative themselves, and usually are willing to play along with anything and anyone. That’s why the Aquarius folk are some of the most attractive people. Not only are they quick and creative, but they’re smart and funny too. Wittiness usually comes along with those traits, but every so often you’ll find a quietly funny Aquarius. The one thing that stays the same? Their devotion. You won’t get short changed by Aquarius guys if you decide to fall in love with them. As long as you two are building your own little world together you’ll stay in love for a very long time.

12 Taurus Surprisingly Won't Break Your Heart


Are you surprised that this sign is on the lover list? Don’t be. When it comes to loyalty, you’d be hard pressed to find someone more committed than a Taurus. These signs are strong-willed, but not stubborn. They go along with what life gives them, working away without complaint to get the things they want. This means that they’ll be happy to work away at a relationship, if you’re also putting in the work. They appreciate people who recognize the importance of laying a strong foundation. Taurus is a sign that goes from the ground up. They work methodically and won’t make drastic changes if they can avoid it. Luckily, all this means is that you’re looking at a lifetime of love, if you want it! They might not be the most exciting, but hey… They’re certainly very stable.

11 Cancer Has To Be 100%

Cancer is a sign that will either love you forever or break up with you right away. Cancers are funny folk who like to be sure before committing to something 100%. If they do decide that they’ll love you forever, you’re in for a happy rest of your lives together. In relationships, this often means that you’ll be dating for a while before you get to that all-in phase. Once you’re there though, you’re there for good. As a sign that likes family and home life, don’t be surprised if this sign starts talking about marriage. They’re willing to commit 100% if you’re what they’re looking for. Hopefully, you feel the same… Or else they’ll be the ones ending up with heartbreak!

10 Virgo The Good And Smart


This intelligent sign will play calm, cool, and collected until you call them on it. Then you better get ready for some of the weirdest romance you’ve ever seen. Books with pages left open on the coffee table, intelligent articles linked to you with a PS of “thought you’d find this interesting”, and even weird text messages full of ideas and bad jokes sent to you throughout the day. It’s not that they’re dumb, they’re just really… REALLY awkward. Virgos are also loyal though, and don’t like to cause a scene. They’re happy to go along just being content, and don’t often try to push things further than that. Once you’ve got them, you’ve got them for good. And the best part about a virgo relationship? They’re communicators. You two will be able to talk about your problems instead of stewing in silence! That’s the best way to prevent a broken heart.

9 Libra Almost The Perfect Match

Libra is a sign of balance. When Libras are in balance, it’s no surprise to hear that they’re actually almost the perfect match. Many people consider them level-headed, calm, and fair. They’re not the most outspoken, but they have a quiet strength that they use to keep the balance of good and evil in their lives. That’s applied to their relationships too. Balanced Libras aren’t ones to argue, and are happy to have conversations with you instead of avoiding all the talk. They’re great supporters when they’re balanced, and perfect for people who need building up or cheering up. Plus, because balanced Libras don’t like to make waves, they’ll stick with you for as long as you’re both happy. That’s one of their priorities in life; making both themselves and their loved ones happy.


8 Scorpio Has A Lot Of Love To Give


Scorpios are a tricky sign, as they’re an inwardly expressive bunch. They don’t like to let people tell them what to do, but they won’t make a fuss about it either. They’ll grumble on the inside but do it with a smile. Some people say this makes Scorpios fake, but we know that that actually just means they’re well controlled. They process their emotions a little differently, and it’s an admirable trait. They’re quite the lovebirds though, and will often reserve some expressiveness to show off their love of their significant other. They often get what they want, as their direct personalities don’t like to beat around the bush. This means that if you start messing around with a Scorpio person, you’ll quickly know if they want to continue. We recommend you dive right in. And don’t be afraid to ask where it is going. They might need a push to get there, but you will find them blossoming with a beautiful bloom of love.

7 Libra Can Get Unbalanced

Okay, so balanced Libras are all good. But what about the Libras that are out of balance? What about when Libras are stressed, or mercury is in retrograde, or a huge life event causes your Libra lover to lose their sh*t? Well, it’s not pretty. Libras are great at dealing with other people, but not so great at dealing with themselves. They don’t tend to listen to their own needs, and they’re more willing to wait and let their own emotions explode than deal with them as they come up. As a significant other that can be hard to watch, especially when they were your support system in everyday life. This usually means that the relationship will fall apart, as Libras lose trust easily. In case you hadn’t guessed, it means that just as many Libra relationships that succeed also fail. If you two can make it work though, it’s so worth it. Having balance in your life is good.

6 Cancer Is Also A Heartbreaker


We will warn you though that this sign can also be a heartbreaker. If you’re one of the more emotional signs, it might not work out. Emotional can also sometimes be taken as unstable, which isn’t necessarily true. However, that’s the way Cancers see it. They’re a little stressed about the idea of forever. While they might enjoy your emotional transparency for a while, likely they won’t think of it as a forever. Cancers don’t like to have too much instability in their lives, and when they’re looking for long term … Well, it might end in some heartbreak. And that’s okay. Even if you liked them we’re willing to bet that there’s way better people out there for you. People who like your intensity, and don’t get startled or closed off because of it. It’s really not the end of the world… Just the end of this relationship.

5 Aries Goes Straight For The Heart

Ouch. When this guy rams into your heart, you’ll definitely feel it. Aries folk are totally in it for themselves. They’re not selfish, but they certainly are self-centred. There is a difference, and that difference is the fact that they only like to do things in their best interest; but they’ll never say no to the opportunity to help someone. It just means that that help often comes in the form of what they think you need. If it serves the purpose of telling them they’re right, or that they know best, you can bet that they’ll do anything, including breaking up with you. They really don’t distinguish in that regard. Romantic involvement is no higher on the priority list than chores for an Aries, which sucks if you’re on the receiving end. Hey… It’s okay. Maybe this is for the best, you know?

4 Sagittarius Likes To Love, But Don't Like To Commit


We all love the free spirited folks in our lives, but what happens if you really… REALLY love them? If you decide that you just so happen to be in love with them, and thus want to be in a relationship with them? Well, the likely answer is “heartbreak”. Unfortunately our Sagittarians in the world are not the ones who are looking to settle down. Sagittarius signs like freedom from obligation, possessions, and people. They like to be social, but they don’t stay until the end of the party. They like to love, but don’t like to commit. And that’s okay! If you know that going into a relationship with a Sagittarius, your heart will be saved. You’ll be able to protect yourself from ending up in tears and terror, while still holding love for them in your heart. Knowledge is power, after all.

3 Capricorn Has His Mind Made Up

Would you expect anything else from this abrasive sign? It’s not that we don’t like the stubborn guys, but we certainly can’t guarantee that they’ll stay with you. While they might be stern and committed to their ideas, that just means that there’s no going back if they break up with you. You can ask for a second chance all you want, but it’s in the end not going to work out. Capricorns are a sign that can be very closed off, and very easily disgruntled. If you happen to be a sign that likes to be out loud and proud with your emotions, or a sign that argues or explodes once in awhile, you’re definitely not going to end well. And if you yourself are a stubborn sign, good luck! Two negatives do not a positive make.

2 Leo Knows It's Not Your Fault


Oooh, the lion. Vicious, vigorous, and so ready for love. This heartbreak isn’t going to come from anything they’ve done directly, but it is going to hurt you just as much as if they’d slid a hot fireplace poker between your ribs. Leos are notorious for needing attention and affection just as much as they need food, water, and air. They like to be the centre of attention, and they don’t like when relationships turn complacent. This means that Leos tend to have a few different avenues of affection happening at once. At any point in their lives they’re able to get as much love as they want. This often ends in heartbreak for a sign that doesn’t understand that Leos are just prowling for fun. The jealousy is often too much for the more romantic signs, and Leos are way too proud to change their ways. It’s okay. You’ll find someone devoted to you eventually; would you really want to be with someone who’s so devoted to themselves?

1 Gemini Has Two Minds

Was this one a surprise? Being of two minds, Geminis can go two different ways; that’s why this is one of the few signs included twice on the list. Gemini folk are a little bit magic. They’re smart, witty, and can talk until the cows come home. However, they’re also a little slow to pick up on things, won’t always listen to jokes that are being told, and need silence to process much of the time. What’s a significant other to do? You likely are both feeling a little frustrated with each other. Geminis oftentimes will be frustrated that their partners can’t tell what they need. And those partners are frustrated because Geminis tend to change their needs day by day, situation to situation. Inevitably they’re going to end it; but don’t worry. Even if your heart is broken, give it a week or two. They’ll come ask you out again. Just wait for their mind to change. Finally, a benefit to being an indecisive sign!


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