8 Signs Kylie's Baby Belongs To Tyga And 8 Signs She Belongs To Travis Scott

For months, fans have been speculating about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Some people thought she was going to be sister Kim’s surrogate. Others thought she was going to put the baby up for adoption. There were very few people who believed she was not pregnant. The fascinating element to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner child’s pregnancy was that it was so secretive. While there was media speculation, none of the siblings confirmed this pregnancy, nor did Jenner’s friends. Jenner stayed hidden from the paparazzi and stayed off social media, something that seemed impossible for this famous family.

On February 1, Kylie Jenner had her baby girl. She confirmed this with an Instagram post. Baby Stormi’s name was announced a few days later via Instagram, with her tiny hand holding on to her mommy’s finger. While Jenner has had all different forms of social media posted about her baby girl, she has not directly confirmed the father of the child. There is a possibility that it could be ex-boyfriend Tyga’s. Many people believe that the baby belongs to Jenner’s current boyfriend, Travis Scott. There is evidence to prove that either man could be the father of the newest Kardashian-Jenner grandchild. Which man do you think is the father?

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16 Tyga Claimed The Baby

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Rumors started circulating that Kylie Jenner was pregnant around September 2017. As media sources started featuring it on their websites, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga, picked up on all of these rumors. The sources stated that she was pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby.

When Tyga saw this on Twitter and Snapchat, he took a screenshot and reposted it to his own social media accounts. He amended the post to say that the baby was in fact his, not Scott’s.

This is what started the speculation that Kylie’s baby may not belong to her current beau. Not many people would want to claim a child that is not theirs. A child is a lot of responsibility and can be a big expense. Tyga was trying to step up and wanted to be present in her life.

15 Tyga Prepared Her For Motherhood With His Son

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Tyga was already a father before Kylie became pregnant. He has a son named King Cairo with Blac Chyna. Tyga often had King Cairo with him while he was dating Kylie Jenner. Kylie became a pseudo-stepmother to this young child. Around this time, Kylie started being open about wanting to be a young mother.

Being around King Cairo so often prepared her for what motherhood could be like and gave her a taste of baby fever. She got to experience the responsibility that a mother must have and the fun that a family can have together. It would not be surprising if Tyga and Kylie started trying for a baby because of Kylie’s sudden readiness to have a baby. Seeing Tyga act as a father would also help her feel reassured.

14 Tyga Planned To Drive Kylie To The Hospital When She Went Into Labor

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As Kylie’s pregnancy came to an end, it appeared that she was left all alone. It is reported that Travis Scott had been by her side, but then vanished from her life. There may have been some doubts about him being the father. Tyga volunteered to step up and keep Kylie company during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

He even wanted to be the person to take her to the hospital and accompany her in the delivery room. He wanted to be there for the mother of his child and his baby. He even wanted to make amends with her for the way he had handled addressing her pregnancy rumors, stating that it did not really happen. Tyga seemed to be embracing his paternal role in this mysterious situation to make sure Kylie and the baby were comfortable.

13 Kylie and Tyga’s Break-Up Happened Around The Conception Date

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Determining who the baby’s father is could come down to a mathematical calculation. According to Kylie on her television show Life Of Kylie, the couple split up in April. This would mean that, if they stopped their intimate relationship around that time, it is possible that Tyga could still be the father of this child.

Pregnancies generally run for 40 weeks. April was about 40 weeks from February 1, which is when Kylie gave birth to baby Stormi. Interestingly enough, in the same episode that Kylie discussed her break-up with Tyga, she also stated that they would always have a very special bond. Could this be because of the baby she was expecting with him? Either way, if Kylie carried Stormi to term, it looks like the baby could be Tyga’s!

12 Tyga Will Not Back Down

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Tyga is completely sold on the fact that he is baby Stormi’s father. All throughout Kylie’s pregnancy, it was rumored that Tyga was almost foaming at the mouth because he wanted to know if he was the father for certain. Tyga was waiting for the baby to be born for a few reasons. He wanted to see if the baby resembled him in any way.

That would be a major telling factor in if the baby was in fact his. He also has been pushing to demand a paternity test as soon as the baby was born. He is sold on the fact that he is father of this new baby based on the last time him and Kylie were intimate. If he is the father, he intends on being with Kylie.

11 Tyga’s Ex Says It Is His

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Kylie has been at the center of some family drama for a bit now. When her brother, Rob, started dating Blac Chyna, things hit the fan. Blac Chyna is the ex-girlfriend of Tyga and is also the mother of Tyga’s first child. Things went south with Rob and Chyna, which made the drama escalate between everyone else. Ever since Tyga and Kylie split and the rumors of Kylie’s pregnancy started floating around, Tyga has confided in Blac Chyna.

With both of them being outcast, they found that their best way to beat the Kardashian-Jenner family is to team up. Chyna has been pushing Tyga to get a paternity test and make sure that he gets the rights he is entitled to as the potential father of Jenner’s baby.

10 The Kardashians Did Not Want Tyga And Kylie Together

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The Kardashian-Jenner family were known for their dislike for Tyga. To them, the relationship between the youngest member of the family and Tyga was toxic at best. The family was very concerned that the baby belonged to Tyga. Kylie always became more vocal about wanting children and being ready for a baby when Tyga’s son would be around or when they were not fighting.

The Kardashian-Jenner family feared a Tyga baby. The family would be supportive of a pregnancy, so long as it was not with Tyga. This would give Kylie motive to claim the baby was not Tyga’s. She wanted her family’s support. This could be why they pushed Tyga out and kept him in the dark–so he would not be able to be a part of the child’s life or Kylie’s life.

9 Kylie Stayed In Touch With Tyga Throughout The Pregnancy

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Despite dating Travis Scott through her pregnancy, it does not seem as though Kylie was fully committed to him. Kylie and Tyga dated, on and off, for about three years. They dated while she was still a minor and into adulthood, almost 15% of her life. Cutting off all communication for them would be next to impossible.

Kylie allegedly stayed in touch with Tyga through her pregnancy without Travis Scott knowing. She texted him frequently and would call him when Travis was not around. It is possible that she could not rule him out as father of her child, so she wanted to keep things pleasant in case. She also missed him and his son and wished that she still had them in her life and wanted to make sure that there was not much bad blood between them.

8 Travis Scott Helped Make A Beautiful Video For The Baby

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When Kylie announced that she had her baby on February 1, social media became obsessed with finding out more. Kylie then tweeted out a link to a video entitled “To Our Daughter.” This video featured messages from friends and family members of Kylie Jenner. All through the video, there are scenes featuring Travis Scott.

Whether he is holding Kylie’s hand or kissing her after a show, his presence is notable throughout the video. While it is never blatantly said that he is the father, it was implied by showing the romance between him and Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott is also seen accompanying Kylie to doctor’s appointments throughout the video, especially to ultrasounds. These instances are usually saved for the mother and father, making it indicative of Scott being the father.

7 Travis Was In The Hospital When Jenner Gave Birth

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The video that Kylie and her family shared after baby Stormi was born showed all of the support that Kylie received through her pregnancy. She allowed viewers to get in on some of the intimate moments and details surrounding her pregnancy. As Jenner is preparing to give birth, the camera focuses on Travis Scott, who was sitting bedside next to Kylie. The camera occasionally pans to him during Kylie’s labor and delivery as well.

When giving birth, there are generally only a couple of people allowed in the room. For many women, one of the people they allow in the room is the father of the baby. This could heavily imply that Travis Scott is Stormi’s father. Travis seemed to give off a supportive vibe, wanting to be helpful, instead of being there due to obligations.

6 Travis Posted To Twitter When The Pregnancy Was Announced

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Kylie Jenner did not announce her pregnancy at all. She announced the birth of her baby girl on February 4, 2018, three days after the birth of the newest edition. After Kylie tweeted out her announcement and the video to give fans an inside look at her pregnancy, many of her friends and family members took to Twitter.

One of these people was Travis Scott. He kept his tweet simple, but the excitement was evident. He tweeted: “2.1.18. 4 ever. New rager in town. !!!” This tweet includes the date of birth for baby Stormi and refers to a “new” rager in the world. While it does not explicitly state that he is a father, the enthusiasm and love “forever” that he is referring to makes it seem as though he is a new father.

5 Travis Scott May Have Confirmed Pregnancy When They Found Out

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Kylie Jenner stayed noticeably quiet during her pregnancy. This was uncharacteristic of her, which is what made fans and theorists particularly suspicious. Travis Scott may have confirmed Kylie’s pregnancy at the beginning without many people noticing. In June of 2017, Scott tweeted: “Legit happiest day of my life.”

This would have been around the time that Kylie could have noticed she was pregnant or was around the time when they felt comfortable beginning to tell friends and family about the baby-to-be. It had been reported that the couple was enthusiastic about telling their friends. Travis Scott may not have known about the level of secrecy that Kylie had intended to keep during her pregnancy. However, this text was cryptic and it only makes sense while looking back on it.

4 They Started Dating Within The Correct Time Frame

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up in April 2017. Two weeks into April, Kylie started seeing Travis Scott. They started hanging out during a music festival and the rumors started that they got intimate quickly. They were then spotted out several times during April, with Kylie even traveling across the country with him during that time. April would be around the time that baby Stormi would have been conceived, which would mean that Travis is more likely to be her father.

Kylie and Travis Scott escalated their relationship quickly and got down to business frequently, as many have stated they had a very physical connection. There was an instant connection between the two, hence them having a baby less than a year after they started dating.

3 Kylie Told Her Friends It Was Travis’s A While Ago

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As soon as Kylie found out that she was pregnant and that the baby was healthy, she was anxious to tell all of her friends about it. Kylie waited until the end of her first trimester to tell her friends about the baby, just to be sure that she was ultimately out of the woods. When she finally did start telling friends, she was sure to tell them that the baby was Travis Scott’s as well.

This is a crucial detail to tell her friends, as many likely were worried that it could have been Tyga’s due to the timeline. Kylie and Travis were certain it was his and told both sets of their friends as soon as they could. They were both super excited to share the details of the mini-Kylie who would be born in 2018.

2 Caitlyn Voiced Her Concerns About Travis And The Baby

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Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, is still referred to as “dad” by Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Breaking the news about being pregnant to her dad was something that was likely anxiety-inducing, but Kylie has always wanted to be a mom. Caitlyn was allegedly slightly upset that Kylie had gotten pregnant so young, even though that is what Kylie has said she had wanted all along.

Caitlyn was also said to be upset that the baby belonged to Travis Scott, as she was uncertain of his intentions with Kylie and just about him as a human. Kylie and Caitlyn are generally very honest with each other. For Kylie to tell Caitlyn that Travis is the father means that she is certain that he is the father of her baby.

1 Scott Was Spotted Leaving Kylie’s House After The Birth

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Kylie Jenner announced the birth of Stormi on February 4. The following day, paparazzi were swarming around where they thought Jenner would be. There were several paparazzi at Jenner’s house, where she had returned to post-birth.

That day, Travis Scott was photographed leaving the Calabasas home. He had to run out to do errands and returned back to Kylie’s house to spend time with her and the baby. It has been said that he has been staying at Kylie’s house since they left the hospital with Stormi.

He is assuming his fatherly duties by catering to his baby and Kylie, while also trying to maintain their privacy. He gave cameras a disgusted look as he left the house, likely upset that they were trying to intrude on their first few days of parenting.

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