8 Reasons We Would Totally Date Ross From Friends (& 12 That Would Make Us Swipe Left)

"We were on a break!" If that phrase doesn't define sitcom TV, we don't know what does. Friends officially stopped airing in 2004, but this show will never age. People who actually know what it means to "swipe left" are still watching. Whether it's Netflix airing, old daytime reruns, or hilarious YouTube conversations, Friends is still in our lives.

Ross and Rachel are now two names that come as a pair. They're also the pair of "lobsters" that Phoebe Buffay so affectionately described them as. Ross was in love with Rachel back in high school, although it isn't until she flops into that coffee house in her soaking wet wedding dress that he's actually reminded of it.

Rachel might have been "over" Ross during one of their many "off" moments, but this show managed to stretch their romance out over 10 seasons. The result? The world's biggest #GirlDebate we've ever seen.

Ross is clingy. Ross is possessive. Ross can't seem to comprehend the concept of marriage. All valid points. Then again, when Rachel thinks back to all the guys she's dated, they all pale in comparison to Ross; "Just so you know with us, it's never off the table." Wow.

Since this guy can make pros and cons lists, we can too. Here are 8 reasons we would totally date Ross from Friends (plus 12 that have us swiping left).

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20 Not Quite There When It Comes To Maturity

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Ross is pretty good on paper. The guy has a P.h.D, a prestigious lecturing position, a nice apartment, and.... er, not much in the way of real maturity to back it up. These two fought like nobody's business.

Rachel wasn't exactly easy to deal with, but that applies to all relationships.

Although Ross did suggest the "break" be formed as getting frozen yogurt (wow, that would've gone differently), Ross wasn't always the best when it came to ending an argument in a grown-up way. The double fist pump that became a trademark gesture on the show was funny, but we wouldn't like it from our boyfriend.

19 Then Again, He Would 100% Live In A Box For Us

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Friends had a pretty good way of teaching us about life through furniture. Remember Joey's lesson? If you're going to sell the TV cabinet, don't get in it. The One With Chandler In A Box saw life's hardest lessons dished out via... yes, the toughest punishments.

"The meaning of the box is threefold. One, it gives the time to think about what I did. Two, it proves how much I care about my friendship with Joey. And three... it hurts!" Joey did it, and Ross would too.

Ross was also willing to drink fat out of a glass to prove to Rachel how much he loved her. #KeeperMaterial

18 18 Pages (Front And Back) And This Is His Reaction?

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Some girls wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others pour their hearts into letters. When Ross and Rachel are attempting to get over "the break," Rachel pens him a letter. To be fair, it is 18 pages "FRONT AND BACK!" but Ross has a simple job.

Read the letter, agree to the terms, and everything can be rosy again.

Ross' expression here says it all. He doesn't take Rachel seriously– he even criticizes her spelling. "Y-o-u-r-e means you are. Y-o-u-r means your!" Wow. Dude. Not cool. Of course, it all turns a million times more complicated, because the whole point of a letter is to read the whole thing...

17 Him "Falling Asleeeeep" Was Just As Insulting

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Yeah. That episode. Rachel's letter might have come with a slight sense of entitlement, but she put a lot of time into it. She also used up a fair amount of ink.

Rachel: "You fell asleeeep?" Ross: "It was 5.30 in the morning. And you had rambled on for 18 pages. FRONT AND BACK!"

Ross does start the letter. Despite the coffee though, he falls asleep midway. Okay. That can happen. The mature thing to do would have been to admit that he never finished it in the first place. Saying that he "still has her letter" in case he can't sleep in the future? Equally rude.

16 You Can't Say Ross Doesn't Have A Sense Of Humor

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We never found out whose idea it was for these two to get hitched in Vegas. Chandler and Monica are just as surprised as we are to see them stumble out of the Vegas chapel. "Well helloooo Mrs. Ross! Well hellooooo Mr. Rachel!" is the only context we're given, although we do later learn that Ross has written all over Rachel's face in permanent marker.

Rachel definitely digs Ross' ability to have fun.

His heart is ultimately what Rach is after, but nobody wants to date the boring guy. Anyone wanting that can remember how "fun Bobby" turned after he was a lot less.... fun.

15 FYI, When You Don't Annul A Wedding, You Tell The Girl

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This is a side to Ross that nobody finds attractive. Following the inebriated Vegas wedding, Rachel decides that she doesn't want to stay married to Ross. She politely asks him to handle the annulment, and Ross promises that he will.

Ross: "Wanna hear something weird?" Phoebe: "Always." Ross: "I didn't get the annulment." Ross even kind of giggles here.

Ross is battling his own fears. He's looking at his third divorce at the age of 30, and he just isn't interested in whether or not his actions are moral. He straight-up lies about getting the annulment and Rachel isn't pleased.

14 If She Shops A Lot, Stop Judging Her For It

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For a guy who definitely has his niche hobbies, Ross sure does know how to judge others. They say opposites attract. Rachel loves fashion. Ross loves dinosaurs.

The binding factor here is supposed to be that they love each other.

Rachel: "Yeah, but those really go better with pants. Maybe I should wear pants," Rachel says in The One Where No-One's Ready. Ross shoots her right down: "Yeah, pants. What an idea. Or better yet. Um, how about you go without any pants. No, no, I don't care if they match. I don't care if they make your ankles or your knees or your earlobes look fat." Yeah, we don't appreciate talk like that.

13 If She's Experiencing Braxton-Hicks Contractions, Don't Laugh

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The news that Rachel is expecting Ross' baby might have prompted him to scream: "Well, they should write it on the box!" but sometimes, your opinions are best kept to yourself. Ross arrives at the hospital, where Rachel is clearly in pain. Ross finds out that it's Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Ross: "Most women don't even feel them." Rachel: "No uterus, no opinion." #OwnedIt

"Mild discomfort" is how the doctor had described Braxton-Hicks. Ross standing there laughing it off and saying that "most women don't even feel them?" Not exactly supportive. "I got a half a mind to contract that doctor's uterus," Rachel says. "Mild discomfort. What's he talking about?"

12 "See That Tiny Thing That Looks Like A Peanut? Sweetie, That's It"

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This is beyond hilarious (and beyond adorable). Rachel is having her pregnancy ultrasound, but she can't for the life of her make out the baby.

Pretending to see the fetus, Rachel says: "I see it." That quickly becomes: "I don't see it!"

Freaking out that she's going to be a terrible mother because she can't even see her own baby, Rachel gets all the support she needs.

Ross holds her hand, tries one more time (and totally twigs when she's lying), before saying: "Ok. You see this... this tiny thing that looks like a peanut? Sweetie, that's it." Such a beautiful moment, before Ross says: "Yeah, that's our baby."

11 It's A "Yes" On The Costume Creativity

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Halloween 2018 may have gotten us Googling Kardashian costumes, but Friends blew today's celebs out the water with theirs. In The One With The Halloween Party, Ross gets extra creative with his "Spudnik" costume. "You know that Russian satellite, Sputnik?" he says. "Well, I'm a potato which is a spud and I have my antennae."

To be fair, everyone kind of glares Ross down for being an ultra-nerd, but it made for the most hilarious TV ever. Come to think of it, the science geek getting the cute girl is something that we see over on The Big Bang Theory. Ross wins hands-down, here.

10 It's A "Yes" On Eating The Trifle That "Tasted Like Feet"

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Rachel is the worst chef ever. We see that for ourselves with her attempt to make a traditional English trifle.

In what is quite possibly the funniest cookery failure in TV history, we get an enthusiastic Rachel narrating her recipe.

"It's got all of these layers. First, there's a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer of jam, then custard– which I made from scratch. Then beef sautéed with peas and onions," Rachel announced as she presents her trifle.

While Ross is planning to hit up a downtown party with Joey (and needs an excuse to get out of the dinner), he does eat the result, despite saying: "It tastes like feet!"

9 "I Do Not Want To Have Everything Decided For Me"

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And so begins another of Ross and Rachel's many arguments. We're in the early seasons, here. Ross and Rachel have only been dating 6 weeks, but Ross is coming on strong.

"I worry about whose apartment we're going to sleep at or where we're going to get dinner," Rachel says. Ross, apparently, is already picking out baby names. "I don't want to have everything decided for me," Rachel tells Ross. "I spent my whole life like that. I like not knowing right now." Ross replies that it's fine, before adding: "We're not done." This is a guy who wants everything planned out years in advance, and it is way too much.

8 "I Take Thee Rachel" Was Beyond Amazing

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It isn't great TV without a drama of a wedding. With his first divorce from Carol out of the way, Ross embarks on his second marriage with the very British (and very controlling Emily).

Rachel kind of crashes their London wedding by showing up, but she didn't plan what happened next.

"I Ross, take thee Rachel." Saying this at his wedding to E-M-I-L-Y wasn't best received by Ross' bride, but Rachel knew what it meant. Rachel's face here says it all. Yes, she's super uncomfortable, but in a way, it's also the best thing she has ever heard. Rachel was planning on telling Ross that she still loved him. Clearly, it was mutual.

7 Don't Get Us Started On The Jealousy

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When girls get together and debate the pros and cons of Ross as a boyfriend, one topic comes up more than anything. Ross might have loved Rachel to the moon and back, but this guy didn't half know how to be jealous. Prior to her job at Ralph Lauren, Rachel is working at the Bloomingdale's office. Her co-worker is Mark (and Ross isn't happy about it).

First, there are the casual drop-ins. Then there is that huge teddy bear Ross sends, complete with flowers and photos of himself. "I love you " is written all over the gifts, and Ross even sends that band over to make it clear. Way too clear.

6 Then Again, His Look Here Just Made Us Melt

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Like all guys, Ross sometimes had difficulty saying what is on his mind. Or rather, he has zero ability to say his feelings at the right moment. "I take thee Rachel" while standing at the altar with Emily probably best showed that, but we aren't looking at words here.

Ross had a tenderness to his affection for Rachel that took an entire generation of girls and made them #Swoon.

Sometimes, it was awkward (like the time he wanted to kiss her on the balcony and Rachel was busy looking at a cat). Mostly though, it's the tiny signs that 100% showed us how a boyfriend should show his love.

5 Ross: Co-Founder Of The Anti-Rachel Club

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This was just unforgivable. The only way that Ross remotely gets off the hook here is that you can't erase the past. When Brad Pitt joins the cast for a series of guest appearances, we meet Will "from high school." The episode reveals that Will and Ross had co-founded the "I hate Rachel Green club" in high school.

Rachel: "My God! So what, you all just joined together to hate me? Who else was in this club?" Ross wasn't just a member, he was a co-founder. These two guys spread some pretty terrible rumors about Rachel. Some even reached Chandler's high school. Not cool.

4 Ross: Comes With That Creepy Lookalike, Russ

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To be fair, this was Rachel's doing, but it's way too close for comfort. During one of their many "off" periods, Rachel starts dating Russ.

He looks like Ross, he sounds like Ross, he speaks exactly like Ross, and well, just look at him.

The irony here is that everybody except Ross and Rachel is creeped out by Russ' similarity. It takes an argument between the two guys for Rachel to finally see the resemblance, but we think we'll pass. Ross didn't call the shots on this one, but he had plenty of other opportunities to do so. Ross? Maybe. Ross with Russ? No way.

3 Literally Everything About This Scene

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The scene building up to Ross and Rachel's coffee house kiss remains one of the most romantic TV scenes of all time. We've got the pouring rain. We've got the dim lighting. Ultimately though, we've got a girl and a guy who are desperately in love and it just hasn't been working out.

"I was doing great before I found out about you and Julie," Rachel says. Ross replies that he "never had a good time" to tell her that he loved her. Things also always got in the way–like "Italian guys, or ex-fiancés, or.... Italian guys." They part ways, but Ross returns. That kiss basically made 90s TV.

2 That Pregnancy Reaction Was A Giant Red Flag

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David Schwimmer wasn't picked to play Ross for nothing. With his unique facial expressions and the ability to hold them forever, this actor was perfect.

When Rachel finally announces that she's having Ross' baby, we get the longest and most uncomfortable silence on TV, ever.

"I'm pregnant. And you're the father." Ross definitely needed to "take all the time he needed." Looking at the situation, Rachel was vulnerable. She was pregnant and emotional. What she needed was some sense of support. At the very least, a response. What does Ross do? He just holds this look forever. Man up already, Ross.

1 He Was Her "Lobster" (And That's That)

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Sometimes, you just need a third person to put it into perspective. Ross and Rachel had 10 whole years of love, hate, arguments, getting together, breaking up, and more. We saw them together, and we saw them apart. It was when Phoebe saw them together though, that it all fell into place.

Phoebe: "See? She's your lobster." That basically said it all. Now if only we had known that from the beginning of the series! Of course, Ross and Rachel first kissed over 20 years ago. And thanks to the ongoing fandom, they're as much alive today as they were then.

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