8 Reasons Khloe Is The Best Aunt Ever And 7 Reasons Kylie Is The Worst

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have a lot in common. They're both massive celebs who found stardom on reality TV, they're social media mavens, and oh yeah, they both come from the same famous family. Although they are definitely super similar, Khloe and Kylie each have a vastly different approach when it comes to being an aunt. The sisters are both aunts to the offspring of Kourtney, Kim, and Rob. Together, the girls share six nieces and nephews and that number will only get bigger with time. While Khloe appears to be super hands-on when it comes to interacting with her siblings' kids, Kylie definitely takes a backseat when it comes to her duties as an aunt. It's obvious that Khloe is a natural when it comes to taking care of young children, while Kylie could use some improvement in that department. Here are 8 reasons why Khloe is the best aunt ever and 7 reasons why Kylie is the worst.

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15 Khloe Dresses Up For Theme Parties


Khloe absolutely loves being an aunt and she also loves to dress the part. She will stop at nothing to make her nieces and nephews happy, even if it’s at her own expense. Khloe has been pictured playing dress-up with the kids on multiple occasions, but perhaps the most notable time was for Penelope and North’s joint mermaid-themed bash. The girls are infatuated with all things mermaid and their party was a total spectacle. Both Penelope and North were dressed as mermaids and they had “real” mermaids in full costume hanging out by the pool. Of course, Khloe wasn’t about to get shown up by those other mermaids, so she took matters into her own hands. During the festivities, Khloe donned a long pink wig to get into the enchanted under the sea motif of the party. Penelope, North, and even Mason loved that their Aunt KoKo went all-out for the big day and there were plenty of pictures to prove it. When it comes to being the best aunt ever, Khloe is the MVP by a longshot.

14 Kylie Is Too Superficial

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Kylie Jenner has so much going on in her life, we’re tired just thinking about it. The reality star is working on multiple projects at all times, jet setting all over the world, and running a highly successful makeup line. On top of that, she still manages to find time to take an unmentionable amount of selfies that dominate our Twitter feeds, Snapchats, and Instagram stories. There’s no disputing that Kylie is super into herself because after all, her entire brand was built upon her image. Kylie doesn’t really have time to compete with Khloe for the title of “Best Aunt Ever” because she cares more about being hot and famous. Everyone knows that Kylie’s ultimate goal is to be a bigger celebrity than all of her siblings combined and we don’t think that much else matters. Khloe has always been the more compassionate and caring sister whose life revolves around family. Kylie just isn’t quite there yet.

13 Khloe Is A Proud Godmother

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Although she doesn’t have kids yet, Khloe has a ton to be grateful for. On top of being an aunt to her six nieces and nephews, Khloe is the proud godmother to both Kourtney’s son Mason Disick and Kim’s daughter North West. Kourtney was first to bestow the honor to her younger sister when Mason was born in 2009. Her decision to dub Khloe as her son's godmother caused some backlash from Kim, but Kourtney was supremely confident in her choice. Khloe became a godmother for a second time when big sis Kim gave birth to her first child in 2013. There's no denying that Khloe was the perfect person to fill the role, as she loves spending time with her young niece and dotes on her every chance she gets. By Kourtney and Kim naming Khloe as the godmother of both of their first-born children, it's super obvious that they trust her with their precious little ones. The girls could have given any of their other sisters or friends the coveted title but Khloe has proven that she plays a pivotal role in the kid's lives. What more could you really ask for in an awesome aunt?

12 Khloe Is The Fun Aunt


Let’s be real, we all know that Khloe is definitely the “fun one” in comparison to all of the other Kardashian/Jenner ladies. Khloe spends as much time as she possibly can with her nieces and nephews, and she’s often spotted on outings with the kids whether it’s helping take North and Penelope to dance class, going out to dinner with Kourt and Mason, or driving a car full of screaming children on a road trip with Kim, Khloe is always there when it counts. The family-oriented star loves to play with the kiddos and allows them to do things their parents normally wouldn’t let them do. Remember last Christmas when Khloe posted a Snapchat of North doing her makeup while they wore matching onesies? It’s super safe to assume that KoKo is hands-down the favorite aunt, and why wouldn’t she be? The girl knows how to have fun while being able to relate to kids on their own level. She’s not afraid to get messy and she’s not worried about anything else other than having a great time. Don’t we all wish we had an aunt like that!?

11 Kylie Is More Interested In Boys Than Babies


Kylie has dedicated a lot of time and attention to her love interests over the years, usually spending more time with them than her own family. Jenner was in a serious relationship with Tyga for what seemed like forever, and as soon as they broke up she found herself in the arms of another rapper, Travis Scott. It’s clear to see that Kylie doesn’t like to stay single for long, and perhaps she’s more interested in boys than her siblings' brood of babies. We can’t deny that Kylie is extremely dedicated to being there for her man, so why can’t she do the same for the little people who call her Auntie? Kylie is still figuring out life one day at a time, and her priorities might not always be in order. Khloe has definitely learned that men will come and go but family is forever. She makes sure that she is super involved with Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint, and baby Dream, while Kylie pushes her Auntie duties aside in favor of having more time with her BF. Sorry Kylie, but in this case, you’re totally the worst.

10 Khloe Is The Go-To Babysitter


Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows how much Khloe loves being an aunt. The kids are equally as obsessed with her, making her the top choice when they’re in need of a last-minute sitter. Last year during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host got Khloe to face-time Kourtney to ask the question, “Who is the best babysitter?” Without missing a beat, Kourt confirmed that Khloe was her first choice. Most recently, Khloe was responsible for taking care of all three of Kourtney’s kiddos when she jetted off on a Mexican vacay with Kim. While Kourt and Kim were getting rowdy on the beach and partying hard on lavish yachts, Khloe was laying low with Mason, Penelope, and Reign at home in Calabassas. The star took her fair share of Snapchats with the tots showing that everyone was having the time of their lives. What can we say? It’s really easy to see why Khloe really is the best aunt ever.

9 Kylie Is Still A Kid Herself


Let’s be honest, we can’t expect Kylie to be as into the idea of children as her older sisters are because she’s way too young to be worried about that sort of thing. In a lot of ways, Kylie is still a kid herself! Although she looks much older than she really is, Kylie is still only a nineteen-year-old girl who enjoys the same things that other teenagers do. Of course, she loves being an aunt to her many nieces and nephews, but we can’t blame her if it’s not her top priority just yet. Khloe is well into her 30’s and has expressed interest in having children some time in the near future, so it’s no surprise that she has babies on the brain more than Kylie does. The youngest Jenner has plenty of time to make children her main focus, but right now she’s just living life while Khloe definitely loves the “best aunt ever” title.

8 The Kids Are Obsessed With Khloe


If you want to hear an honest answer, just ask a child because they will tell you the truth. We’re pretty sure if we asked any of Khloe’s nieces and nephews who their favorite aunt is the answer would be unanimous. Of course, the Kardashian kids are fond of all their Aunts but it's no secret that they share a soft spot for Khloe. Anytime the kiddos are shown with their number one Aunt on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it's clear to see that they love every minute spent with her. On top of that, Kardashian's nieces and nephews always show they care by hugging, kissing, and cuddling with her on social media. The little ones spend lots of quality time with Aunt KoKo on family vacations and in everyday life. North and Penelope even proudly showed up to support Khloe at her book signing last year. Kourtney and Kim’s kids are always playing, laughing, and loving life whenever Khloe is around, and their unbreakable bond is truly unlike any other. The kids are clearly crazy for Khloe, and it's not hard to see why.

7 Kylie Spent More Time With Tyga’s Son


Kylie has been known to put her boyfriends above all else, and her man's priorities eventually become her priorities. When she was dating Tyga, the rapper's young son King Cairo received lots of attention from his potential future step-mom. While it's great that Kylie took her role in King's life super seriously, we can't help but wonder why she's not as involved with her siblings' kids too. Kourtney, Kim, and now Rob all have children that would love to spend time with Kylie, but she's not exactly the world's best aunt. The star went above and beyond for King and she was often photographed with him in paparazzi shots alongside her then-beau. Kylie even hosted and helped orchestrate an elaborate Ferrari-themed party for King's fourth birthday. Kylie totally hasn't been as actively hands-on with her nieces and nephews as she has been with Tyga's tyke, and it shows. While Kylie might make an awesome mother someday, she should probably start by working on her Aunt skills first.

6 Khloe Shows Off Her Nieces & Nephews


It’s okay to admit it: we’re all guilty of following Khloe on Insta and we secretly get a little bit giddy every time she posts an adorable picture featuring one of her sisters' kids. The fact of the matter is, Khloe shares an endless amount of photos of the kids and we all can’t seem to get enough. She mostly puts up photos with the older kids, so we see a lot of Khloe with Mason, Penelope, and North. The kids are a major part of her life; so naturally, she wants to show them off like any doting Aunt would. There are too many precious pictures of Khloe and her nieces and nephews to even count, which proves that they totally adore each other. It’s obvious to see how well Aunt Khloe and the little ones get along and how much love is shared between them. Who could forget the time Khloe and Penelope got super cute matching braids!? The verdict is in, and Khloe is absolutely the coolest Aunt, like, ever.

5 Kylie Is Never Pictured With The Kids


Of course, we’ve all seen dozens of photos of Khloe with her many nieces and nephews. From candid paparazzi shots to private family photos shared on social media, Khloe is always hanging out with her favorite youngsters. One thing you might not have noticed till now is that finding a picture with Kylie and any of the Kardashian kids is super rare. Jenner isn’t absent from the kids' lives, but she definitely isn’t around them as much as Khloe is. Paparazzi photos usually show the scantily-clad star flying solo, with her boyfriend or surrounded by a flock of female friends. We never get to see Kylie fawning over her adorable nieces and nephews the way Khloe does. Being an A-list celebrity, Kylie Jenner is photographed all the time…but where are the sweet moments with the youngest members of her family? Kylie doesn’t post tons of pictures of herself with the children to social media and she’s hardly ever seen with them outside of filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yup, Kylie wins the “worst Aunt” award by a long shot.

4 The Kids Shower Khloe With Gifts


If there’s one way to prove that Khloe Kardashian is the best aunt ever, it’s that the kids are eager to show her how much they care by giving her gifts whenever they can. Sweet Penelope Disick surprised Khloe with an adorable handmade card and a cupcake topped with sprinkles back in 2015, and Auntie KoKo was overcome with emotion. The stunned star even took to Instagram to share a snapshot of the heartfelt present from her niece. Penelope worked really hard on making something special for her favorite Aunt, and (with the help of her mom) she made sure that everything was perfectly set up for Khloe when she arrived. What’s even cuter is that the kids banded together for Khloe’s 31st birthday that same year to give her a one of a kind handmade creation. The custom birthday cards were painted on colored paper and decorated with glitter, feathers, and pom-poms for an extra dash of pizzazz. One of the cards even read “Koo Koo for KoKo,” which is the charming nickname that all of the kids call her. It’s clear to see that Khloe’s nieces and nephews really appreciate everything she does for them and even though they’re still young they definitely let her know they think she’s the greatest Aunt ever.

3 Kylie Just Doesn’t Care


Some people absolutely love all of the perks of being an Aunt, but Kylie seems to be less than enthused about the idea of dealing with children. Khloe has proven time and time again that she’s the most loyal and dedicated Aunt ever, while Kylie doesn’t really express much interest in her nieces and nephews aside from making an occasional appearance with them for the sake of reality television. But don’t just take our word for it. Last summer, all of the Kardashians and Jenners took to social media to wish North West a happy birthday. The family posted heartfelt messages and sweet photos of Kim’s firstborn, while Kylie had other things on her mind…you know, like herself. Instead of following in her famous family’s footsteps, Kylie took to Instagram to share another shameless bikini selfie to her millions of followers. Can you say narcissist much? Of course, Kylie’s birthday blunder could have been a mere oversight but it wouldn’t have hurt to show that she cares about her niece’s big day. At least North can always count on Khloe for a birthday wish.

2 Khloe Treats The Kids Like Her Own

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We’re impatiently waiting for Khloe to pop out her own brood of adorable offspring, but in the meantime, we can’t help but notice how she treats her sisters' kids like her very own. Khloe has long said that she wants to have kids someday but she’s not in a rush to make it happen. It’s clear to see that Khloe nurtures and cares for Kourtney and Kim’s babies as if they were her own, proving once and for all that their connection is a force to be reckoned with. Of course, what better way for Khloe to ease herself into motherhood than by testing the waters as an Aunt? Khloe gives the kids tons of love and attention and she loves to spoil them at all costs. The star is big on family values and she understands that her nieces and nephews are what makes being an Aunt worthwhile. Any time Khloe is seen with the kids, she’s holding their hands, making sure they are happy or showering them with affection. Anyone can see that Khloe treats her sisters' little ones like she birthed them herself, and that’s why she’s the best Aunt they could ever have.

1 Kylie Can’t Be Trusted


Everyone knows that Khloe is always willing and able to step up to the plate and babysit her nieces and nephews whenever need be, but Kylie can’t say the same. In fact, during an interview in 2015 Kylie was asked how often she watches Kim’s daughter North, and Kylie surprised us all when she revealed that she’s not allowed to babysit. Jenner told reporters, “Kim doesn’t trust me like that” confirming that she won’t be getting a call to help out with the kids any time soon. Since the Kardashians claim they are such a tight-knit group, it begs the question of why Kim would be hesitant to let her sister watch her daughter. Perhaps Kylie is too young, immature, and irresponsible to handle the very important task of watching a child, but we don’t think she’s too fazed by Kim’s low-blow. It doesn’t seem like Kim’s distrust for Kylie bothers her much because she’s not exactly jumping through hoops trying to convince her otherwise. Khloe has been trusted tending to her Auntie duties right from the start, while Kylie still isn’t dependable enough to make the cut.

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