8 Reasons Foxy Knoxy Is Guilty, And 7 Reasons She Isn't

On the evening of November 1st, 2007 British exchange student Meredith Kercher was seen for the last time at around 8:45 pm. She would enter her flat in Perugia, Italy that night and never come out alive. The next morning her roommate, Amanda Knox, an American exchange student would come home to an open door and drops of blood on the sink. However, she claimed that this did not particularly alarm her until she noticed feces in the toilet after taking a shower. She would return to the flat later with her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and contact authorities. Upon their arrival, police broke down Meredith’s locked door to find her stabbed in a pool of her own blood. Suspicion would immediately fall on Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. So, what really happened on the night of November 1st, 2007? Was Amanda really the sex crazed femme fatale the Italian papers said she was? Either way Foxy Knoxy was on the hook for murder.

15 No Escape Route

Before police had found the DNA profile of Rudy Guede present at the scene, he had already fled Perugia. His capture was organized by the police, where they asked a friend of his to take part and record their Skype conversations in order to lead to his capture. However, on the contrary, had Amanda and Raffaele committed the crime or at least been present they did not flee or make any escape attempt. They stayed in Perugia after the crime, and even lead to the discovery of the body. The prosecution alleged it was all staging to throw suspicions off themselves in case they started to be looked at for the crime. However, the defense motioned that Amanda didn’t even have a motive to kill her roommate. Nonetheless, several theories had emerged just as to what Amanda and Raffaele’s motive was. The prosecution claimed Amanda, Rudy and Raffaele had committed the murders as a sort of ritualistic, sex fueled game. They claimed that Amanda was a femme fatale and that the men participated only to indulge her.

14 The Forced Confession

A huge part of the prosecution’s case was her confession. Upon questioning Amanda for Meredith’s murder, Amanda actually confessed to the crime including Raffaele and her boss Patrick Lomumba. Amanda had admitted that they committed the murder, though her details were foggy and somewhat inconsistent. Amanda later recanted her confession, saying she was coerced, intimidated and lied to. Amanda maintained that the confession that both her and Raffaele made regarding the murder was made under extreme intentional duress. She claimed that this arose when the police looked through her phone and found a conversation between her and her boss Patrick Lomumba. Lomumba had contacted Amanda to tell her not to come into work that night to which Amanda replied that she understood and she would see him later. Amanda alleged that she meant it not literally, but just as a way to say goodbye. However, she claimed the police told her that she was wrong and kept telling her that she had made an appointment with Lomumba, meaning she was not at Raffaele’s like she said. Amanda even alleged that at some points the police had actually smacked her on the back of the head.

13 Where's All the Blood?

Meredith Kercher was stabbed several times and her throat was slit, leading to a profusely bloody crime scene. One of the big arguments for the defense was the lack of blood transfer, there was no blood from the crime scene found in 2 key areas: Amanda’s room, and Raffaele’s apartment. Arguably, the perpetrator who committed the crime would have come into quite a bit of contact with their own blood and Meredith’s in such a brutal attack. However, not even one spec of blood or trace of blood was found in Amanda’s room, which was right next to Meredith’s. This meant that the 2 areas the crime had occurred were in the bathroom and Meredith’s bedroom. If Amanda and Raffaele were at the crime scene, this would have to mean that they did not touch one surface of the apartment or Amanda’s after the crime, because had they done so, the blood from their clothing or skin would have left traces on anything they touched.

12 Where Was the Blood on the Clothes and Shoes?

As mentioned previously, whoever committed this brutal attack would have been covered with both the victim’s blood and their own, much like the photo above. The police had searched Amanda’s room and Rafaele’s apartment top to bottom but could never find any clothes or shoes that had any type of blood residue. They also searched the area between Amanda’s flat and Raffaele’s apartment but could never find any sign that they ditched their bloody clothes and shoes. However, though this might seem like a huge indication of their innocence, it isn’t so often that the detectives find the clothes the perpetrator wore to commit the more. However, it was the transfer that spoke more highly. This was because, even when you wash blood off of a wall or a bed sheet, traces can still be detected with luminal. So this again, means that had they been present for the crime, they had not brushed any surfaces with any blood, a near impossible thing to do.

11 Lack of Injuries to Amanda and Raffaele

Another thing that spoke volumes about whether or not Amanda was there for the crime, was her lack of injuries. Usually, in such a violent struggle, especially one that involved a knife, generally both parties are injured. However, when Amanda was examined by the police for her questioning they could see no signs of physical injury. During Meredith’s autopsy the coroner noted that she had a lot of severe bruising, indicating that the attack was very physical. Meredith and her attacker were very physical, and she had literally fought for her life. So, was it likely that Amanda was present if she had no signs of being in a physical altercation with anyone, much less the murder victim. In order to explain the lack of physical evidence the crime was a group crime, with a sexual overtone to it and that the roles each suspect played in the crime was unclear.

10 The Bloody Fingerprints

However, there was some physical evidence found at the apartments. There were fingerprints in the victim’s blood and foreign DNA found at the scene. It would later be revealed that the foreign DNA and fingerprints belonged to an acquaintance of Meredith and Amanda, his name was Rudy Guede. The police had originally indicted Amanda, Raffaele and her boss Patrick Lomumba, there was no way to explain Guede’s DNA at the crime scene other than he was present during the crime. Rudy Guede had a rap sheet for smaller crimes like burglary, but was known around the area as sort of a shady character. However, Guede would go on to say that he was present during the murder, but only as a witness and that Amanda and Raffaele were the ones who had committed the actual crime.

9 Forensic Mishaps

Some of the most compelling evidence produced by the prosecution was the physical evidence they claimed they had. First, they claimed that they had found Raffaele’s DNA on Meredith’s missing bra clasp. Meredith’s bra clasp was found over a month after the body. They had also contended that a knife that was consistent with the wounds on Meredith had Amanda’s DNA on the handle and Meredith’s DNA on the blade, they alleged this was the smoking gun. However, the defense claimed that the police mishandled crucial forensic evidence, they replayed a video of the forensics team collecting evidence and not changing their gloves. They argued that Sollecito’s DNA could have been transferred by the forensic examiners themselves after encountering his DNA on another surface. It was also said that the DNA found on the blade was such a small amount, that no credible lab would advise to test it.

8 The Fake Break In

When the police arrived at the flat in Perugia, Italy that November morning there was evidence that supported a break in. A window in another roommate’s window had been broken with a nearby rock. However, police noticed right away there was something wrong about the break in. First, and potentially most crucial, the glass from the window was on top of the things in the room. This would be normal, but the items below the glass were disturbed suggesting that someone had broken the window after the crime took place. Police also said that the rock that was alleged to have broken the window, was too big to make that size hole in the window. Secondly, there was no other signs of forced entry suggesting that whoever committed the murder was let in willingly. Had it been Rudy Guede acting alone, police say Meredith would not have let him in and he would have no reason to stage a break in.

7 Valuables in Plain Sight

Next came more evidence to suggest that the break in was staged. There were several expensive items lying in plain view of someone if they were to break in. This suggested that had the break in been legitimate, whoever did break in was not motivated by robbery but rather motivated by other things. Mentioned previously, the defense had alleged that Rudy Guede acted alone and was a petty criminal who had broken into the girls’ flat in order to burglarize, but once he unexpectedly came into contact with Meredith, raped and killed her. However, the evidence directly contradicts that theory. The motive clearly wasn’t burglary because nothing had been stolen from the house, and several expensive items were in plain view. To make the theory that Rudy Guede acted alone, we would have to believe that Rudy was completely motivated by sexual assault and murder. Though Guede had a rap sheet, it’s a far leap from petty thief to rapist and murderer. This suggests that Rudy Guede was only in the flat that night by invitation, and the police contend that permission would not have been given by Meredith.

6 Foxy Knoxy Being Naughty

Perhaps the most damning evidence the prosecution had was the evidence Amanda herself handed them. It is no secret Amanda acted inappropriately following the death of her roommate, outside of the crime scene she is most infamously noted to be affectionately kissing her boyfriend, just minutes about hearing of the death of her roommate. In addition, a documented encounter with Amanda and some of Meredith’s friends was found to be a large subject of controversy. At the police station one of Meredith’s friends said that she hoped Meredith did not suffer, to which Amanda replied “of course she did, she got her f***ing throat cut”. A day later Amanda and Raffaele were spotted on a store security camera buying red panties for Amanda, a worker testified that he overheard Raffaele and Amanda giggling about how they would have hot sex later. In another instance, Amanda was asked by police to look through the loft’s knife drawer, she was reported to have a strange reaction while looking through the door. She began screaming and covering her ears.

5 The Alibi.... or Not

Amanda and Raffaele held steadfast to the idea that they could not be involved in the crime because they had an alibi, an alibi that was conveniently corroborated by each other. Amanda and Raffaele said that the night of the murder, they were at Raffaele’s apartment all night, where they watched the movie Amelie, made love, smoked marijuana and then went to sleep. However, when Raffaele was questioned alone, he said that he had lied to police because Amanda told him to. He told police he was not actually with Amanda the whole night as he had previously stated. He claimed that Amanda left his apartment for some time and had not returned until 1 in the morning. He claimed he had no idea where Amanda went during that time.

4 Amanda Takes a Shower With Her Dead Roommate in the Home

In addition to Amanda’s strange behavior at the police station and at the crime scene, was her behavior before she had allegedly discovered her dead roommate. Amanda claims that after spending the night at Raffaele’s she returned back to her flat to freshen up. When she arrived to her flat, she noticed that the front door was already open. She claimed that this did not alarm her because sometimes they had trouble keeping their door closed. She claimed she walked in and didn’t see any signs of disturbance, meaning she would not have seen the broken window in her other roommate’s room. She then walked into the bathroom where she saw a few droplets of blood on the bathroom sink, she dismisses yet another sign of what had occurred and stepped into the shower. She then claims it wasn’t until she got out of the shower that she noticed the larger bloodstain on the bath mat and the feces in the toilet. She claims this is when she became alarmed and went back to Raffaele’s to tell him. Could Amanda really not have been alarmed by all those warning signs of what took place if she was truly not involved?

3 Amanda Calls Roommate... Before She Knows Meredith is Dead

Another compelling piece of evidence comes yet again from Amanda’s cellphone. Amanda claims on the morning of November 2nd, she became alarmed after exiting the shower and seeing the feces and the larger bloodstain and subsequently returned to Raffaele’s apartment. However, Amanda contends that she did not know about the murder or break in until her second visit when she returned with Raffaele. On the other hand, Amanda made a phone call to their other roommate to alert her that a break in took place in their flat. However, the call made from Amanda’s phone pinged off cell towers near Raffaele’s home and not by the girls’ flat. This means Amanda called her roommate to inform her of the break in, even though she alleged she didn’t know that there was a break in until returning to the flat for the 2nd time. This completely negates Amanda’s timeline and seems to suggest that she had knowledge of the break in before returning for the 2nd time.

2 Amanda's Phone Call to Her Mother

Yet another phone call made by Amanda Knox would seem to go against Amanda’s version of events, this time the call was to her mother. Amanda made yet another call premature to the discovery of Meredith’s body, she had confessed to her mother that she was scared that something strange happened at the house. However, if we accept Amanda’s timeline of events, she didn’t know anything was wrong until about 10 minutes later. So why did she call her mother at 3 am, Seattle time, unless something was wrong? Amanda tried to downplay the call later in an interrogation with the police, claiming the call to her mother was far more innocent. The time of the call seems to suggest some sort of urgency, she knew the time in Seattle was 3 am and that her mother would likely be sleeping.

1 Amanda Tries to Delay the Discovery of Meredith's Body

Originally, Amanda and Raffaele called the police after the alarm that had been raised at the flat. They had also called the other roommates to alert them to what had been happening at the flat as well. On the emergency phone call to police, Raffaele is recorded including Meredith’s locked door as a reason to be concerned. Eerily enough, when the police arrive at the apartment and inquire about the locked door, they ask Amanda if it was normal for Meredith to have her door locked. Amanda reported to them that Meredith frequently locked her door, and she didn’t feel it was necessarily a reason to be concerned. However, when one of the girls’ other roommates had returned to the flat, she had a very different reaction to Meredith’s locked door. The sight had her in hysterics as she claimed it was highly unusual for Meredith to lock her door. It’s suspicious that Amanda and her roommate had such different reactions to Meredith’s locked door, to police it seemed like Amanda had gotten cold feet after calling the police. They claim this was an attempt by Amanda to delay the discovery of her body.

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