8 Questions To Ask Yourself And 8 Brutal Answers You Need To Prepare For

Given that this life is always unpredictable, it’s quite vital for us to know how to pause for a bit, take a step or two back, and examine the situation. Don’t be afraid to step back and ask yourself the most grueling questions ever. You know you need to ask yourself these questions. You know you need to check in with yourself from time to time. Not only when it’s about a relationship, but instead, check in with yourself about everything. Yes, it sounds exhausting, but the more you do it, the better you’ll be as a person. And of course, the less exhausting it’ll be. So before you say YES to something, before you make a commitment to anything or anyone, asses yourself first. Be open-minded and take the time to check in with yourself. And be prepared for the most brutal answers you’ll get. Because it’s not always a pretty answer.


16 Am I Worthy Of This?

I get it, we’re often told we’re worthy of this and that. Growing up, all of us are pampered by our parents with sweet words and kind reminders that tell us we’re worthy of everything this world has to offer. And technically, we are. But girl, you should check in with yourself. Don’t just take and take. Know if you’re done enough good to be worthy of something. Sometimes, things are given to us but that doesn’t mean we should take it. Sometimes, something is given to us for us to pass it to someone else. Someone who is truly worthy of it. So before you say yes to anything – a man, a job promotion, anything, ask yourself first if you’re worthy of it. This is not doubting yourself but rather, this is getting to know yourself more, and catching up with the things you’ve done and the abilities you may not realize you have.

15 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: No, You’re Actually Not

When we ask ourselves if we’re worthy of this, and ‘this’ being something good, of course, we want the answer to be yes. But if you’re honest with yourself, if you’re being completely honest with everything, you will hear yourself when the answer is NO. When your inner-self tells you you are not worthy of this, understand that that doesn’t mean this world is being cruel. If you examined everything and you’re sort of convinced that you’re really not worthy of it, give it. Let it go. Stop claiming and chasing something that is not for you. Keep in mind that this world if full of ‘something’s’ and maybe, your something, the one you’re worthy of, is out there. Still waiting for you. You just have to be a little more patient. It will come to you if it’s time, and when it does, believe us when we say you would not doubt yourself when that time comes.

14 Should I Give Him My All?

How often do you ask yourself if you should you give this man your all? Chances are, you don’t ask yourself at all. When we fall in love, it’s natural for us to just go and go, just give and give, until we realize it’s too late. We’ve given this man so much already and the next thing we know, we’re in so much pain because of our wrong decision. So yes, one of the most essential questions you have to ask yourself before you say YES to a man is ‘should I give him my all?’ It’s not a pretty question and the answers can be foggy, but if you’re open-minded, you would know which of these answers are true and which are just confusing the heck out of you. And whatever the answer is, you gotta be prepared.

13 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: He Doesn’t Deserve Your All


This is one of the most brutal answers you could ever imagine but yeah, it’s an answer you need to hear. Keep in mind that our gut-feeling is there for a reason. It’s that tiny voice in our head and that uncomfortable feeling in our stomachs. If your mind and body are telling you that this man doesn’t deserve you at all, then accept it. You may love him now but chances are, it won’t take long before you realize he is not the man for you. And when that day comes, and you chose to not give him your all, you will be happy with the decision you made. Sometimes, we need to make the most difficult decisions we can barely explain for the good of our future. Sometimes, we just gotta trust ourselves. Because after all, not everything in this world is pretty. There will be times when a hard answer, a brutal answer is all we got.

12 Should I Really Take This Opportunity?

This is probably one of the most common questions we keep on asking ourselves. The problem is, we’re not really hearing the answer. When we’re put in a situation where we need to wear the big girl pants, most of us end up asking and asking and self-doubting that we don’t have the time to wear the big girl pants anymore. We just have to do what we can and because we’ve spent half the time doubting ourselves, we ended up messing up the great opportunity. Girl, there’s a difference between asking if you should really take the opportunity in front of you with the intention of knowing if you’re worth it, and with the intention of just dillydallying. And if your intention is the latter, you better prepare because even if you dillydally, if the opportunity is for you it is going to be yours, whether you’re prepared or not. It’s up to you to make it rad or rough.

11 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: Yes. Heck YES!

This doesn’t really sound like a brutal answer but yes, it is. See, life gives us so much opportunities, which is great. However, there will be times when the opportunity would seem so big that we doubt ourselves if we can actually do it. Self-doubt is not wrong, okay? It’s healthy and it keeps us on our toes. It reminds us to check in with ourselves. But when you doubt yourself about something, and the answer to your question is yes after yes after yes, go take it. Take the opportunity. Say YES to it. Even if it’s scary… if it’s yours, just trust the universe that it will help you find your way through, because it will. Keep in mind, woman, you are capable of so much. There is so much ability and skill and wit in you that you need to unleash, and you will be able to do that only if you allow yourself to be in challenging and sometimes scary situations.

10 Am I Ready To Be A Mom?

We all wanna be mothers, right? No. We don’t. Some of us really want to be mothers. As in, it’s from deep within us, that great desire. And then, there are others who feel like they want to be a mom simply because their gal pals are booming mothers. Or because their gal pals are making mommy plans. Keep in mind that it’s one thing to want to be a mom and it’s another to ride the motherhood craze. So which one are you? And more importantly, if you’re insisting that you do want to be a mother, a better question is, do you think you’re ready? We’re not saying you have to doubt yourself on everything. But when it comes to raising kids and being responsible not only for yourself but for others, you need to ask yourself if you’re really ready. And you need to be prepared for the most brutal answer.


9 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: You’re Not The Mother-Type

See, when asking yourself about anything, it’s quite important to be as open-minded as possible. Look at the bigger picture and know that the responses we get are not just typical answers, they all matter. You just need to figure out which one is the most relevant. But what if the most relevant answer to you being a mom is that you’re not really the mother-type? What if through asking and asking, you realize that you’re the kind of person who is not fit to be a mom? And don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of reasons for a woman to be not fit to be a mom. So what now? What do you do then? Well girl, you just have to accept it, and keep in mind that motherhood is not just about bearing a child. Sometimes, you need to look into other options.

8 Should I Take This Oh-So-Tempting Weekend Trip?

Don’t tell us you’ve never asked yourself whether or not you should take a weekend getaway or not, because we know you’re lying. All of us have asked ourselves if we should take a short trip away or not. Because as easy as it sounds to say we deserve it, our human nature, the one that tells us we should save up or we have a lot more work to, these and more are pushing us into not taking the trip. So sometimes, we end up sitting on the kitchen floor, best friend on the phone and feeling so bitter because we decided to work on a Saturday than give ourselves a break. So yeah, this question is far more relevant than most people think. But of course, it’s also important. You can’t just say YES to all trips and weekend party invites, but you can ask yourself if it’s a trip you should say YES to.

7 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: Why The Hell Not?!

Just because we’re answering YES to a trip doesn’t mean it’s not a brutal response. Calling all our ladies who are guilty workaholics… this one’s for you! We understand that even though your office requires you to work from Monday through Fridays only, because you’re such a workaholic and you love your job, chances are you’re taking home work stuff for the weekends, right? Yep, we’re all guilty about that. And chances are, you’re too familiar with bringing work to getaways and weekend trips as well. So if you questioned yourself if you should go with your pals and hike some mountains for the weekends, and you know deep inside that the big answer is YES, that can be brutal AF. You’re kinda praying the answer is NO. But then again, you deserve a break, woman!

6 Am I Supposed To Wait For My Family To Come Around?

We’re all used to waiting. That’s a fact. We think waiting is okay. Well yes, it is okay, but not all kinds of waiting… waiting for your husband to understand where you’re coming from is okay. Waiting for your mom to accept the fact that you don’t want a baby yet, that’s okay too. But should you just keep on waiting and waiting for other people to understand you? Do you think it’s better to wait for them to be able to wrap their heads around a decision you made before you make another big decision? Sometimes, girl, it is not okay. Sometimes, you need to assess the situation and see whether or not you should wait for your family to come around. It’s your life, and it’s not supposed to be all about waiting.

5 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: No. Waiting Is A Waste Of Time

See how brutal the answer is? We all want to consider our families and yes, it’s polite to wait for them to perfectly understand the decisions you’re making before you move on to another big thing. However, waiting is no fun. Well, aside from the fact that’s it’s a waste of time. Thus, you need to know which situations are worth waiting for others to fully grasp, and which situations you should keep pushing and pushing without seeing whether or not your family approves. Sometimes, they need to take time and by taking time, we mean they need to take their own time. You just go do your thing. And the next thing you know, your fam is just so proud of everything you’ve done. You’re amazing like that, woman. Don’t waste time waiting for others, even if others mean your family.

4 I’m Supposed To Play By The Rules, Right?

Breaking the rules… some people love it and some people don’t. Some people know how to do it by heart and some people tremble when they get a parking ticket. So, it’s important to stop and ask yourself if you should play by the rules. There will be moments in life where you need to follow the rules because that’s the only way. But then, there are other instances where you have a choice to break the rules or to follow them, either way, you know you’ll do fine. Breaking the rules just means you’ll do the right thing but in the wrong way. Or not necessarily the wrong way but, well, let’s just say non-conventional way. Woman, as cheesy as it sounds, it is quite important to know when you should play by the rules and when you should break them. Doing the right thing is what we’re all aiming for but sometimes, we just need the fun and thrill of breaking rules.

3 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: Nope

And when you’re hoping it’s a good time to break one, but your inner-self is telling you not to, you better follow suit. Keep in mind that you did ask the question. So technically, in order for all this self-awareness to work, you need to hear the answer. Sometimes, as much as we want a positive answer, that’s not what we get. We get a painful NO and if you’re honest with yourself, you will value that answer. So before you say YES to playing by the rules (because let’s assume you’re a kind girl who always plays by the rules), you better ask yourself first. And when you get a NO, when your inner-self is telling you it is time to bring out the bad girl in you, well, you better be prepared because it’s going to be a lot of fun!

2 Should I Let Him Go?

Ah, one of the toughest questions we all need to face at some point in our lives. And sadly, there is no running away from this question. Even when we think the man is worth giving second and third and maybe even a fourth chance, please know dear reader, that that’s not always the case. There is a fine line between an honest screw up and just taking advantage of you and oftentimes, we don’t see that line (because it’s thin, duh?!) So whenever you feel like something is not right, allow yourself to actually think about it, with an open heart and an open mind. Ask yourself is you should let him go or not. And always keep in mind that you are asking not because you doubt him but because your gut feeling is sending you signs you can’t just shrug off.

1 Brutal Answer To Prepare For: You Should’ve Done That Months Ago

And then, the painful answer reveals itself. Of course when you asked yourself something tough, you should also be prepared for the most painful answer you can get. When you figured out that you should’ve left him months ago, don’t talk yourself out of it. Actually do it, because this is for your own good, even when it feels like you’re just inflicting yourself severe emotional pain. Keep in mind that you are checking in with yourself for yourself, not for other people. This is not to justify your decision before but rather, to help you and guide you on what you can and should do NOW. So go on and leave. Turn your back and take a few steps away from him. Feel that pain and know that it’s for the best. And then run like hell away from the man. Letting go and leaving someone behind is not always a bad thing, girl. Sometimes, it’s the only way to make things better.


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