8 People Brock Lesnar & Sable Don't Mesh Well With (+ 10 They Love)

“I really don’t like people. I’m sorry. I don’t, that’s just who I am. I just don’t like being around a bunch of people. It’s kind of ironic because I can go out in an arena full of 20,000 people be alright with it. It’s only because I think I feel like I’m in this dome and I’m protected. But, you get me out in public or anywhere around a bunch of people and I don’t do that well... I just get uncomfortable.”

Those are Lesnar’s genuine words during his interview on Stone Cold Podcast. There’s a reason he moved so far away from the limelight—to Saskatchewan—and a lot of that has to with wanting privacy for himself and his family. The same goes for his wife Sable who’s quite a private person in her own right.

Despite this mentality, both have developed some close relationships behind the scenes. In this article, we’ll take a look at the people they love and those they actually call friends. On the flip side, we’ll also include the people they don’t mesh well with.

For Brock, we include people from both WWE and UFC. Sable also had a couple of difficult interactions during her time in the wrestling business, so we’ll include one of those on the list.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight people Brock and Sable don’t mesh well with along with ten they love. Let’s get started.

18 Don’t Mesh Well With - Chris Jericho

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Things got ugly between these two following Lesnar’s match with Randy Orton. Jericho wasn’t happy with Brock’s stiff shots to Orton during and after the match. He was so infuriated with the beast that he actually approached him after the bout backstage. It would lead to a minor scuffle between the two. Jericho elaborated on the situation with Forbes;

“It’s not my business, it’s not my responsibility or my call — but, when I see a friend of mine lying in a pool of his own blood, whether it’s a work or not, that’s real blood. That’s a real concussion that he suffered.”

17 Love - Marc Mero

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This is a surprising entry on the list. Although they divorced in 2004 after a decade-long marriage, Mero admitted on The Jim Ross Report that he and Sable ended things on the best of terms and hold no animosity toward one another whatsoever. He explains;

“I remember walking into court when we signed our [divorce] papers, hand in hand. I hugged her goodbye and we both went on with our lives. And I couldn't be happier for her. She [has] got two children with Brock and our daughter, Mariah, is moving up to Canada to live with them. They've got a house up there and everything. Her husband is going to go up there and work some of the tractors for Brock."

16 Don’t Mesh Well With – Matt Hardy

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This one took place a little more than a decade ago during a Matt Hardy push. Apparently, Brock wasn’t having any of the push and didn’t want Hardy to gain too much offense in their encounter. Hardy explained the situation to Pro Wrestling Shoots;

“And I remember Brock kept coming back down the course of the day and he was like ‘Nah, you’re getting a little too much’. ‘This needs to come out’. ‘We need changes’ and so and so, ‘…because that makes me look weak.” The end result was a bad one as Hardy put a little too much on his chair shot to Brock, resulting in a backstage altercation.

15 Love - Stone Cold

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Despite what happened with their flubbed storyline, don’t be fooled; neither Austin nor Brock carried this over into their personal lives. Instead, they are quite close and have a lot of things in common, like a passion for hunting and a desire to live off the grid (Austin has his own ranch in Texas).

In addition, the only time we saw Lesnar accept a WWE podcast interview was with Stone Cold–that just goes to show how tight these two really are behind the scenes. It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if they shared some time together on either of their respective ranches in Saskatchewan and Tilden, Texas.

14 Love - Bill Goldberg

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Had it not been for Heyman and Lesnar, Goldberg might have the same tainted legacy thanks to his 2003 WWE run. He returned in 2016 for what was supposed to be a one-off match. However, both Brock and Heyman took a liking to Goldberg and decided to extend the feud until WrestleMania.

This completely changed Goldberg’s WWE image as the fans got on his side. All of this would never have happened had it not been for Lesnar and Heyman’s respect towards the WCW star. Goldberg was so thankful for the trust shown by Heyman and Lesnar that he decided to have Paul induct Lesnar into the Hall of Fame.

13 Don’t Mesh Well With - Dean Ambrose

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It was supposed to be the biggest match of Dean’s professional run. However, fans are well aware that this wasn’t ultimately the case. The match was a total letdown and a lot of that had to do with animosity between these two behind the scenes. Ambrose explained how hard the process was during Stone Cold Podcast;

“Artistically, Brock didn’t want to do anything, if we’re going to be perfectly honest. Brock’s gonna Brock. He’s all about Brock. I had a vision for that match to be the craziest thing imaginable, you know what I mean, and I was trying to pitch everything to everybody and had every idea. I put so much effort in and so much work in, and other people did too, and I was met with laziness.”

12 Love - CM Punk

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Brock giving anyone advice just doesn’t sound right but according to Sports Joe, that’s exactly what he did prior to CM Punk’s first UFC fight. Brock actually stuck his neck out and gave some valuable words of wisdom. Hilariously, Punk admitted that the connection wasn’t the greatest;

“I’ve talked to him once, he lives in the middle of nowhere where there’s no cell service, he’s in the middle of like, Saskatchewan, I don’t even know. I asked him what the hardest thing for him to do was because obviously he’s a freak athlete but something had to be difficult, and I find it’s the exact same thing I’m having difficulty with, which is learning to let go.”

11 Don’t Mesh Well With - Sean Waltman

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This one deals with Sable and her backstage encounters back in the ‘90s. Although Sable was very popular with the crowd, the same couldn’t be said of her backstage. Sable typically isolated herself from the others, alongside former husband Marc Mero.

Lots of wrestlers weren’t too thrilled with this, nor were they impressed by the fact that Sable gloated about bringing the ratings in. Sean Waltman had seen enough so he decided to prank Sable by adding some extra stuff to her bag... Surely, it would make for an awkward exchange if these two ever crossed paths again. Luckily for Waltman, Sable’s far away in Canada.

10 Love - The Rock

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Clearly, as Dwayne Johnson told Fox Sports, he has huge admiration for everything Lesnar has been able to accomplish.

“I don't know if anybody will ever accomplish what he's accomplished in the heavyweight division in that short amount of time, had it not been for the unfortunate issue he had to deal with his stomach, who knows what could have happened if he continued to train, and continued to hone in on his skills. What he did was epic and historic.”

It should also be noted that The Rock was the first major star to put Lesnar over. Brock won his first title against The Rock at Summer Slam 2002. Clearly, mutual respect goes way back.

9 Don’t Mesh Well With - Jim Cornette

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Prior to joining the WWE’s main roster, Lesnar got his start with Ohio Valley Wrestling, the company’s former developmental system. He dealt with Jim Cornette in his earlier days and the relationship was a rocky one. Things got especially heated between the two when Brock got a little too stiff with a female in the ring after he was told to take it easy prior to the match. It would lead to a major dispute between the two backstage.

Thankfully for Brock, it didn’t hinder his future one bit. Cornette was out the door shortly after the altercation took place.

8 Love - Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle was another veteran that made Lesnar shine in the early 2000s. Lesnar dethroned Angle for the championship at WrestleMania XIX. The two got very close back in the day as they worked several matches together. The closeness would only continue as they got older.

Angle even admitted to Tech Times that Lesnar refused to lose the championship to anyone else but him; "Brock said, 'Listen ... I'm not just going to lose to anybody.' And they said, 'Well, who will you lose to?' And he said, 'Why don't you get Kurt Angle over here?' It was Brock Lesnar's choice to lose the title to me and I felt honored by it."

7 Love – Dana White

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These two had a great relationship behind the scenes. In a sport that makes most of its revenues on PPV selling, Lesnar is always a huge draw for White and the UFC. Now despite all the heat around a potential Lesnar and Cormier fight, White has always backed the potential of this bout. Of course, he’s well aware of the possible revenue that can come with the matchup.

White has also been great when it comes to dealing with Lesnar’s WWE schedule. He’s even dealt with WWE’s Vince McMahon in order to ensure that he wasn’t breaching any part of the WWE contract.

6 Don’t Mesh Well With - Junior Dos Santos

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A lot of people are against Brock returning to the UFC and that’s especially true for many of the fighters. According to his interview with MMA Fighting, dos Santos really doesn’t get all the hype surrounding a possible Brock match in the future.

“It doesn’t really make much sense for me. Even because he doesn’t deserve to fight for the title. He has no record for that. Also, because, man, he was out because USADA took him out. Not because he wants. USADA took him out and now he’s gonna come back and fight for the title. If MMA is a sport, a real sport, it doesn’t make any sense. But like I said, if people want to see that, we have to give [it to] them.”

5 Love - Vince McMahon

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From one boss to another. Without a doubt, Vince loves Lesnar, that’s no surprise. The two are very close and we even saw evidence of that prior to a WrestleMania show as the two were caught playing fighting behind the scenes.

In addition, McMahon continues to give Lesnar the A-list treatment. Brock has limited appearances along with private flight accommodations. Let’s not forget about Brock’s contract, either, which pays him ridiculous sums of money per appearance. These types of benefits don’t take place if the employee isn’t close to the boss, proving that Vince and Brock are definitely close professionally and likely personally as well.

4 Don’t Mesh Well With - Mark Hunt

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Brock’s last UFC matchup took place at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. Lesnar won the match, but things took a turn for the worst when it was deemed that Lesnar was using substances that weren’t allowed by the UFC.

Hunt was none too pleased and given his words in the past interviews, he’ll never work with or speak positively about Lesnar again. We can’t blame Hunt for his feelings towards the issue, as he took the slight against his sport very personally. Hunt recently stated that he’s none too pleased with Brock’s potential return to the sport, and fans can definitely understand why.

3 Love - The Undertaker

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It was a moment wrestling fans will never forget. At WrestleMania XXX, Lesnar ended Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. It was without a doubt the most surprising outcome in WrestleMania history.

Undertaker’s respect for Brock was a big part of the decision. The respect was clearly mutual as Brock initially refused to beat Taker and end the streak. Cameras caught Brock shaken up after the match as he was watching Undertaker in the middle of the ring. It was an emotional moment for Brock seeing his good friend finally end such an iconic run. The two remain close and were even caught sitting together at the Saudi Arabia WWE dinner.

2 Don’t Mesh Well With - Braun Strowman

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It was hard to watch as Lesnar completely lost it on Strowman during their 2018 Royal Rumble clash. Braun hit Lesnar with a stiff knee to the head. Lesnar responded with a brutal shot to Strowman’s head and he also yelled, “slow down.”

The two were set for a rematch a year later but the bout was eventually changed as Lesnar requested that he face Finn Balor instead. Perhaps the stiffness of the matches was a big reason for the change. Clearly, the two really didn’t mesh all that well in the ring, and there's no telling what would happen if a match between the two came together.

1 Love - Paul Heyman

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As Lesnar stated on the Stone Cold Podcast, whenever he goes in WWE, Paul Heyman must come along for the ride–rarely will we see Lesnar by himself.

In truth, Brock is more than capable of holding his own–however, he feels the need to bring Heyman along due to their closeness behind the scenes. Nobody knows Brock the way Heyman does–we got a snippet of that during Paul’s interview on the Stone Cold Podcast. We can only expect their bond to tighten as long as Lesnar continues to appear on WWE programming. Of course, Paul's not the only one who's close to Brock and Sable, though he is one of Brock's top favorites.

Sources: Stone Cold Podcast, Forbes, The Jim Ross Report, Pro Wrestling Shoots

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