8 Of Meghan Markle's Best Looks & 8 Times She Was More Of A Paper Bag Princess

The soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle made a name for herself when she landed the role Rachel Zane in the hit series Suits. Her character Rachel Zane has the best work wardrobe, and Meghan also has impeccable taste in fashion off-screen. Whether she’s dressed up for the red-carpet or running errands on the street, she looks good! She flaunts her hourglass figure in crop tops, ripped jeans, shift dresses, etc. It’s too bad we won’t be able to see her in outfits like these anymore. Even if she conforms to the royal dress code, we believe that she’ll still look stylishly chic even with a royal twist.

It seems like Meghan’s slowly starting to have the same effect as Kate Middleton in the retail world: whatever she wears, the items sell out fast, hence the “Meghan effect.” Meghan wore an ivory wrap coat by Canadian brand Line the Label, and so many people wanted to get their hands on the coat that they crashed the brand’s website. The brand also renamed the coat “Meghan.” Watch out, Kate Middleton! Meghan might take over as the fashion icon.

Meghan has been the “it” girl for fashion for some time, but she definitely had her not-so-great moments, especially before she rose to fame. Her styles have drastically changed and for the better. She’s come a long way…


8 Of Her Best Looks We Want In Our Wardrobe:

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16 The Ensemble Looks Sophisticated For Her First Official Royal Appearance


Meghan conformed to the royal dress code when she made her first official royal appearance with Prince Harry. She wore a black roll neck sweater with a long high-waisted beige skirt that is fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom. She cinched her tiny waist with a skinny black belt with gold buckle and completed the look with a pair of black suede boots. It's different from what we’re used to seeing on her, but the ensemble looks sophisticated for the soon-to-be-royal. People also noticed that Meghan dressed similarly to fashion icon Carolyn Bessette Kennedy when she first stepped out with her husband JFK Jr. as newlyweds. The Kennedy family is the closest thing Americans have to royalty, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she had been inspired by them.

15 An Emerald Green Dress Worn Under An Ivory Wrap Coat Is The Perfect Outfit For The Soon-To-Be-Royal To Wear


Meghan looked absolutely stunning in an ivory wrap coat by Canadian brand Line the Label when she stood side-by-side with Prince Harry to officially announce their engagement in front of the press. The coat is anything but basic — with the belt tied up in the front, it gives off a sleek vibe. Many people wanted to get their hands on the coat and caused the brand’s website to crash. Shortly after, Line the Label renamed the coat “Meghan.” Meghan loves to wear heels, and she has on a pair of nude heels with crisscross straps that perfectly complement her outfit. We then got to see the dress she wore underneath the coat when she went inside for an interview, and the sleeveless emerald green dress is beautiful on her.


14 She Looks Effortlessly Chic In "The Husband Shirt" Designed By Misha Nonoo

Daily Mirror

Everyone couldn’t stop talking about her simple yet fashionable outfit when she made her first appearance with Prince Harry at the Invictus Game in Toronto. Meghan looks effortlessly chic in a crisp and slightly oversized white button-down shirt. The shirt’s called “the husband shirt,” and it's designed by one of her good friends, Misha Nonoo. She rolled the sleeves up to her elbow and tucked the front of her shirt into her jeans, giving the classic shirt a more stylish look. She proves that every girl should own a white button-down shirt. Meghan wore ankle grazer jeans with raw hem and a ripped knee. She paired the outfit with leather tan shoes and a matching bag for a casual daytime look. We love this look on her! It’s too bad she won’t be able to dress like this anymore.

13 She Shows Off Her Mastery Of Monochrome With This Burgundy Outfit


Meghan wore her signature smokey eye, and she looked stylishly chic when she showed off her mastery of monochrome with this burgundy outfit at an event. The truffle pleated chiffon midi dress from Artizia looks amazing on her, and a lot of people seem to have agreed because the dress sold out quick. We all know she’s got great style, and some of us can’t help but want to own everything she wears. It seems like Meghan's starting to slowly have the same effect Kate Middleton has in the retail world: whatever she wears, the items sell out fast, hence the “Meghan effect.” Meghan also wore a burgundy biker jacket over her shoulders and carried a matching velvet clutch that perfects the outfit. Seriously — monochrome never looked so good.

12 Her Vibrant Red Dress With The Sweetheart Neckline Got Everyone Staring

The Telegraph

The color red symbolizes confidence, and she had it when she made an entrance in a vibrant red dress. Meghan looked gorgeous in a flirty A-line dress that's fitted at her waist and gradually flares out to her mid-calf. It was a show-stopping dress that got everyone staring. The bold, red-hot dress demanded attention, and it certainly got one. The sweetheart neckline accentuates her décolletage and shows the right amount of skin. Overall, the dress really stands out with her dark hair and neutral makeup. It seems like she wanted the dress to be the key piece because she also wore one of her favorite shoes, pointed nude heels. It was the right choice — her legs look longer, and you can never go wrong with a pair of nude shoes.

11 The Suede Nude-Colored Midi Dress Shows Off Her Figure


The suede nude-colored midi dress shows off her incredible figure and hugs her in all the right places. It’s really hard to find the perfect nude dress that flatters your skin tone, but Meghan had no problem picking a shade that worked for her. The dress looks beautiful on her. She also wore a pair of beige-tone strappy high heels that complement the dress. She looked serious and ready to talk business in the outfit, but it's also simple and stylish enough to wear for a date or a night out with her friends — preferably at an upscale place. Basically, the dress can be worn in different ways for any occasion. We want to give all nude monochromatic outfits a try because Meghan looks amazing!

10 Diane Von Furstenberg's Lace Dress Fits Her So Beautifully Like It Was Made For Her

Daily Mirror

Meghan wore Diane Von Furstenberg’s navy dress to an event, and she looked gorgeous. The beautiful and feminine dress had flattering three-quarter length sheer lace sleeves. The dress reaches down to her mid-thighs, showing off her curves and long legs. She accessorized with a simple gold charm bracelet and a statement ring. Because nude heels are her wardrobe staple, it’s not a surprise that she paired the outfit with nude heels. Those shoes look good with everything. Overall, the dress fit her so beautifully like it was made for her, but Meghan didn't think so. She told Glamour, “It was too tight, and too short, and my hair was too polished, and everything about it was trying too hard.” Well, we think she looks great!

9 This Elegant Teal Fishtail Gown Screams Royalty

Elle UK

It seems like Meghan has always been ready to become a part of the royal family because this elegant teal fishtail gown screams royalty. She wore it to an event, and we can tell she put a lot of effort into this outfit. She ditches her signature smokey eye look, opting for minimal makeup instead. She also wore her hair in a classic chignon. The best part about the gown is that it beautifully flatters her figure and shows off her tiny waist. It has a fitted top with an interesting cut around the neckline, and the skirt flows out from her knees nicely. Meghan definitely turned heads because she looked amazing. All thanks to this gown, we can picture her in a palace living the life of a princess (or duchess).

8 Of Her Absolute Worst That Missed The Mark:

8 The Jacquard Dress With An Oversized Belt Makes Her Look Out Of Place


Meghan looked like she could blend in with the carpet in this metallic jacquard dress. The color wasn't right for her, and the dress made her look out of place. The oversized belt was probably supposed to give her an hourglass shape, but it definitely did not. We think the dress would’ve been more suited for someone who’s a bit older. It’s unfortunate because her hairstyle and her pointed black heels with straps looked good. Overall, it looked like Meghan woke up late and just grabbed anything from her closet. We don’t think she could’ve done anything differently to make the dress more appealing because the skirt of the dress is also pretty weird. It has multiple slips, and they're filled in with mesh. We definitely think she could've dressed better.

7 This Outfit Is Really Confusing — Is She Dressed Up In Costume?


While other celebrities dressed fresh and chic at the Miu Miu event, we’re not sure what Meghan was going for. It was very confusing. She was dressed in Miu Miu, and the outfit looked too young on her, like she was in her teens when she was really in her early 30s. She did her hair in a one sided ponytail that gave off a Pocahontas vibe. She wore a beige furry knee-length coat over an embellished light pink crop top and embellished blue denim mini skirt. She also carried a pink clutch and put on a pair of green velvet embellished pointed heels. There was just too much going on... Maybe she wanted to try putting different clothing items together, but she ended up looking like she was dressed up in costume.

6 It Seems Like She Got The Wrong Size For The Orange Knotted Front Dress


The orange satin knotted front dress looks like it's going to fall off of her at any minute. It looks awkward on her, and it’s probably because Meghan got a size that might've been too big for her. The color of the dress is more of a burnt orange, and it flattered her skin tone. Her makeup, bouncy curls, and matching gold accessories were on point, too. We can’t say the same for the rest. The dress is boxy, and it gave her body no shape whatsoever. The knot in the front of the dress looked like it was hanging too low. Her leopard print peep toe heels and embellished clutch didn’t go well together, either. This outfit definitely missed the mark. It was not a good look on Meghan, perhaps meant for someone who’s slightly older.

5 Mixing Stripes With Plaids Could Work But It Doesn't For Her


Mixing stripes with plaids or other patterns have been a trend for a while. We’ve probably all heard that we should avoid mixing and matching patterns when we coordinate our outfit. It can be tricky, but if done right, the outfit could give a really cool look. Otherwise, it could look busy and clash like it did with Meghan. It’s no wonder some people avoid mixing patterns altogether. Meghan wore a dark blue and white striped sweater with different shades of blue and yellow plaid pants. Mixing stripes with plaids could work, but it didn’t for her — maybe it would have if she had changed her top. She also draped her long black coat over her shoulder, had on a pair of brown velvet flats, and carried a small neutral shade shoulder bag. The outfit was not well put together.

4 The Wide-Leg Trousers Are A Bit Too Wide And Too Long For Her Stature


Where are her feet?! The wide-leg trousers are usually worn by very tall women, and Meghan is apparently 5’7 ft tall. It seems like the trousers were a bit too wide and too long for her stature. She wore heels to make up for the length, but we think the outfit was just not suited for her. The trousers made her look bigger than she really was, and it was literally swallowing her up. She looked silly like a clown on stilts. The sheer top didn’t help make the outfit look any better, either. It's so see-through that we're able to see her nude bra. At least her makeup and hair look perfect. Overall, this look is definitely not appropriate for the bride-to-be to wear when she becomes royalty.

3 The Dark Tan One Shoulder Dress With A Huge Bow Is Not Flattering On Her

The Telegraph

Picking the most flattering nude dress that matches your skin tone is hard. Meghan figured out what shade of nude works for her later in the years, but not here. She wasn’t as stylish back then as she is now. She wore a dark tan one shoulder dress that practically washes her out and makes her look a lot older than she really is. She tried to match the dress with a pair of nude slingback heels and a shiny gold clutch, but it didn't help. Moving on — we honestly can’t keep our eyes off that huge bow on her left shoulder. It’s tacky. She probably got attention for that bow more than anything. It’s literally saying, “Hey, look at me!” Apparently, Meghan has a thing for bows because she wore a bridesmaid dress with a back bow.

2 This Shapeless Frumpy Dress Looks Like A Prom Dress Gone Wrong


Meghan wore a black and white strapless bubble hem dress back in 2007. It was years before she landed the famous role, Rachel Zane in Suits. Anyways, Meghan seems to really love dresses that have bows because there’s one on this dress, too. There are better dresses with bows, but she keeps choosing the wrong ones. Honestly, this shapeless, frumpy dress looks like a prom dress gone wrong. Meghan was in her mid-20s when she wore this dress, and it looks like she either recycled her prom dress from eight years ago or bought it from a children’s retail store. She also wore a pair of silver pointed heels which did nothing to save the dress. The outfit was definitely not a great look on her, and we hope that she threw them out.

1 She's Come A Long Way From This...

Meghan always looks beautiful even if the outfit doesn’t — like this one. She wore a black cropped coat over a black top and washed out bootcut jeans. She wore black pointed heels to match her tops. Overall, the outfit was pretty basic, and it looks like it was put together at the very last minute. Maybe Meghan thought adding six layers of pearl necklace and a beige-tone bag with chocolate brown handles will make the outfit look somewhat sophisticated, but she made it worse by adding unnecessary accessories. The only thing that pops out from her whole outfit is her pearl necklace, which, by the way, looks out of place. It would’ve looked better if she had worn the necklace with something formal. This outfit definitely missed the mark. The parts didn’t coordinate well with one another.

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