8 Of Kim's Sultriest Selfies And 9 Kanye Wishes Didn't Exist

Kim Kardashian has taken many, many, many selfies during her lifetime. In fact, Kim has probably taken more selfies than the rest of the population of the world combined. Due to the sheer amount of selfies Kim has taken, there have been some selfies that were drop dead gorgeous and some selfies that were… not.

Kim’s selfie skills are a bit of an art form. No, seriously. In 2015, Kim even released Selfish, a coffee table book containing 448 pages of Kim’s selfies. (448 pages of SELFIES!) The book was a commercial flop and the Amazon reviews are rough to say the very least. However, one still need to acknowledge the fact that Kim is literally trying to perfect the art of taking selfies. She's a selfie artist, Also, 100 years from now, it’s very likely that Selfish will be praised as a masterpiece so ahead of its time. Guys, we’re simply not worthy of Kim’s selfies.

The reason Kim has so many hot selfies and so many failed selfies is because she’s uncensored. Kim’s brand is both about being elevated and about being real. Yes, she looks stunning, but she’ll also tell you about the five hours her four-person makeup team spent making her look that gorgeous. Yes, she'll post that hot selfie, but she'll also post that not-so-flattering one too.

And so, below are Kim’s hottest and most embarrassing selfies. Of course, we love her for her hot selfies and we love her just a little bit more for her embarrassing selfies. Stay real, Kimmy.

17 Sultry: A Bathroom Selfie In The Curviest Turtleneck Dress

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In this sultry selfie, Kim proves that looking fire doesn’t always have to mean showing off the most skin ever. Sure, Kim does show off the most skin whenever she feels like it, but she can also rock this nude turtleneck dress and look absolutely stunning.

This, of course, has a little something to do with just how curve-hugging this turtleneck dress is. I mean, it really flatters Kim’s figure. Though, Kim may be getting a little help underneath. In the past, Kim has admitted to wearing not one pair of Spanx, but TWO PAIRS of Spanx under her clothing. Obviously, Kim is committed to looking good because two pairs of Spanx would be painful AF. But it’s important to remember that even Kim needs some help (um, TWO Spanx) in order to look this fire.

One down fall of Spanx is that they apparently get a bit messy for Kim. In the past, she’s said, “I always pee all over my Spanx. It's a disaster. They aren't crotchless enough!” Um, Spanx aren’t crotchless at all, Kim…

16 Embarrassing: The Before Picture

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This picture is both embarrassing and amazing. The embarrassing part is… well, look at Kim. This is the before picture that no one is supposed to see. People are just supposed to see you looking hot, not the endless amount of work and effort that went into it. And this does look like a lot of effort. Check out all that makeup that needs to be blended.

The thing about this photo is that many guys don’t get it and many women do get it. Guys are like, “Whoa, Kim needs all that makeup just to look good.” Meanwhile, many women are like, “Me too, girl.”

For female fans, this is the charm of Kim. She lets everyone see just how much effort it takes to be beautiful. There are very few celebrities who would actually post this kind of selfie to social media and Kim is one of them. She may look like a goddess, but she’s letting us know she’s oh-so-human.

15 Sultry: What's Better Than One Kim? Two!

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Kim and Kylie should be banned from taking selfies together. I mean, this selfie is absolutely stunning. Some would even say too stunning. Like, this selfie would cause a car crash because someone would be too distracted while looking at it.

Also, it’s pretty obvious that Kim and Kylie do look alarmingly alike. In recent years, the similarities between Kim and Kylie have raised some questions, as none of the other sisters look this much alike. This is a confusing fact when you also consider that they are only half-siblings. Kylie’s full sibling is Kendall, who she doesn’t resemble to this degree. Likewise, Kim’s full siblings are Khloe and Kourtney, neither of whom look this much like Kim. So, why do Kim and Kylie look so much a like? Many people theorized Kylie was having plastic surgery in order to look more like Kim. Kylie did admit to having lip injections, but that’s it.

It’s more likely Kylie simply grew into her looks and applies her makeup in a similar fashion to Kim’s. I mean, we’ve all seen those unbelievable makeup tutorials. Makeup can legit change your whole face.

14 Embarrassing: A Photoshop Fail With Blac Chyna

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Every celebrity low-key photoshops their picture, but it’s always embarrassing when a celebrity gets found out for photoshopping their picture. And this was the case with the above selfie with Blanc Chyna.

In this post-work out selfie, Kim is clearly arching her back in an extreme way. This could account for her extreme curves, but eagle-eyed fans found another reason her body looks so disproportionate. If you look to the floor tiles, you can see that they are tilted, which is indicative of some poor photoshop. Ah Kim, you should know by now that door ways, mirrors and basically anything with a straight edge should be avoided when photoshopping an image.

Like we said, every celebrity photoshops their images, but it’s just embarrassing when they get found out. You're better than this, Kim.

13 Sultry: That White Hot Swimsuit Selfie

Daily Mail

Kim loves herself a good swimsuit selfie. But if we all had curves like Kim, we would all also love a good swimsuit selfies, right? And curves are right. In this particular photo, Kim shows off her curvy, hourglass figure.

Kim is, and has always been, a woman with curves and that’s so very important in today’s world. Instead of bending to the ideal of what a perfect body looks like – um, thin – Kim helped champion a curvier ideal, all the meanwhile making big butts the hottest body part a woman could have. Well, Jennifer Lopez totally helped with the big butt movement too.

So yes, Kim’s sultry selfie in this teeny white bikini may be hot, but it’s also important. Kim's body is goals, but Kim also helped usher in a new definition of goals.

12 Embarrassing: Old School Kim's First Selfie Ever

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There are so many things wrong in this selfie. While I can’t be sure it’s Kim’s first selfie ever, it really looks like it, mostly because she’s making every mistake in the book. I mean, would Kim ever post a selfie in which she’s sticking her tongue out now? Um, no. Kim clearly learned from the awful selfies of her past.

Other noteworthy things include her French manicure, which is the most basic nail option out there. It’s very doubtful Kim would go for that basic look today. On top of that, Kim’s makeup looks vastly different here than it does today. Her face isn’t chiseled from contour and her smoky eye is more sloppy than chic.

Lastly, a tell-tale sign of a old Kim selfie is her hairline. Kim underwent laser surgery in order to remove her baby hairs and make for a cleaner hairline. If she’s still rocking her baby hairs in a selfie, you can assume it’s a bit older. Overall though, this selfie is simply not something Kim would take today.

11 Sultry: That Dress Is Va-Va-Voom

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From NO to YASSSS. This selfie feels natural because of the bright iPhone light, which is all part of Kim’s charm. Yes, she probably has about 16 assistants to take a selfie for her at any given time, but Kim opts to take a true selfie complete with a flash going off in the mirror and all. This is the type brand of Kim: She’s just like you, but also not at all like you. She’s goals, but she’s also willing to tell you exactly how she achieves her goal looks.

All that said, Kim’s bathroom selfie is fire. Of course, her hair and makeup are flawless. What’s really slaying the picture is that black latex dress. I don’t know nor do I care to know how Kim managed to get that contraption of a dress on her body. All I’ll do is admire what a queen she looks like in it. Slay, you latex-loving queen!

10 Embarrassing: No Using SPF

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If you’ve ever made the mistake of forgoing SPF, you may have had a little situation like the above. While no SPF is a huge beauty mistake, it’s also a beauty mistake made by so many of us in our youth. As many of us get older, we learn that SPF is clutch in defending our skin from sun damage, which makes you look older.

Young Kim clearly got her fair share of sun damage in this photo, though her sunglasses were protecting her eye area, so I guess that's good. And of course, Kim documented this awkward sunburn with a selfie. Say what you want of Kim, but she’s put her most embarrassing and hilarious self out there all to entertain the world. There are many of us (me!) who would have slathered Aloe vera lotion all over our faces and never taken photographed proof of such a sunburn. Instead, Kim embraced this odd sunburn.

9 Sultry: Blonde Kim With A Plunging Neckline

Don’t think Kim Kardashian can pull off blonde hair? Oh, yes, she can. Of course, this platinum blonde lob doesn’t necessarily look natural, but that’s kind of the point. It’s something fun to try out. I mean, it’s just hair, right?

On being blonde Kim has said, “They say I look like a different ethnicity.” So yeah, she may look way different, but she looks just as fire.

In this selfie, Kim is also rocking a plunging dress, which clearly cannot be worn with a bra. There ain't no room for a bra there. In the past Kim has talked about using high-grade tape on her breasts when she wears something that cannot be worn with a bra. This way, Kim still achieves the optimal cleavage, even without a bra. While that sound genius, it also sounds painful. Hard pass for us, but A for effort to Kim.

8 Embarrassing: The Spray Tan Gone So Wrong

In her pre-Kanye days, Kim’s look was a little bit different. Case in point: this selfie.

Kim used to go HARD with the spray tans, which left her with an unnatural look. In this particular spray tan-gone-wrong Kim rocks a spray tan that not only doesn’t look like her natural skin tone but also seems to have been a bit stringy. Just check out that line on her chest. Clearly Kim couldn’t rock this spray tan in public and get away with it.

While the hardcore spray tans are embarrassing – especially if they went way wrong like this one – Kim wasn’t the only celebrity who indulged in this orange trend. In the ‘00s, everyone was all about achieving the perfect glow from Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan to Jessica Simpson. So many celebrities fell for the orange look when it was in style, not just Kim. So, you're forgiven, Kimmy.

7 Sultry: Supporting Her Husband In The Hottest Swimsuit Ever

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We’ve already established that Kim can rock a swimsuit. Be it a bikini or a one-piece, it’s going to look great on Kim. In this case, she’s rocking a one-piece and it’s total fire. She’s also showing off the fact that she has hips and thighs. Yes to real women with real bodies. Well, the realness of Kim’s body is something that many people debate, but still yes to more than just a size two! The hottest thing in this photo is her support of her husband. The one-piece says Pablo, which was the title of Kanye’s upcoming album. Love is the hottest look of all.

Of course, Kim has some advice for looking fire in a bikini. On paparazzi photos, she said, “There are paparazzi everywhere, that's a fact. If I go out in bright sunlight all my cellulite will be lit up and visible. If it's overcast, you can't see it.”

And that’s the thing. Kim is photographed so much that she’s learned what angles and lighting do to her bod. I guess the more photos of you that are taken, the better you get at taking photos. And so, Kim is clearly the best person ever at taking photos.

6 Embarrassing: Sometimes You Just Shouldn't Throw It Back

It’s 2017 and Kim is a fashion and beauty icon. However, that wasn’t always the case. Way back when, Kim’s look was a little… try hard. She was just trying too much and always too extra. And this picture is a prime example of Kim being way, way too extra.

First, there’s Kim’s unfortunate hair. Recently, she’s gone from her dark hair to a platinum hue. That worked for her. What does not work for her are these honey blonde highlights. There’s also the orange spray tan, but again may celebrities fell victim to this awful mistake back in the day.

Really though, there’s just the picture as a whole. Why take a selfie when you’re in a bikini and having your makeup done. It’s just… not 2017 Kim. But that’s the thing. We can all evolve and our selfies evolve along the way. Now, Kim’s a queen and her selfies reflect that. Back then, Kim was still learning.

5 Sultry: Find Your Lighting, Ladies

Much could be said about this selfie and why Kim look so good in it. There’s the low-cut top and the flawless makeup. That certainly plays into the fact that this selfie is such fire. The true lesson here though, is about finding your lighting.

In this photo, Kim’s face is illuminated and without shadows. This is something many publications will do to an image in photoshop, as it makes the face look “more beautiful.” However, Kim achieves this lighting not through photoshop (okay, maybe through photoshop) but through the use of her LuMee. This is an iPhone case with a light on it. You turn it on and it illuminates your face for your selfie.

See? Kim’s selfies make be fire, but she also uses a few tips and tricks to achieve such perfection. Not even Kim was born with the secret to perfect selfies.

4 Embarrassing: Pushing The Waist Trainer

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There’s pretty much nothing more embarrassing than the Instagram personalities who push ridiculous products on their followers. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just go follow any The Bachelor or The Bachelorette contestant's Instagram. They will be pushing teeth whitening kits, curling irons, hair vitamins and literally any other product that offers them $5 for an endorsement.

You’d think Kim would be above this easy way to earn a buck, but no. Girlfriend has been pushing waist trainers to her followers for quite some time and, frankly, it’s embarrassing. Kim is a multi-millionaire with multiple sources of income. There is literally no reason for her to be posting #sponsored posts. Also, the likelihood that Kim honestly, truly, really uses a waist trainer is pretty low. Hard pass on the sponsored posts, Kim. You're better than that.

3 Sultry: The Infamous Picture In Which Kim Was Feeling Herself

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Because of the story behind this selfie, it’s both embarrassing and sultry, but we’ve chosen to file it under sultry.

As you can see, Kim cropped this photo and actually cut out North. Like, she cut her daughter out of a photo, y’all! Of course, the Internet was quick to point this out and crucify Kim for cropping out her daughter. Kim offered up a great explanation by tweeting, “Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!” Which gets all the YAS ever. And that’s Kim for you. She’ll crop her own daughter out of a selfie, but she’ll also be straight up about it

And finally, this photo is filed under sultry because Kim does look absolutely stunning. On top of that, Kim thought she looked so good that she cut out her own daughter, so that’s got to count for something.

2 Embarrassing: Um, What's In The Background?

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This Snapchat moment caused quite a few questions among fans. Kim’s makeup looks flawless as usual. That’s great and all. Kim’s also rocking the flower crown filter, which many fans already know is one of Kim’s favorite filters. However, the background is... well, questionable. Specifically, there are two lines on a black surface in the background. This caused may fans to questions if those two white lines were drugs of some sort. Kim was not having rumors like this, though. She took to Twitter with this, “I do not play with rumors like this so I'm gonna shut it down real quick. That's sugar from our candy mess from dylan's candy shop.”

The story checked out, as Kim was in New York City and had previously posted with North at the famed candy shop. That’s just a lesson to Kim, as her fans will catch anything and everything going on in her photos.

1 Being In Love And Dressing Up As A Hot Disney Princess: Embarrassing...Yet, Sultry!

There are just so many perfect things in this photo. First of all, Kim’s Jasmine costume is epic. Like, she should consider just dressing as Jasmine all the time because I totally would if I looked like that in the Jasmine costume. On top of that her makeup and skin look so flawless. But let us all draw our attention to something very rarely seen: KANYE WEST IS SMILING. Guys, Kim got Kanye to smile in a selfie. And I’m dead.

Sure, Kim’s swimsuit selfies and straight up naked selfies may be hot, but the hottest thing of all is Kim’s happiness. Kim and Kanye seem to be the most in love ever and also have the most adorable family ever. To see a woman who endured years of abuse from the media be absolutely thriving today is the hottest thing of all. And yes, Kim may have taken some embarrassing selfies in her past, but she doesn’t deny who she was. She's owns who she was in 2007, even if she's someone else in 2017.

Sources: Twitter.com, Buzzfeed.com, TMZ.com

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