8 Netflix Shows That You Didn't Know Were Cancelled and 7 That NEED To Go

Netflix is a popular, American-founded entertainment business that specializes in distributing TV shows, movies and documentaries to an International audience. Founded in 1997, it would gain massive popularity in 2007, with the introduction of streaming media. With an affordable monthly rate, viewers are provided with thousands of titles, readily available to stream from their television, computer or smartphone.

Despite the fantastic success, some users complain that the site is suffering from oversaturation. Before, it was fairly easy to log in and choose a movie or TV show to watch. Nowadays, we need to spend quite a bit of time scrolling through the endless options before selecting something to watch. Many people rely on web lists or friends' recommendations to make their choices. Consider it a true first world problem that we no longer have the simplicity of fewer options.

Over the years, Netflix has caught on to terrible ratings and cancelled some Originals that were not doing too well. Some are still lingering, but should be cut ASAP. Before tuning in, check out this list to make sure you aren't wasting your time. Here are 8 Netflix Shows That Have Been Cancelled and 7 That Should Be


15 Cancelled: House Of Cards

Netflix announced that their first Original series, House of Cards, would be cancelled, after having been previously renewed for a sixth season. The cancellation was confirmed on November 3, 2017, in the aftermath of lead actor Kevin Spacey being the subject of sexual misconduct and assault allegations. When allegations began surfacing, Netflix first took a more modest stance, In an October 30th statement, that Season 6 would be the final season. After a week, the allegations against Spacey only exacerbated, with more and more victims coming forward to confirm that they had been abused by him. Netflix promptly fired Spacey from the show, and they have stated that they will no longer do any business with the actor. We are happy to say goodbye to this, and Spacey, forever.

14 Should Be Cancelled: Haters Back Off!


It's so strange how Netflix has cancelled so many good shows, while terrible shows like Haters Back Off! continue to air. There is obviously an audience for this type of humour, I'm just not a part of it! The show is based on real life YouTube phenomenon, character Miranda Sings, and her slow and eventual rise to Internet stardom. The show has released two seasons so far, one in October, 2016, and one that just came out this October. There has been no discussion of a cancellation, but it hasn't been officially renewed yet, either. This show delivers some funny moments, but for the most part it is a painful experience to tune in. Forced humour and exaggerated themes make it a perfect fit for an upcoming cancellation. Reviews were also somewhere between lukewarm and cool, so no one is actually fighting to keep this going!

13 Cancelled: Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a historical series that followed the 13th Century pursuits of the famed explorer during his travels to Mongolia. Although the series received average ratings, the two seasons, spanning twenty episodes, resulted in a whopping $200 million loss for Netflix. This is just another series that proves that Netflix cannot continue to produce high-cost shows that might not be well-received. Most critics agreed that the show had great potential, but missed the mark with subpar acting and cheesy scenes. The reviews were not all bad, though, with Marco Polo being nominated for half a dozen production awards, and winning two, including one for outstanding set design. The final second season was released on July, 1, 2016, and the series remains available for streaming on Netflix, although you might want to skip out entirely.

12 Should Be Cancelled: Fuller House


When Netflix first announced that there would be a sequel to the classic 90's sitcom, Full House, support was strong and curiosity was high. Anyone who loved Full House anticipated the sequel, after all, what could go wrong? Well, as it turns out, it was a terrible idea. The show is stale, lacks originality and isn't enjoyable to watch. Could they for once go for a walk or get out of that house? Perhaps that's the biggest issue; we already have memories of this family stuck in their house all the time, we don't really need to revisit them in another house (is it the same one? Redecorated?) over and over again. Despite pretty terrible reviews, the show is going strong and a second half of season 3 will be released in December. No news yet of Netflix axing this series, although it really does have to go!

11 Cancelled: Bloodline

Bloodline was a family drama-thriller revolving around the Rayburn family, a well-off gang of Floridians whose family secrets evolved into some pretty serious crimes. The series was engaging and exciting, with a great lead, John Rayburn, played by Kyle Chandler. Sadly, the show's second and third seasons did not live up to the first season's hype, and Netflix cancelled the series. The final third season was released on May, 26, 2017. High production costs and negative reviews were cited as the main reasons for cancellation, though the show did receive quite a few award nominations. Actor Ben Mendelsohn won an Emmy Award and a Satellite Award for his role as the black sheep of the family, Danny Rayburn. It's not too late to watch this series, if you like thrillers, it is quite a fun ride!

10 Should Be Cancelled: Flaked


Flaked is a Netflix Original that had wonderful potential, but fell short. I wanted to love this, because Will Arnett is great. The show has some great themes and acting, but the overall package just doesn't cut it. Sadly, this formula of adult-man-acting-like-a-little-boy has been done many times before, and in much more successful ways. There is nothing fresh or inspiring about this series; Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 43% approval rating, so clearly, the fans are in the minority. Nonetheless, it has aired for two seasons, and has not been officially cancelled yet. Season 2 was a shorter season, consisting of only 6 episodes, so clearly the budget was cut at least partially for production. With few interested viewers, this can't go on forever.

9 Cancelled: Longmire

Longmire is a western police drama, focusing on sheriff Walt Longmire, a Wyoming police officer who fights crime, and his own personal demons, one day at a time. Oddly enough, no one actually believes that a small town in Wyoming would have that much criminal activity, but, for the sake of television, it is quite entertaining.The shows sixth and final season will begin airing on November 17. Netflix took on the show after A&E dropped it in Season 3. The series is not even bad, and many fans were disappointed when announced last year that season six would be the final one. The main reason for the cut? The audience was very specific; the subject matter and style only appealed to certain demographics, so the reach was limited. With so many new shows being produced each year, Netflix has to cut some fan favorites.


8 Should Be Cancelled: Santa Clarita Diet


Santa Clarita Diet was one of the most disappointing Netflix Original releases of 2017. A zombie living in suburban California? And she's played by Drew Barrymore? It actually had enough punch to draw you in; I was really, really hoping that I would love this, but sadly, it didn't deliver. The first season was released on February, 3, 2017, and renewed for a second season later in the year. Reviews are not all bad, though. The series has had generally favorable reviews, with an approval rating of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. For those that love all things zombie, this might offer a fresh and silly side to the often generic model. Though a second season is inevitable, hopefully it is cancelled soon after to make more room for newer (better) shows.

7 Cancelled: Gypsy

This cancellation hit me right in the heart! Gypsy was one of the most clever and intriguing psychological dramas in the Netflix Original family. Released on June 30,2017, the series focused on the life of psychologist Jean Holloway, played by Naomi Watts. As her personal life unravels, Jean finds escape in her patients' stories. The cancellation of the series, just six weeks after it's premiere, was the fastest and most shocking in Netflix history. Fans were confused: what went wrong? Sadly, despite having an A-lister lead (providing a phenomenal performance, for the record!) the show never achieved a viral fan following that is so important for the survival of Original series. With such a huge collection of shows, it's in the company's best interest to focus on the ones that gain momentum quickly.

6 Should Be Cancelled: The Ranch


The Ranch debuted as a Netflix Original series in 2016, and is going into it's third season, expected to be released in 2018. The show has a cast that includes Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Debra Winger. Despite the A-lister cast, the comedy falls flat and is filled with cheesy stereotypes, forced jokes and dumb-dumb humour. Netflix has been accused of hypocrisy, recently, when actor Danny Masterson was accused of abusing women. Several women came forward to allege that Masterson had inappropriately touched them, and Netflix stood by and didn't issue a statement, nor did they cancel the show. The famed actor is currently being investigated by the LAPD; perhaps in the coming weeks something will give and filming of The Ranch will be suspended, or, hopefully, cancelled.

5 Cancelled: Girlboss

Girlboss is another Netflix Original that was cancelled soon after it's debut, in April, 2017. The show was created based on the book of the same title by Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso is the entrepreneur behind the renowned clothing line, Nasty Gal. The lead character, played by actress Britt Robertson, is sassy and sarcastic. Many critics have claimed that the lead was unlikeable, and that is why the show did so poorly. The sad reality is that comedy series' don't do that well on Netflix. With so many releases to choose from, fans are quick to choose a favorite, and if a show doesn't get immediate and epic support, it usually tanks. With profit at the frontline of business, the people at Netflix need to be aggressive when shows are not working well. Sadly, this enjoyable comedy didn't make it!

4 Should Be Cancelled: Lovesick


Lovesick is a Netflix Original that debuted in 2016. Based on a British comedy series of the same title, the show follows the love lives of a group of friends in suburban Scotland. The storyline unfolds with a series of flashbacks, which each episode focusing on a different situation or event. Although it's not terrible, it isn't the type of show that you can binge watch. Lacking anything special, the series is just average, at best. Despite this, critics have praised it for it's honest portrayal of youth, and the series' has been renewed for a third season, which will be available in 2018. Perhaps Netflix is keeping this going because it has a relatively low production cost, which means higher profits for the big guys. Since they need to catch up on their estimated $4 billion dollar debt, they'll do whatever they can to come out on top.

3 Cancelled: Chelsea

The world is made up of two types of people: those that love Chelsea Handler, and those that don't. Her late night talk-show, released on Netflix, ran for two seasons before being axed. It was the first time that Netflix produced a talkshow, and it actually did moderately well. The biggest problem is that Chelsea is notoriously crass and outspoken, something that can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on your audience. The show only received a 27% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes after the first season, raising concern that the show wouldn't bounce back and turn into a hit. But, Netflix still renewed for a second season, which debuted on April 14, 2017. Chelsea Handler has made a statement that it was her choice to end the show, so that she could pursue other projects.

2 Should Be Cancelled: Marseille


Marseille is by far the most disappointing show that Netflix has produced. As a big fan of Gerard Despardieu, I expected to tune in and love this. Instead, it made me recoil in horror and embarrassment. Netflix somehow managed to take a really good idea (following the life and times of the cities top politicians) and turn it into an overly Americanized ridiculous show. The acting is subpar, and the dialogue is just horrendous. On top of that, badly translated conversations lead to a really confusing storyline, which just bleeds of CSI's early years, but in a European city. Despite the terrible reviews, this was also renewed for a second season, which is set to be released soon. Hopefully, two does not lead to three!

1 Cancelled: Sense8

Sense8, a science-fiction drama series, first aired on Netflix on June 5, 2015. It was almost immediately met with support from viewers, reaching an approval rating of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes after the first season was released. On June 1, 2017, Netflix announced that Sense8 would be cancelled after the second season. No official reason was given, and when pressed, they cited high production costs and low profit margins as the main reasons. Typical Netflix formula! Fans and critics were shocked and disappointed in the decision. After much criticism, Netflix confirmed at the end of summer that they would follow up the second season with a two-hour special, to be released in 2018. The special will aim to wrap up the storyline and not leave fans hanging.



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