8 Huge Celeb Rumors That Are Fake and 7 That Are Actually True

Sometimes, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting caught up on good old celebrity gossip. When people are in the public eye, it is easy for rumors to start, and even the smallest quote, comment or story can suddenly snowball into a long-winded explanation that eventually may actually seem to be factual.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to extinguish these kinds of fires in Hollywood, and even after many years, fans will be repeating stories that they may have no real idea if they are true or not. The funny thing is, celebs tend to get away with a lot of extreme things as well.

You may hear a story that is so outrageous, there is no way it can be true—but those are usually the ones that are. Now with the aid of the Internet, multiple entertainment outlets—and even social media—we may be able to investigate the crazy things we hear these days to find some sort of proof or validity in the antics of Hollywood stars.

In todays society, maintaining their image—along with keeping their words or actions politically correct—while being in the spotlight is enough for most celebrities to keep their act together while in (and out) of the public eye. But in the end, some of them just can’t help getting caught up in scandal.

15 Fake: Cher’s Missing Body Parts

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We know that some women will go to extremes to maintain their good looks and youthful figure. Vanity runs even more rampant in Hollywood, of course. Rumor has it that Cher went through a complicated surgery in the past to remove ribs from her body in order to give the illusion that she is slimmer than she had been.

Now, we all know Cher is no stranger to plastic surgery. Having been in the public eye for many, many years, it is not hard to see the changes in her face—not to mention the fact that her skin is flawless and really should not be at her age.

We think women should be free to do what they want with their own bodies, but this would be taking it to the extreme. Cher herself has gone on record to deny this surgery ever taking place, but we also know she tends to wear some very revealing outfits on stage. Since that kind of surgery would more than likely leave some extensive scarring, we believe her on this one.

14 Fake: Shirley Temple – Little Girl, or Little Person?

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Back in the 1930s, little Shirley Temple was a household name. With her perfect dimples and curly ringlet hair, she was one of the most well-known child actors of her time. Despite that, a man who reviewed movies for a living was convinced that she was actually a little person—a grown woman dressed to appear as a child.

Nowadays, that kind of rumor could easily be dispelled as quickly as one could do an Internet search and really investigate some pictures, or even hunt down a legitimate birth certificate. Unfortunately, over 80 years ago, the public just had to wait it out. The funny thing about time is, it ages a person. Once quite a few years went by, and it was clear that Shirley Temple had grown in to a beautiful—and taller—young woman, those rumors were finally laid to rest.

13 True: Charles Manson – Missing Beach Boy?

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Among other things, little Charlie Manson liked to dabble in song writing. After a stint in prison in 1967, he started shopping some of his songs around the Los Angeles area. Rumor had it that Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys came across one, liked it, and ended up recording it with very minimal changes to Manson’s work.

Dennis and Charles ended up bonding over this turn of events, and Manson even moved into Wilson’s home for a period of time. After a while, though, Wilson grew weary of Charles’ quirks and asked him to leave. It appears that things headed south for good ol’ Charlie boy after that, and we know how that story ended. Wilson may have ended up regretting this decision, but it turns out that this is one rumor that that ended up becoming fact instead of fiction.

12 Fake: Walt Disney Will Come Back To Life

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We’ve all heard the rumors about Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen and just waiting to be “brought back to life” further down the road in the future. Maybe it’s because so much of the world is in love with Disney movies—and Disney theme parks—and they don’t want to truly believe that the man that started it all is no longer around.

Maybe it was the fact that it has been mentioned that Disney had truly had a vested interest in cryogenics himself. Or maybe, it is just the crazies in the tin foil hats that want to start drama by coming up with ridiculous allegations to get people talking. Either way, this rumor wasn’t hard to dispel. The fact that Walt Disney was actually cremated after he had passed away should definitely be enough proof for even the biggest conspiracy theorist.

11 Fake: The Dead Crow

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Tragedy struck during production on the set of The Crow in March of 1993. Actor, Brandon Lee was killed when a prop gun accidentally shot a fragment of a fake bullet left in the gun into Lee’s side—leaving a wound that would lead to his death. Fans of this movie have long claimed that the final scenes in the movie depicting the death of Eric Draven—the character Lee was playing in the movie—was the actual death of Brandon Lee.

In actuality, all of the end scenes were reshot with a body double, and later added Lee’s face in post-production. The scene where Draven is killed was completely reshot, and the story and circumstances of the character’s death were even changed from what was originally shot.

Thankfully, showing a true accidental death in a motion picture would be incredibly disturbing and in the poorest of taste. I think we are all grateful that this rumor in fact, turned out to be false.

10 True: Tupac – Puff Puff Pass

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After rapper Tupac Shakur’s untimely death in 1996, his friends and family were understandably devastated. Upon cremation of his body, his closest friends recalled the lyrics to a rap Shakur had written in his earlier days, encouraging those close to him to “smoke his ashes” when he was gone.

Rumors began to fly that his buddies had actually gone through with this—mixing the rapper’s ashes with marijuana and smoking the combination at a memorial service for their slain friend.

The rap group, The Outlawz—made up of Pac’s friends—later confirmed this rumor was in fact true. Members later admitted that they weren’t exactly sure whether Tupac actually intended for this to happen, or if he was just messing around. But his buddies do claim that they were happy the legend had been “flowing through their veins.” Grief takes on all forms, but this was definitely not one we had heard before.

9 Fake: Oprah and Gayle – More Than Just Friends?

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It’s been talked about for as long as we can remember that Oprah Winfrey and longtime sidekick, Gayle King are more than just lifelong besties. Let’s be real, private details of one’s personal life—celebrity or not—are just that: private and personal.

It really isn’t anyone’s business to speculate, nor demand answers. Some seem to think that because celebrities live their lives in the public eye, they owe it to us to divulge every single detail of their lives. Either way, the nature of Oprah and Gayle’s relationship has always been questioned. The fact that Oprah has been in a long-term relationship with Stedman Graham should put these rumors to rest, but the more time that goes by with no wedding bells for the couple, the more fuel just seems to be added to the “he’s just a cover!” fire.

8 True: Jerry Lee Lewis and His Child Bride

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We’ve all heard the kissing cousins jokes about Jerry Lee. Turns out, those jokes were based on absolute truth. Back in 1958, Elvis Presley had just been drafted by the military and became a member of the United States Army. Then-22-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis was ready to take the King’s place while he was gone.

That plan was quickly derailed when fans later found out that not only was Jerry Lee married, but he was married to his very young cousin—Myrna Gale Brown. Fame fell apart very quickly for him after that, and things were never the same. Tabloids ran with the ridiculous story, and the tour he was on at the time was cancelled.

It didn’t help his situation when it was also revealed Lewis was still legally married to his first wife, Jane Mitcham. Things were never the same for Lewis in his professional life, and he and Myrna Gale ended their relationship in 1970.

7 Fake: Is Lauryn Hill Racist?

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In 1996, someone spoke on air with Howard Stern during his radio show claiming that Fugees member Lauryn Hill voiced “anti-white” comments during an MTV interview. The caller stated Hill made comments saying she would rather die and let her children starve than to have white people buy her albums.

Understandably, this claim caused an immediate uproar. The funny thing is, there was never any record of these comments being made in an MTV interview. No video recording; no audio recording; no proof at all.

If there were proof, we all know that would’ve immediately come to light and forever haunted Hill. In the end, Lauryn did address the controversy, stating, “What I did say was I love my people—black people—and I will continue to make music for them.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that infamous caller to Howard Stern interpreted Hill’s words in the opposite way that they were stated.

6 True: President Bill and His Friend Monica

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One of the most memorable scandals of the ‘90s may very well have been the alleged—and later proven to be factual—affair between United States President Bill Clinton and one-time White House intern Monica Lewinsky. In 1998, there were rumors swirling that the president had engaged in a sexual relationship with Lewinsky that took place between 1995 and 1997.

Clinton went on the record in a 1998 television speech claiming that he did not have sexual relations with Lewinsky. Eventually, it was to be revealed that this situation had in fact taken place, and Clinton had tried to sweep it all under the rug.

Remarkably, Bill’s wife Hillary managed to stay by his side during what could only be described as an incredibly embarrassing time for the couple. Tthey remain married to each other to this day. It just goes to show you that no matter how much power you may have, the truth will always come to light.

5 Fake: Beyoncé’s Fake Bump

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In August of 2011, Beyoncé ripped open her coat at the end of her performance at the MTV Music Awards and rubbed her hand on her round—and obviously pregnant—belly. The world is enthralled with Queen B, and the excitement in the room was palpable.

Fast-forward two months, and rumors began to spread after a video surfaced of B bending over to sit down for a television interview—and her belly looking like it folded in on itself. Any woman who has been pregnant knows that those big, round bellies don’t usually just disappear.

However, we also know that maternity clothes can emphasize those bellies just as much. Either way, there were also pictures of Beyoncé published with a bare pregnant belly, not to mention the fact that the entire wing of a hospital was shut down when she gave birth to her daughter in 2012. There will always be skeptics, but maybe seeing Mrs. Jay-Z hugely pregnant with twins more recently will finally put those rumors to rest.

4 Fake: Prince Charles – You Are NOT The Father?

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Prince Harry and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, do not seem to bear a striking resemblance to one another. In addition to that, the Duke and his father, Prince Charles, are practically twins when they were photographed at younger ages.

Because of this—and possibly also the fact that Prince Harry is a ginger—it’s no secret that people have speculated that Charles is actually not Harry’s biological father, but that the title instead belongs to a man named James Hewitt.

They do share some similar physical attributes, but that is not the end all be all to paternity. Hewitt has always maintained that he met—and had an affair with—Princess Diana after both of her boys were born, which would make it impossible that he was Harry’s father. Nevertheless, former friend of Princess Di stated once that the Princess was forced to go along with paternity testing for both boys, and the results proved Prince Charles was the father of them both.

3 True: Steven Tyler – Daddy Dearest?

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Back in 1975, times were clearly much different than they are today. Steven Tyler—of Aerosmith fame—was 27 years old, and rumors were running rampant that he had managed to convince a set of parents to give him custody of their daughter so that for some reason, they could live together in Boston.

Julia Holcomb was only 14 years old when this event—which Tyler later confirmed was absolute fact—occurred. There were stories of the couple’s partying ways, involving a great deal of drug and alcohol use. Three years later, their relationship ended after an unplanned pregnancy led to an abortion for the couple.

Tyler has stated that it is something that has haunted him his entire life. When Julia was 17, Tyler returned her to her parents. He then went on to be connected to many other women in his life, and becoming the father to four children.

2 True: Prince May Have Once Knocked On Your Door

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Rumors started in 2001 of Prince not only becoming a Jehovah’s Witness, but going “out in the ministry” by going door-to-door in neighborhoods just outside of Minneapolis to share the word with others. One woman claimed he knocked on her door on a Sunday afternoon, introduced himself by his full name—Prince Nelson—and wanted to share some information with her. She was astounded, but obliged.

It was revealed that Prince spoke about being a Jehovah’s Witness for about 25 minutes, and ended his visit by leaving a pamphlet for the family to review. Its no secret celebrities can get involved in some pretty interesting religions. But it isn’t very often that one of those celebrities takes time to go door-to-door to share their beliefs with others. However, it apparently isn’t unheard of. We are sure Prince left a lasting mark on that house that day.

1 True: Bill Cosby Was A Predator

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This is one rumor that left people absolutely reeling when it was found to be true. In 2017, Cosby ended up going to trial for allegations that he had been sexually assaulting and raping women from as far back as 1965, with the latest incident occurring in 2008.

The first day of court was June 5, 2017, but the case ended with a mistrial on June 17th, 2017. The longtime star was facing up to 10 years in prison, which obviously ended up not happening. Nobody wants to think a loving TV dad from their childhood could be responsible for heinous acts such as sexual assault and rape. While legally, Cosby was not charged with any wrong doing, there are way too many reports, stories, and victims for us to believe any of this was just a rumor.

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