8 Celebs Who Stand A Chance At Finding Real Love In 2018 And 8 Who'll Remain Single

Is anyone else able to keep up with Hollywood’s dating scene? I swear, every time that I even try to catch up it’s like my head starts spinning. It’s a cycle of celebrities dating each other only to turn around date an ex or a once platonic friend. To be a fly on the wall in this place would be riveting, but would probably just lead to a bunch of headaches. It’s really hard to keep up, it’s like you can only stay focused on a handful because the dating scene there is constantly changing.

Now that it’s finally a new year, it would be nice for some of these celebrities find true love in a vapid industry. It truly gives hope to us regular people. However, there are some celebs who I just can’t stand to see ruin yet another relationship. Some people are just not meant to wind up with anyone. Sure, that may seem very harsh, but relationships are not cut out for everyone.

There comes a time when you realize that it’s time to give up your petty track record and meet someone nice who actually cares about you. Other times, you might think how horrid throwing yourself back into the dating pool sounds and make peace with the idea of living a life as a single person. Here’s your breakdown of 8 celebrities who stand a chance at finding love this year, and 8 who should probably just focus on themselves.

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16 Helplessly Single Forever, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has taken to her music to even make fun of her own dating life quite a few times, but the truth is that her collective dating record has been quite of a list of top musicians and actors. It’s as if every year she gets a new boyfriend, but nothing seems to stick. You have to hand it to her though, for someone very unlucky in love the fact that she continues to get out there is pretty inspiring, to say the least.

We aren’t tuned into her personal life considering that she tends to steer clear of the media and doesn’t even share very much on her social feeds. Which makes sense since nothing seems to stay guy-wise. There is always hope with Joe Alwyn, but Taylor really needs someone who understands that she is always going to be in the public eye.


15 Jake Gyllenhaal Is Ready To Settle Down


Speaking of Taylor Swift, her very brief stint with Jake Gyllenhaal still haunts our souls with hope. But it seems that we’re holding out for something that will never happen. Jake has been ready to settle down for quite some time, sources have often said. And he’s also dated some fabulous women! He’s been linked to Ruth Wilson, Rooney Mara, Dakota Johnson, Alyssa Miller, and Michelle Williams, just to name a few.

However, his desperation might be what’s keeping him from settling down with one woman. He’s too cute and sweet to end up alone, so maybe this could finally be the year that Jake decides to take his time with a leading woman, and let some form of destiny takes over. He’s already bought the perfect family home, now he just needs the family to go in it. I kind of want to just want to see him get back with Taylor, realizing they were a total missed connection years ago.


14 Is Tom Cruise Over Katie Yet?


Ever since his epic divorce with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise has been romantically linked to any other woman. Oh, did I mention that they officially divorced in 2012 and that their relationship was long over before that? What has Tom been up to—besides not seeing his growing daughter with Katie, Suri, in years?

This is definitely another year of single life for Tom who is probably so traumatized by his failed marriage that he’s just totally thrown himself into his work. It happens to the best of us, but not usually A-list actors. Recently he was seen smooching his costar, Vanessa Kirby, but it doesn’t even look romantic. It just looks like they were filming a scene. Tom needs to get over Katie in order to move on with his romantic life.

The Sun

13 Hilary Duff Is Mature And Ready To Settle Down Again

TV Land

Hilary Duff has been reportedly on and off with her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, who she shares a 5-year-old son with. Recently she’s been totally off with him but has a very friendly relationship with him since they split time with their son and share custody without any drama.

More recently she’s been seeing singer Matthew Koma. She has a pattern of returning to her exes, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing in this situation. Maybe she realizes that some people are worth holding on to, and when the timing is right it’s time to pounce. That’s exactly what is going on now! She dated Matthew in early 2017 for a few months, but they fizzled due to scheduling conflicts. Now, they are spending lots of time together with her son as well. This could be a good sign!

12 Rihanna May Be Too Unpredictable


These days you hear that all kinds of cool, hot guys are dating Rihanna, but she’s always enjoyed swaying those rumors away and brushing her shoulders off. There’s such a cool air around Rihanna. It’s like you’d do best to stay on her good side, or else. The press has always enjoyed coupling her with Drake, but Rihanna and her staff have never confirmed anything.

Most recently she’s been connected to Saudi business billionaire, Hassan Jameel. They were last photographed on a date in Paris together. Could this be the year that Rihanna finally has an official relationship with someone who isn’t Chris Brown? Perhaps! But first, Hassan needs to figure out if he’s okay with starting a relationship with someone as unpredictable as Rihanna. Real trust is needed for this!

Capital Xtra

11 Katy Perry Is A Diamond In The Rough


When you think of Katy Perry, you can’t help but think of her odd romance and two-year marriage with Russel Brand. Things sadly ended in a text from Russel claiming he couldn’t deal with her schedule anymore and that he wanted a divorce. The funnier thing is that recently Russel stated his regret of giving up on Katy. In fact, all of her exes have nothing but great things to say about her.

So, what gives? I think there’s still great promise in Katy’s romantic life. She deserves to be with someone who will give her just as much love back as she puts in. She needs a partner who will support her busy schedule, instead of fighting over it. She’s kind to her fans, and most of all she’s a hopeless romantic. We're looking at you, Orlando Bloom!

Vanity Fair

10 Demi Lovato Is The Perfect Catch


Demi Lovato is like a self-empowered movement within herself. She is not only known for her very talented vocal abilities but also her exclusive ability to take the buzz of haters and turn it around into a platform of pure confidence. Can we all borrow a dose that, Demi? Along with admiring her ability to brush haters off, Demi is beautiful and funny.

Who else is seeing the whole package here? It will be shocking if Demi stays single any longer. She is focused on her music at the moment, but she’s recently been spotted with actor Ryan Phillippe. Or, he was spotted leaving her home at some odd hour of the night. Ryan, I hope you’re serious and know how to treasure your time with someone like Demi. Otherwise, he needs to step aside and let someone worthwhile have a shot.

Daily Mail

9 Leonardo Dicaprio Is Only Attainable To Victoria's Secret Models Half His Age

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Does anyone else see Leo losing his looks…especially off-screen. I’m sure it has something to do with his endless bachelor ways. The list of Leo’s dating record reads like the roll call to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. All of these women are grossly younger than him, and frankly just too beautiful to deserve less than the best. Leo has always just been looking to have a good time. That’s all too familiar these days.

If he keeps this up, he is going to end up alone, and sulking about all of the nights that could have been. He’s only 43, so he still has some time to wake up the conscious of a man who is mature enough to enjoy a serious relationship. Can he just admit his love for Kate Winslet and give into what we all want already?

Daily Mail

8 Zac Efron Is The Ultimate Bachelor We Need


Zac Efron could possibly be today’s most eligible bachelor. He’s handsome, funny, and stays clear of the Hollywood gossip rags. He’s a very talented actor, but his relationships are kept very under wraps. Perhaps that’s why I’m so curious to see him vocally dating an equally awesome counterpart.

There was recent hearsay that hinted at Zac dating his The Greatest Showman costar, Rebecca Ferguson. She’s 4 years his senior, but that’s not why we do not buy this story. I simply don’t believe it because various PR people spread similar rumors in order to sell box office tickets. Does this even work anymore? Most people just wait until they can stream it from their TVs. Although, I did hear it was a great movie. However, I think Zac makes for very promising boyfriend material, don’t you?

7 Rachel McAdams Doesn't Have Enough Time For A Relationship


We were all about the epic romance that was Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, the latter is now in a happy long-term relationship with Eva Mendes and has two little girls with her. I think it’s safe to say that all hope has been crushed for that reunion. Rachel has starred in a slew of incredible movies that I personally have loved and watched over and over again.

Now, can we say it’s time for Rachel to find love? Maybe not. It seems like the common denominator in her previous relationships is her work ethic. Rachel is simply all too happy to throw herself into her acting gigs to devote any kind of time to a relationship. I suppose it’s fair considering she’s a top actress. However, I can’t wait to see who she dates next.


6 Anna Kendrick Is Just Waiting To Be Whisked Off Of Her Feet


Could 2018 be the year that Anna Kendrick is swept off of her feet? She’s gone out of her way to prove herself as a real promising actress in the industry. You can hardly remember her small stint in the awful Twilight trilogy. She’s come a very long way, but her dating life never really suffered until recently.

Anna was linked to actor Edgar Wright from 2009 to 2013 but hasn’t had another serious relationship since. I am love that all of these women these days are putting their careers first. However, I’d love to Anna get wrapped up with another fellow comedian. She’s no formal comedian or anything, but in all of her interviews and even in her book she’s shown her witty background and can tell jokes like the best of them.

5 Bella Hadid Is Too Busy Chasing Her Ex To Move On

We Heart It

There was so much hope when Drake and Bella Hadid were rumored to be dating. However, more recently, she’s been spotted with her ex, rapper the Weeknd ever since his reported break up with Selena Gomez. It’s a big cycle A-listers dating each other in this Hollywood dog and pony show. It’s hard to keep up with who is dating who right now.

Anytime the Weeknd needs a shoulder to cry on, his ex, Bella, is there for him. Which, sounds nice, sure. But this is a very unhealthy cycle which will cause Bella to remain single for as long as it continues. She needs to cut ties with her needy ex-boyfriend if she wants to even seem like she’s moved on and ready to mingle.


4 Malika Haqq Seems More Focused On Fame Than Finding Love


You may recognize Malika Haqq as the professional BFF that pops up all over Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Oh yeah, she’s also an actress. She made an appearance in ATL, but that’s her only serious gig—if you can even call that serious. Recently she’s moved on from being Khloe’s BFF to pursue a stint on Famously Single.

Maybe Malika would have a true chance at love if she stopped living under the light the shined from the Kardashian’s and attempted a shot at something of her own. How does she make a living? Managing the Kardashian Dolls in the sisters’ national stores isn’t exactly impressive. She seems like she’s still chasing the possibility to be a star, which passed long ago. Malika needs to find herself before actually getting into a committed relationship.


3 Emilia Clarke Is Way Too Cute To Stay Single For Long


Can someone please explain to me how on earth Emilia Clarke is still single? Yes, fine, I suppose I’m biased to this, but please do me a favor and try and name something wrong with her. I bet you can’t! Neither can I. Emilia, aka Khaleesi, deserves nothing but a great love coming her way this year. She’s adorable, charming, and her smile and laugh are totally magnetic. You can’t watch her laugh without at least cracking a smile.

One reason she’s single could have something to do with the fact that she’s constantly working, and therefore traveling the world because of it. It’s hard to hold down a romance when your hundreds of miles away from each other. Hopefully, she’ll be able to take a break soon and find Mr. Right.


2 Nicki Minaj Is Sassy, Hilarious, And Totally Independent


Who would have guessed that Nicki Minaj is a serial monogamist? She has had two major relationships since debuting her music career. Plus, there’s always been rumors that she and Drake are an on and off thing, but there’s never been much evidence besides the two collaborating on their music together, and supporting one another on social media.

It took a while for Nicki to admit to either of her most recent relationships, which shows that she is very trustworthy. Despite having a major platform, she keeps her private life just that, private. She doesn’t air dirty laundry and throws herself into her work. She is very mature, and can definitely take care of her financially and emotionally. Now she just needs a lucky guy to realize this and scoop her up for himself.


1 Who Can Handle All Of Angelina Jolie's Baggage?


Angelina Jolie’s dating record is not the best. She has been dubbed a homewrecker various times for going after and perusing relationships with men who had girlfriends or spouses. Plus, she has six children to worry about, so dating is probably the last thing on her mind. That’s probably a good thing seeing as this is her third failed marriage.

Maybe she just needs to focus on herself and her family, and just not worry about paying any mind to potential guys in her life. More recently the media has been speculating that she could be dating Jared Leto, but that just seems like a nice rumor to throw into the drama as she continues her divorce from Brad Pitt. I definitely don’t see her finding someone this year.

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