8 Celebs Who Bounced Back After Pregnancy And 8 Who Struggled

New mothers go through an entire slew of brand new emotions once they have a child: emotions that vary from extreme happiness to complete and utter disbelief. But on top of struggling with the postpartum depression along with little to no sleep, new mothers also have to worry about their very changed body as well. Sure, that bun is no longer in the oven, but mothers have to deal with the aftermath of the bomb dropping. And for celebrity moms, it’s about a billion times worse since they have to worry about the constant click of a camera that tends to catch them every time they step out of the house.

One of the hardest parts of being a celebrity mom is that the paparazzi pick apart every little aspect of their changed bodies. If they don’t lose the weight fast enough, they’re being lazy. If they lose it too quickly, they’re considered narrow-minded and too body obsessed. So really, there’s no middle ground when it comes to them.

And THEN you have those celebrities who don’t need to fight AT ALL to lose the weight – it just happens. Remember years ago when actress Uma Thruman managed to lose all her baby weight only TWO WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH in order to play the lead role in Kill Bill? I mean, seriously.

Here are 16 celeb moms who were able to whip their bodies into shape after having children, and those who just said: “I’m happy with how I look”.

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16 Keeping It Fit (Yay) – Kim Kardashian

Reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian has ALWAYS had a body image problem, which is why she’s also been so extremely self-conscious since forcing her way into the spotlight over a decade ago. She’s always been a curvy woman (who, you know, has had her curves enhanced thanks to the brilliance of Los Angeles plastic surgeons) but when she and Kanye West were pregnant with first daughter North, it was clear that Kim was going to pack on the weight in an unflattering fashion. However, her body did bounce back after giving birth and she managed to look EVEN BETTER than she did before she got pregnant. And she even managed to pull it off twice. Even with her health issues. Unfortunately, she had to use a surrogate for baby number 3, so we won’t see her whip her body back into shape.

15 Bloat Much? (Nay) – Mariah Carey

There’s one thing that makes singer Mariah Carey desperately unattractive – and it has nothing to do with how much weight she gains or loses – it has to do with her over-the-top, diva-like attitude. A few years back, Carey had a set of twins with comedian Nick Cannon, whom she was married to at the time. We all often wondered what Cannon saw in the songstress, but even he too began to ask that question after the kids came along. Carey had always fluctuated with her weight since the early 2000’s, but after she had kids, she really didn’t seem to care about losing the weight quickly. She just seemed to like to say “fake news” to people who would comment on her weight gain. There was clearly a difference in her weight after she had the twins.

14 Diva Is As Diva Does (Yay) – Beyoncé

Everyone knows you don’t TOUCH or DISS Queen Beyonce’s weight – before after or having kids. Thing is, in both of Beyonce’s pregnancies, the singer always seemed to bounce back in a short amount of time. Both after having Blue Ivy and then after giving birth to her and Jay Z’s twin children. She even looked phenomenal during her pregnancies (not to mention she was still performing on the stage up until actually going into the delivery room… okay, that last part isn’t true, but she was still performing well into her second trimester). The weight just seemed to melt away after each birth, and she was stepping back out onto the red carpet as if nothing ever happened. That woman is clearly not of this earth and is a complete and utter goddess.

13 Keep Trying, Love (Nay) – Jessica Simpson

Poor Jessica Simpson can’t seem to cut a break since coming onto the celeb scene way back in the late 1990’s. She married fellow pop singer Nick Lachey and that whole reality TV show happened (in which the fact that she didn’t know if Chicken of the Sea was tuna or chicken, the blonde). But then Jessica, who was always a curvy woman, went off and spit out a couple of kids and then suddenly decided that her body didn’t really matter that much. Of course, people started noticing a dramatic difference in her figure, which is enough to send anyone off the deep end, but Simpson kept her cool and just went about her life, living happily in bliss with her new little family.

12 Fitness (And Mom) Guru (Yay) – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson got some INSANELY great family genes. We all know I’m referring to her mother, Goldie Hawn. Hudson was the spitting image of her mother when she first appeared on the scene, and still looks spot on (even if a Goldie has gotten a little rough around the edges with age). Hudson ended up becoming a mom years ago and her body clearly went through a significant change after giving birth. Sure, she wasn’t the stick figure she once was, but Hudson embraced her newfound curves and toned up her body a few notches. She even started her own line of exercise wear and started modeling it. And we all have to say WOW when it comes to her post-baby body and her exercise motivation after starting a family.

11 She’s Happy Either Way (Nay) – Kelly Clarkson

Poor Kelly Clarkson – she always seems to be a critics’ punching bag when it comes to her weight. When she first broke onto the scene back in the early 2000’s by being the winner of the first American Idol, it was judge Simon Cowell who always was on the singer about her weight, since she was noticeably fluctuating. Thing is, Clarkson cared back then – however, she couldn’t give two rats’ rears what anyone says about her weight now. Mainly because she’s become a mom and now THAT’S her primary focus, not how much the scale says. Sure, she never really got her body back into tip-top shape after having kids, but what does that matter? She’s happy, and that’s all she truly cares about because, frankly, that’s all that matters.

10 Better Than Ever (Yay) – Hilary Duff

In my eyes, actress Hilary Duff always seemed to blend in with the wallpaper in everything she ever acted in. I was just never too impressed with her Disney persona. But then, she had a kid. And from that point, her body was never the same. But in a stand-out, “oh holy cow” sort of fashion. I mean, have you seen her lately? She looks utterly phenomenal like she’s a brand new person. Sure, that could be because the joy she gets when looking at her child, but it could also be from whenever she looks in the mirror too. Or perhaps it’s because of her role on the surprise hit series Younger. Whatever it is, science needs to find a way to bottle that glee up and start selling it to people.

9 Never Really The Same (Nay) – Janet Jackson


It takes guts, not to mention a lot of doctors, in order to have a child at the age of 50, so we’re not knocking Janet Jackson here. It’s hard enough as is getting back into shape when you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s when you spit out a kid, now imagine being in your 50’s. But Jackson is no average woman with your basic trainer who meets up with you three times a week at your local gym. She’s a woman who has to train vigorously in order to prepare for her tours. She’s the same woman who showed off her washboard abs and extremely toned figure. But it’s not that easy to whip back into shape so quickly, even for someone like Jackson. So yeah, she’s given a free pass for slumming it a little after giving birth.

8 Must Be In The Kardashian Blood (Yay) – Kourtney Kardashian

You have to assume that the trainers who work the Kardashian must be paid hefty overtime wages. It feels like there’s always one who is knocked up at some point during the year. In the case of 2017, there were THREE expecting mothers (well, Kim was expecting in the form of a surrogate and Kylie still has yet to formally announce her own pregnancy) so you know trainers have been eagerly waiting on the sidelines. However, even though Kim has jumped back to her pre-baby body quickly, no one can measure up to Kourtney in terms of looking freaking fabulous after giving birth (three times now). I mean, seriously, look at that frame! No one has the bounce back power quite like Kourtney. Now, only if she can improve her taste in men….

7 ….While Outsiders Struggle (Nay) – Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is a former… model? Exotic dancer? I was never quite sure exactly what Blac did for a living but now I really don’t have to know since her beef with the Kardashian family is the main highlight that comes along with her name. Okay, so she was engaged (though rather briefly) with Rob Kardashian and she ended up having his kid (named Dream, so I suppose she really wanted her to fit in with the idiotic sounding names that Kim is so fond of) before their entire world imploded and lawsuits were filed and thrown around. So no wonder she hasn’t found the time to get back into shape after having her daughter. She has too much on her plate at this moment… and no, I don’t mean literally. I’m not THAT mean.

6 Momma Jenny From The Block (Yay) – Jennifer Lopez

If you came from a different planet and you landed on earth and were face to face with Jennifer Lopez for the first time in your existence, you would never guess she’s even in her 40’s let alone that she’s had two children. Jenny from the Block seems to have discovered the fountain of youth and is keeping it all to herself. The woman is a model of perfection and she shows it off every time she takes the stage. She’s in an awe-inspiring relationship with Alex Rodriguez and has a strong relationship with her children (they’re commonly seen on her Instagram feed) and even with their father (Marc Anthony). Even when she was pregnant, she didn’t really look it – and when she did, she made it look awesome by being so fashion forward.

5 Just A Tad Grace…less (Nay) – Debra Messing

I have always hated it whenever an actress would become pregnant in real life and the television show she was currently starring in refuses to write her pregnancy into the script. So what do they do? Hand the actress large purses and have her stand behind bulky furniture. It never fails. It’s so freaking obvious. And the most obvious pregnancy was Debra Messing when she found herself pregnant when starring on NBC’s hit comedy series Will and Grace. They really didn’t bother to hide her weight gain all too much, and just had some characters comment in passing that she’s gained weight. Like we wouldn’t realize that the rail-thin Messing’s body hasn’t changed dramatically because she’s expecting. Even after she gave birth, her body never went back to being the same, and she seems perfectly okay with that.

4 Funny, And Hot, Girl (Yay) – Chrissy Teigen

Everyone and anyone who has a Twitter account knows the name Chrissy Teigan. Even if you don’t know who she is or what she does for a living, I guarantee, someone you know has retweeted one of her biting, and hilarious, tweets. Teigan is a formal model and an author and is the brilliant wife of singer John Legend. Currently, she is pregnant with their second child, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. After she gave birth to baby Luna, she seemed to bounce back in terms of her figure, but she has always been honest about the changes that happen to a woman’s body after being pregnant. She proudly shows off her stretch marks with a simple shrug and a sarcastic comment. She isn’t afraid to be who she really is, and we love her for it.

3 Better Or Worse (Nay) – Christina Aguilera

It’s insanely hard for a petite girl to bounce back to her previous weight after giving birth, and poor Christina Aguilera proved that. Personally, I think she looks so much better after having a child gave her newfound curves, but critics were heavy-handed when it came to her flaunting her curves on The Voice. I say the only thing that critics should be paying attention to is her phenomenal vocal cords and how she exercises THOSE and not necessarily her weight gain after bringing life into the world. Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world, so critics will comment on the fact that Aguilera is heavier than she once was in her younger days. Heck, even her co-stars on The Voice make sarcastic comments about her weight, which is something she takes in stride.

2 Making Parenthood Look Stunning (Yay) – Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively is literally one half of Hollywood’s most stunning pair (at least, they’re just one of a handful of utterly perfect couples in Tinsel Town). When Blake and Ryan Reynolds announced that they were dating years back, people actually said “well, that makes sense” considering they’re two extremely beautiful human beings. What we weren’t prepared for was that Ryan seemed to have brought out Blake’s sharp sense of humor and we’re blessed with their crazy funny Instagram and Twitter posts to each other. After Lively gave birth to their children, she seemed to get even more beautiful. And there is literally no evidence left on her figure that says she was even pregnant. We’d all be super jealous if we weren’t so in awe of her beauty and charm.

1 And… Finally (Nay AND Yay): Britney Spears

Man, it’s been a bumpy roller coaster of a ride for singer Britney Spears for almost two decades. Since first coming onto the scene back in 1999, people were falling all over themselves when it came to the pop star and her unique style. She was beautiful, talented, and often dated prime A-listers. And then she had her mental breakdown back in 2007 after she had Kevin Federline’s kids. I mean, the woman even shaved her head and drove with her infant child in her lap. During that time, she was on a roller coaster with her figure as well. She gained weight, then lost it, then gained it back, and then, finally, lost it. These days she’s looking as fit as ever and is back to being her old, pre-2007 self, where she simply lets her talent do the talking for her.

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