8 Celebs We Had No Idea Were Filthy Rich (And 8 Who Are Almost Broke)

In the eyes of the adoring public, the word "celebrity" immediately conjures up images of bucketloads and bucketloads of cash. There's a reason why we call them the rich and famous, after all! We hear about actors and actresses getting millions to star in movies and TV shows. Musicians do pretty well too, often earning huge sums from royalties and tours. If there's a way to get rich quick, it's to somehow become incredibly famous. Easy, right? Perhaps not... Still, we can always dream!

What people don't tend to realize is that a celebrity's net worth often depends on their personal circumstances - and even their personalities. While some famous people are careful with their money, making sure to save enough to keep them safe and secure, others aren't so forward-thinking. Some celebs have infamously blown their fortunes in years or even months. They waste their earnings on fun-seeking and riotous behavior and come to regret it years down the line. While some are still living the high life, others are totally broke. There are surprising cases at either end of this monetary spectrum! Read on to find out which celebrities are even richer than you thought, and which are practically penniless.

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16 Almost Broke: Lindsay Lohan Had To Borrow Money From Charlie Sheen

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When you're in such a tough spot that you have to borrow money from notorious playboy Charlie Sheen, you know things must be bad. Lindsay Lohan found herself in this pretty dire position in the midst of her still ongoing financial issues. Everyone knows that former child and teen actress Lohan went a little bit off the rails in her adult years. She became addicted to alcohol and drugs, was in and out of rehab, and racked up a number of DUI convictions. She even spent a few brief days in jail before being released due to overcrowding. These excesses became pretty financially unsustainable, and Lohan quickly found herself in a tough spot money-wise. Despite the loan from Charlie Sheen, she's still working on getting back on her feet. Unfortunately, her reputation is making it pretty difficult for the actress to secure gigs and make a solid income.

15 Filthy Rich: Even Johnny Depp's Divorce Woes Didn't Cost Him Much


Johnny Depp has been the subject of quite a lot of salacious headlines in recent times. His highly-publicized divorce battle with Amber Heard turned nasty when she accused him of domestic assault. This came back to bite Depp when many fans of the Harry Potter franchise objected to his casting as Grindelwald in the next Fantastic Beasts film. Depp has so far kept this job. However, he's hardly going to be in financial ruin if he does end up passing the part on to someone else. Depp is reportedly worth over $200 million. Not bad! This is despite an ongoing lawsuit in which the actor claims his representatives hugely mismanaged his money, leaving him in $40 million worth of debt without his knowledge. Oh, it’s also after his huge $7.5 million Amber Heard divorce bill has been deducted. Basically, Depp is way richer than any of us could possibly have imagined!

14 Almost Broke: Britney Spears Has Failed To Save Her Money


It beggars belief that an artist as popular as Britney Spears could go totally broke after all the success she's seen. However, she's in a pretty unique financial situation that technically means she has no money of her own at all. After Spears' well-publicized meltdown in 2007, her father, Jamie, took direct control of the singer's finances to prevent her from spending erratically. This was probably for the best at the time; Spears was struggling with drug issues, psychiatric problems, and the loss of her beloved aunt. The infamous incident in which she shaved her own head in an LA salon proved that she was no longer sound of mind enough to control such a huge fortune. Spears has since made a full recovery from her issues and is back to having a successful personal and professional life. However, the injunction stating that her father must control her money has never been lifted. Despite being worth around $200 million, Spears cannot spend any of that money without permission. It's a pretty sad situation for the star to be in.

13 Filthy Rich: Celine Dion is The Second-Richest Female Singer in the World


While Canadian crooner Celine Dion isn't exactly huge in mainstream music anymore, she's still a highly successful woman. The most recent estimates put her net worth at around $380 million, making her the second-richest female singer in the world. She's only pipped to the post by Madonna, who was worth around $580 million by the end of 2017. A lot of Dion's revenue comes from her Las Vegas residencies, which by themselves pay her an obscene amount of money. Dion earns $27 million each year for playing 70 shows at Caesar's Palace - and that's not her only major gig! Dion has bravely bounced back from the tragedy of her husband Rene Angelil’s death back in January 2016, and her career is stronger than ever. She chooses to use a lot of her wealth for good, being involved in charities such as Stand Up to Cancer and Fondation Celine Dion.

12 Almost Broke: Pamela Anderson's Tax Woes Came Back to Bite Her


Despite gaining international recognition and success after her iconic role in Baywatch, actress Pamela Anderson has been in a pretty sticky financial situation in recent times. Her spending habits and love of partying slowly ground down her fortune, chipping millions of dollars off it each year. Her money woes were only compounded when it emerged that she owed nearly $400,000 in back taxes and $100,000 directly to the state of California. This wasn't the first time Anderson had been in trouble with the tax man - she had to pay an eye-watering $1.7 million bill back in 2009. While Anderson is still worth around $5 million, a not insignificant sum, it's mere pennies compared to the fortune the former Playboy model used to have. She could have been one of the richest women in the world if she'd only managed her money better.

11 Filthy Rich: Jessica Alba's Business Has Made Her a Rich Woman


As well as earning a substantial amount of money in her acting career, Jessica Alba has earned a fortune in the world of business. Back in 2011, Alba co-founded The Honest Co., a brand that sells environmentally friendly and non-toxic baby products like diapers and baby wipes. The business has gone from strength to strength and is now apparently worth over $1 billion. This makes Alba one of America's richest entrepreneurs under the age of 40! Recent estimates put her personal net worth at around $350 million. Alba is still involved in her company on a day-to-day basis, serving as chairman of the board. She somehow manages to juggle this with her acting career and her jam-packed family life! She’s got three kids, welcoming newborn Jack on New Year’s Eve 2017, yet still manages to be a total boss woman as well. How does she do it?!

10 Almost Broke: Amanda Bynes Can't Afford Her Own Place


Amanda Bynes is another former child star who fell from grace after a very public meltdown. After being charged with a DUI offense in 2012, Bynes' mental state quickly deteriorated. When she was caught starting a small fire in a stranger's front yard, she was detained by police and forced to undergo a hospital evaluation. She was placed under the protective care of her parents and is still under their guardianship to this day. Bynes no longer has any control over the little money she has left. She doesn't have the funds to live alone, instead residing with her parents. While she's made a remarkable recovery and is hoping to return to work soon, her troubles over the past few years have had a severe effect on her finances. Hopefully she’ll be able to improve the situation soon!

9 Filthy Rich: Julia Roberts is the Highest-Paid Actress in History


Julia Roberts has been a familiar face on our movie screens for over thirty years. She's taken on dozens and dozens of high-profile roles in that time, so it's no surprise really that she's the highest-paid actress in history. However, the true extent of her wealth may well make your jaw drop. She's currently worth over $140 million and usually earns an extra $25 million per major role she secures. This huge sum was first paid to Roberts for her role in 2003's Mona Lisa Smile. As of 2017, her films had made a collective $2.8 billion worldwide - this makes her one of the most successful actresses ever in terms of box office finances. She'll soon be on our screens once again in Ben is Back, an emotional family drama film. I wonder how many millions she'll be paid for that? Quite a lot, if her record is anything to go by!

8 Almost Broke: Kanye West's Debt is In The Millions


Rapper Kanye West is well-known for his lavish lifestyle. For one, he's married to a Kardashian: he has a certain image of luxury to keep up! He adorns daughter North West in furs, owns his own private jet, and lives in a stunning mansion. However, all of this spending has apparently caught up with Yeezus - and that's according to the man himself! Back in 2016, West got the entire world talking after he posted a Tweet claiming he has $53 million in personal debt. WHAT? That's pretty excessive even for someone like Kanye. He didn't explain exactly how he got in such dire financial straits, however, and there's been no official confirmation that the Tweet was grounded in facts. Kanye has been known to post some sensational (and untrue) things on the site in the past. Still, a lot of his business ventures haven't reaped the rewards that West had hoped. There's a high chance that he really is in quite significant debt.

7 Filthy Rich: Daniel Radcliffe Was a Millionaire By His Teenage Years


You'd expect Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe to be pretty well-off considering just how well the magical franchise performed at box offices. It was one of the most popular and successful series in movie history, raking in $7.7 billion at the box office across all eight films. Thanks to his leading role in the Potter films, Radcliffe is sitting pretty on a $100 million fortune. Wow! That makes him the richest British actor under the age of thirty. He's been a millionaire since his teenage years but wasn't allowed access to his huge stash of cash until he reached adulthood. Since then, he's done practically nothing with it - he apparently has no idea what to do with all of that money! Radcliffe's riches are only increasing: he added nearly $5.5 million to his stash in 2016 alone.

6 Almost Broke: 50 Cent Is Down to His Last Few Cents


Rapper 50 Cent's financial status has been slightly confusing over the last few years. Last year, he successfully managed to pay off $22 million worth of personal debt he'd accrued over the years thanks to a legal malpractice suit ruling in his favor. However, it's unclear whether this marks the end of his financial woes. The rapper has repeatedly claimed that he's broke, even spelling the words out in money in an Instagram post. Hang on a minute... If he's broke, how does he have that much cash floating around the place? The post in question actually led to the rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - being summoned to court to explain himself. He's also had to make some pretty huge payouts in recent times. Jackson had to pay one woman $6 million for posting her sex tape online, with his own added commentary but without her permission. Not great. No wonder he's strapped for cash...

5 Filthy Rich: Dr. Dre Could Be The First Billionaire Rapper


While you'd expect legendary rapper Dr. Dre to be pretty wealthy thanks to his successful career, his actual net worth is mind-blowing. As of this time last year, it came in at $830 million. Yep, really. Dre is well on the way to becoming the first billionaire rapper, a significant milestone to say the least. Alongside his rapping, producing, DJ-ing, and acting, Dre - real name Andre Young - has made a lot of his money in the business world. His range of headphones, Beats, earned him millions of dollars, with Apple buying the brand for $3 billion in 2016. Dre's cut of that huge sum netted him the largest single-year payday of any living musician in history. Maybe 2018 will finally push his worth over the $1 billion mark? We'll have to wait and see!

4 Almost Broke: Nicolas Cage Had A Devastating Spending Addiction


Of all the people you'd expect to have a shopping addiction, actor Nicolas Cage isn't really an obvious choice. However, he's ended up in a whole lot of financial trouble due to his uncontrollable urge to keep on spending. He's blown almost all of his $150 million fortune, which would be impressive if it wasn't so horrifying. Cage also reportedly owes $13 million in taxes. This is despite consistently raking in $20 million per film from 1996 to 2011. What on earth did he spend all of that money on? If you believe media reports, he made some pretty, er, unique purchases. He bought an authentic dinosaur skull for over $300,000, two albino king cobras for either protective or sexual purposes (depending on who you believe), and not one but two islands. Yeah... That's some pretty bad financial mismanagement. It's no surprise he's broke.

3 Filthy Rich: Fashion Model Gisele is as Rich as She is Sexy

Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen has been one of the highest-paid women in her industry for some years now. She topped the Forbes highest-paid model list in 2012, and her net worth is now a staggering $386 million. That's more than double that of her husband, American football quarterback Tom Brady! In 2014, Bündchen took being a high-earner to the next level: she took home $47 million in that single year. That's $128,000 per day. Can you even imagine having that much money? While Bündchen is now technically retired from modeling, she still earns a significant amount each year through product endorsement campaigns. This includes a $4 million per year gig with toothpaste giants Oral B and a huge contract with Brazilian shoe company Arezzo. If that’s what ‘retirement’ looks like these days you can sign me right up.

2 Almost Broke: Mike Tyson is Broke But Happy


Former boxer Mike Tyson is pretty open about the fact he's totally broke. Despite earning over $300 million at the height of his career, Tyson managed to squander it all in a remarkably short space of time. He's had cash flow issues since 2003 and is still practically penniless. However, Tyson has claimed that he's perfectly happy with his life despite his tenuous financial situation. He enjoys living a simpler life and is just grateful that he made it through the darkest period of his life. However, his fortunes could well be about to change. Tyson is reportedly going to invest in the marijuana industry in the wake of its legalization in California. He's even going to open his own ranch to grow the cannabis plant himself! It's not all for fun, mind - Tyson is going to dedicate a lot of time and money to researching the health benefits of the drug.

1 Filthy Rich: Jessica Simpson's Retail Empire Has Earned Her Millions

While Jessica Simpson's acting and singing ventures have mostly ground to a halt, she's still raking in a lot of cash each year thanks to her huge business empire. Simpson owns an extensive line of clothing, accessories, bags, beauty products, and footwear. Under the Jessica Simpson Collection label, these products generate a reported $1 billion in sales each year. With the fashion line constantly growing and developing, this figure could reach new heights within the next few years. As for Simpson's personal fortune, in June 2017 it was estimated to be around $150 million. Considering she hasn't released an album in over seven years, most of this revenue must come from Simpson's business ventures. She doesn't keep all of this cash to herself, though - Simpson is a well-known advocate of numerous charitable causes, most prominently the medical organization Operation Smile.

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