8 Celebrity Wax Figures That Are Uncanny And 8 That Couldn't Be Funnier

There are many wax museums out there, but Madame Tussauds is the most popular one. It’s a tourist attraction where people take a selfie with the replica of their favorite celebrities. That seems like the best option given that the odds of meeting your favorite celebrity are nearly nonexistent. When celebrities get their own wax figure at the museum, it's an honor, because it means that they’ve hit fame. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete the waxwork, but unfortunately, not all celebrity life-size statues lookalike. It’s either a hit or miss. When they come out horrible, it can be disappointing for fans and even celebrities.

Some wax figures undoubtedly require a double take because it’s hard to tell the difference between a real thing and a wax thing. They look identical! The little details are very impressive. However, there are figures that make you squint your eyes and go — “Who’s that supposed to be?!” There's no way to know who they are without their name tags. It's shocking! It makes us wonder if whoever sculpted these wax figures know what these celebrities even look like because they turn out to be a totally different person or even creepy.

Here's a list of 8 celebrity wax figures that are uncanny and 8 that couldn’t be funnier.

8 That Are Uncanny:

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16 Demi Lovato With Her Doppelgänger Wax Figure


In 2015, Demi Lovato received her own wax figure from Madame Tussauds Hollywood on her 23rd birthday. The figure is dressed in one of Demi’s stage outfits from her 2014 Demi World Tour with an embellished bustier and matching leather jacket, black belt and pants, and an embellished shirt tied around her hip. Besides the leather outfit, the wax figure also flaunts Demi’s aqua tips at the end of her dark bob. She’s holding a microphone where you can see the replica of her inner wrist tattoo. They also share the same smile! No wonder Demi wanted to take a selfie with her doppelgänger. According to Madam Tussauds Hollywood’s website, it said, “A team of 20 studio artists took 6 months to create Demi's wax figure." They got it down!

15 Can You Tell Who The Real Kylie Jenner Is?


Kylie Jenner’s standing next to her wax figure, and they look identical. Can you tell who the real Kylie is? The figure’s incredibly good, and Kylie used it to pull one over on her family. She posted on Instagram, “I made her FaceTime my whole family… fooled everyone.” It can fool anyone! She shared a short video on Snapchat and said, “My wax figure is here. This is so creepy.” Creepily accurate! It's dressed in the same sheer, silver Balmain dress with beaded fringe detail Kylie wore at her Met Gala debut in May 2016. By the way, Kylie donated the dress to the museum. The figure perfects Kylie’s signature look which consists of a smokey eye and nude lips. It adds a final touch with a short chic bob.

14 It Looks So Much Like Ryan Gosling That It's Scary


It’s hard to believe that one of these photos is the replica of Ryan Gosling — both look insanely realistic. His other wax figures look absolutely nothing like him and most certainly do not justify his good looks. However, this one at Madame Tussauds in London is the best life-size statue of all (we all want to take it home). The resemblance is uncanny; it’s as handsome as the real thing. The wax figure copied Ryan’s look for his movie Drive premiere in 2011. It’s dressed in a navy suit with a black bow tie and has perfectly slick back hair. The piercing blue eyes, scruffy beard, and that subtle smile make our hearts (or the wax) melt! There can never be one too many Ryan Goslings in the world.

13 Everything About Lorde's Wax Figure Is On Point

Pinterest/Marie Claire

The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Lorde’s wax figure look so much like her that it will undoubtedly require a double or triple take to figure out if it’s real or not. Everything is on point — the intense glare, curly hair, cheekbones, pose, etc. It took more than 200 measurements to get her signature look, and the result did not disappoint. Even Lorde was pleased with the outcome. She told her fans on Twitter to check out her wax figure, and she also wrote, “It was an incredibly detailed process sitting for the waxwork, and the team at MT were so passionate and skilled!” Her doppelgänger also wears a similar outfit to Lorde’s Stella McCarty suit at the Golden Globes in 2015 — a black crop top underneath a blazer and black pantsuit.

12 Seeing Double? Taylor Swift Will Tell You To Shake It Off

Pinterest/We Heart It

Seeing double? You’re not alone. The wax figure doesn’t need a name tag, because it’s obviously the one and only country singer turned pop queen, Taylor Swift. The figure is dressed in a cheerleader outfit like the one she wears in her “Shake It Off” music video. It also has blue pom poms! Doesn’t it make you want to do the dance with this statue? Appearance is done to perfection — gorgeous side-swept bangs and a perfect ponytail. Most importantly, her cat-eye look is on point, and they didn't forget about Taylor’s signature red lips. It shows that the team did a lot of research because this waxwork undeniably resembles the star. With that said, you honestly can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the wax thing.

11 Whoa, Does Ed Sheeran Have A Twin Brother?


The waxwork is so good that it’s freaky. It could’ve been passed as Ed Sheeran’s twin brother! During Ed's visit to the wax museum, he came face-to-face with his life-size statue, and he looked surprised by the resemblance. We're surprised, too! He pointed out, “They even got my lazy eye in.” Wow — the team got every little detail in there. His wax figure wears a black shirt underneath the plaid shirt, has the same red hair, and you can see the replica of his tattoo on his right arm. Ed has a lot of tattoos. We’re not sure if there’s a tattoo on the figure's chest. According to Madame Tussauds New York’s website, Ed donated the attire along with a Martin & Co. guitar and guitar strap to the museum.

10 It Resembles Miley Cyrus' Appearance Down To A T


Who is who? The people who created Miley Cyrus’ wax figure has done a phenomenal job making the perfect replica of Miley. It’s absolutely flawless; everything is on point. The short blonde hair is styled the same exact way Miley’s is. The makeup is done to perfection — eyeshadow, eyeliner, red lips, etc. The life-size statue shares the same smile as the star, and while other celebrity wax figures have weird teeth, hers have great teeth. They even got the accessories down — the earrings and the necklace she actually wore! It's insane how accurately the figure portrays the real thing. It resembles Miley’s appearance down to a T. If anyone were to show a photo of them with the star’s doppelgänger, it’s impossible to tell that it’s a wax figure.

9 This Wax Figure Is The Spitting Image Of Cara Delevingne

Pinterest/Teen Vogue

Cara Delevinge’s wax figure is very detailed, and it looks exactly like her. They perfected the model-turned-actress Cara's look from Paper Towns premiere. The wax figure is dressed in the replica of sparkling sequin Saint Laurent dress. The hair is styled with soft curls, and it even wears the same makeup — matching lipstick and blush. According to Madame Tussauds London website, “It took four weeks alone to create Cara’s trademark eyebrows with each hair inserted individually by hand.” Yikes — that’s intense! The wax figure was created for London Fashion Week in 2016, and even though Cara did not walk the catwalk, she posed on stage. The odds of meeting your favorite celebrity is slim, so taking a selfie with her lookalike is the closest people can get to the star.

8 That Couldn't Be Funnier:

8 Queen Bey Or Becky With The Good Hair?


It’s the most not-Beyoncé wax figure ever. There are bad wax figures, but Beyoncé’s replicas always seem to go horribly wrong. There have been a lot of her replicas but not one that resembles Queen Bey! The wax sculptors keep messing it up. It's like they’ve never seen her. Last year, there’s been a controversy with Madame Toussads in New York because it didn't look like her, and they made her whiter. It happened again at a wax museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The photo went viral after writer Ama Scriver posted it on Twitter and said, "According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé.” The name tag might say Beyoncé, but that's definitely not her. Is she too perfect to capture?

7 This Looks Nothing Like The The J.Lo We Know


Umm, what?! We wonder what photo the sculptors looked at to make a wax figure that looks absolutely nothing like the real J.Lo we know. Fans must’ve been disappointed by the outcome when they went to the wax museum to take a selfie with their favorite celebrity. Jennifer wouldn’t have approved of the statue version of herself, either, if she saw it. The creators clearly don’t know who she is. The facial features are all wrong, except maybe for the pouty lips and the stare. Also, it doesn’t even have the J. Lo glow! There’s no resemblance — it could’ve been better. The figure isn’t terrible, but it’s not her. Fortunately, there are other wax figures that look more like the star than this one. It definitely missed the mark.

6 The Not-So-Great Gatsby Leonardo Dicaprio

Daily Beast/Pinterest

Poor Leo! Why did they do him like that? They made the wax figure a creepier version of the former teen heartthrob turned Oscar-winning actor. The young and gorgeous models he dates will not like this. Jokes aside, they made him look so pasty white like it’s his ghost. Is it smiling?! When you stare at it for a while, doesn’t it feel like it knows that you’re staring? Talk about getting the shivers, and check out that icy stare in those blue eyes! Brr, it’s getting cold in here. Leo looks charming and charismatic in the right photo. His life-size statue on the left gives us an idea what he might look like if he didn’t win any Oscars after working so hard to get one. Thankfully, he did!

5 Jennifer Aniston? More Like Celine Dion

Cosmopolitan/Us Weekly

What an epic fail — the wax figure resembles “My Heart Will Go On” singer Celine Dion more than it does Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green in Friends. Rachel got a nose job when she was a teenager, and it seems like the sculptors gave Jennifer a nose job for her wax figure for whatever reason. They tried to show off the actress's strong jawlines, but shaved them down too much, making her round-shaped face an oval one. She’s known for her long, luscious hair, and it looks like it had too much hairspray. It takes a long time to get these celebrities measured, so it doesn’t make sense how they got her facial features all wrong. The wax figure is awkwardly smiling probably comforting itself that it’s okay.

4 Who Is This Man?! Because That Can't Be Prince William

Screener TV/Pinterest

This is a total shocker. Kate Middleton did not marry this man because that man is not Prince William. The wax figure doesn’t justify how handsome the prince is, and instead, the creator makes it look a bit goofy. It’s obvious that there are many things that are wrong with this figure. Where do we even begin? The outer shape of the face isn’t smooth, the face is unusually big, and the cheeks are on the saggy side. Most importantly, what is up with those chipmunk teeth? Wax figures are supposed to be the exact replicas of famous people, but this is a pretty bad waxwork. Prince William doesn't deserve this. The statue should be melted and be gone forever. We wonder what Kate thinks of her husband’s so-called “lookalike” statue.

3 The Wax Figure Has To Be For Another Nicole Kidman

Cosmopolitan/E! Online

The people behind this waxwork must have seen a photo of another Nicole Kidman. Facial features are bigger than Nicole’s, but that’s not the major problem. There’s zero resemblance between the wax figure and the actress! It literally takes bad to a whole new level. Look — we get that she’s known for her frozen face, but this is creeping us out on top of everything else. Doesn’t it look like it belongs in The Stepford Wives because it looks like a robot wife trapped in a body? It takes months to sculpt a wax figure, and we can't believe no one said anything when they sculpted a total stranger and even displayed it at the wax museum where people come to take a selfie with what is supposed to be Nicole Kidman!

2  Without The Name Tag, You Can't Tell It's Julia Roberts


A mystery celebrity. We wouldn’t have known it was Julia Roberts if it wasn’t for the name tag. Her replica cannot get any worse than this. The Pretty Woman star is not-so-pretty here. The wax figure has long, curly hair like Julia did in her prime, but this one looks unkempt. Facial features are totally off. The face shape is too narrow for her, and the nose is too lifted. She either has four eyebrows or the eyeliner is far off from her eyelids. The famous Julia Roberts’ wide smile with big lips looks more like a smirk. Her life-size statue doesn’t seem pleased with the outcome, either. Overall, this statue is a disappointment, but there are other wax figures that look more like her than whatever this is.

1 Justin Timberlake's Wax Figure Might Give You Nightmares


Doesn’t Justin Timberlake’s bizarre wax figure give you the chills? We can feel the temperature go way down. The face is awfully pale like it rose from the dead (maybe it’s a vampire version), and check out those haunting eyes! It looks possessed. How spooky! We can’t imagine this wax figure doing the dance to “Sexy Back” (more like "Creepy Back”) or “Suit & Tie,” because that would be insanely weird. It is dressed in a suit, but the bowtie is a no-no. We prefer Justin on the right with a stylish look to this thing. Overall, it seems like they accidentally made the wax figure for a Halloween haunted house than a wax museum. Try not to stare too long because the scary JT might just pop up in a nightmare!

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