8 Celebrity Piercings We Envy And 8 That Should Have Been Left In The 90's

There’s no question about it, the 90’s are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We’re loving everything about the spaghetti straps and tiny colored sunglasses inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, circa the era of "You’re Invited", all those Clueless motivated plaid skirts, and of course pink hair. It’s all coming back, and that’s fine because when people said it would go away with Y2K, we were like, as if! We’ve got the Full House revival show to prove it, not to mention every episode of Friends, which we’ve been watching on repeat since early 2000 anyway.

Today we’re weighing in on the celebrity piercings we envy and the ones that should have been left in the 90’s, and trust us, these are the only things we’re trying to leave in the 90’s. From Mickey Mouse Club alumni Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, to the Kardashian-Jenner family rocking 90’s inspired face bling, our love for the 90’s seriously don’t cost a thing! Are you thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo, or getting a belly button ring? If you loved the Spice Girls, if Cory and Topanga were #relationshipgoals, and if you’re missing TRL on MTV, then put up your AOL away message because we’re weighing in below.

16 We Love It – Drew Barrymore’s 90’s Inspired Tongue Piercing – We’re Just That Into You


Drew Barrymore, famous for movies like 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, and He’s Just Not That Into You, has a piece of jewelry you might not know about. This star is rocking a tongue piercing and we’re obsessed with it, and her! It screams 90’s pop meets punk, and the only thing shining brighter than her stud? The confidence she’s wearing with it! According to The Huffington Post, Drew said this about her piercing, “I did it for myself. I always wanted to get one.” We love that Drew is mixing glamour with an edge and love the way she’s pairing a red carpet ready dress and high-end designer jewels with this throwback piercing. Drew, all we want to do is grow old with you!

15 Leave It In The 90’s - Kendall Jenner's 90's Inspired Hoops


The Kardashian-Jenner crew are known for making daring fashion statements and for posting for all the world to see on social media. A few years ago, Kendall Jenner wore this massive nose piercing at Coachella, and we’re not about it. Is it giving you anxiety just looking at it? Imagine all the things she had to avoid catching it on. Honestly, we’re worried for her safety. Good thing it’s totally fake. Nose rings were all the rage with celebrities in the 90’s, from Nicole Richie to Christina Aguilera, they were everywhere, and Kendall Jenner decided to rock this 90’s fashion trend to the world’s most Instagrammable California based music and arts festival, but we think she should have left this fashion statement at home.

14 We Love It - Keeping Up With Piercings, Kim Kardashian's 90's Inspired Lip Piece


Kim Kardashian doesn’t just have an adorable new baby, she also has a new, probably, definitely fake, lip ring and we actually love it. Kim looks simple and sophisticated with dewy makeup, nude lips, sleek hair, and minimal jewelry paired with this lip ring and it’s giving us some serious 90’s vibes. This gives us some real Avril Lavigne feels; Sk8er Boi would love this edgy chick, and there’s something about it that is very punk meets ballet. Anyway, we love Kim’s interpretation of this 90’s trend and how she’s modernized the look by keeping everything else so minimal. According to E!News, Kim actually spent close to $1,000 on this accessory. We’d pay anything to go back to the 90’s too, Kim!

13 Leave It In The 90’s – From Dirty To Clean, Christina’s Pierced Chin Is Something We Didn’t Need To See


We have all made mistakes, and celebrities are no exception. Christina Aguilera made headlines these past weeks for some gorgeous photos she took for Paper Magazine. She had on barely any makeup and looked so natural and beautiful. According to Glamour, Christina recently said this, “I’m at the place, even musically, where it’s a liberating feeling to be able to strip it all back and appreciate who you are and your raw beauty.” We’re really thankful she feels that way now because we want her to leave her "dirrty" days in the 90’s. After her Mickey Mouse Club and "Genie in a Bottle" days, Christina released her album Stripped and was unrecognizable. She stripped down, pierced away, and her chin piercing is something we’re ready to leave in the past. We’re glad that Christina’s version of stripping now is very less is more, because she had a lot going on with this look.

12 We Love It – Zayn’s 90’s Inspired Nose Ring, Cool, But Not Tryna Be Cool


After his recent split from supermodel Gigi Hadid, all eyes are on Zayn Malik, as if they weren’t already. Everyone wanted this couple to live forever, but at least we’ll always have his nose ring. This solo song artist looks so cool with his 90’s inspired nose piercing. It really compliments his sultry, smoldering brown eyes, and his other ear piercings. Are we envious of Zayn’s piercing? Yes, but mostly we’re jealous that he knows Taylor Swift. Based on recent Instagram pictures, it seems he not only has a nose piercing, and two lower ear piercings, but also a bar in his cartilage. His Instagram has a 90’s vibe with neon T-shirts, lots of tattoos, an MTV award, and of course, his Converse, not to mention his filters give that retro vibe too.

11 Leave It In The 90’s – Don’t Want To Be Pierced Like You, Benji Madden's Snake Bites And Chin Piercing


There is no argument that the Madden brothers are living their best lives. Benji Madden recently wed the gorgeous Cameron Diaz, and Joel Madden has been with Nicole Richie for over a decade. They’re often pictured on double dates, and we just want an invite to go on vacation with the four of them. Before they were living the lifestyles of the rich & famous, however, Benji and Joel were members of the late 90’s pop-punk band, Good Charlotte. The 2000’s seem to suit these brothers well, so we’re asking that Benji leave his 90’s piercings in the past. When Good Charlotte made their debut, Benji had his ears pierced, his chin, and snake bites. Cameron Diaz must be a good influence, as Benji just rocks simple studs now.

10 We Love It – Britney Spears, Oops She Did It Again

Daily Mail

Britney Spears took to Instagram last month to announce her big break in the fashion world, an ad campaign with Kenzo, a French clothing brand. Oops, she did it again – Britney is back, and we love it. According to the New Yorker, Kenzo’s creative director said this of Spears, “She could have been attached to so many brands.” We’re happy to see our favorite Mickey Mouse Club member back in the spotlight and with a brand that seems to appreciate her as much as we do. Kenzo’s Instagram bio reads “KENZO LOVES BRITNEY SPEARS,” and so do we. Kenzo’s Instagram also shows fashion shots of Britney, rocking her famous belly button ring. They even nod to her Canadian tuxedo, with a full-on denim outfit, and the only thing we’re really missing for a true 90’s revival is JT.

9 Leave It In The 90’s – Gwen Stefani, Sweet Escape, From These Hoop Earrings


Gwen Stefani is no doubt, a fashion icon. She is living her best life with Blake Shelton and her boys, and we couldn’t be happier for her, or with her fashion transformation. Recently on TMZ, news broke that she’s even coming out with her own makeup brand. Her Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood glamour inspired look is timeless, and we can’t wait to buy whatever makeup she launches. With that being said, Gwen, please leave these 90’s hoops in the past. Maybe it’s the leopard print, maybe the pink hair, probably the too thin eyebrows, definitely the hoops, but Gwen we can’t even believe this is you! Her style now is bananas, no questions about that; things certainly have gotten better with time for this platinum blonde beauty. Don't worry, we'll never say we used to love you to this girl.

8 We Love It – Legend, Will Smith’s, Simple Studs


Now, this is a story all about how we don’t want Will Smith to take these earrings out; we’re envious of this celebrity piercing! How could we talk about the 90’s and not talk about Will Smith? This Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has a fresh pair of ear piercings too. We love Will Smith’s simple studs. Will Smith is famous for movies like The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend, and Hitch, but we think he should be famous for his cool style. Apparently, piercings run in the family; according to Daily Mail, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter, Willow, wears a Tragus earring on her inner ear, which she started sporting at Coachella a few years back. Coachella seems to be the place to show off new piercings for millennials, but we just want to go back to the 90’s and notice Will Smith noticing us, noticing him.

7 Leave It In The 90’s – Justin Bieber’s 90’s Inspired Pierced Nose, Too Late Now To Say Don’t Do It


Justin Bieber resurfaced on Instagram earlier this week, after what seemed like a few days hiatus following the rumors that he and Selena Gomez were taking a break. The thing we don’t want to resurface? Justin’s 90’s inspired nose piercing. Justin is, of course, a fan of self-expression, look no further than his fifty plus tattoos. According to Bustle, this is one of only three piercings that Bieber has, one in each ear, and his nose. When it comes to future piercings, never say never, the Biebs is always adding to his collection of body art. Will this 90’s inspired nose piercing bring Selena Gomez back to Justin? Only time will tell, but it seems too late now to say sorry.

6 We Love It – Fergie, Wear Them Gold And Diamond Eyebrow Rings


Fergie’s birthday was just last month, and she took to her Instagram to post a cute picture of her son, celebrating her special day. There’s no question about it, Fergie is and always have been G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. We’re wishing Fergie would bring back her eyebrow piercing while wishing her a happy birthday. Fergie recently sat down with People and said this about her birthday, “I don’t get depressed on birthdays…I always feel young at heart…I’m not afraid to be playful in my mind. For me, a number is a number. It’s not that big of a deal.” Fergie has always experimented with bold fashion looks and hairstyles, and we’re hoping that her playful, imaginative self brings back the 90’s eyebrow piercing. This 90’s trend was Fergalicious and we want it back!

5 Leave It In The 90’s – Nicole Richie, Ditch The Piercings, Live The Simple Life


Nicole Richie has had a true fashion transformation. From The Simple Life to Urban Decay brand ambassador, Nicole Richie has certainly gotten better with time, and so has her fashion sense, thankfully. Urban Decay recently chose Nicole to represent their beauty brand. According to Vanity Fair, Urban Decay chose Richie because she’s playful and smart, which definitely shows in her fashion sense! Her and Paris Hilton used to rock overalls and stilettos, and now this boho business babe is all about big bold statement earrings and flowing dresses. She’s ditched her long hair, for a fresh cute cut, and she is living her best life with her husband and two kids. She’s left her nose piercing behind, although her Instagram shows she still has quite a few ear piercings, but we’re all about those!

4 We Love It – What About Us, The Studs? Bring Back Pink’s Single Ear Piercings


Pink has always been one to get the party started, whether with her 90’s pink hair, pictured above, or with her adorable stud earrings, which she rocked in the 90’s as well. Pink has been a style icon for close to 20 years now. Has she occasionally rocked a 90’s styled nose ring? Yes, but we’re giving her some credit for this more simple, sophisticated look. She generally wears a few earrings, as she has multiple ear piercings, and we’re saying what about the studs? We are ready; we love that in this look the attention is on Pink’s gorgeous face. Pink has, for the most part, ditched her pink hair, going platinum blonde and now steals the show with inspiring words about beauty and her adorable daughter.

3 Leave It In The 90’s – Since Her Earrings Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson’s Single Earring


Is Kelly Clarkson rocking pirate chic? Did she lose an earring? Was it insured? Is a Kim Kardashian panic, ugly cry about to ensue? Insert our best Kourtney Kardashian impression here, “people are dying, Kim.” Anyway, we’ve got a lot of questions about this look, mostly we’re worried about the weight difference on her two ears. Let’s leave this look in the 90’s because it just needs to go. These days, the American Idol winner and star thankfully wears two earrings and a huge diamond ring on her ring finger! She is a judge on The Voice and openly talks about being the happiest of all time, maybe this one earring moment was rock bottom for Clarkson. Maybe her man can pick up her fallen earring, piece by piece, off the ground.

2 We Love It – That's Hot - Paris Hilton’s Simple Belly Button Piercing

Daily Mail

Early on in 2018, Paris Hilton took to Instagram to announce her engagement to boyfriend Chris Zylka, and we saw one of the biggest engagement rings of all time, but today, we’re looking at a different piece of jewelry, her 90’s belly button piercing. Paris Hilton was a 90’s style icon. She wore lingerie as outerwear, she rocked a lot of one color outfits, and wore, what looked like, some very tiny, bejeweled prom dresses on the red carpet. So, what do we think of her naval piercing? Paris has us saying, that’s hot. We like that Paris is keeping it simple, with a small stud; she’s living the simple life with this tiny belly button ring, and it’s the only small ring she’s wearing.

1 Leave It In The 90’s – The Limit Does Exist, Lindsay Lohan’s Dangling Belly Button Bling


Not trying to be a mean girl, but this year, Lindsay Lohan, had perhaps the biggest moment in her career; Kim Kardashian clapped back at her after Lohan insulted Kim’s hair, and Kim called Lohan out for her “confusing accent,” which she adopted earlier this year. In the 90’s and early 2000’s Lindsay Lohan was one of Hollywood’s biggest "it" girls. Last month, she took to Instagram to announce that she’s become a spokesperson for a website. We’ve decided when it comes to Lohan’s belly button piercing, let’s leave it in the 90’s. The limit did not exist when it came to 90’s jewelry, and as far as navel piercings go, we prefer a simple stud compared to this lengthy pierced piece. We’re putting this one in our Burn Book, and we hope Lindsay does too!

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