8 Celebrities That Will Be Victims Of Cheating In 2018 (And 8 Who Will Cheat)

In 2017 all eyes were on our favorite celebrity couples. The year brought us plenty of big celebrity couple moments such as Justin and Selena reuniting. Plus let’s not forget the newest couple on the block JLo and Alex Rodriguez. While many new couples emerged during the year, there were a few splits that had us crying tears. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation after eight years together.

There were a lot of celebrity couples to talk about in 2017 and as 2018 begins, everyone’s going to be keeping an eye on all Hollywood pairs. Mostly, it’s too see which couples are headed for splitsville this year. With the New Year upon us, there’s bound to be more cheating scandals in Hollywood, probably around some big-named couples. Already there are rumors that some couples are experiencing trouble in paradise, so who’s to say one or both partners won’t find comfort elsewhere.

So which celebs will once again cheat on their partners and who will be a cheating victim this time? Let’s take a look at some of the celebs who could be making the tabloid covers in 2018.

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16 Katharine McPhee: American Idol alum is still searching for love


American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee has created a successful career for herself since 2006. She’s gone on to release a few albums and transitioned into acting with roles on shows such as Smash and Scorpion. Yet, McPhee’s personal life tends to take center stage over her career.

In 2014, she was embroiled in a cheating scandal when photos surfaced of her getting cozy with director Michael Morris. Both stars were married at the time and shortly after the fallout, McPhee divorced her husband Nick Cokas. But Katharine wouldn’t stay single for long. After getting cast on the show Scorpion, she began dating her co-star Elyes Gabel. The couple dated for two years before calling it quits last year.

Recently, she’s been spotted out with music producer David Foster. Given the thirty-year age difference between the two, Katharine may end up dumping David in search of a younger man.

15 Anna Faris: Rebound relationship will lead to heartache


In 2017, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt shocked the public when they announced they were divorcing after eight years of marriage. The announcement came in August and a few months later, Anna had moved on with a new guy, Michael Barrett.

Anna met the cinematographer when they were working on the upcoming movie Overboard. Faris and her new beau seem smitten with each other. Photos have shown the couple vacationing in Venice and taking a stroll around Los Angeles. Things appear to be moving fast for the new couple, it’s rumored that they are house hunting together.

Yet, with the whirlwind nature of the relationship, don’t expect it to last long. It’ll be a case of too much too soon and poor Anna will have experience another heartache in 2018.

14 Jesse Williams: Grey's Anatomy hunk's love life turned into real life soap opera


Grey’s Anatomy hunk Jesse Williams commands the audience’s attention when he’s onscreen. Williams has become a hit with female viewers with his portrayal of Dr. Jackson Avery. It appears that Williams’ personal life is just as messy as his character’s.

In 2017, the actor found himself in the midst of a cheating scandal when he divorced his wife to hook up with actress Minka Kelly. The two stars denied an affair happened, yet Jesse’s wife claimed infidelity during their divorce proceedings.

While the divorce drama seems to be cooling down, Jesse and Minka’s relationship is heating up. Yet, much like on Grey’s Anatomy, there’s not going to be a happy ending with Jesse and Minka. If he cheated on his wife, that doesn’t mean he won’t do the same with Minka. It wouldn't be surprising if the couple split up by the end of 2018.

13 Jennifer Aniston: May face another cheating scandal with Justin


Jennifer Aniston had her broken in 2005 when husband Brad Pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie. Their divorce along with the fallout from Pitt and Jolie’s affair did a number on Aniston. She dated a string of men and experienced bouts of heartache, leading many to wonder if she’d ever find love again.

In 2015, the actress appeared to have found her happiness when she married actor Justin Theroux. However, since their wedding the couple has been hounded by tabloid reports that their marriage is in trouble. They’ve denied the allegations, yet that hasn’t stopped rumors.

Recent reports suggest that the couple is having arguments and Justin is frustrated with Jennifer’s behavior. If Justin is unhappy in the marriage, he may decide to pull a move like Pitt and cozy up to one of his co-stars.

Let’s hope for Jennifer’s sake, this won’t be the case.

12 Gavin Rossdale: Singer likes playing the field


The music world was shocked when longtime couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their split in 2015. After new broke of their divorce, rumors swirled that infidelity played a part in the break up.

Prior to their split, photos surfaced of Rossdale getting a little too friendly with the couple’s nanny. Yet, the former Bush singer denied any hanky panky was going on. Once the ink was dry on the divorce papers, Rossdale wasted little time in getting back into the dating game.

He’s currently dating actress Sophia Thomalla, who’s twenty years his junior. The couple appears to be a good match and Gavin has even introduced her to his sons. Yet, don’t expect any wedding bells  in 2018.

It hasn’t been that long since Gavin’s divorce was finalized and since he looks like to be going through a mid-life crisis, it won't be too long before he has another woman.

11 Beyonce: New material for Lemonade part 2


Music’s hottest couple Beyonce and Jay-Z proved that not all marriages are perfect. When Beyonce released her album Lemonade in 2016, certain song lyrics indicated that Jay-Z had cheated on her. The rap mogul would later confirm the rumors with his own album 4:44.

Despite the fallout from Jay-Z’s affair, the couple remained committed to each other. In 2017, they celebrated the birth of their twins Rumi and Sir. It appears the couple’s marriage is stronger than ever. Or so it seems?

As we all know, appearances can be deceiving. Just because Beyonce and Jay-Z are happy in public, doesn’t mean there’s trouble behind the scenes. Jay-Z strayed once, who’s to say he won’t do it again.

All we have to do is wait for Beyonce’s next album to drop before we know the truth.

10 Taylor Swift: The songbird will be the one to cause heartache this time


Taylor Swift has had a lot of bad luck in the romance department. The singer has dated celebs such as Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Harry Styles, and Tom Hiddleston just to name a few. Swift isn’t shy about opening up about her love life; in fact it’s the inspiration for a majority of her songs.

In 2017, Swift began dating actor Joe Alwyn. The couple have tried to maintain a private relationship, yet photos surfaced of them out in public. Fans of Taylor hope that this time the singer has found true love and is ready to settle down.

However, given Taylor’s track record, don’t count on this one lasting. Only this time instead of the boy, it’ll be Taylor breaking hearts. With her new, edgier attitude, she may seek out adventure with another man.

9 Kourtney Kardashian: Needs to steer clear of younger men


After kicking her on-again/off-again boyfriend Scott Disick to the curb, Kourtney Kardashian was ready to enjoy the single life. The mom of three began dating 23 year-old model Younes Bendjima in early 2017.

Kourtney, who is 15 years older than Bendjima seems to be having the time of her life. She and Bendjima have been spotted going on vacation and partying in nightclubs. They even rung in the New Year together with a sweet slow dance captured on Kardashian’s Instagram page.

Rumors are circulating that the two are planning a wedding, however don’t expect them to make it down the aisle. Since Bendjima is still in his early twenties, he probably isn’t ready to settle down with Kourtney and become a stepfather to her three kids.

Given Kourtney’s track record with men, it wouldn’t surprise us if Bendjima turns out to be another Scott Disick.

8 Ashton Kutcher: Will cheat for the second time


Fans of That 70s’ Show were overjoyed when former co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis tied the knot in 2015. The couple has become one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. While they’re constantly in the spotlight, the two try to keep their personal lives private for the sake of their two children.

Despite wanting privacy, the couple continues to be the talk of tabloids. Ever since they started dating in 2012, their relationship has been plastered on magazine covers. The couple is happy in their home life, yet tabloids are always speculating that there’s trouble in paradise and Ashton is flirting with other women.

Infidelity is what led to the demise to Ashton's marriage to Demi Moore. If he hasn't learned his lesson the first time, this can only lead to heartbreak for Mila and their kids.

7 Nikki Bella: May not get her fairy tale ending


WWE star Nikki Bella is one of wrestling’s famous superstars. Not only has she accomplished a lot inside the ring, but she’s also become a successful entrepreneur. As Nikki’s professional life continues to flourish, so does her personal life.

In April 2017, her longtime boyfriend and WWE Superstar John Cena proposed to her following their Wrestlemania match. Fans of the couple know about their history thanks to the show Total Divas. Cena was adamant in his stance of never marrying again, while Nikki voiced her wishes of one day marrying her beau.

However, before Nikki continues making wedding preparations, she needs to be careful with John. The wrestler was known to be a womanizer in the past. In fact, infidelity was the reason for his divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau.

With Nikki and John having busy schedules, temptation is all around for Cena, which means Nikki may not get her fairy tale ending.

6 Scott Disick: Party boy isn't ready to settle down


Scott Disick’s hard partying finally lead to his longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian to kick him to the curb. Since their split, the father of three has been enjoying life as a single man. Disick has was seen hanging out with a slew of beauties before hooking up with Sofia Richie, who's fifteen years his junior.

Sofia is the daughter of singer Lionel Richie and her famous pop has gone on record to say he’s concerned about her relationship with Disick. The protective papa has every right to be worried considering Disck’s past.

Since fatherhood or the Kardashain family couldn’t make Scott calm down, something tells us neither will Sofia.

5 Tori Spelling: Family issues will lead Dean to stray


Tori Spelling is no stranger to cheating. She cheated on her first husband with Dean McDermott. Despite the public scandal, she and Dean appeared to be a good match. The two settled into home life with their four kids. Yet, in 2013 another cheating scandal erupted for the star when Dean admitted to having an affair.

Following Dean’s stint in rehab for sex addiction, the couple seemed to be working on their marriage. They even added a fifth child into their brood. Yet, all may not be right in the Spelling and McDermott house.

Tori has faced a lot of financial issues recently, including being audited by the IRS. Plus, there’s speculation that she’s pregnant with baby number six. The financial strain along with another pregnancy could be too much for Dean to take and he may stray again.

4 Kate Hudson: Search for Mr. Right will end in heartbreak


Much like her mother Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson has had some bad luck in the romance department. The actress and her husband, singer Chris Robinson divorced in 2006 after six years of marriage. In 2011,she became engaged to musician Matt Bellamy, but they broke up after three years together.

Aside from her relationships with Robinson and Bellamy, she was also rumored to be dating A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, and Dax Shephard. Her recent romance is with musician Danny Fujikawa, which shows that the actress has a type when it comes to men.

So will the third time be the charm with Kate and her new boyfriend?

Hudson has a history of loving them and leaving them. Her divorce from Robinson reportedly ended due to her affair with actor Owen Wilson. Given that Kate has a tendency to stray, we wouldn’t be surprised if this relationship didn’t end on a happy note.

3 Selena Gomez: Second time won't be the charm with The Bieb


Former Disney star Selena Gomez thought she found love with singer The Weekend. Yet, to the shock of fans, their relationship ended in the fall of 2017. A few weeks later, Selena reunited with her first love Justin Bieber.

The reunited couple was spotted canoodling in restaurants and enjoying a bike ride in the park. Fans of both stars were excited to see them together again and wondered if the second time will be the charm.

Selena and Justin's first shot at a relationship was tumultuous.Their romance ended due to Justin's bad boy behavior. There were even reports he was flirting with other girls while Selena was away. Justin may seem like he’s reformed, but odds are he’ll go back to his wild ways and break Selena’s heart again.

2 Ben Affleck: Bad boy ways will rear its ugly head again


The past few years haven’t been kind to Ben Affleck. Following his divorce from Jennifer Garner, he battled alcohol addiction, which caused him to seek treatment. After his rehab stint ended in 2017, the actor cleaned himself up and started a new relationship with Saturday Night Live writer Lindsay Shookus.

While Affleck and Shookus seem to be a good match, let’s not set our hopes too high for this couple. Aside from his battles with alcohol, Ben also has a history of cheating. It first happened during his engagement to Jennifer Lopez when he was caught flirting with strippers. Most recently, his affair with the nanny lead to the divorce with Jennifer Garner.

Maybe Ben has finally curbed his wild ways; although given his track record we think there’ll be another cheating scandal in his future.

1 Jennifer Lopez: May need a rod to deal with Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Lopez started 2017 off with a bang when she began dating Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod. The actress and the baseball player quickly became Hollywood’s hottest couple. They were often photographed in nightclubs, enjoying a tropical vacation, or having a family outing with their kids. They’ve become so popular that Vanity Fair featured them on their December 2017 cover.

While the world is clamoring for more of JLo and Arod, they shouldn’t expect this couple to last much longer. A-Rod has a history of cheating. It was rumored that his affair with Madonna led to his divorce with wife Cynthia.

As for JLo, she’s been cheated on in the past. Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and Casper Smart reportedly cheated on the brunette beauty. If there’s one thing she won’t tolerate, it’s cheating. So for Alex’s sake, he better behave himself or else he'll face Jennifer’s wrath.

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