8 Celeb Pairs You Didn't Know Are Unlikely Friends and 8 Who Totally Hate Each Other

It’s funny how some of the least likely pairs end up as besties.

We’ve all got some great friendship stories. These are the ones where you go out on a limb, befriend someone who you may not normally talk to and end up obsessed with each other by the end of the night. They might also be the ones where you have been friends since kindergarten and have maintained that friendship over the years.

Then—on the other hand—we have the un-friendship stories or the friendship fails. These include the people who we used to know and get along with. Then something happens, and we’re left friendless, as far as that particular situation is concerned.

In the world of celebrities, this happens too. There is a lot of room for beef to be had when some celebs are just trying to be the best they can be. There is also a chance for celebs to meet tons of others who are just like them—or not so much like them. It’s funny how some of the least likely pairs end up as besties.

It’s time to dig into the topics of friendship—especially considering unlikely friendships—and un-friendship. Let’s take a look and catch up on some of what’s going on with some of our favorite celebs and their friends!

16 Unlikely Friends: Mandy Moore And Kelly Osbourne

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It may come as a shock to most of us, especially when we compare the two stars to each other. Mandy Moore and Kelly Osbourne happen to be longtime besties. They even shared the cover of Elle Girl back in 2002. Moore has also appeared on The Osbournes multiple times, showing up as a friend of the family.

This friendship is somewhat surprising to us, because Moore and Osbourne seem very different from each other. Moore has produced pop albums, maintains a sweet demeanor and often plays softer characters when acting. Osbourne on the other hand is edgier, bolder and is pretty vulgar at times. It doesn’t seem like the most logical relationship—in our opinion—but maybe their drastic differences bring them closer and help them to truly value one another.

15 Totally Hate Each Other: Julia Roberts And Nicole Kidman

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Actresses Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman appear to have some beef with each other. The most recent example of this happened pretty recently, and we haven’t heard any news of a reconciliation. Conflicts are pretty common in Hollywood (and everywhere else) though, and maybe it’ll just last until the day these ladies die.

Anyway, it turns out that Kidman is really snobby. The two were in a film last year—Secret in Their Eyes—and Roberts had a lot to share about Kidman’s attitude. She refused to talk to the staff and crew on the set. Well, she will speak to them when it’s time to boss them around. Roberts—on the other hand—is super friendly to the crew. Roberts even went so far as to give Kidman the nickname of “your majesty,” so we all know that she thinks that Kidman is being ridiculous as well.

14 Unlikely Friends: Meryl Streep And 50 Cent

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This duo seems strange based on their differing backgrounds and their talents. We’re not saying that a rapper absolutely cannot hang out with an actress, but we’d be better off assuming two actors or two opera singers were friends. Meryl Streep and 50 Cent actually happen to be buddies, and we’re slightly surprised by this.

In 2014, Streep and 50 Cent were seen hanging out at a basketball game. The pair watched the Lakers vs. Knicks game together and seemed to hit it off. We don’t think this was the beginning of their friendship though. This definitely seems like more of a 50 Cent kind of experience, but Streep was there with her husband as well. It would be interesting to learn more about this friendship. Maybe Streep and 50 Cent will collaborate in some way in the future.

13 Totally Hate Each Other: George Clooney And Russell Crowe

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Apparently, Russell Crowe has some issues with celebs endorsing products or being in TV commercials and ads. He was pretty open about this opinion back in 2005 in an interview with GQ, which was later published. He said, "I don’t use my ‘celebrity’ to make a living.” Then, Crowe went and called out several celebs for starring in ads, including Harrison Ford, Robert de Niro and George Clooney.

Clooney took this blow pretty personally, and he made it public. We heard—from Clooney—that Crowe ended up apologizing for his comment, but Clooney was still fired up. He shot back at Crowe, saying "Dude, the only people who succeed when two famous people are fighting is People magazine. What the f*** is wrong with you?" From the looks of it, we aren’t so sure that the two are friends yet or if they’ll ever be.

12 Unlikely Friends: Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart

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Though this has the high chance of sounding like some kind of joke, it’s actually true. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are actually close. This seems weird, because Snoop Dogg definitely comes across as much rougher and tougher than Stewart. She may be a strong woman, but she doesn’t seem nearly as intense as Snoop Dogg.

We aren’t quite sure how this friendship came to happen. It just seems bizarre from the outside looking in, and it has us wondering what they have in common or how they found each other.

Regardless of the background of this interesting friendship, we have been happy to see the two all over Stewart’s cooking shows. They both seem to love cooking and baking on TV together. It’s definitely entertaining to us viewers at home too.

11 Totally Hate Each Other: Bruce Willis And Sylvester Stalone

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Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stalone have some kind of a feud going on between them. The two have starred side by side in the movie series The Expendables. We can imagine the friendship created from being in so many films together and just being on set at the same time. They seemed to be pretty close and on good terms until the production of The Expendables 3.

Well, Willis has apparently got some issues with the payment terms for The Expendables. Following his appearances in the first two films, he asked for $4 million. This was only for a total of four days on the set of The Expendables 3. A million dollars per day seems awfully high to us. Stalone then roasted Willis on Twitter, tweeting “GREEDY AND LAZY ...... A FORMULA FOR SURE CAREER FAILURE.”

10 Unlikely Friends: Kourtney Kardashian And Justin Bieber

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A few years ago, two pretty big stars meshed and found themselves in somewhat of a friendship—at least for a little while. Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were seen hanging out with one another. There are some people who have started rumors that Bieber was a rebound after Kardashian split from Scott Disick.

We are somewhat confused about this friendship, just because they don’t have a lot in common outside of their fame. Kardashian is the star of a reality TV show—and we aren’t really sure what else she does. Bieber is a pop singer.

The Kardashians themselves have claimed that they’ve all been pals with Bieber for a while now. They say that he’s just a family friend, which is definitely likely. We don’t know if we should believe that or the rebound rumors.

9 Totally Hate Each Other: Jim Carrey And Tommy Lee Jones

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Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones don’t know how to play nice. They do know how to act in Batman Forever, where they were both stars. Apparently, Jones can’t stand Carrey, and he was pretty blunt about it while on the set of Batman Forever. We’d like to know what Carrey did to get on Jones’ bad side though.

Carrey shared about his experience with Jones by saying, "I went up to say hi and the blood drained from his face in such a way that I realized that I had become the face of his pain or something. And he got kind of shaking and hugged me and said, 'I hate you. I really don't like you.' And I was like, 'Wow, okay, what's going on, man?' And he said, 'I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'"

8 Unlikely Friends: Kanye West And Mary-Kate Olsen

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Kanye West loves himself, as we are all super aware. He loves the cameras too though, and he likes being a big star. We would naturally assume that he spends his time with other celebrities who live in the spotlight and will gladly be interviewed for any magazine out there. This actually is not the case. We get that celebs can branch outside of their comfort zones and their major friend groups. That’s just what West does—he moves beyond his typical type of people and seeks out new pals.

As it turns out West happens to be friends with Mary-Kate Olsen. They have been seen together at one of his fashion shows. We all know that the Olsen gals like to keep themselves hidden from the public eye, so that’s really why this friendship seems bizarre. We think if you preferred to keep yourself more concealed, you’d avoid hanging out with some big-name guys.

7 Totally Hate Each Other: Lindsay Lohan And Amanda Bynes

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Maybe it’s true that opposites do attract, because these girls are super similar and haven’t become besties. Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are both former child stars who ended up wandering down the wrong road. Over the years, both gals have ended up in trouble with the law. They’re both big partiers too, so that does help us to make some sense of a source of the trouble.

As it turns out, there’s more drama. Bynes and Lohan actually hate each other. It started with a tweet by Lohan, questioning why she went to jail while Bynes wasn’t even punished. While it is unfair, we think that Lohan probably took it a step too far by making it so public. When you’re tweeted about like this, it can rub you the wrong way, so Bynes attitude toward Lohan makes sense. One of Bynes’s pals mentioned how much Bynes hates Lohan and that she’s always talking about her.

6 Unlikely Friends: Jennifer Lawrence And Kris Jenner (And Kim Kardashian)

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Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty talented young chick with a number of high-quality movies under her belt already. She’s acted in a variety of films over the years, and she is keeping busy by starring in even more. She’s 27 years old.

Kris Jenner is our favorite reality TV mom. We aren’t exactly sure if she does much outside of being in Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She’s got a few wild kids to raise, and that’s about it. She’s 62 years old.

What do Jennifer Lawrence and Kris Jenner have in common? Not a whole lot, as far as we can see. It turns out that these two are tight though. They both come across as somewhat fun, so we’re guessing it would be entertaining to see them in action.

5 Totally Hate Each Other: Madonna And Gwyneth Paltrow

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A while back, we saw Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow getting along well. They were super close and seemed like a lot of fun to be around when they were together. Paltrow even said they were like sisters.

Then—suddenly—the two split in 2010. They haven’t been seen together since, when they used to hang all the time. We never saw a feud of any sort. We never heard any drama or name-calling go down between the two. What could have happened? We aren’t so sure.

Even to this day, Paltrow and Madonna haven’t been seen in public together. There has got to be more to the story than we are aware of, but they didn’t come out and say anything publicly about their friendship. It’ll remain a mystery for now.

4 Unlikely Friends: Snoop Dogg And David Beckham

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We all know Snoop Dogg as a rapper. David Beckham is a former soccer player and a dad. They just seem to be living on two totally opposite sides of it all, but maybe it makes sense. We’re still trying to figure out how though. Maybe it’s just one of those “opposites attract” kind of friendships.

Apparently Snoop Dogg and Beckham are pretty close. Throughout the years, they’ve done a lot together, mixing the pair’s interests. For example, Beckham is always one of the first people to receive a copy of Snoop Dogg’s nearly-finished albums. We didn’t know that Beckham liked rap. They also play soccer together, which is more up Beckham’s alley. Snoop Dogg has also had Beckham on his TV show a few times over the years.

3 Totally Hate Each other: Taylor Swift And Katy Perry

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These two have got some bad blood, if you know what we mean. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are two of the biggest names in pop culture, but we don’t see them coming together anytime soon. The last time that they were on the same team was back at one of Swift’s concerts in 2010. The two sang one of Perry’s hits together.

Then something happened. This was pretty close to the time when Perry dated Swift’s ex-boyfriend—John Mayer—in 2012. We didn’t see anything happen because of that though. Then in 2013, Perry stole some of Swift’s dancers in the middle of her Red tour. What? Who does that? Since then, the two have had an ongoing conflict. There’s some speculation that Swift wrote Bad Blood about Perry and that Perry wrote Swish Swish about Swift.

2 Unlikely Friends: Jay-Z And Gwyneth Paltrow

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This one sounds like two random celebrity names were drawn from a hat. The two celebs would then be expected to meet and even become BFFs. Really though, Jay-Z and Gwyneth Paltrow are really close and have a killer friendship. Paltrow is an actress, while Jay-Z is a rapper. That just doesn’t seem like a close comparison there, but it’s cool that they’re such great pals.

Jay-Z and Paltrow have known each other for a while. They originally met back in 2006. Paltrow is also friends with Jay-Z’s wife, Beyoncé too. We wouldn’t really expect Paltrow to be buds with Jay-Z, because they seem to be pretty different from each other. Apparently, Gwyneth isn’t the only Paltrow who is close to him though. Her kids even call him “Uncle Jay.”

1 Totally Hate Each Other: Janet Hubert And Will Smith

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This raging duo acted beside each other on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but that’s probably the end of their careers together. The show was enough for Janet Hubert—Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince—because of her co-star Will Smith. The two each had some not-so-nice comments about each other.

Hubert described Smith as an “egomaniac” after the show had come to an end. Clearly, she’s not a huge fan of his, and she didn’t really like him in person. Then—to make it worse—Smith also has some beef with Hubert. He explained that she was a control freak on set and wanted it to be about her. We aren’t sure who to believe—or maybe we should believe them both—but there’s good reason for these two and their hatred.

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8 Celeb Pairs You Didn't Know Are Unlikely Friends and 8 Who Totally Hate Each Other