8 Celeb Couples That Almost Split Due To Affairs and 8 Who Are Still Hanging On

Celebrities seem to have it all–massive houses, expensive cars, extra money, and fame. They live luxurious lifestyles and attend the best parties. Between the celebrity bashes and various red-carpet events, celebrities tend to find other celebrities to date. The beautiful want to date the beautiful.

As soon as the rumors start, all of the shippers come out and either hate the couple or become #TeamCoupleName. Some of these Hollywood couples try to hide and deny their relationship, while others flaunt it openly. The public becomes fascinated by what they are doing, what they are buying each other and if the couple will eventually have the ultimate celebrity baby.

However, celebrities are just like everyday people. Infidelity can run rampant in Hollywood. The cheaters will blame everything from drugs and alcohol to distance due to their careers, but a cheater is a cheater. Some of the biggest celebrities have fallen victim to cheating scandals.

The media runs with these stories for as long as they can—sometimes making the situations worse. While some couples are able to stick it out, others split after confirming that the accusations are true. We found some of the most devastating celebrity splits and then some great stories of second chances. See if your favorite celebrity couple fell victim to infidelity.

16 Jessica And Justin Are Lovestoned

Triple threat Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel have been married since 2012. The two keep their private life hidden from the public eye, but they do occasionally post about their son or their love for each other. Their wedding picture spoke volumes about the silly, fun dynamic behind their marriage.

However, while the couple was dating, Timberlake allegedly cheated on Biel with actress Olivia Munn. Timberlake and Munn had a three-day affair, as Timberlake had told her things with Biel were over. This affair was revealed to sources by an inside source. Munn was allegedly the one to end the affair, likely finding out that Biel was still Timberlake’s other half. Biel and Timberlake pumped the brakes for a moment, but then got back together and married, seeming happier than ever.

15 Even The New Batman Couldn’t Resist The Nanny

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got married in June of 2005. Affleck had started dating Garner after a very public split with Jennifer Lopez, with many media sources pointing out that he was running through the Jennifers of Hollywood. Affleck and Garner seemed to have a great marriage, having three children together and supporting each other’s career.

However, in June of 2015, after 10years of marriage, the couple announced that they were separating. Within the next few months, rumors of Affleck’s affair with the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, came out in the media. Although the couple may have been having issues prior to the affair, rumors circulated that Garner fired the nanny after learning of the affair. Garner and Affleck seemed to try to stay friends, continuing to meet up and go on vacations together, but they officially filed for divorce in April of 2017. This came almost two years after the announcement of their separation.

14 Bending Like The Beckham’s

Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, and sports star David Beckham have been married since 1999. They have been a huge “it couple” of Hollywood, stealing the scene at every red carpet they attend. Together, they have four children who look exactly like their parents. Other than red carpet appearances, the couple tends to stay out of the media spotlight.

The exception was a huge cheating scandal in 2004. David Beckham allegedly strayed away from Posh Spice to a woman named Rebecca Loos. Loos was David Beckham’s personal assistant when he was in Spain. After a scandalous evening at a nightclub that got pictures of the pair plastered in every tabloid, she was let go. Victoria stayed by David’s side while Loos continued to offer interviews and covers of magazines to anyone who offered.

13 Keeping Up With Kourtney And Scott

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have always had a tumultuous relationship. This is often caught by Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameras or by the media in general. Disick is openly an alcoholic who gets a little too crazy, even at family dinners. Kardashian has always given Disick multiple chances. They have three children together.

Everything came tumbling down when Disick decided to bring another woman to a Kardashian family trip. Flabbergasted, family matriarch Kris had to ask him why he would ever bring another woman on the trip. His response was it was a tactic to get over Kourtney. He was also photographed with several girls significantly younger than him. Since then, the couple has not gotten back together, with Kardashian dating Younes Bendjima for over a year at this point. Disick and Kardashian continue to co-parent.

12 Jay-Z And Beyonce Stay Drunk In Love

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been music royalty since they started dating in 2002. This became a huge ordeal after their secret marriage in 2008. They met recording a song for Jay-Z’s album. The couple seemed to have everything and even had a daughter together, Blue Ivy. Now, they also have twin babies. When Beyoncé released the album Lemonade after the famous elevator fight between her sister, Solange, and Jay-Z, it became obvious that something had happened.

There were mentions of infidelity. While the couple did not publicly comment, Jay-Z recently released the album 4:44. Songs on this album reference his womanizing behavior, also mentioning a possible threesome with people who were not Beyoncé after Blue Ivy was born. Jay-Z and Beyoncé seem to be telling the world about their past through music, but remain together as a power couple.

11 Bella Swan Fled The Nest

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the it couple of the early 2010s. Due to the success of the Twilight series, the fandom had been shipping them all along. When Bella and Edward were dating in real life, fans went wild. Team Edward was ecstatic while Team Jacob wanted the couple to split instantly. Stewart and Pattinson continued their relationship through the four movies, almost. In 2012, a paparazzi caught pictures of Stewart kissing Rupert Sanders, a director of a film Stewart was filming and starring in at the time.

The two were caught in broad daylight without the faintest hint of guilt. The guilt only came once the pictures were out and Pattinson was blatantly hurt. Not only did this end Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship, but it also was the catalyst behind Rupert Sanders’ divorce. In the end, Stewart did not end up with either man, although she and Pattinson continued the façade through the premiere of the final Twilight movie.

10 Not Sick Of That Same Old Love

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are notorious for their on-again-off-again relationship. The couple released songs about each other when they were apart, and seemingly forgot about all the bad when they were together. In 2016, after a split, Gomez took to Bieber’s Instagram to call him out for his wrongdoings. After posting a picture with Sophia Ritchie and getting hate for it, Bieber threatened his fans with a private Instagram account.

After Gomez called him out for hating on his fans, Bieber responded by saying Gomez was pointing fingers at him for attention. To this, Gomez responded, “Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving…” The couple remained off for a bit, during a serious time of bad health for Gomez. Since her split from The Weeknd, Gomez has been spotted out with Bieber several times.

9 Miss Congeniality Couldn’t Be Jesse’s Girl

Sandra Bullock married notorious bad boy Jesse James in 2005. While Bullock was becoming an even more known actress, James was one of the owners of West Coast Choppers, which had a corresponding television show at the time. In 2010, women started talking to the media about their affairs with Jesse James. In total, seven different women came forward, with the most notable being Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

James owned up to all of these cases of infidelity and said it is natural for humans to cheat on each other. With that being said, not much was done to salvage this relationship. Bullock and James quickly divorced in 2010, with James then relocating out of the spotlight to get himself and his children away from the media. Bullock has since adopted children.

8 Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Continue Their Union

Actress Gabrielle Union and sports star Dwyane Wade started dating in 2009. Both were experiencing incredibly successful careers that would keep them apart for various periods of time. While their love was strong, they decided to take a break, just because of the distance between them. During their split, Wade strayed off to another woman and fathered a child with her.

Despite this, Union and Wade reunited and Wade proposed to her in 2013. They have stayed together since, raising Wade’s nephew together and co-parenting with Wade’s exes, as he has three children that are not from Union. Recently, the two spoke out about infertility issues and miscarriages they have experienced. They remain to be a united front and are more in love now than before.

7 Shout Out To My Ex, Bye Zayn

One Direction dropout Zayn Malik had initially left the band due to mental health issues and so he could spend more time with fiancée Perrie Edwards of the band Little Mix. What was not expected was that Malik would cheat on his fiancée with current girlfriend Gigi Hadid. The end of the engagement took the media circuit by storm, continually posting videos of Edwards performing and sobbing simultaneously. Meanwhile, Malik and Hadid were posting their relationship all over Instagram.

Edwards got her revenge in a song she helped write for her girl group entitled “Shout Out to My Ex,” which details some of the wrongdoings of exes, particularly Malik. As an additional slap to the face, Edwards did not give Malik a heads up about this revenge song. Malik has been busy with his first album “Mind of Mine” and has been working on a second album.

6 She Used To Love You, Gavin

The ‘90s called and crushed hearts around the world when Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split. After meeting on tour, the rockstars married in 2002 in a one-of-a-kind wedding. Together, they had three children: Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. With the touring that both Stefani and Rossdale were doing, they had to hire a nanny to help with the children. This nanny, Mindy Mann, ended up being the downfall of Stefani’sand Rossdale’s relationship.

It was revealed in 2015 that Rossdale had been having an affair with Mann for three of the 13 years he was married toStefani. Stefani discovered the adulterers’ relationship on nothing other than the family’s iPad, in which she found X-rated photos and plans exchanged between Rossdale and Mann. Rossdale denied the affair at first, but admitted to it months after Stefani fired the nanny. Since then, Stefani has found a new fairytale with Blake Shelton.

5 The Clintons Are Making It Through

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, have had their fair share of time in the limelight for infidelity. When Mr. Clinton was in office, he cheated on his wife with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. This sparked a national outrage and led to an impeachment hearing for former President Clinton. Hillary Clinton stood by her husband through all of this. Through

Mrs. Clinton’s own political career, she has been criticized for not being able to please her husband, which would therefore make her a bad leader in the eyes of some. This has not stopped her from continuing her career. Her husband now stands behind her. During the last presidential campaign, cases of rape came up from various women who stood by current President Trump. While the legitimacy of these claims is uncertain, the Clintons stand by each other.

4 How Will Dean Live Without You, LeAnn?

LeAnn Rimes married Dean Sheremet when she was barely 20 years old. Rimes had been climbing up the pop charts while Sheremet was a backup dancer. At the time, Sheremet was managing Rimes’ career, causing an additional tension to their relationship. Rimes was on set for a Lifetime movie when she met Eddie Cibrian. Despite both Rimes’ and Cibrian’s marriages, they had an affair that turned into more.

Rimes and Sheremet divorced in 2009, as did Cibrian and his wife, Brandi Glanville. In 2010, Rimes and Cibrian became engaged. They had a surprise wedding in 2011 with less than 40 guests. Rimes then became the stepmother to Cibrian’s two children. Their relationship has been complicated by both of their exes, who continue to speak with the media about the infidelity.

3 Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Show They Are Both Fighters

Country star Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman have been married since 2006 and have been together since 2005. They have two children together who are ages nine and almost seven. This family has had its fair share of problems.

Other than substance abuse issues, Urban had a wandering eye in the beginning of their relationship. A model named Amanda Wyatt spoke to the media, saying she was seeing Urban when he started dating Kidman. Their relationship did not stop despite the new relationship he formed, it in fact got steamier.

Urban was allegedly sending sexual text messages to Wyatt right up until he got married. Wyatt states that she did not want to be a threat to their marriage, but wanted Kidman to know what was going on behind her back. Over a decade later, the couple seems to be doing just fine.

2 Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Stay True… Now

Actress Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have had a bit of a disastrous relationship since their marriage in 2006. The two starred in a reality show together with their children, throwing them all into the spotlight. Around Christmas time in 2014, McDermott was in Canada, cheating on his wife. Meanwhile, Spelling was with all of the children taking pictures. This hit the newsstands a few days before Christmas, devastating Spelling and her family.

They chose to share some of this on their show. However, right after the scandal was released, McDermott went to rehab to work on himself so they could fix their relationship. Three years later, the couple is still together, continuing to work through their issues and supporting their family. The duo continues to figure out how to navigate life after cheating and they are still addressing elements of this scandal in the media.

1 Easy There, Tiger

Professional golfer Tiger Woods and model Elin Nordegren were married in 2004. They maintained a somewhat private life for most of their marriage, despite the fame that they both had. This came to a screeching halt one Thanksgiving night. Nordegren had been made suspicious of Tiger’s loyalty and went through his phone, finding females’ names within the call log and in text messages. She posed as Woods in a text to confirm the affair. Woods woke up to this and flew out of the house in his car, crashing it into a tree at the end of their driveway.

It only got worse for Nordegren, as over a dozen women came out of the woodwork and said they had been with Woods all during his marriage. With two children, Nordegren did what was best for them and filed for divorce. Since then, Woods went to rehab for addiction and has continued co-parenting with Nordegren.

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