7 Signs Kylie Jenner Is Ready To Be A Mom And 8 Signs She's Not

At the end of September, the world was rocked by the news that Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and makeup mogul, was pregnant. Making this news even more shocking - Kylie isn't the only Kardashian lady expecting. Rumor has it that her older sister Khloe, who once struggled with fertility, is also pregnant. And then we've got Kim K who is expecting her third baby via surrogate. And apparently, they are all due early next year. That's a whole lot of Kardashian baby drama! But the most shocking of the three announcements was definitely Kylie's. She's the youngest in the family at just 20 years old. She's made no mention of wanting to be a mom or starting a family. So the news definitely caught us, and probably Kylie, off guard. Is she ready to be a mom? Is Kylie going to be a good mom? Let's find out!

Why She Is Ready:

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15 She Can Afford It

Let’s just be honest. Motherhood is going to be a lot easier for Kylie because unlike most unwed young moms, she won’t be going from paycheck to paycheck. She won’t have to rely on welfare or pick up a part-time job just to make ends meet. Kylie is rolling in the dough. She’s got lots of money and will be able to provide the best life for her new baby. Not only does she have all of her reality TV money, but she’s also got her makeup line, clothing line, modeling, spokeswoman, and whatever else she has her name on. If she wanted her kid to sleep in a gold-plated crib under a mobile made of diamonds, it wouldn’t be a problem. Wear a new onesie every day and throw them out as soon as they’re worn? No issue!

14 She Has Help

Despite not being married, Kylie isn’t going to be in this thing alone. She’s got her boyfriend, Travis Scott. We’re not 100% sure he’ll be a doting dad, but all signs are pointing to yes. It seems like he’s still in the picture and looking to be involved. But even if he ghosts her or gets too busy with his music, Kylie still has lots of options. She’s got one of the most protective families in Hollywood. You know her kid is going to have lots of aunties involved in their life. Kylie will be able to turn to her mom, her sisters, and maybe even her brother for help. Plus she’s got the whole extended Jenner family she can rely on as well. So many people for Kylie to turn to!

13 Her Child Will Have Cousins To Play With

One nice part of growing up Kardashian is all the little Kardashians who are starting to make their way in the world. Kylie’s baby is going to have so many little cousins to hang out with. Can you see a return of KUWTK in 20 years when all these kids are grown up? I can see it. So Kylie’s little one will have older cousins to look up to, like Kourtney’s kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign. And then there’s Kim’s kids, North and Saint. Of course, there’s Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s baby girl, depending on who has custody. And then her little one is also going to have some same age cousins since Kim and Khloe are both expecting. So many little Kardashians running around! Should Kris open a daycare?

12 She Has Sister Support

Everyone knows the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have each other’s backs. Sure, they love to make fun of one another on their show. But when it comes to facing the outside world, they’re always a united front. The support is unconditional. So Kylie is going to have people to rely on. Plus, she has sisters who are literally going through the exact same thing she is. Kylie is pregnant at the same time as older sister Khloe, who is also expecting her first child. Together, these two first time mamas can navigate the fun world of pregnancy and motherhood. We can totally see them shopping for maternity clothes together. And then she’s got Kim and Kourtney, both experienced mamas, to give her lots of support, answer all of her questions, and gift her with lots of hand-me-downs. Though I’m sure Kylie won’t be needing to use hand-me-downs.

11 She's Resourceful

Say what you will about Kylie, but girlfriend is resourceful. When we first learned who Kylie was, she was just the youngest Kardashian/Jenner. She was a little preteen on the family reality show. She could have easily hid from the cameras and continued a normal life. Her sisters were known for their clothing lines, ads and TV show. But Kylie was barely known at all. So she decided to make a name for herself. While older sister Kendall pursued modeling, Kylie decided to pursue makeup. She became known for her pout, so well-known that her lip kits have consistently sold out. She’s created a very profitable makeup, clothing, and accessories line. She has her own app. She models. She does paid advertising. And she’s still on reality TV. Kylie knows how to work with what she’s got – a trait that most moms have.

10 She's Dealt With Controversy Before

So when news of her pregnancy first broke people were obviously shocked. Kylie is quite young to be a mom and most people didn’t even know she was dating someone. Many people in the public had their opinion of Kylie, and most of those opinions were not nice. But that’s okay. Because Kylie knows how to deal with haters and controversy. She’s done this before. As a social media and reality TV star, Kylie has her share of critics. Remember all the controversy about whether or not she had gotten lip injections and other work done? She weathered that storm and still created a successful makeup line out of it. She’s dealt with lawsuits, rocky breakups, and other issues all in the public eye. And she’s made it out just fine from each one of those.

9 She's In Nesting Mode

Reports are saying that ever since finding out she was expecting, Kylie has been in full nesting mode. The to-be mama is spending a lot of time at home, surrounded by family. She’s trying to give up some aspects of her crazy life to make room for a baby. And when she does go out, it’s not to clubs or parties. She’s out shopping for baby stuff! We know the Kardashian ladies love to shop and dress nicely. So it’s no surprise that Kylie is enjoying spending her hard earned money on new stuff for her baby on the way. She’s also starting to value her privacy. No more staged paparazzi shots or red carpet appearances. Kylie is keeping things low key – perfect for an expectant mama.

Why She's Not Ready:

8 She Wasn't Planning On A Child

I think it’s safe to say that this child was unplanned. That’s not to say it was a mistake – just a happy surprise. But I think it’s clear that Kylie wasn’t expecting to get pregnant or become a mom right now. Not at this age and not with this new guy. It’s hard to be totally ready for a baby when you weren’t planning on having one in the first place. For couples who actively try to get pregnant, they have time to solidify their relationship, talk about child rearing, and make decisions for their future. Kylie is having to do all of that on the fly and with a brand new partner. It’s difficult! Of course, having her money and resources will definitely help. But it’s still tough to think about motherhood when you hadn’t considered it before.

7 She's Not The Best Role Model

Let’s be honest: You wouldn’t want your young child looking up to Kylie Jenner as a role model, right? It’s not that she isn’t a good person – it’s just that she portrays some behaviors that aren’t the most kid-friendly. If you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll find no shortage of racy photos. And we’re all for mamas showing off their bods, but Kylie’s photos take that to a whole new level. Plus, she doesn’t shy away from posing with suggestive things, which isn’t exactly what we look for in a role model. She’s had legal issues in the past with lawsuits and other controversies. Plus, she has her whole life on display on reality TV. The issue here is that she might make young motherhood look a little too easy and appealing to impressionable young girls. Just because Kylie is able to take care of her unplanned pregnancy, doesn’t mean it’ll be so easy for everyone else.

6 Her Kid Will Automatically Be In The Spotlight

Many celeb parents try their best to shield their kids from the spotlight. Some have gone so far as to sue tabloids who print photos of their kids without their permission. There are even laws in place to help protect kids from invasive paparazzi action. But something tells us this won’t be an issue for the next Kardashian baby. Those Kardashians littles are in the spotlight from the moment their birth is announced. We all know exactly what North West looks like in a tutu and leather jacket because Kim and Kanye don’t even bother to keep her out of the spotlight. In fact, they push her into it. So if her sisters are any indicator, Kylie’s baby will also start life off on the cover of a magazine. Not the easiest or most healthy way to grow up…

5 She's Stealing Khloe's Thunder

Now this one definitely wasn’t under Kylie’s control. It’s not like she planned her pregnancy, so she definitely didn’t plan to make it at the exact same time as Kim and Khloe’s. We can assume that Kim is a little peeved. Kim loves the spotlight. And having a third child via surrogate is probably an exciting thing for Kim and her family. She would probably have loved showing off her third bundle of joy without any competing headlines. But this is Kim’s third, so the public isn’t as concerned. But then there’s Khloe. Poor Khloe has been trying to have a baby for a long time. We watched her and ex-hubby Lamar Odom struggle with fertility issues on their TV show. And now Khloe is finally in a new healthy relationship. And she’s pregnant! This should be her time to shine. All of the attention should be on her and the miracle pregnancy. But nope! Her super fertile 20-year-old sister had to swoop in and steal her thunder with a surprise pregnancy.

4 She's Only 20

So without throwing shade at young moms, I think we can all agree that we were shocked by Kylie’s baby announcement. At 20 years old, she is the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. She’s not married (not that you need to be to have a baby) and is likely not at a place in life where she wanted a child. Because, at 20, she still kind of is a child. She feels like she’s still in her teenage years, going out to parties, spending tons of time on hair and makeup, hitting up festivals and the like. It’s hard to imagine this 20-year-old worrying about dirty diapers and bottles in only a couple of months. Again, lots of women become moms at 20 or even earlier. It doesn’t mean she’s going to be a bad mom. She’s just a little younger than we thought she’d be when she became a mama.

3 She's Only Been With Her Baby Daddy Since The Spring

So when I first heard Kylie was expecting, I didn’t even know she was seeing someone. In fact, I thought the baby daddy might be her ex, Tyga, so I’m glad she dodged that bullet. But Kylie is in fact in a relationship with rapper, Travis Scott. But the thing is, the two have only been together since the spring. That’s not a long time to be with someone before welcoming a child together. By the time she has the baby, she would have been pregnant for more of their relationship than not pregnant. In the first few months of dating you’re still getting to know one another, meeting the family, and going on trips. It’s tough to combine celebrating your 6th month anniversary with shopping for a baby stroller. Despite only dating for a few months pre-pregnancy, these two are going to be connected for life through this baby.

2 She Doesn't Have Time

Being a mom is a full-time job. Sure, many moms go back to work and hire help or use daycare services, but they're still always in mom mode. That’s going to be hard for someone like Kylie. Kylie wasn’t trying to become a mom. And she’s so busy! She just started filming a new reality series. She has her makeup line, clothing line, modeling gig, and lots of other side hustles. Where is she going to find the time to be a mom? It might mean giving up some of her businesses, at least for a little while. Or it might mean bringing her baby with her to photo shoots and meetings. However she decides to handle it, one thing is for sure. If Kylie thought she had a busy life and chaotic schedule before she was pregnant, she’s going to be in for a shock once that baby comes.

1 She Doesn't Have To Be Responsible

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole thing is that because of Kylie’s money, family, and celebrity status, she really doesn’t have to be responsible if she doesn’t want to be. If Kylie left the baby at home for her mom or sisters to take care of so she could go out partying, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a celeb neglect their mommy duties. She’s also in a position where she could hire countless nannies, nurses, and caretakers to help out with absolutely everything. Again, not knocking families who decide to hire help. Parenting and working is tough! But if you’re hiring out help for everything and just taking your kid when it’s convenient or when the paparazzi are looking, something isn’t right. Let’s hope Kylie doesn’t opt for that version of motherhood.

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