6 WWE Divas Who Are Surprisingly Older Than Their Partners (+ 9 Who Are Much Younger)

Typically in the wrestling business, we’ve seen a younger Diva date an older WWE star. Take Paige and Alberto Del Rio as an example. One of them is still in their 20s while the other is at the end of their professional run in their 40s.

However, it is important to note that times are now starting to change. Gone are the days of veterans like The Undertaker marrying a Diva almost half their age. Today, most of the relationships feature WWE stars of the same age. In fact, in some relationships, the Diva is actually the elder.

We’ll take a look at both sides of the spectrum. Of course, there are still lots of WWE Divas that are a lot younger than their current partners. We’ll feature nine examples of some noticeable age gaps throughout the article.

On the flip side, we’ll feature the rare instance and a new trend of the Diva being the older one in the relationship. We even have an example of a former Diva married to a current WWE star–she has ten years on her man. Can fans guess who? Scroll down to find out!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are six WWE Divas that are surprisingly older than their partner and nine that are much younger. Let’s get started.

15 Older – Sable (Brock Lesnar)

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Prior to Lesnar getting started with WWE, Sable’s prime WWE was run was basically done with. She would return in 2003 for a short run, though, and it was at that point that she met Brock Lesnar behind the scenes. She hasn’t been seen since–fans don’t even know if she’ll ever be inducted into the WWE’s Hall Of Fame given the amount of distance she has kept from the company.

What’s surprising in this relationship is the age gap of a decade. Sable is in her 50s while Brock is in his early 40s. When seeing the two together, you wouldn’t think the age gap was that large.

14 Younger – Sasha Banks (Mikaze)

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This is another age gap that goes largely unnoticed. Banks turned 27 just a couple of months ago while her partner Mikaze, a WWE seamstress, is set to turn 36 in just a couple of weeks.

Despite the age gap, the couple makes it work. It also helps that they’re able to travel together on the regular. Mikaze works behind the scenes customizing the costumes, so there’s clearly a reason Sasha always has the best gear. For the time being, though, it remains to be seen what the future holds given that Sasha hasn’t been present on WWE television since WrestleMania.

13 Younger - Paige (Ronnie Radke)

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Paige knows all about dating older men. She previously dated Alberto Del Rio, who’s in his 40s, while she’s still in her 20s. The same holds true for her current relationship with musician Ronnie Radke. Paige is set to turn 27 later on in the summer while Ronnie is celebrating his 36th birthday later in the year.

The gap might not seem too bad, especially given Paige’s longevity in the wrestling business getting started with WWE at a young age. Her in-ring run seems to be done with, but according to a recent interview with TMZ, she’s now branching off into the world of Hollywood. She definitely has time on her side.

12 Older - Charlotte (Andrade Almas)

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This seems to be the new “it” couple in WWE given that they recently started dating, at least publicly. What very few fans talk about is the fact that Charlotte is older than Almas. She’s already in her 30s at 33 while the relatively green wrestler is yet to hit his 30s. He’ll celebrate that milestone birthday later on in the fall.

Although Almas might be younger, he has a lot more in-ring experience than Charlotte, at least in terms of experience out of WWE. Almas got his start in the business way back in 2007. At that point, Flair was nowhere near a WWE, or wrestling in general, type of work.

11 Younger - Beth Phoenix (Edge)

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Beth is back with WWE and recently appeared at WrestleMania alongside her real-life best friend Natalya. Beth retired young and she also entered the WWE Hall of Fame as the youngest inductee ever at age 36.

She’s 38 today and still looking great in the ring. Her husband, another WWE Hall Of Famer, is in his 40s nowadays set to turn 46 in the fall. But unlike his wife, we won’t be seeing Edge back in a WWE ring. He was forced to call it quits due to spinal stenosis back in 2011. At least we’ll always have the memories.

10 Younger - Stephanie McMahon (Triple H)

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For now, both are in their 40s but that’s going to change in just a couple of months. Triple H is set to turn the big 50, which is quite remarkable given the look he maintains to this day. Triple H remains dedicated to his fitness levels out of the ring.

Stephanie, on the other hand, is set to turn 43 in the fall just a couple of months after Triple H. The two also got started in the business at different times. Hunter made his debut in the early ‘90s while Stephanie made her on-screen debut with WWE in the late ‘90s. Their age gap was somewhat of a point of contention in the beginning, though these days it's water under the bridge.

9 Older – Mickie James (Nick Aldis)

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Despite the age gap between these two, both got their starts in the industry roughly around the same time in the early 2000s. Aldis, who wrestles outside the WWE, is currently at the prime of his pro run at the age of 32. Mickie, on the other hand, is set to enter her 40s at the end of August.

Clearly, for James, age is just a number. She still looks phenomenal and even better than she did during her early 30s. Some might even say that her husband Nick Aldis looks to be the elder of the two, but they're definitely a photogenic couple.

8 Younger - Peyton Royce (Tye Dillinger)

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This couple is at very different points in their professional lives. Royce seems to be just getting started with WWE. She has an entire world of opportunities in front of her at the age of 26. For her partner and former WWE star Tye Dillinger, things are quite different.

Dillinger is at the other end of his 30s, age 38. He recently left WWE for a second time. Given the booming wrestling scene outside of WWE, we assume he’ll do just fine without the company. The couple shares a noticeable age gap of eleven years, but so far it hasn't seemed to bother them one bit.

7 Younger – Zelina Vega (Aleister Black)

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The age gap in Zelina's current relationship really isn’t as big as the age difference in her prior coupling with Austin Aries. The former WWE veteran is now in his 40s while Zelina is yet to enter her 30s at the tender age of 28, what is considered to be the prime of a Diva's life.

Zelina’s current husband, Aleister Black, is set to turn 34 in just a matter of days. The couple is lucky enough to be on the same brand with SmackDown Live, meaning they get to enjoy the road life together. Who knows what will happen as the pair grow their fame.

6 Older – Maria Kanellis (Mike Kanellis)

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Mike Kanellis, Maria’s husband, played a big role in Maria returning to WWE. The two caught tremendous heat together on the indie scene. It caught WWE’s attention and Maria was able to return–something a lot of fans thought was out of the question given her prior run and where the division is currently headed.

Surprisingly, especially considering their energy, Mike is the younger of the two. He is set to turn 34 in just a couple of days while Maria celebrated her 37th birthday just a couple of months ago. This is another relationship most wouldn’t assume that the female is the elder.

5 Younger - JoJo Offerman (Bray Wyatt)

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The age gap for this one is seven years though visually, it looks like at least ten. WWE’s ring announcer is still in her mid-20s while Wyatt is in his 30s set to turn 32 in just a couple of days.

JoJo hasn’t been on WWE television for quite some time. She has a valid excuse, though, as she is set to have Bray’s baby. As for Wyatt, he hasn’t been utilized all that much as of late, though he is slated to return any day with his new Firefly Fun House gimmick–a character that has us all scratching our heads.

4 Older – Dana Brooke (Enes Kanter)

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Still, in his 20s, Kanter’s having quite the season. His girlfriend Dana Brooke is already in her 30s, set to turn 31 in the fall. Like Kanter, Brooke is also currently enjoying a fine amount of success. She was recently added to the Money in the Bank ladder match for the women’s briefcase, something that seemed like a far-fetched dream just months prior.

She seems to be hitting her prime in her early 30s while Kanter is doing the same with the NBA in his mid-20s. Regardless of their age (and the age gap), life is pretty good for both at the moment.

3 Younger – Alexa Bliss (Buddy Murphy)

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We really aren’t sure what’s exactly going on with this couple nowadays. According to Ring Side News, there is the possibility that the two mutually agreed to call off their engagement. Social media posts from the two also tend to indicate that they went their own separate ways. Not to mention it is pretty puzzling that WWE didn’t slot them on the same brand, given that’s what they usually do with couples.

In terms of age, the two don’t have a big gap, however, Alexa is the younger still in her mid-20s while Murphy is set to turn 31 in the fall.

2 Older - Candice LeRae (Johnny Gargano)

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Both NXT stars entered the business at a young age in the early 2000s. Most would assume Gargano is the older of the two, though that isn’t the case. Johnny Wrestling is set to turn 32 in mid-August while Candice turns 34 just a month after Johnny Gargano.

Both in their 30s, they’re just getting started with WWE. Once they get the call up to the main rosters, we can expect big things out of both these talented wrestlers. Fans are hoping they get the call up sooner rather than later. Either way, the two are in the prime time of life to take on big professional moves.

1 Younger - Ronda Rousey (Travis Browne)

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Who knows what the future holds for Ronda Rousey. What we do know for sure is that Ronda had one heck of a run with WWE; the 32-year-old caught on quicker than anyone would have thought. It seems like her immediate goals might be to start a family alongside her husband, Travis Browne.

Unlike Ronda, Browne’s closer to 40 than he is 30, set turn 37 in mid-July. As for Ronda, given that she’s in her early 30s, she might have time to start a family and still make a return to WWE a couple of years down the road.

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