6 WWE Divas To Avoid Meeting In Real-Life (+ 14 That Are Class Acts)

Fans of WWE dream of meeting their favorite Divas. Come WrestleMania season, the WWE typically holds a big meet and greet with a lot of the wrestlers and Divas. The same is done by other companies with past WWE stars.

Meet and greets usually go one of two ways. The fan is either super happy about the encounter or disappointed with the limited amount of dialogue between themselves and the Diva. We’ll take a look at those that do it best and those that aren’t the most social.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at wrestlers that don’t like to be approached in a public setting like the airport. One Diva goes as far as to post a picture that she took with the fan and bashing them for approaching her. Lots of Divas aren’t high on fans purposely running into them and we really can’t blame them. We’ll take a look at some Divas you should steer clear from especially in airports. On the other hand, other Divas will give you a smile and even an autograph if you’re lucky. We’ll look at both sides in this article.

From Charlotte to Sasha Banks to Stephanie McMahon, enjoy the article as we take a look at 6 WWE Divas to avoid meeting in real-life and 14 that are class acts. We’ll feature both former and current WWE Divas. Let’s get the list started! Ring the bell!

20 Avoid - Sasha Banks

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Judging by past interviews and Twitter posts, bothering Sasha Banks in an airport isn’t the best idea. Now to be perfectly clear, Banks is all about meeting the fans, however, she enjoys doing so in an organized setting.

Sasha doesn’t like when fans invade her privacy at the airport. She also dislikes when fans get information about her flights so that they can meet her in the airport terminal. Banks isn’t afraid to blast fans about asking for pics, she posted about several instances on her Twitter account. It might be best to avoid Banks completely unless it’s in an organized setting.

19 Class Act - Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss might play the role of a villain on-screen but she’s the exact opposite away from the camera. Whether it be in a candid setting or organized WWE autograph sessions, Alexa is always a professional with the fans. She also has several candid airport photos with fans and in most pics, she’s smiling from ear to ear making the fan’s day. That isn’t always the case with WWE Divas as you’ll see in this article.

The 27-year-old continues on in her villain role however it is quite clear that she can also play the good girl persona given the way she is in real life when the cameras aren’t rolling.

18 Class Act - Ronda Rousey

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From sleeping in her Honda Accord to becoming the face of the UFC, Rousey made one heck of a climb to the top. She’s currently a member of the WWE roster as the current Women’s Champion.

Despite all her fame, Ronda remains so level-headed and constantly humble. That’s really what makes her such a great champion. As evidenced by TMZ, rarely does Ronda Rousey skip out on a picture or autograph when she’s walking through the LAX airport. The same goes for her interaction with the WWE fans. During live events, Rousey always makes sure to greet as many fans as possible – now that’s a class act.

17 Class Act - Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson entering the wrestling business turned out to be a total fluke. She was backstage with her boyfriend during a WCW taping, she was then randomly asked to accompany a wrestler to the ring. That one gig would later turn into a storyline and soon enough, Wilson became one of the most popular WCW stars.

Her stardom only grew with the WWE, so much so that she was recently announced as part of the 2019 Hall Of Fame inductees. Torrie was never the best wrestler but she had a great personality and one the fans connected with. It wasn't just for the show, she’s the same way at meet and greets always smiling from ear to ear with the fans.

16 Avoid - Sable

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Some would argue that Sable deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame more so than Torrie Wilson. Sable was an influential part of the WWE’s success during the Attitude Era. Conversely, it was her attitude that got her a ticket out of the company. Sable wasn’t the easiest to deal with – the likes of Bruce Prichard claim that success might have gone to her head. She was often isolated behind the scenes with her ex-husband Marc Mero.

We rarely hear anything about Sable nowadays. She’s completely isolated living life in Saskatchewan, Canada. As far as we know, Sable wants nothing to do with the business or the fans, focusing on her family life instead.

15 Class Act - Trish Stratus

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Trish entered the business in a non-wrestling role as a manager. She would become one of the greatest champions ever and a WWE Hall of Famer once her career came to an end. Talk about a turnaround huh? She went from managing a tag team to becoming a multi-time Women’s Champion.

Out of the ring, Trish does a lot of meet and greet’ work. Despite her retirement, Stratus still has a lot of fans, she typically has the longest lines at wrestling conventions. She usually goes to conventions alongside Lita, the two typically share a booth together. Trish is so easy to talk to and always smiling ready to engage with the fans.

14 Class Act - Bayley

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WWE star Bayley knows the importance when it comes to a fan meeting their favorite wrestler. When she was young, Bayley met some of her favorites including Lita and the Hardys. Who can forget the story of Bayley breaking up with her boyfriend because she was in love with one of the Hardys! Crazily enough, she now calls all of her former idols co-workers.

Given her awesome experience with her favorite wrestlers at a younger age, Bayley knows how important it is to be kind to the fans. She even goes out of her way to sign autographs before shows for those that are waiting at the gate of the parking lot.

13 Class Act - Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is one of the biggest class acts outside of the ring. Back when she was working for the creative department, Stephanie was one of the only people willing to listen to the wrestlers concerns. Former WWE star Val Venis admitted that Stephanie was always the only one willing to listen and give out suggestions when nobody else would.

The same holds true for Stephanie in the real world. She never turns down a picture and heck, she even helped a fan take a picture with her husband, Triple H. That actually happened in the past according to a fan’s tweet at an airport terminal.

12 Class Act - Eve Torres

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Eve Torres forged quite the career becoming a three-time Divas Champion. She grew to stardom winning the WWE Diva Search and her success would only further from then on. She was a big fan favorite for her genuine personality both on-screen and out of the ring. Eve is another Diva fans love to meet given her easygoing nature out of the ring.

She retired from the business at a younger age with other goals in mind. The 34-year-old is now a happy mother along with owning her own self-defense studio which empowers women. We applaud Eve for taking such a path since her WWE departure.

11 Avoid – Stacy Keibler

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Keibler became a popular name with WCW. Similar to Torrie Wilson earlier in the article, Stacy wasn’t the greatest wrestler in the ring but she grew a connection with the audience thanks to her look and personality.

Some claim her personality was a little different behind the scenes. Former wrestlers claim Keibler wasn’t the easiest to work with – others also mention that she really didn’t care for the business all that much. The former WWE star also had a couple of incidents in where she was infuriated with the paparazzi for snapping a photo. It might be best to steer clear of Keibler in real-life.

10 Class Act – Summer Rae

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Summer Rae joined the WWE in 2011. She wasn’t the most gifted in the ring but she had a great character and worked really well when it came to promos or backstage vignettes. Unfortunately, she wasn’t used correctly during her time with the company and it led to her departure in the fall of 2017.

Both fans and wrestlers were saddened by this decision as Rae was a popular figure backstage and with the fans. She has a great sense of humor as well. These days, she’s spending time working for wrestling companies outside of the WWE – she also does a lot of meet and greets. As you might expect, she usually has quite the lineup of fans.

9 Class Act - Charlotte Flair

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We’ve seen this script several times before. An aspiring wrestler tries to walk in the footsteps of a family member only to fail completely. Somehow, this hasn’t been the case for Charlotte who completely thrived making her father so proud. Charlotte is one of the most complete women in the industry, whether it be her great matches or tremendous promo skills.

Out of the ring, Charlotte is just as well received. Flair is great with the fans and she even comes across as soft-spoken and at times shy. Fans love how genuine she is during meet and greets.

8 Avoid - Paige

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Paige can easily end up on the other side of the list as well. In truth, she’s great with fans and always makes the extra effort to put a smile on someone’s face.

However, she does have some fan incidents that turned pretty messy. One of them saw Paige get upset with a fan that made her sign several autographs only to tell her he was going to sell them. We appreciate his honesty as Paige asked if he was going to sell them and he told her the truth. Though Paige was none too pleased handing him back the sharpie in complete disgust. We don’t blame her.

7 Class Act - The Bellas

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The Bellas are a busy bunch nowadays. Nikki not only stars in Total Bellas but she’s also a producer for Total Divas. Let’s not even begin to discuss their various other companies such as their clothing line and wine.

Despite the hectic schedules, the Bellas always look so composed and genuine when out in public. As evidenced by TMZ, both Nikki and Brie are always open to signing autographs and taking pictures. Heck, they even make conversation. During WWE’s trip to Australia, the two were part of a select few that actually stopped and acknowledged the fans at the airport.

6 Class Act - Natalya

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Natalya is without a doubt one of the most respect WWE Divas in the entire company. She’s the locker room leader with so much experience. The 36-year-old got her start in the industry almost two decades ago in 2000. She’s an absolute pro in and out of the ring and Nattie is so great with the fans no matter what the encounter might be.

Without a doubt, once she decides to call it a career, Nattie will be kept onboard for a position behind the scenes, likely mentoring the younger wrestlers.

5 Class Act - AJ Lee

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Former WWE star AJ Lee carried the women’s division during her time with the company. She was by far the most talented and a big-time fan favorite. Like some of the others, Lee decided to retire young. Despite rumors about a return, Lee remains on the sidelines focusing on her writing career.

She still meets with the fans and usually has quite the turnout. Lee is a genuine Diva outside of the ring with a great personality. She’s easygoing and again like the others, makes conversation with the fans. Here’s to hoping she makes a return at some point. Lee is only 31.

4 Avoid - Maria Kanellis

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Maria entered the business through the Diva Search. She became a big-time fan favorite for her persona. She would eventually leave the WWE only to return years later, this time alongside her real-life partner Mike Bennett.

Maria isn’t afraid to speak her mind and we’ve seen that in the past with her harsh comments towards both Brie and Nikki. She also had some harsh comments towards the fans that were critiquing the role of her husband with the WWE. Clearly, Kanellis isn’t afraid to speak her mind which isn’t necessarily a good thing, in some cases.

3 Class Act - Carmella

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Carmella entered the WWE system with no prior experience, she was like a fish out of water early on. A role as a manager put her on the map and later, she was utilized in the ring thanks to her rising popularity. Who would have thought but Carmella would rise to fame during her main roster run winning the Women’s Title, an accomplishment that seemed like a dream for the WWE star just months prior.

Perhaps a big reason for the promotion is the way she handles herself behind the scenes. Carmella is all class backstage with her peers and true pro with the fans as well.

2 Avoid – Lana

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Lana’s first passion was music and dance. However, she caught fame with WWE forming a relationship with Rusev. The two enjoyed success together with WWE’s developmental brand and it would transfer onto the main roster.

Although Lana has always connected with the crowd, some might say that she isn’t the easiest to approach outside of the ring. She’s known to snub fans, though some might say that she’s just playing up her gimmick in real-life. Nonetheless, it might not be the wisest idea to approach Lana in a public setting, even when Rusev’s around!

1 Class Act - Naomi

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Naomi was ahead of her time when she made her main roster debut in 2012. She wanted to use a high flying style in the ring, though at that point matches were still similar to cat fights. Eventually, Naomi would get her way as the women were given permission to put on matches just like the men. When that switch was made, Naomi fully thrived.

She has a great connection with the fans as well. Naomi is great with fans in a candid setting rarely turning down a picture. She also makes conversation with fans while always keeping a smile on.

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