Here’s Why Getting Married In Your 20s Is Stupid: 15 Arguments Why People Do It Anyway

When you’re young and in love, it can be easy to see the world around you in rose colored glasses. But it’s important to not completely fall in love with being in love. You need to realize that there is a balance you should be quite aware of if you’re going to settle down early on in life. Because when you get married in your 20s, it’s not all a piece of cake, but we’re also here to tell you it’s not a completely awful idea either. Before we get into the negatives and positives of getting married in your 20s, it’s important to know that if you really are thinking of getting married, literally at any age, it should be someone who is your best friend, listens, communicates, and shares. There needs to be a sense of equality in the relationship so you can actually have a positive experience with your marriage.

With this article, we’re not here to tell you what to do with your life, we’re just here to give you some advice that you can leave behind or take with you. You don’t need to care what people think if you’re going to really take the next step in your relationship and put a ring on it. Just remember how important it is that you focus on yourself and the health of the relationship you have together. Don’t let other people influence you and don’t compare yourselves to other relationships. Just be yourself and take our advice!


15 Pro: You Can Take The Risk

Even though marriage is a huge choice that you’re being faced with, but it doesn’t always require a perfect time if you don’t want it too. Couples should get into the throws of marriage the moment they feel they are ready to do it. But, if you wait for marriage, it might cost you the right person that you’re in love with. You need to make a choice for yourself, if this is something you really want to deal with. You won’t always have to deal with something if you don’t want to but it’s important that you know that when you do get married your lives become attached to one another. When you are married, you do get benefits for various things depending on where you live, but it can also be a burden when you try to leave the marriage with a divorce. It can be a risk you’re willing to take but our number one key piece of advice you’ll hear over and over again is that you need to make sure you’re planning to marry someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

14 Pro: You Don’t Need To Have Kids


When you decide to get married in your twenties there will be no rush to have kids. When you’re older in the dating scene and you happen to want to have children, it’s basically a matter of time before it gets harder and harder to reach those goals and build a family. But when you find your soulmate when you’re in your 20s, you’ll realize very quickly that you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to the children conversation. You should always talk to your partner though to make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to having children. You don’t want to just assume because they are young too that you don’t want to have kids right now. Talk it over with your partner so you can both open the lines of communication when it comes to this very intense topic. It might be hard to talk about but building those bridges of communication will be a vastly important goal to accomplish as early as possible. Just trust us on this one.

13 Con: Less Security

Now moving onto the negatives when it comes to getting married in your 20s. When you get married this early on in life, it’s more likely that you’ll get bored of each other in the future. When you haven’t experienced that much in terms of dating and the world of all different people, it’s hard to stay with one person until the end of time. Keep this in mind when moving forward with a marriage, because if you try to hold someone down, they might just explore other people and cheat later on because they aren’t ready to settle down. While that is not your fault, when you notice that maybe your partner is not as committed or okay with commitment, maybe try to wait on the marriage aspect of your relationship. Just remember how important security is and if you don’t have this element to your relationship, there will not be a marriage for a long period of time.

12 Con: Less Experience

D14ERA Newlywed couple holding hands in grass

When you get married at such a young age, in your twenties, you’ll notice right away that you have less experience with everything. The same goes for your partner as well. In most cases this could be turned into a positive, but sometimes when the relationship is not meant to be it can cause major issues and constant fights between you and your partner. There will be tons of disagreements and other aspects that you both will not be able to work through together. If this does end up happening, it’s important that you remember to look out for yourself. Make sure that you’re in a safe place and just try to talk to your partner, figure out a way where you both will be happy. If you can’t come up with an agreement together or a way to communicate in a positive way so you can figure things out, then you should probably just move on with your life and start focusing on what your next steps will be.

11 Pro: You Probably Have Less Baggage

When you’re young, you have less dating history. Generally when you’re in your twenties you have less experience compared to someone in their 50s. You have a fresh start and room to experience things for the first time with someone you care about. This is obviously a positive note considering that this is what your relationship will consist of because both of you will be in the same boat. You probably have less baggage when you’re young and you’ll realize right away just how refreshing this kind of fresh start can be. It gives you room to learn together as a couple and as best friends, and you’ll have less damage caused by failed relationships that just weren’t healthy from the past. While it’s unfortunate but very common that past relationships leave some kind of emotional scar, at least you won’t have as many when you find your true soulmate and decide to get married.

10 Con: Not Wanting Kids

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One of the biggest issues face when they are in their twenties and decide to get married has to do with children. You both might have different ideas of what you want when it comes to family. One of you might not ever want kids, and one of you might want to have kids and are ready now to do so. Either way, no matter who wants what, this is an issue that can really be the difference that sets you on to different paths in your life. You might just realize that the person you married is not the right individual for you. Which is why we suggest that if you want to marry someone and you both want that in your life, it might be best to talk about this situation and really be honest about what both of you want in your life. It’s very important that this topic is discussed because it really can be a deal breaker if you don’t come forward about what you want in the future.

9 Pro: Saving Money Together

When you’re young and married, you’re probably both still trying to save up and accomplish your goals, now that you’re together you can take time to share that responsibility between the both of you. Making sure that you can get where you want to be without as much stress compared to when you do it yourself. When you work together towards your future, you’ll be able to take a step back to breathe at times you really need it, and you’ll be able to hustle even more together to accomplish more at double the pace. This is seriously important for a new marriage as well, because it is a team effort. It should be a very equal dynamic between the two of you, you shouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with work when your partner is just sitting on the couch doing nothing productive. Keep this in mind when you decide to get married, if you go through with it, you’ll realize just how helpful this positive part of marriage really is, for both of you.


8 Con: Lack Of Education


Sometimes in rare cases if you get married in your twenties you might sacrifice your school career for your partner. No matter what you do, this is a bad idea. If you give up on school to be with the person you love and they are constantly pressuring to stop going to school, it’s a problem that should not even happen. But the fact is, this does happen quite often. If you partner is doing this to you, you simply need to put them in the past. No one should ever feel pressure from someone who is supposed to love you, no one should pressure you into putting your passions on hold for them. There needs to be a sense of understanding and if that never happens, you’ll be better off without that person in your life, because all they are is selfish and they don’t really care about you no matter what they tell you.

7 Con: Compatibility Issues

When you’re young and thinking about getting married to your current partner, even if you both want this in your life there are some things you need to realize before taking the next step. You might quickly face compatibility issues, especially if you weren’t previously living together. When you get married, it’s a whole new game. It’s a new world that will show you great things and potentially toxic aspects of yourselves that you might not be prepared for. Plus when you’re in your twenties, you’re still changing. Everyone is constantly changing, but when you’re this young, you’re still trying to figure out who you are and what you want in life. So why rush by settling down with someone and locking yourself into a situation where you won’t be able to be as free as you once were when you were single or even just dating!? Keep this in mind when moving forward!

6 Pro: Learn To Be Adults Together


When you’re young and in your twenties, you’ll realize that when you’re married, you’re both still learning about things. You’re both learning about ourselves and life in general. This can be a positive if you woke together to support and motivate the other. This can be the perfect combination to make a seamless team that will help you both get to where you want to be. When you learn together it also creates memories you’ll never forget. When you’re young and in your twenties you’ll find just how much there is to learn in the adult world. Not only do you have to learn everything about marriage, but you will also learn about living together, bills, responsibilities, careers, you name it! It will all produce positives and negatives and it will be up to both of you what side you focus on more. Of course we advise you to look at the more positive side of things and take each step in stride.

5 Con: Not Understanding

When you’re young and want to tie the knot, like we mentioned above it’s very obvious that a 20 year old is still figuring out what they want in their life. Many individuals in their twenties are still figuring out what they want to do with themselves and what they want to do in their life. While a twenty year old might not feel lost, there is still a ton to learn and that can lead to a lot of misunderstanding when two people are trying to be together when they still are learning and unsure of the future. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, just remember that when you have an argument or disagreement, communicate. Tell your partner or spouse that you want to open those lines of communication so there can be a sense of understanding even when you’re unsure of what you want in the future. Overall we think it’s probably best of you just wait on marriage, especially when there has been a lack of understanding when you two have been dating.

4 Pro: More Understanding


When you’re in your twenties and getting married to the one person you love more than anything in the world, you’ll both realize right away that you’re both understanding, not only of each other, but of the world around you. Older generations tend to lose touch with the world around them, but you both can explore the new world together without any restrictions or a huge learning curb. When you’re both young you’ll realize just how much this will set you apart from older generations, you’ll be with someone who understands you and you understand them. When you have more understanding you can work together more seamlessly without any disagreements for the most part. It’s a good thing to have this extra bit of understanding because it will also help you both grow closer together in your fresh marriage. Just remember to be understanding and to communicate so that understanding is very clear.

3 Con: Family Ties

Family is a big part of individuals lives in most cases. When you’re in your twenties, your parents are getting older and while it is depressing and unfortunate that this has to happen, it’s very common that an individual at this age will need to help their parents. This time in their life, they will be faced with a choice, help their parents and grandparents, or live their life. Not many caring people that are close with their family can choose the latter. Many individuals in their 20s will be faced with a hard choice and it will most likely put a strain on their relationship. You’ll most likely feel like you’re being torn in two different directions. Find yourself someone who understands you and who will do anything to help you when it comes to the struggles between you and your partner. Keep this in mind when you move forward with marriage.

2 Con: You Have A Ton To Learn


Starting a young marriage is hard if that wasn’t obvious already. It will put you through trials and tests that you can’t even imagine and it sure will make you thankful that you have someone with you going through the same thing. But when it comes down to it, you just might be rushing a bit too far ahead. You might be too young for marriage right now in your life. If you feel like it was a mistake even though you love your partner, take a step back and act like you’re dating. Talk to your partner about it and make sure that you both are on the same page together. You have a ton to learn when it comes to your relationship and life in general. Don’t stress out about everything that could go wrong, just work towards a brighter future together even if you both feel like you’re scared and lost, unsure of what to do.

1 Con: Lack Of Communication

Being young and committing yourself to someone in your twenties, a very young age, it can be daunting to say the least. But it can also get you both too comfortable with each other which might sound perfect, but it can actually be a negative aspect if taken too far. If you two become too comfortable with each other you might realize just how much of a lack of communication you have together. This can be an issue that is very hard to scrub away, especially when it arises in a fresh marriage. When there is a lack of communication you’ll find that not only are you settling for a situation that is not healthy, by not doing anything about it you’re letting a toxic situation just fester and get worse over a period of time. If you let this happen, it will just get worse and worse, which will generally just lead to a poor marriage where you both are unhappy. Just remember if you’re unhappy in your marriage, get out if it. Leave it behind and next time be more careful!


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