6 People The Bella Twins Don’t Mesh Well With (+ 12 They Love)

WWE wasn’t always the primary goal for the Bella twins. They moved to LA in search of fame. They did a bit of modeling and acting work prior to auditioning for the WWE’s Diva Search. They didn’t make it on the show, but they got something even better: actual contracts with the company.

Since entering the business, the two have made quite the impact. They not only thrived in the ring but also propelled WWE to new highs with their contributions on Total Divas. The twins did so well that Nikki was given a producer role on the show while also earning the duo their very own spin-off, Total Bellas.

Along the way, the Bellas have earned lots of respect behind the scenes. Throughout their success, they have created a lot of close bonds with many people. In this article, we’ll take a look at the twelve people they love the most.

On the flip side, we’ll also feature Divas that the Bellas didn’t mesh well with. It wasn’t all good as some former Divas have accused the Bellas of being in business for themselves and costing them opportunities. We’ll also feature other disputes featuring the Bellas and Divas they just didn’t mesh well with.

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18 Don’t Mesh - Maryse

via YouTube

Back in 2013, WWE decided it was going to branch out into the world of reality programming. With that in mind, the company focused on bringing back lots of Divas for the show. The Bellas returned to the company after having left, though a lot of the other Divas weren’t contacted to return.

Ultimately, the belief is that the Bellas played a role in who was to return. According to Maryse, the twins cost her a big business opportunity. Both Brie and Maryse clashed over it on Total Bellas years later. Although things are okay now, clearly these three don’t mesh well together, especially given Maryse’s short fuse.

17 Love - Ronda Rousey

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Yes, Nikki and Ronda did throw jabs at one another. However, it is important to note that this was all part of the show. The two had a match together at the women’s Evolution PPV, thus they stirred things up for the purpose of the encounter.

Off-screen, Nikki and Ronda, in particular, are very close. This was shown on the WWE Network as the special footage showed both Nikki and Brie being the first ones to congratulate Ronda following her first match at WrestleMania. The three shared an emotional hug—that moment really showed how close these three really are when the cameras aren’t rolling.

16 Love - John Cena

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Some would expect Cena to land on the other side of the list given the recent breakup between John and Nikki. However, despite the separation, the two still remain close. According to TMZ, Nikki still calls John after every date letting him know how it went. Whether they get back together or not remains up in the air, though we can safely say that they ended things on amicable terms.

Sister Brie seems to agree as she also recently stated that John is still regarded as family despite the breakup. She also denies claims that she didn’t think John was right for her sister.

15 Don’t Mesh – Eva Marie

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Eva and the Bellas had lots of drama back when Marie was with WWE. Total Divas showed us a lot of the disputes between the three. Things really blew up backstage when Eva decided to get personal help for her training out in LA. This angered the Bellas as all Divas usually report to the PC in Florida for extra aid.

The problems between the three escalated when Nikki tried to call Eva, confronting her about the problem, though Eva didn’t answer nor did she call back. Marie would later accuse Nikki of being the one to turn the locker room against her. Ultimately, the dispute was settled, but it was clear that the three didn’t mesh particularly well in certain situations.

14 Love - Natalya

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As shown on Total Divas, Nattie and the Bellas have a very strong bond. Just a couple of years back, both Natalya and Nikki were both considered the locker room leaders. It is essential that Divas earn Nattie’s respect, especially given her longevity and success in the business.

The Bellas definitely earned her respect, especially given their improvements in the ring. At the beginning of Nikki and Brie’s wrestling fame, they really weren’t able to do much in the ring. With experience and a lot of hard work behind the scenes, that all changed and Nikki herself became one of the best females in the business. Without a doubt, Nattie definitely caught on to their improvements.

13 Love - Dolph Ziggler

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Prior to dating John Cena, Nikki dated WWE star Dolph Ziggler. The two met back in their earlier days while in WWE’s developmental brand. They had a very close relationship until they finally split up on amicable terms.

It seems like things are still amicable between the two sides. As shown on Total Divas, the two joke around when they’re together. Brie and Ziggler have the same kind of relationship. Total Divas tried to pull a fast one on us at one point though, with Ziggler pretending to still have feelings for Nikki. But ultimately, that was all a facade for the benefit of the reality program.

12 Love - Vince McMahon

via WWE

Of course, the twins love their boss who has given them so many opportunities. All their current fame is thanks to Vince and the potential he saw in the twins. The two were actually gone from the company when Vince came calling, asking them to star in the Total Divas reality show. They would go on to serious fame because of it.

Vince also organized John Cena’s surprise proposal at WrestleMania, which just goes to show how much Nikki means to Vince–giving her such a platform. After the show, both McMahon and Nikki shared a great emotional hug. Without a doubt, both Bellas will always have a spot with WWE.

11 Love - Paige

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Nikki, Brie, and Paige all share a very close relationship. We saw, in several instances, Paige back both Bella twins. We also saw the roles swapped. Like all close friends, there were a couple of disputes between Nikki and Paige, though ultimately it just brought them closer together.

The top bonding moment we saw between these three was when they went out for a drink at a bar while on the road with WWE. It was a rare night as Brie went into “Brie Mode,” partying it up with Paige. We can safely say that Brie wasn’t holding back that night–even Paige, who’s a party animal herself, was definitely impressed.

10 Don’t Mesh - Maria Kanellis

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The Bella twins just didn’t mesh well with Maria at all. When asked about Maria during an interview with RF Video, the Bellas really didn’t have much to say so they avoided the question. As for Maria, she never minced words about the Bellas, claiming they cost her a position with the WWE. According to Kanellis, she actually had a contract in place with the company and terminated her other prior commitments.

She claims that once the Bellas put in a word with the office, the offer completely went away. The tension from this situation carried on for years until Maria finally made her return. Maria also admits that Nikki reached out but that she wasn't interested in taking the call.

9 Love - Stephanie McMahon

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If Stephanie McMahon didn’t love the Bella twins, they would not be having as much success, that’s for sure. Stephanie thinks really highly of both twins—she typically brings them along for PR work. That also became most obvious back in 2014 when Stephanie worked a storyline alongside Brie Bella. The two actually had the main event segment together.

Ultimately, the rivalry culminated with a match at SummerSlam. Rarely does Stephanie McMahon work an in-ring match. That just goes to show how much she likes and trusts Brie in the ring. Brie and Stephanie also shared a genuine backstage moment alongside Daniel Bryan on Total Divas.

8 Love - Alicia Fox

via WWE

We saw Alicia Fox in lots of disputes during her time on Total Divas. However, rarely did we see any beef between Fox and the Bellas. Instead, the three remained quite close. The bond grew even further when Alicia was added to Team Bella on-screen. Suddenly, the three were touring together working matches on RAW, SmackDown, PPVs and live events. It was definitely one of Alicia’s prime runs with the company.

The same doesn’t hold true nowadays as she’s currently MIA since showing up to a WWE live event under the influence. Of course, things could definitely change with her appearance in the future.

7 Don’t Mesh - AJ Lee

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AJ Lee was a bit of a loner during her final days with the WWE. Lee isolated herself from the rest of the Divas. The perception backstage was that AJ was all about the in-ring element of the business while the Bellas were all about glamour, popularity, and less about what actually went on in the ring. Because of this perception, fans turned on Nikki and they cheered for AJ–why wouldn’t they?

Nonetheless, the different views between the two sides likely lessened throughout the years. Nikki even stated that she was pulling for an AJ Lee return at the women’s Evolution event.

6 Love - Bret Hart

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Fans really started to take notice of Nikki’s in-ring work when the legend Bret Hart spoke out on Twitter praising her performances; “Watching Smackdown Live, I admire Nikki's work ethic and determination. She's always been one of my favorites.”

Getting such a compliment is what all Divas aspire to–especially from someone like Bret Hart, who’s regarded as one of the best ever inside the squared circle. Bret hushed a lot of the critics when issuing out this tweet (some wouldn’t give Nikki credit for her improvements at the time). The two also took a nice picture together behind the scenes.

5 Love - Nia Jax

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Nia has grown very close to the Bella twins in the last couple of years. The Bellas have seen Nia at her highest of highs—and they've also seen some of Nia’s emotional moments. On an episode of Total Divas, the twins helped to pick out an outfit for Nia. Jax got a little emotional fearing what some might think of her dressed in such clothing. The twins did a great job of restoring her confidence.

They also shared some fun moments like a dance-off on Total Divas. It is safe to say that Nia outshined her best friends in the performance.

4 Don’t Mesh – Kelly Kelly

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Like Maria and Maryse earlier in the article, rumors also floated around that the Bellas cost Kelly Kelly a return to the company as well. No, Kelly didn’t speak about the matter as blatantly as Maria did. Nonetheless, it is still said that there was tension due to this.

Kelly’s non-reaction was probably for the best as she remained in the WWE’s good books for her attitude following the release. For that reason, she’s made several returns in the past. In all likelihood, the issue between the Bellas and Kelly is a thing of the past as they all continue to move forward in their work.

3 Love – Renee Young

via YouTube

We saw how much the Bellas mean to Renee during Total Divas when the WWE commentator setup a BBQ for the twins and Daniel Bryan. Renee was prepping for the BBQ the entire day—clearly, she wanted to make a good impression.

Renee was also the biggest influence when it came to resolving the issues between the Bella twins and Maryse. Young was the one that suggested the two sides speak and finally put the issues behind them. Young played the role of mediator when Brie and Maryse finally met and discussed their past differences, and nothing too dramatic happened as they resolved things!

2 Don’t Mesh – Riott Squad

via WWE

This was an unsettling incident that took place in the ring during a tag team match on RAW. By pure accident, Brie struck her opponent Liv Morgan in the head with a stiff kick. Given the impact of the shot, Morgan was completely knocked out. The match went into complete disarray and it was said that the mood backstage was quite tense. The leader of the Riott Squad, Ruby Riott, was none too pleased with this grave mistake.

Brie had to face backlash as lots of fans criticized the maneuver. Brie admits she fell into a depression because of it. We hope all the Divas involved have finally put this one in the past.

1 Love – Lana

via IG

Lana has troubled relationships with lots of the other Divas including Paige and Natalya. However, she always got along with the Bella twins. On Total Divas, Lana and Nikki shared an emotional moment which just showed how close the two really are. Lana was down on the fans knocking her wrestling ability via social media. Nikki related to the story, claiming she went through the same thing.

Nikki gave Lana great advice, telling her to continue training if she really wanted to thrive in the ring. Seeing how genuine Nikki was with her advice proved that they have a close bond.

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