6 People That Don’t Mesh Well With Miz & Maryse (+ 11 They Love)

Making it with WWE was never a guarantee for either Miz or Maryse. Miz entered the WWE through Tough Enough. He lost the competition but was given a deal nonetheless. It wasn’t the smoothest start for Miz, who transitioned into a host for Diva Search. His time on the show was clouded by several mishaps, including his writing a phone number down on his hand instead of memorizing it.

At the very least, Miz ultimately met his future wife while working the gig for WWE. Like Miz, Maryse didn’t win her competition, but she was offered a deal as well. Both would go on to enjoy great runs in the ring, exceeding lots of expectations along the way.

During the couple’s rise, they’ve found several friends and foes along the way. Miz and Maryse have both been involved in a couple of backstage incidents in the past. In this article, we’ll discuss those scenarios while shedding a light on the personalities that Miz and Maryse simply don’t get along with. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at their closest friends in the business–the A-List couple has a lot of them, we’ll feature 11 in this article.

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17 Don’t Mesh With - Brock Lesnar

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When asked by Uproxx, Miz made the claim that Brock Lesnar is the athlete he dislikes stepping in the ring with most. Miz was probably referring to his time with Lesnar on Miz TV. Brock definitely wasn’t holding back in the segment and was quite stiff. Without a doubt, Miz needed to use some ice packs that night.

It really goes to show how traumatizing the experience was for Miz for him to say out of all his past competitors, he wouldn’t step back in the ring with Brock. That also might have to do with the fact that Lesnar isn’t the easiest guy to talk to behind the scenes either.

16 Love - Mandy Rose

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This might be an odd entry as there are no real signs of the A-List couple having a close relationship with Mandy Rose. However, for fans that watched Tough Enough’s last season, you are likely well aware that Miz played a huge role in Mandy making it to WWE. In fact, Rose was on her way out of the show during the early stages, but thanks to Miz, she was saved from leaving the show.

Miz used his only save of the season on Rose, which really goes to show all the potential that he saw in her. She would go on to make it to the finals and although she came up short, she was offered a WWE deal nonetheless.

15 Love - The Undertaker

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This is another one lots of fans don’t know about. Back in his earlier days on the main roster, Miz wasn’t the biggest favorite behind the scenes. The late Chris Benoit absolutely tore him up backstage for eating his chicken, which he left on top of a referee’s bag. That incident caused Miz to be kicked out of the locker room. He was forced to change in the bathroom of the arena.

It was actually The Undertaker that welcomed Miz back into the locker room. Taker caught Miz changing by a garbage can prior to a show. After asking Miz why he was changing there, Taker would proceed to give Miz access back to the changing room area with the rest of the boys.

14 Love - The Rock

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The Rock played a huge role in giving Miz the proper confidence needed for his acting gig. According to Wrestling Inc, Miz messaged Dwayne asking for some advice on his new film role. The Rock went the extra mile, even calling Miz to help him out. Miz explained the conversation to Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss;

"I met The Rock. I got to wrestle The Rock and I remember my first movie I actually texted The Rock and he called me back and was like, 'hey man, this is your first movie' and he gave me the most amazing advice."

13 Don’t Mesh With - Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio wasn’t hiding the fact that he dislikes the Miz during his interview with Wrestle Daily. Del Rio went as far as to say that he actually tried hitting Miz several times behind the scenes. Clearly, the two just didn’t mesh well together. Del Rio also makes the claim that Miz was always very loud backstage and very obnoxious with lots of the other guys.

That interview took place during Del Rio’s time away from WWE. He would return to the company later–and we wonder if there was some awkward tension between the two, given his podcast comments.

12 Love – Vince McMahon

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The boss isn’t hands-on with a lot of WWE stars. However, he was with Miz. McMahon was one of the only people behind the scenes that believed in his talent. This is clear given all of Miz’s success in the business, even walking out of the WrestleMania main event as the victor.

Vince even had input on his ring gear, something he rarely gets involved in. Miz recalls the story claiming McMahon wanted him to use trunks; “one of the talent relations guys goes, 'Vince loves you in trunks. You are wearing trunks from now on.' And it's like, if Vince McMahon says, 'you're going to wear trunks from now on,' you're going to wear trunks from now on, so I started wearing trunks."

11 Love - Maria Kanellis

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Along with Maryse, it is said that the Bellas also nixed the plans for Maria's potential return to WWE. Maria made the claim that she was set to return for Total Divas and changed all of her plans only for everything to fall through. Like Maryse, she put the blame on the Bella twins.

Perhaps this grudge brought these two even closer together. Everything worked out as both are currently employed by WWE. They also both had their children almost at the exact same time, making their bond with one another that much closer. Besides, holding a grudge against the twins makes for another level of bonding!

10 Love - Zack Ryder

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Miz has three close friends in the business, two of which we’ll also discuss a little later. Both Ryder and Miz grew close to one another as they entered the business at almost the same time. They both spent time in developmental in 2005, likely strengthening their bond. They also worked as rivals in the ring in a few instances.

Like Miz, Ryder had quite the climb to the top. The bond between these two was on display when they both served as groomsmen for John Morrison’s wedding most recently. Maybe they should use that real-life chemistry on-screen as a tag team?

9 Don’t Mesh With – The Bellas

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The Bellas and Maryse used to be very close, but it all changed when Maryse was outside of WWE. As revealed on Total Divas, Maryse claims that the twins nixed a big business opportunity for her. Brie would deny these claims, saying that Maryse was envious that the Bellas were given an offer and that she was left out–Brie claims Maryse being left out had nothing to do with either of the twins.

Nonetheless, it caused lots of tension between both sides for years. Finally, when Maryse returned to WWE, both sides settled their differences. They seem to be on okay terms nowadays, but they definitely don't mesh.

8 Love - Chris Jericho

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Lots of wrestling fans have compared these two in the past. They have a similar style in the ring–though they really resemble one another in terms of their egos as heels. They also both had talk shows with WWE in the past.

Miz admitted that Jericho was a great influence on his professional path. What makes Jericho so great is the fact that he’s able to pivot with the times and constantly reinvent himself, even now in his late 40s. Miz is clearly hoping for the same outcome given that he’s slowly inching towards his 40s. Jericho continues to be a great role model for Miz.

7 Love - Renee Young

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As shown on Total Divas, Renee Young and Maryse have a great friendship. In fact, Renee was actually instrumental in finally squashing the beef between Maryse and Brie after years of tension between her and both of the twins.

Young was the one that got the two in the same restaurant and she also played the role of mediator throughout their conversation. Even when it appeared that the conversation was taking a turn for the worst, Renee would step in and settle things down like a true friend. Without a doubt, Maryse definitely appreciates all the effort put forward by Renee in this heated ordeal.

6 Don’t Mesh With - Enzo Amore

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Miz has given us some memorable promos in the past. Who can forget his great work on Talking Smack, which led to Daniel Bryan storming out? He might not be blessed with in-ring genetics of Rey Mysterio or Shawn Michaels, but he can certainly talk on the microphone.

That was again made evident during a promo with former WWE star Enzo Amore. What made the promo so much more interesting was the fact that Miz went into shoot mode, basically burying Enzo Amore for real and discussing his backstage issues. It was really apparent that Miz disliked Enzo given the tension between these two during the promo.

5 Love - John Morrison

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Miz’s professional life wasn’t off to the greatest start following his Tough Enough hosting duties. Things finally started to settle in the right direction when he was put in a tag team alongside John Morrison. To two had instant chemistry with their contrasting styles. It would form a real-life friendship behind the scenes as the two rode with one another for a couple of years.

Even though Morrison’s no longer with WWE, the two still remain close friends and they’re often in contact. Miz even took part in Morrison’s wedding as one of the ushers. That's a true friendship right there.

4 Don’t Mesh With - Nia Jax

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It is quite clear that a lot of the Total Divas cast members don’t mesh well together. That was evident in a conversation between Nia, Alexa Bliss, and Maryse. While backstage, Jax was talking to the two about a Gauntlet match. She would then ask Maryse if she ever took part in one. Maryse completely blew up, taking it as a shot against her experience.

Nia wouldn’t back down either, making the situation a real messy one. Poor Alexa Bliss just stood by quietly throughout the exchange. The moment proved that the two just don’t mesh together, and we haven't seen them mend fences afterward either.

3 Love - Kelly Kelly

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Maryse and Kelly Kelly took part in the Divas era just prior to the current women’s revolution. Working together for so long, the two developed a close relationship. It is said that Kelly was another former Diva that was apparently snubbed by the Bellas. Kelly never spoke about the matter–however, Maria Kanellis made these claims on various shoot interviews in the past.

Despite Kelly’s close connection to several WWE Divas, she remains on the outside looking in. A lot of that has to do with the current direction of the women’s division. It remains to be seen if she’ll ever return.

2 Don’t Mesh With - Triple H

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Unlike Vince McMahon, Triple H never really viewed Miz as a massive star. Instead, he actually buried Miz on a few occasions. Who can forget Triple H snubbing Miz and not shaking his hand after his WWE Title win? Triple H also Pedigreed Miz during a promo for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The tide might be turning, however. Triple H might be catching on to Miz’s greatness. According to Sportskeeda, Triple H referred to Miz as one of the very best on the microphone in the entire company. Perhaps his Talking Smack promo changed a lot of opinions.

1 Love - Dolph Ziggler

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The Miz and Dolph are like brothers behind the scenes. They broke into the business around the same time. However, the friendship really blossomed given that they’re from the same part of town in Ohio.

They’ve used that chemistry together on-screen perfectly. The two took part in some memorable feuds together. Behind the scenes, the two are extremely close, attending NBA games together along with getting CPR certified with one another at a WWE live event. Ziggler was also at Miz’s wedding and the two were ushers together alongside Ryder for Morrison’s wedding. Clearly, this bromance will continue on for years to come.

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