6 Complete Opposite Signs That Work And 10 Signs You Should Avoid

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6 Complete Opposite Signs That Work And 10 Signs You Should Avoid

It is true: opposites attract, and that goes for the zodiacs as well! If you are into astrology as much as I am, it can be quite disappointing if you aren’t compatible with the person that you are interested in. I tend to revolve my love life around what the stars tell me. It has not failed me yet. However, zodiacs on the complete opposite side of the spectrum tend to work! You two will bring something to the table that the other doesn’t have. That is not to say that there won’t be certain challenges that the two of you will have. It will be hard to understand each other. If you can put aside your differences and respect each other’s individual qualities, you will have an everlasting love. Because we want you to succeed in your love life, we also listed a bonus section that contains signs to absolutely avoid at all costs, depending on yours.

Opposite signs that actually work together:

16. Aries and Libra


The Aries is a lot of things, but their emotional turbulence is something that they struggle with most. They do not think before they act or speak. One minute they are angry, the next they are completely calm. This kind of behavior can be a lot to handle sometimes, but the Libra is up to the task. Balanced and fair, they will bring some stability to the Aries’ life. Libras also tend to be the submissive one of their relationships, and they love to make their partner happy. They will swallow their pride and take one for the team when the two are fighting. They will apologize even if they are in the wrong, and this is exactly the kind of partner the Aries needs. The Aries loves to be right! The Libra will give that to them. However, the Libra has limits. Just because the Libra is comprising does not make them pushovers. This is intriguing to the Ram and it will fit their needs in one of two ways. The Aries does not respect someone that allows them to walk all over them, yet they love to be the one in control.

15. Taurus and Scorpio


Although the Taurus and the Scorpio are on the opposite side of the spectrum of the zodiac, they will intertwine together perfectly. The Taurus is a stubborn creature of habit. This can be quite problematic at times, because life can be very unpredictable. A Scorpio will break the Taurus out of their mundane lifestyle, but in the best way possible. They will bring the passion and excitement to the Taurus’ life without making them feel uncomfortable. The Taurus hates nothing more than unpredictability. The Taurus will make the Scorpio feel safe, and the Scorpio will make the Taurus feel more alive than they have ever felt before. These two signs possess great emotional depth. The pair leads with their emotions as opposed to reason. This will bring the two of them together and form a bond underneath the surface. This kind of dynamic will be important, because there are sure to be to some disagreements.

14. Gemini and Sagittarius


Who, or what, can really keep a Gemini satisfied? They can barely sit still for five seconds, let alone be satisfied with one person. Let us be honest: they are no easy feat. A Gemini needs someone who is going to keep them on their toes, and be willing to be ready for all of your ups and downs. With the twins, you really never know what you are going to get. Although there are other signs that are better suited to handle the Gemini and their mood swings, a Sagittarius will live up to the challenge. The dynamic duo share a lot of the same interests and possess the same kind of personality traits. Like the Gemini, the Sag loves to travel, they love to meet new people and experience new things, and they are both highly intellectual. They will match a Gemini’s witty banter and they will never leave them bored or unsatisfied.

13. Cancer and Capricorn


A somewhat of an odd match, the Cancer and Capricorn work well together. They are both overachievers and they can adjust to change very well. Cancer has a traditionalist, family oriented view on life and they share that in common with the Capricorn. The Capricorn loves a Cancer’s stability and honesty. This couple can run into some trouble if the Capricorn is too harsh on the Cancer, for the cancer is delicate. The Capricorn tends to only show this rough, edgy exterior to the outside world. The Cancer will bring out a Capricorn’s emotional, mushy side, which not a lot of people can do. The Cancer will ensure that the Capricorn will never be hurt and that they can trust them: two qualities which are very attractive to the Capricorn. This pair also loves to be pampered. There is nothing the two of them love more than a massage and a spa day with their significant other. They are also both homebodies to the core. Although they both have no trouble socializing, they both value their downtime very much.

12. Leo and Aquarius


Leo and Aquarius are a pretty difficult couple, and they will face many challenges together. The Leo prides themselves on their outward appearance, whereas the Aquarius could care less what anyone thinks of them, a free spirit, if you will. The Leo loves routine and predictability, where the Aquarius very much enjoys the ups and downs of life. The Leo loves to be showered with compliments, where the Aquarius would rather show affection with acts of kindness as opposed to words. Despite these differences, these two will truly bring what the other is missing. The Aquarius will teach the Leo that there is more to life than materialistic things, and the Leo will teach the Aquarius some poise. The two can find some common ground in their great generosity towards others. They both find fulfillment in making others happy, and to give a helping hand when need be. You will find this pair volunteering at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day.

11. Virgo and Pisces


A Pisces is in awe of the Virgo. The Virgo is meticulous and organized, whereas the Pisces couldn’t have less order in their lives. The Pisces will strive to be more like the Virgo. The Virgo will bring practicality to the Pisces life, for the Pisces tend to be daydreamers who have a hard time facing reality. The two are also shy to the outside world, and they are cautious of strangers and the unknown. This will bond the two of them together, you will adapt a “us against the world” mentality. The Pisces will bring out the colorful side of the Virgo, and the Virgo will help turn the Pisces vivid dreams into reality. The Pisces is understanding and sympathetic to the Virgo’s insecurities, and the Virgo has a lot of patience when dealing with the Pisces. The Pisces are quite the complicated creatures, and understanding them can be a challenge. Luckily, the Virgo shares the same trait. Strangely, they will bond over being misunderstood.

Your least compatible sign EVER, based on your zodiac:

10. Aries: Avoid Cancers

Cancer. Cancers are sensitive to the highest degree, and they will not be able to handle you. They are also very unforgiving and they hold grudges. You, on the other hand can have a conflict with someone and forget about it about 34 seconds later. This kind of relationship will never work out. You two are TOO dissimilar. Your hard-headed nature and their mushy demeanor are bound to clash. You will not understand why they get so emotional about the most minuscule of things. You are volatile and explosive – sensitive you are not. You will find them to be incredibly babyish and immature, when in reality they are just not equipped to deal with such a strong minded individual as yourself. If you do end up falling for a cancer, go easy on them! If you are too aggressive with them, they will surely crawl right back into their shell where you found them.

9. Taurus: No Leos for you

A bull and a lion? A definite no-no! You two are both stubborn to no end. There will never be a solution to your problems because neither one of you wants to willingly admit that you are wrong. In addition, the Leo is too social and boisterous for the laid back homebody Taurus. The Taurus would much rather stay in and watch a movie as opposed to the Leo, who enjoys a lavish night out. The playful Leo enjoys the ride of a relationship, and the Taurus is concerned with the destination. Leos tend to be quite commitment-phobic, and they like to bounce from partner to partner before making a decision. The Taurus is grounded and stable, and the last thing that is on their mind is dating multiple people. They would rather focus on one relationship. Leos are quite the social butterflies, and the Taurus lives to keep a small circle of friends.

8. Gemini: Capricorns will bore you to death

As an air sign, Geminis hate nothing more than routine and to be tied down. On the other hand, this is what the Capricorn needs in order to function. A Capricorn will hate your free-spirited nature and they will want to tame you. This will NEVER work for you. You need an adventurous partner, not someone who is going to try to change you! Everyone loves a Gemini, and you will always be the center of attention when you go out. The Capricorn will hate this socialite persona of yours, because Capricorns tend to let the green monster named jealousy come out in their relationships often, and they will have a hard time sharing you with your large circle of friends. The Capricorn would rather observe from the sidelines than being the most popular person in the room. Being so practical, a Capricorn will bring you back down to earth when all you want to do is dream. Not a good mix!

7. Cancer: An Aquarius will never understand you

What do you get when you combine a sensitive and a cold-hearted individual? A recipe for disaster. Cancers are the most emotional, by far, of the entire zodiac. When you feel, you feel hard. The last thing you need in a partner is emotional unavailability: a trait that is all too common in an Aquarian. They will never understand why you are so sensitive, and you will never understand why they never show how they are feeling. Cancers are also extremely independent, but conversely, they must know if someone is into them or not. The Aquarius will never give you the satisfaction of knowing. They love to be elusive and to play the game. This will frustrate the hell out of you. You are a traditionalist, and you revolve your life around your family and close friends. The Aquarius has a hard time settling down in one place, they will forever be explorers and adventurous. Being with an Aquarius will give you serious anxiety.

6. Leo: Scorpios are too intense for you

Leo, you are anything but serious. You love to laugh and you love to make people laugh around you. Scorpios are quite serious and intense, and you won’t get them. A Scorpio is also very possessive, and your biggest turn-off is neediness. They will despise your charming, flirty nature. They are also extremely strong-willed- they always have to be right. Not only will they clash with you, they will belittle you, and you would honestly rather go to the dentist than be belittled. The Scorpio needs to be the one in control of the relationship – and so do you. Do you see why this can become problematic? You also always need to be told how great and wonderful you are, and the last thing the Scorpio will do is constantly compliment you. This is something you need in a relationship, for you pride yourself on the approval of others – especially approval from your partner.

5. Virgo: Steer clear of the Sagittarius

This is, by far, one of the WORST combinations in all of the zodiac. You two could not be more different, and not in a good way. The Virgo needs stability, and the last thing a Sagittarius is, is stable. The Sagittarius loves the game, and plays it well. The Virgo has absolutely no patience for it. The Sag is horrific at commitment, and the Virgo thrives in monogamous relationships. However, it takes a lot for a Virgo to settle down. They need to be absolutely sure that the person is right for them. The Sag is the ultimate ghoster, and you need someone who is ever-present in your life. They are way too carefree and this can come across as them being distant towards you. you tend to take the actions of other people very personal. You are a perfectionist to a T, and the Sagittarius will despise your constant criticism.

4. Libra: Virgos are a no-go

You Libra, love harmony and despise confrontation. A Virgo, however, loves to argue and to engage in debate, and you would rather do anything but. Libras are the last thing from organized, and the Virgo is a neat freak. Their nit-picking and over attention to detail will drive you insane. Similarly, your weekend plans will drive the Virgo insane. They are much happier reading a book at home than going to a party, and this will bore the hell out of you. A Virgo’s uptightness will just bring you down, and their constant nagging will make you doubt yourself. Libras need uplifting people in their life around them at all times. They are very susceptible to other’s energy, and a Virgo will drain you. You are a people pleaser, and you will do anything and everything for the person you are with. Before you know it, you will morph yourself into what your Virgo partner wants, instead of living as your true authentic self.

3. Scorpio: Geminis will bring out the worst in you

Let me tell you: I am a Gemini, I dated a Scorpio, and it was a total fail. Geminis are way too fickle for you, Scorpio. Their up and down, back and forth moods will not fly in your book. Geminis are hot headed one minute and they are loving the next. You really never know what you are going to get with the twins. They are also master communicators, while you tend to shut down. You love to take your time when it comes to decision making whilst the Gemini is impulsive. Geminis are also total flirts by nature, they don’t mean it – they just are. This will really get under your skin, for you are pretty possessive. While this may be charming to some, the Gemini HATES when someone is trying to claim them. They need to be free, and you need someone stable. This pair is just bad news.

2. Sagittarius: Taurus is way too mundane for you

You, Sagittarius, hate nothing more than a mundane, routine life. You love to travel, explore, and experience everything that life has to offer. A Taurus is not the best partner to do this with. The Taurus is too stubborn and too simplistic for you, and they will leave you completely unsatisfied. While a Taurus is a good fit for some, you do not fall under that category. You love insanity while they love practicality. Nothing freaks a Taurus out more than spontaneity, and you are the most spontaneous person you know. You will be front and center of a chaotic situation, while they will run from it. You’re a fire that cannot be put out, while they are a grounded earth sign. You will swallow them whole leaving them with nothing left. A Taurus usually needs a commitment pretty early on into a relationship, and you like to take your time before you settle down.

1. Capricorn: An Aries will freak you out

As a Capricorn, you are reserved and conservative. Aries are aggressive and impulsive, two qualities that you cannot stand in a person. Capricorns are fiscally responsible, and an Aries is the type to go randomly buy a new car without hesitation. The Aries will do nothing to make you feel safe, for they are very independent and they expect the same in their partner. Although you are independent in your career and your life, you like to be nurtured in a relationship. Do not expect this from an Aries – they are tough as nails. You two will have opposite viewpoints on almost everything and it will be impossible to find common ground. You have a hard time opening up – observing every aspect of a person before trusting, and this will frustrate the Aries. They want you when they want you, and they will not be too patient with your cautious nature.

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