50 Shades: 20 Things Fans Ignore About Ana & Christian Grey's Relationship

We have been freed from 50 Shades, but we still have questions about the film and its two main characters: the English lit graduate Anastasia Steele and billionaire Mr. Christian Grey.

Some people believe their relationship is totally ridiculous, while others vouch for a relationship like theirs; whatever team you may be on, IRL we know that a relationship like this would not work without compromise.

Take away the glamorous lifestyle the films portray and look at the relationship between them in another light, and you'll see the relationship is not as beautiful as it looks. Besides for the pleasure Ana receives as well as the posh goodies, what makes this relationship an ideal one? Not much. The love story between the fancy billionaire and the shy girl certainly caught our attention, but now that the franchise is done and over with, we see that the pain between the two was real — and we are not talking about the Red Room.

The film finally climaxed with Fifty Shades Freed, but now we are left with lingering questions that we want answered concerning the couple, who started their relationship with a contract. How were they even considered #relationshipgoals?

Spoiler alert! We do not understand how even in the last installment of the franchise, there are still so many things Ana does not know about her mysterious billionaire hubby — and yes, they got married.

20 Why Does Christian Let Ana Hang With José?

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We were introduced to José in Fifty Shades of Grey and then he reappeared in the last movie to utter half a line. Yet, he is still considered to be one of Ana's closest friends. Those who watched the films know that Mr. Grey is possessive of the woman who stole his heart and was able to change him, and he does everything to eliminate every man in her life, and yet he still let José hang around.

Why would Christian let José associate with his wife when he is incredibly protective? Something does not add up here. Remember when Ana got intoxicated and José practically begged Ana for a kiss and "Superman," aka Christian Grey, showed up to save her? He was aware José had feelings for his lady from the start, but he let the friendship continue. Don't forget, he also bought José's headshots of her — what the?

19 Why Does Christian Hire Security For Her?

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It is 2019, and Anastasia Steele, who decided to marry a man with many complexes, has security following her every move — what happened to girl power and independence? We get how overprotective Mr. Grey is but give the girl some room to breathe — sigh. In real life, no lady would happily accept her man getting a security guard for her without her consent — think about it.

We get that Christian is rich, so having personal security is a no-brainer for him, but why the need for personal security for his wife who is completely innocent?

Christian hired security for his wife because of her enraged ex-boss, but even Ana was surprised when her husband introduced her to her personal bodyguard.

18 Christian's Feelings Towards Children

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Wait a second, it took two entire movies and an engagement for Mr. Grey to express his feelings about children? That makes no sense to us, because any woman in a committed relationship would have already mentioned having children to her significant other.

Given the fact that these two were in a serious relationship, we would have thought that they would have discussed the whole "having children" topic before exchanging nuptials. Any man like Christian Grey would have expressed his feelings about children from the start, especially given his lifestyle.

Still, Ana never questioned him, and she only found out about his stance until after they were married. And we all know how the franchise ended so...

17 They Did Not Talk To Each Other About Their Home

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"Hey honey, now that we are married, let us go home shopping together!" Sounds accurate IRL, right? But not in Christian Grey's world. There is such a lack of questioning on Ana's part, and we find that totally naïve and unrealistic.

There are so many things we discovered about Christian that Ana did not know about, but why would she not ask something as basic as "Where are we going to live?" Yes, surprises are adorable and all, but we are not talking flowers and chocolates here, we are talking about a living space. No woman would accept or be content with her husband going behind her back to choose a home for them without first consulting her.

16 Ana Hardly Knows Anything About Her Hubby's Past

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Ana, the senior editor, used the word "jeez" so much, so now we are going to say, "Jeez, Ana, how did you settle with a man without knowing much about his past?"

We know we sound like worried mothers, but she first committed to a man with a contract, and in the last installment got married to him while still being clueless about his childhood. Considering the way he was with her from the start, we would certainly have many questions for him before accepting a ring.

Throughout the films, Mrs. Grey is taken aback by the most mundane things, yet she only asks, "What was Christian like when he was little?" after she exchanges vows with him — odd, totally odd.

15 Ana Was Never Consulted About Vacations

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"Hey, my love, I just wanted to surprise you with a trip — just the two of us!" is how a normal conversation goes between a normie couple, but in Christian Grey's world, it does not work that way.

Over the three films, we saw Christian whisk the love of his life off to exotic places without first notifying her. For one second, we gushed over how adorable his surprise lavish vacations were, but when we thought about it, IRL this just would not work.

What if Ana had plans? Or work commitments? Or just about anything else that would require her to be home? Mr. Grey clearly never cared about or considered her schedule — we guess she cannot plan anything in advance.

14 Seems Like There Is No Proper Communication

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Fifty Shades Freed certainly hit the spot — it even starts off with a lavish honeymoon every girl would dream of. Since they were celebrating their marital bliss, what was the point of having their phones basically attached to them?

We know in today's society how vital phones are; we cannot seem to live without them, and phones are our main form of communication because of texting and social media. But, hold up, why on earth are the newly married couple lying side by side in the south of France on the beach and texting each other?

How romantic — not. If a couple chooses to communicate through phones when together, we sense some real problems.

13 Their Lives Get Published In The Papers

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We know it is a movie and all, and we could probably devote an entire day to poking fun at the plot holes in the film, but in what world would any ordinary couple's lives make the news and the paper?

When Christian goes away, the enraged former boss, Jack, breaks into their apartment and almost harms Ana — the security rushes in to save her, though. Then, the next day, when Ana gets to work, her co-worker notifies her that the news that her apartment was robbed was all over the media and garnered tons of attention, but she didn't have the slightest clue.

How is that even possible? Wouldn't the media outlets inform her or contact her? And would she not see it on social media when scrolling with her phone? Most of all, why would a robbery make such big news? They're an ordinary couple. Mr. Grey is wealthy, but he's not famous.

12 They Apparently Have A Housekeeper, But Ana Does Everything

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We do not know where to begin — the couple certainly started off their relationship by living together, but things then progressed. We know that Mr. Grey is a billionaire and leads an extravagant and exuberant lifestyle, one that usually includes a housekeeper, which he supposedly had from the start.

If Ana does everything, then why did her husband keep the housekeeper? There is clearly no compromise in this relationship. It seems like Christian wants to control everything, even the chores his wife does. In the first film, we saw Ana happily cooking breakfast for her beau, so why does he not trust her? And it seems that even after the wedding, Ana was still not used to his lifestyle as she was totally confused with the housekeeper being around. She didn't know how to deal with her.

11 Ana Never Minded His Gifts

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Some women fall for men who shower them with gifts, but how did Ana accept gifts from a stranger? Because yes, he was a stranger, and the gifts were totally creepy. Remember in Fifty Shades of Grey when she got back to her apartment and a Mac laptop was waiting for her? Any woman would find that totally strange and abnormal.

Were they even dating yet? No, they were in the process of discussing a contract. Call us Einstein, but if we were in her shoes, we'd call the gift giving a total red flag.

Let us remind you that he gifted her with a laptop, Blackberry and all kinds of other technology only because it granted him the means to track her. IRL, that woman would probably dial 9-1-1.

10 Before They Started Dating, Christian Was Following Her

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With a combination of naiveté and apathy, we are totally not surprised that Ana was clueless about so many things from the beginning of her relationship. He was always following her around. In what universe would the chances of running into a man you just met at a random hardware store be possible? Seriously Ana, we thought all those books would've taught you to know better.

He literally showed up at her job — um, it is called a restraining order, because that is what would happen IRL since he continuously showed up where she was. She even insisted numerous times that he leave her alone, so how did these two get into a serious relationship in the first place? Not cute at all, Mr. Grey.

9 How Is He Her Boss?

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Besides the fact that it does not make sense that Anastasia Steele, who was an English major and spent less than a year working as an assistant, quickly got promoted to executive editor, it also does not make sense that her boss ends up being her hubby. Gosh, he also would pop up at her meetings!

Is it not totally ridiculous that the cold billionaire decided to buy the company that his wife works for? How much more of a hold did he need on her? Maybe some women would not mind working for their partner, but combined with the already freakishly odd things Grey did, most women would want out.

It does not make sense that Ana would think this is totes normal. This kind of behaviour is totally wrong.

8 Ana's Self-Esteem Fell Pretty Low

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Mr. Grey never reduced his jealousy, yet Ana stuck by his side — they call it love, we call it crazy.

Why? Because Ana stayed in a relationship with a man that she feared. Now, if she had the slightest amount of respect for herself, she would have ditched the man and the problems that came with him from the start. Instead, she let the relationship drag on until she felt small about herself.

No relationship should lower a woman's self-esteem, and it is obvious that Ana Steele, even in the last film, still felt she was not good enough for her billionaire hubby. What happened to the strong and independent Ana we met at the beginning? In loving someone so complex, she lost herself.

7 How Does Christian Always Know Where His Wife Is?

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So, the couple went on just three dates together before they began their contract, remember? On top of that, Grey was somewhat on-and-off with the gorgeous and shy Ana. During the interview with her, he was extremely flirty, then on their date he brought to her attention that he was bad for her. This makes us want to know exactly why Ana was intrigued by him after all of this?

And that was not at all. He showed up at places Ana was when he was uninvited, like at the club or bar, and at Ana's mom's place. Clearly, he was tracking her, and Ana should have put two and two together. He literally flew across the country and showed up at the EXACT restaurant where she was.

Grey is a tech billionaire, so he must have been digitally watching and tracking her. How else would this have been possible?

6 Why Does Mr. Grey Always Braid Her Hair?

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Christian Grey does many strange things in his relationship, like braiding his lover's hair. Even while he braids Ana's locks, and he looks so sweet and romantic doing so, we don't understand how she lets him have so much power over her.

It took three films and a marriage for Ana to ask her hubby why he always braided her hair. This happened when they were in the south of France. Girl, he has been braiding your hair from the get-go, so why are you only asking now? Did you just realize now or...?

5 Why Did Ana Break Up With Him?

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The young and naïve Anastasia Steele had no idea what she was getting herself into when she met the dark and brooding Christian Grey — that is, until he told her about his entire lifestyle. Yes, right there and then she had the chance to run away, but she did not.

Instead, when Ana was with Grey and forgot to use the safe word, that is when she decided to break it off (this was in the first film). She knew exactly what lifestyle he was into, yet she called things off with him when she was furious that he caused her pain. Come on, that makes no sense at all considering the basic premise of stuff she clearly knew he was into.

Why did Christian stay with her after that? He probably could have found someone else.

4 And Why Does Ana Get Jealous?

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Ana's claws came out in the last film. We guess it was not called Fifty Shades Freed for nothing. We all know very well that a relationship is totally unhealthy if there is a jealous person involved, so imagine two.

It took architect Gia Matteo to bring out Mrs. Grey's fierce side — remember that? When Mr. and Mrs. Grey go visit their beautiful and rustic mansion, they meet up with the sultry architect. Matteo clearly has a thing for the billionaire, and Ana quickly catches on and makes a point of marking her territory. We all know that Ana has no reason to be possessive since her husband is obsessed with her, so what was Ana's point?

3 Ana Should Have Had A Lawyer Read The Contract

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A contract is a contract, and no matter the type, a lawyer should be present when it gets signed. Silly Ana, maybe the lawyer would have helped her come to her senses. If she'd had a lawyer to look over the contract with her, we believe she could have saved herself a lot of trouble — and pain, yes, lots of pain.

Four eyes are always better than two, but Ana, who did not even have an e-mail address when she met Mr. Grey, clearly was not brilliant enough to know what she was getting herself into. If she understood all the risks that were involved, she probably would not have agreed to engage in such shenanigans with Christian. Having a lawyer would have surely given her the upper hand.

2 Ana Tried To Control His Diet

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Why does Ana go back on so many rules she imposes on her hubby? And why does she feel the need to match how controlling her hubby is? Nobody wants to be in a relationship where all they do is get monitored by their SO.

Although Ana is nowhere close to being as possessive as her hubby and father of her child, she did try to control his eating habits.

In the final film, Fifty Shades Freed, she insists that he is not allowed to have any Ben & Jerry's ice cream — we feel you Ana, we'd want it all for ourselves, too. However, minutes later, she sort of goes back on her word. Although what we are saying may not seem like a big deal, we bring it up because Ana always seems to take a step back, while Mr. Grey never does for her — where is the compromise? And why is she so vulnerable?

1 And So Does He

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To continue with our previous point, you'll now comprehend why it bothers us and why we find it totally unfair that Ana would back down so easily. Throughout all the films, any fanatical fan will agree that Christian Grey tries so hard to control his wife's diet — we get that he is buff and healthy, and he wants his lady to be healthy too, but Grey does it in a very possessive manner.

And on top of it all, it is like he takes her voice away from her as he is the one to decide what she feasts on — since when is that okay in any relationship?

Remember when he insisted that she eat three meals a day? And remember when they go out to dinner and he makes her order a steak? No man should make his woman do anything, and it is beyond us how Ana stuck around with such an authoritative man.

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