5 WWE Stars Who Are Newly Single (+ 10 Who Just Entered A Relationship)

WWE fans might forget, but the stars of the show have normal personal lives outside of the ring like the rest of us. Unfortunately for them, it is hard to keep anything on the down low, especially in this day and age with the rise of social media. Therefore, when a couple starts to date or breaks up, it is almost impossible to keep it hidden.

Given the hectic lives that they live, maintaining a personal relationship can be quite a daunting task for WWE talent. We’ll take a look at five wrestlers, specifically, that had a hard time keeping a relationship afloat; these five are newly single and on the market. In fact, we’ll even take a look at a trending breakup that was apparently final since last September—now that’s quite the surprise.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at ten WWE stars that just entered new relationships. Some did a great job at keeping it quiet while others, not so much. It remains to be seen if these couples will last—though it is key to note that things seem to be going pretty well for these newly formed couples at the moment. But, isn’t that how all relationships start? Just kidding!

Enjoy the article and folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s now take a look at five WWE stars that are newly single and on the market, along with ten that just entered a new relationship. Let’s get started.

15 Relationship - Sheamus (Isabella Revilla)

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Throughout his years with WWE, Sheamus has kept his personal life on the down low. However, it all recently changed just a couple of months ago. Thanks to an IG story, Sheamus was spotted getting cozy with a mystery girl, and that girl was later revealed as Isabella Revilla. She’s currently residing in Nashville but is originally from New Jersey.

According to Sports Gossip, the couple shares a substantial age gap, with the WWE veteran recently entering his 40s while it is said that Isabella is still somewhere in her 20s. At the very least, the WWE veteran’s still looking quite young thanks to his intense YouTube workouts.

14 Relationship - Titus O'Neil (Yolanda Adams)

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For the time being, this one falls under the rumored category. As of February, various tabloids were reporting on the two entering a relationship. Both sides still denied the claims stating that they were instead just close friends. Yolanda’s people also made a statement claiming they were flattered by the speculation given how great of a guy Titus really is.

But the rumors don’t seem to be going away just yet. The couple was spotted together once again, and this time, according to WWE.com, it was at the Stellar Awards show. Maybe the rumors led to an actual pairing? Or perhaps these two are just trying to keep us out of the loop—totally understandable.

13 Single - Alexa Bliss

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All the talk seems to be surrounding Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy at the moment. Fans were stunned to find out that the two WWE stars had called off their engagement. Not only that, but it was also revealed that the two were living separately and had been on their own since last fall—in September.

This was surprising news, especially due to the fact that Bliss and Murphy were able to keep it under wraps for so long. According to The Big Lead, Alexa’s now single for the first time in a really long time. Despite the breakup, both are said to be big advocates for one another in the ring.

12 Relationship - Kelly Kelly (Cole Swindell)

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Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly had a couple of notable relationships during her time with WWE. However, it turns out that she’s now dating musicians. It was revealed at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas that she’s now dating country star Cole Swindell. The news came as a big-time surprise and both Fox News and People reported on the story just a couple of months back.

Kelly would basically confirm the rumors via Twitter, congratulating her boyfriend on his AMC nomination; “I am beyond excited and proud of you babe!!!” Who knows, maybe this can get her back on WWE’s radar.

11 Relationship - Mia Yim (Keith Lee)

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It was quite the journey for Yim on her route to a WWE contract. She started off in 2009 wrestling around the world. During her time with Impact, Mia finally caught WWE’s attention. She’s now a member of the women’s division down in NXT and surely, she’ll be on the main roster sooner rather than later given her experience.

Her personal life seems to be going just as well. She recently started to date another NXT star, Keith Lee. We’re starting to see this as a growing trend with NXT talents dating one another. Given that they're hardly moving around compared to the main roster, it is a lot easier to create a connection with a co-worker.

10 Single - Seth Rollins

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Seth’s past relationships haven’t been the most private compared to other WWE stars. His ex-fiancée completely blew up his personal life, revealing messages and photos between himself and Zahra Schreiber.

Ultimately, though, it didn’t work with Zahra and Rollins settled down with Sarah Alesandrelli. The couple seemed to be very happy together with Sarah even moving into Seth’s Iowa home. However, Ring Side News announced that the couple had mutually split just months ago. Given Sarah’s words via Twitter, the two parted ways on the best of terms, unlike Seth’s other relationships. Who knows how long Seth will decide to stay single, as rumors are already starting to swirl about Rollins possibly dating Becky Lynch.

9 Relationship - John Cena (Shay Shariatzadeh)

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The mystery woman has finally been revealed! Back in early April, fans were buzzing as the mega WWE star was seen in Vancouver holding hands with a mystery woman. Finally, we have more details. According to E Online, Cena is currently dating an engineer from Canada: Shay Shariatzadeh.

This is a lot different compared to John’s old habits, as for a long time, he only dated women in the wrestling business. Mickie James, Victoria, and Nikki Bella are all examples of that. It looks like Cena’s finally changing things up with his new partner, and we're interested to see where things will go from here.

8 Relationship - Nikki Bella (Artem Chigvintsev)

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It was quite surprising to see how quick both these two moved on, especially Nikki, who post-Cena split is currently dating Artem, her Dancing with the Stars partner. People Magazine recently caught a pic of the two together out for lunch in LA.

But it seems like Nikki and John are now feuding via Twitter. After Cena issued this tweet, “Beware those who think you owe them happiness at the expense of your own well being,” Nikki would then fire back with a tweet of her own on the matter. She wrote, "When you don’t give him what he wants, he will delete you, silence you, manipulate you, do what he can to destroy you, but turn that hurt into strength.” Ouch!

7 Single - Corey Graves

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Corey’s breakup turned into quite the story, which is very unfortunate looking back, considering he has three young children. Corey’s ex-wife put the WWE commentator on blast via social media accusing him of having a relationship with Carmella. Although the story sounded mouth-watering, Corey clarified a lot of the speculation. According to Graves via the Lilian Garcia podcast, the two were already split at that point and Graves was already living on his own.

Graves also clarified his relationship with Carmella, claiming it was blown out of proportion because it was a good story. Given all of this, we don’t expect Graves to announce a new relationship any time soon.

6 Relationship - Charlotte (Andrade Almas)

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The Queen is officially off the market. In late February, rumors started to emerge pertaining to Charlotte and Almas as a couple. At the Hall Of Fame, it was made official as the two were spotted together. WWE even went the extra mile in putting Almas back on SmackDown so he could travel with his girlfriend–and WWE only does this with serious couples.

Things are looking real good for Almas at the moment. Not only is he dating one of the most popular WWE Divas but he’s also in Vince McMahon’s good books as of late due to his improved English. Maybe Charlotte has something to do with that.

5 Relationship - Paige (Ronnie Radke)

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During her Fighting With My Family premiere tour in early 2019, Paige unveiled her new boyfriend, musician Ronnie Radke. Paige really hadn’t been single for all that long. She had broken up with ex-boyfriend Kalan Blehm just weeks prior to the unveiling of her new relationship with Ronnie.

She also dated a couple of others during Total Divas including her well-documented relationship with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio. It seems as though Paige might finally be settling down in her new relationship–the couple seems to be doing quite well (and staying away from drama, which is always good news).

4 Single - Finn Balor

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Balor was spotted in New York taking a stroll with Cathy Kelley. Now it was no normal walk, as the two were caught holding hands. As one might expect, the wrestling community started to buzz.

But that same buzz appears to have died down. According to current speculation, the two quietly went their separate ways. It is said that the former couple even issued some cryptic tweets following their separation. At the very least, they kept things quiet while they dated, so this apparent breakup didn’t cause too much of a stir—and we're guessing that's how the two wanted it.

3 Relationship - Ricochet (Kacy Catanzaro)

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Kacy is a perfect fit in the world of WWE. She was in the world of gymnastics during her earlier days and she would then transfer into the world of competitive obstacle courses. All those skills resulted in Kacy easily picking up her new occupation as a WWE star. We’ve seen snippets of her work with NXT and we can safely say that she’s a big star and one that has huge potential.

It also helps that she’s now dating Ricochet, another WWE star that oozes with talent in the ring. This might be the most talented wrestling couple of all-time.

2 Relationship - Dana Brooke (Enes Kanter)

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Back in February, it was unveiled that Dana Brooke was, in fact, dating NBA star Enes Kanter. The two were spotted together since the fall, though it only became official just a couple of months back. It seems like the two are keeping the relationship private, though, as we haven’t really seen many posts of two together recently.

Whatever the case might be, it seems to be benefitting Brooke’s in-ring work as she’s finally being utilized by the company—this certainly wasn’t the case months ago, as she was watching from the sidelines regularly. Fortunately for Dana, both her relationship and her professional lives seem to be doing well.

1 Single – Buddy Murphy

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Given their different schedules, it was hard to maintain a relationship. Even Buddy Murphy admitted to this during the Lilian Garcia Podcast;

“Complete opposite schedules. Absolutely it is [hard]. Relationships are hard if you see someone five or seven days a week, you know what I mean? It’s one of those things where you just kinda to me — it’s the cards I’ve been dealt for now. It’s only for now.”

Turns out it was a lot harder than we thought, as the couple only recently announced their separation. They remain on different brands with Murphy recently joining SmackDown Live.

Sources: People Magazine, Ring Side News, WWE

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