5 WWE Stars Fans Should Avoid Approaching In Real-Life (+ 11 Who Are Class Acts)

"Sit back and enjoy the ride, Sasha. Be thankful that those fans care and want to sit there and wait for you and 'stalk' you because they are the ones that are paying your salary and without them Vince McMahon wouldn’t be handing you that check or without them Vince McMahon wouldn’t even have you in that spot and without them you wouldn’t be on the show that you are on that has caused you so much duress. If you don’t like it, again the fix is so simple, just call Mr. McMahon up and say thank you for everything but I am quitting. Problem solved. Let’s see if she takes that avenue.”

Clearly, wrestling stars have different views on being approached by fans. The quote above is a response to Sasha's complaints about being followed by fans at airports from Shane Douglas via Give Me Sport.

In truth, both wrestlers make valid points. Getting flight information on a wrestler is way too much. Though Douglas does make a great point that if they don’t like the attention, it might be best to change fields. WWE is watched by millions every week; WWE stars should be accustomed to getting approached regularly.

In this article, we’ll highlight both sides with WWE stars that are class acts and those that fans might do well to avoid in public settings. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started.

16 Avoid – Chris Jericho

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We start with a former WWE star. Although Chris Jericho is one of the most popular and recognizable faces in the industry, that doesn’t mean you should just approach him. Most recently, Jericho discussed how frustrated he was walking through the Saudi Arabia airport as several fans asked him for photos.

In addition to that, we also saw Y2J blow up on a couple of fans in a parking lot a couple of years back. It might be best to steer clear of Jericho unless you’re meeting him at an organized signing event–in a controlled environment, things might be a lot easier.

15 Class Act - Seth Rollins

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Some fans might place Rollins on the other side of the list given his past comments and feelings about encountering fans at the airport. In Seth’s defense, he was speaking about the fans that stalk WWE stars and get information on their flights. We really don’t blame Rollins for feeling the way he does when it comes to those encounters.

If it’s totally spontaneous, rarely does Seth turn down a picture. We have lots of examples of that via the likes of Twitter, including when he most recently he took the time to pose for a photo with a young fan.

14 Class Act - Alexa Bliss

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She plays the role of an unapproachable Goddess on WWE television, however, don’t be fooled, this is all an act. In fact, Bliss confirms that to portray her gimmick, she takes bits and pieces from her everyday life when it comes to things that annoy her most.

In real-life, Alexa is the exact opposite. She never turns down a photo and in fact, you’ll even get a nice smile out of the WWE star. She’s truly a professional outside of the ring. Even in candid interviews she always comes off as shy and very soft-spoken. Clearly, Alexa turns things up when playing her character.

13 Class Act - Baron Corbin

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This might be a head-scratcher for a lot of WWE fans. Like Alexa Bliss, Baron Corbin plays the role of a villain on-screen. It is also said that he doesn’t care about the fans either. Corbin wants us to think that in order to add heat to his character.

What fans might not know is that Corbin is actually a pretty cool dude and one that always comes across really well in candid interviews. He also has lots of airport photos with fans. Although he might not seem approachable when he’s on WWE television, the real-life Corbin is quite different.

12 Avoid - Sasha Banks

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It is well known by now that Banks doesn’t like to be bothered in her life outside of the ring. Similar to Seth earlier, Banks doesn’t like the fact that some fans will get flight information on a WWE star in order to run into them.

Sasha has taken things even further by putting fans on blast via Twitter. If you’re lucky enough to get a picture with the Boss out of the ring, it might be best not to tag her in the photo. In addition, you’ll be lucky if she’s even giving a half smile, if she even agrees to be photographed in the first place.

11 Class Act - Bray Wyatt

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Given his gimmick and look, some WWE fans might be skeptical about approaching Bray Wyatt in an airport or any other kind of setting–let’s face it, he’s a pretty intimidating looking dude. But if that’s the impression you get, you would be quite mistaken. Wyatt rarely turns down a fan photo.

Not only does he oblige to airport pictures, but we’ve also seen pics of Wyatt and young fans in shopping malls! Wyatt is a true professional and a WWE star that’s well aware of the impact his fame can have on a younger fan. Basically, he's just a giant teddy bear!

10 Class Acts - The Hardy Boyz

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They were super fans growing up, so of course, the Hardy Boyz know how important it is to give fans a little bit of time outside of the ring. Both have lots of photos with fans in every type of setting.

Jeff himself never turns down a photo even when he’s mobbed by a bunch of fans. Heck, Jeff even goes the extra mile to ask fans if he can see the photo after they take it. Why does Jeff do that? Apparently, Hardy says he’s, “just weird like that.” Brother Matt is also a big-time class act with the fans.

9 Class Act - Braun Strowman

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Unlike a lot of his peers, Braun was new to the business of pro wrestling when he signed a deal with WWE. Despite his longevity in the business, Strowman caught on very quickly. Not only that but he has become one of the classiest WWE stars outside of the ring with the fans. He rarely refuses a picture, not to mention he even posts photos of his fans to his personal IG account.

Amongst his peers, Braun is also a big-time favorite and in contrast with his in-ring demeanor, it is said that he’s like a giant teddy bear with his fellow WWE stars.

8 Avoid – Brock Lesnar

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It is no surprise at this point to hear that Brock just doesn’t like people. He enjoys his privacy, so much so that he actually moved his family to a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Clearly, Brock doesn’t like to be bothered–out of the ring, he likes to keep things on the down low.

He isn’t the biggest advocate for public photos, though, to his credit, he still takes them whether he wants to or not. We’ve even see Brock take photos in gyms; whether he smiles in the picture or not is a different story. At least he gives the fans a couple of seconds to take the pic but it might be best to avoid this guy in public.

7 Class Act - Nia Jax

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Nia Jax is another WWE star that got her start in the business at a later age without any prior experience. However, perhaps the maturity factor aided in her experience with the fans. Yes, she plays the role of a villain on-screen but out of the ring, she’s one of the absolute classiest.

The same goes for her relationship amongst her peers; as evidenced by Total Divas, Nia is one of the more popular WWE stars behind the scenes, especially due to her genuine personality. In the ring, Divas want to stay away from her, but out of the ring in real life, it’s an entirely different story.

6 Class Act - Charlotte

There’s a reason WWE chooses Charlotte for a lot of their PR work around the world. She is great with the fans as she always comes off as completely genuine and kind. She might be arrogant in the ring, however, outside of it, Charlotte is shy and very soft spoken.

Like some of her other peers, she rarely turns down a photo nor does she ever put a fan on blast for asking for one. Heck, unlike a lot of WWE stars, she even smiles for the candid pics–now that’s one class act that knows what it takes to put a smile on a fan’s face.

5 Class Act - Roman Reigns

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Seeing Roman Reigns back in a WWE ring is a true blessing for Roman, his family, and the fans. According to Reigns, the fans had a lot to do with his recent speedy recovery. There was an outpouring of positivity sent to Roman during his recent battle.

A big reason for all the prayers towards Roman is the fact that he’s a great guy outside of the ring. Amongst his peers, he’s viewed as a leader and a true class act. The same holds true for Roman and his fan interactions, and it is baffling to see how many photos he has with the fans, especially at airports.

4 Avoid – Lana

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Lana ends up on the “avoid” side of the list. She doesn’t have a great deal of photos with the fans outside of the ring. And in fact, her husband Rusev–who plays the role of a heel on-screen–has more pics with fans at places like the airport, compared to his wife Lana.

Perhaps the E Network officials felt the same way as Lana was recently pulled off the Total Divas reality show. The network officials felt as though she was unpopular compared to some of the other cast members. Maybe she’ll start to change her ways a little more... or maybe not.

3 Class Act - Stephanie McMahon

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True WWE fans might say that Stephanie McMahon has been one of the best wrestling villains of the 2000s. What’s so remarkable about that is prior to making her on-screen debut, McMahon was a shy presence behind the scenes. Mick Foley labeled Stephanie as, “the girl with the shy smile.” It is truly great to see how much she dialed into her character given the way she is in real life.

When it comes to meeting the fans, Stephanie is just as pleasant, never turning down a photo or autograph. She’s a true class act and perhaps the easiest McMahon family member to approach out of the ring.

2 Class Act – The Undertaker

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There are many reasons as to why The Undertaker is considered the biggest class act in the wrestling business. Not only was he a locker room leader backstage that would treat every wrestler with the utmost respect, but he was the same way with the fans. In truth, there isn’t a single WWE star, perhaps aside from John Cena, that has more candid photos with the fans.

Just make sure you ask permission; Undertaker admitted in a YouTube interview that he strongly dislikes when fans snap a photo of him without his consent. It might be intimidating, guys, but just ask–we promise he doesn't bite.

1 Avoid – Randy Orton

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We close the avoid list off with Randy Orton. Though in truth, he isn’t the most unapproachable on the list–it just really depends on his mood. We’ve seen Orton take lots of pics in public settings like airports. Although he might not look too interested all the time, we credit Orton for at least taking the pic.

What Orton doesn’t like is fans taking pics of him when he doesn’t expect it. He was none too pleased when a fan snapped a photo of him from a distance during a workout. So perhaps don’t bother Orton when his testosterone level is high!

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