Palette Of The Decade Or Colossal Disappointment?: YouTubers Review And React To The James Charles x Morphe Collab

James Charles is one of the most powerful and successful makeup gurus on YouTube today. He has over 10 million subscribers and 870 million plus views on his videos. Between that and millions of followers he's accumulated on Instagram and Twitter (almost 11 million on the former and over 2 million on the latter), he is a social media powerhouse.

All of this makes James Charles a great person to have their own eyeshadow palette. He created just that in collaboration with Morphe Brushes, a successful makeup company. It's available from both Morphe and Ulta, but it's an expensive palette at $39 USD. If you're curious if it actually works, then look no further than these five YouTubers who reviewed the James Charles x Morphe Palette.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is a wildly popular YouTuber and businesswoman who's considered to be one of the best on the platform. With over 5.5 million subscribers and many more followers across social media, she's managed to find a strong amount of success in her own right. This is due in large part to her strong makeup tutorials and overall bubbly personality.

If you follow either James Charles or Hill (or both), then you already know that the pair considers themselves to be extremely close friends. So it should come as no surprise that the latter YouTuber would post a review of the former's Morphe eyeshadow palette just days before its release. Hill voiced her opinion of the palette both throughout and at the end of her over 20-minute tutorial.

By the end, Hill expressed mainly positive traits about James Charles' palette. She noted that a few shades were sheerer than others, and also expressed no extraordinary fallout. She concluded her thoughts by insisting that the eyeshadow palette was truly worth every penny. While some may question whether she was going in bias due to her friendship with James Charles, it's easy to see that her praise for her fellow YouTuber is definitely genuine.


Another extremely popular makeup guru on YouTube, NikkieTutorials is even more successful than the previously mentioned Hill. Nikkie has over 11 million subscribers, making her one of the most subscribed makeup gurus on the video-based platform. She combines her excellent makeup artistry skills with her joyful and positive attitude that makes you feel like you're hanging out with a friend.

Nikkie is another one of James Charles' good friends; so again, it's not surprising when you learn that she did her own review of the palette for her channel. She used the eyeshadow palette to create a unique multicolored look that includes an incredibly funky crease and bare-looking lid. While certainly not an everyday look, it was still so much fun to watch such a bold look come together beautifully.

When the tutorial started to draw to a close, Nikkie couldn't stop herself from gushing over the palette itself. The main point she made was that the wide variety of shades within the palette will allow anyone who owns it to create multiple different looks that will work for most any occasion. Needless to say, Nikkie's love for James Charles' eyeshadow palette was both heartwarming and honest to anyone who saw it.

Tati Westbrook

Since debuting back in November 2010, Tati Westbrook has found a large number of followers and fans who love her fun yet helpful makeup tutorials. The results in this include over 5 million subscribers, over 1 billion views on all videos, and several hundred thousand social media followers. She 's truly a force to be reckoned with.

Westbrook uploaded her review of James Charles' eyeshadow palette shortly before fans could purchase it for themselves. Like the aforementioned YouTubers before her, Westbrook did film a tutorial that heavily utilized the palette. She successfully recreated a tutorial James Charles' had made previously with his own palette. She loved the end look- not just its appearance, but also how the eyeshadows performed.

But Westbrook didn't skimp out on any details. She revealed her affection for James Charles but made it clear that she was completely honest in her review. Furthermore, she noted that the color range in the palette was a wise choice on James Charles' part because no color or finish is left behind. She also swatched every single color, raving about most all of them for their pigments and color. No stone was left unturned, making Westbrook's review one of the most informative out there.

Nyma Tang

While the previous YouTubers have millions upon millions of subscribers, Nyam Tang is currently sitting just over 778 000 subscribers. What makes her unique is that her appearance is vastly different than the others, making her invaluable to fellow African-American women and girls. She can offer a different take, often leaving viewers on both sides thinking at the end of a tutorial.

Tang started her review of James Charles' highly anticipated eyeshadow palette by swatching multiple colors prior to her tutorial. She seemed a bit apprehensive as to how they would end up performing as eyeshadows. After all, a lone swatch can't tell you the whole story as to how any eyeshadow will be upon using it.

As for the tutorial itself, Tang went for a bold purple look that complemented her appearance beautifully. She gave high marks for both the application and blending of the eyeshadows that she used from the palette. It seemed by the end of the video, she was happier with the palette and how the eyeshadows performed on her darker complexion. So if you're looking for a review and tutorial on this particular eyeshadow palette on a darker skin tone, then Tang definitely has you covered.


Cohl from cohlsworld is the smallest YouTuber on this list, and also the newest. He's garnered over 50 000 subscribers since popping onto the scene in July 2016- only two years ago! In addition, Cohl has already snagged 1.3 million views and thousands upon thousands of followers on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. It's evident that he's only going to grow as time passes.

Prior to the release of James Charles' palette, Cohl had the opportunity to review and try out the palette for viewers to see. His final look was a mixture of blue and yellow shades that felt beachy and fun at the same time. Given the cold weather currently going on, it was definitely a nice thing to see.

Cohl's review of James Charles' palette was the most critical of the mentioned YouTubers on this list. He revealed that the first shadow he used performed inconsistently. The third eyeshadow also seemed too similar to a previous color he used. Finally, many shadows just didn't blend well. It wasn't all negative; the second color blended fine, and Cohl never experienced fallout throughout his tutorial. It was definitely a mixed review, but Cohl still recommended the palette in the end.


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