30 Social Media Pics These Celebs Posted And Deleted Right Away (& Why)

Many people end up saying something they regret at some point in their lives, but it’s even worse when you do something silly on social media. For some, this mistake may go unnoticed, but for celebrities, that’s not an option. Over the years, there have been more than a handful of celebrities who had said something insensitive, posted a photo they didn’t really think about, or done something they were not proud of. And despite removing their post or tweet as fast they could, there is always one person who manages to get a screenshot first, so their embarrassing moment lives on forever.

Although there are benefits to being rich and famous, this is not one of them, and an A-lister’s willingness to share their thoughts, or selfies, can sometimes backfire. Take Vanessa Hudgens as an example, who thought she was posting about her love for her boyfriend, but ended up with a hefty fine. And then there are a few celebs who decided to post their gym progress shots, only for fans to notice a distorted background (signalling a Photoshop fail).

Below are 30 times celebrities posted something, and then almost instantly regretted that decision. Although some owned up to their mistakes and made a public apology, others claimed they were hacked, or simply said nothing at all in the hopes that their mishap would go away.

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30 Joe Jonas Suddenly Didn't Think Of Zayn Malik As His #SquadGoals Anymore

It’s a little awkward when a guy you thought was your friend suddenly starts dating your ex-girlfriend, at least, that’s the way Joe Jonas felt. The singer had previously shared a photo of himself and Zayn Malik at the Valentino show in Paris, alongside Kanye West, and he captioned the photo with, "#SQUAD." But according to Us Weekly, when the news broke that Gigi Hadid and Malik had started dating, Jonas was quick to delete the photo of his squad.

29 Tina Knowles Thought It Best To Remove An Awkward Family Memory

Tina Knowles is a doting mom to Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, and while all three of these women are very close, there was a brief moment when Solange let her disdain for her sister’s husband, Jay Z be known.

Think back to the 2014 Met Gala after-party when the altercation between these two went down...in an elevator of all places. But two years after this happened, Essence notes that Tina shared a photo of Solange and her son, in an elevator with Jay Z. But Tina deleted it not long after, perhaps because she didn’t want to bring up bad memories?!

28 Mary J. Blige Made An Unfortunate Spelling Error At The Worst Moment

Living your life in the public eye can be tough, and Mary J. Blige has had to deal with her fair share of critics. At one point, she made a very unfortunate tweet which resulted in her being mocked by many people.

She took to Twitter to slam people who undermined her and her intelligence, but the problem is that in a post where she was trying to prove just how smart she was, her poor spelling made it seem the opposite. She wrote, "Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?! They should never do that!"

She realized her mistake, and swiftly deleted her tweet.

27 Zayn Malik’s Mystery Blonde Created A Lot Of Attention

Around a month after Zayn Malik and his fiancée Perrie Edwards split, he decided to take to Instagram to share a photo of himself cuddling a mystery blonde woman. He chose not to caption the photo (causing mass hysteria among fans) but appeared to be very close to the woman. This is something which some people felt was unfair to Edwards, considering how recent their breakup was, Elite Daily notes.

The publication also reported on how people started comparing the physical similarities between this mystery girl, and Edwards. Zayn clearly had enough of the comparison and ended up deleted the snap.

26 Lena Dunham Chose Father's Day To Tell The World We Don't Need Fathers

Lena Dunham is one of those celebrities who likes to speak her mind, about a lot of things, but she chose the absolute worst time to share her views on fathers. In 2017, on Father’s Day, of all days, Dunham took to Twitter to tell the world we do not need fathers. She wrote, "You don't need a father - so many families work so many ways- but if you have one he better werk.”

People were unimpressed by her comments and felt they were incredibly unnecessary. She was condemned for the message she was sending, and this resulted in Dunham deleting her tweet.

25 Hulk Hogan's Photo Of His Daughter Raised Eyebrows

Hulk Hogan is very close to his daughter Brooke, but some felt that his decision to share a photo drawing attention to her legs was inappropriate.

In 2013, Hogan shared a photo of Brooke wearing cut-off denim shorts, which showed off her toned legs. He accompanied the photo with the simple caption, “Brooke's legs.”

But despite what others thought, Daily Mail notes that Brooke saw nothing wrong with her dad’s post, and tweeted in his defense, noting that he was just proud of her. Regardless, Hogan decided to delete the photo.

24 Zac Efron Celebrated His Own Achievements On A Day That Wasn't About Him

Zac Efron was excited to celebrate his Instagram milestone in 2016. He had earned 10 million followers and wanted to thank all of his fans, but instead of doing this in a separate tweet, he combined his message about Martin Luther King day, and his followers, into one.

He tweeted “'I'm grateful for a couple things today: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on IG #MLKDay [sic].” Needless to say, to celebrate his own achievement at the same time as a key figure in the civil rights movement in the 1950’s, came off as very insensitive and disrespectful.

23 Rita Ora's Hype Around Her Song Didn't Get The Reaction She Wanted

Rita Ora may have overestimated her popularity, or at least her fans interest in her new track, because she took to Twitter to inform followers that if she got 100,000 retweets she would release her new single. The most embarrassing thing is she didn’t get anywhere near this number.

What to do when you’ve come up short? Delete the evidence, of course, or deny it was you who wrote it in the first place. According to Buzzfeed, Ora claimed she had been hacked by someone who was threatening to delete her music, but fans didn’t believe her.

22 Kim Kardashian Realized Her Political Views Are Better Left Unsaid

In 2012, Kim Kardashian wanted the world to know she was thinking of everyone involved in the Gaza conflict. She first tweeted, “Praying for everyone in Israel” and then later wrote, “Praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!” But fans felt this was something she should not be tweeting about, and Kardashian ended up deleting her comments, as well as issuing an apology.

According to Daily Mail, Kardashian later took to her personal blog and reveal her intention behind the post, writing, “I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize.”

21 Dean McDermott Accidentally Showed Way Too Much Of His Wife

Back in 2011, Dean McDermott decided to share a sweet photo of his son on social media, the problem is he didn’t realize that behind it his wife, Tori Spelling, was laying on the bed without her top. Fans immediately spotted his error, and this very embarrassing post was soon deleted, but unfortunately for Spelling, this was not before thousands of people could screenshot the photo.

Needless to say, McDermott was probably not that popular with his wife in the minutes following the incident.

20 Denise Richards Shared Her Number With The World

A lot of people want to get their hands on celebrities numbers, but there is a good reason why these numbers are kept private. Denise Richards found herself getting a lot of unwanted attention when she accidentally tweeted out her phone number, thinking she was sending a private direct message to ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.

She deleted the tweet not long after and took to Twitter again to reveal she had to change her number. She also won't make that mistake again.

19 Miley Cyrus Found An Awkward Way To Get Her Dad's Attention

There was a point when Miley Cyrus was trying to forge a new image and go down a completely different career path. But while shedding her Disney image, it seems she was also having a disagreement with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley had been trying to get a hold of her father, but he was not responding to her texts and calls. So she took her desire to contact him publicly, tweeting about how if he did not contact her she would go public. She wrote, "@billyraycyrus since you won't reply to my texts I'm giving you an hour to tell the truth or ill [sic] tell it for you."

Miley deleted the tweet less than 5 minutes later.

18 Anne Hathaway's Kardashian Joke Only Had Her Laughing

The Kardashians are people who are either liked or disliked, and there is often few who fall in between. In 2016, Anne Hathaway tried to make a joke about the reality TV stars, when she took to Instagram to share a meme which stated, "In a world of Kardashians... be a Helena Bonham Carter.”

The post could be seen as telling people to be an individual like Helena Bonham Carter, but it is obviously also insulting the Kardashian clan, which is why Hathaway’s meme instantly backfired. She then made the decision to delete it.

17 Jason Biggs Is Not Funny And He Learned That The Hard Way

Jason Biggs may have starred in many comedies in his life, but he needs to work on his own brand of comedy because he is not funny. Instead, he is insensitive, and he proved this when he took to Twitter in 2014 to make a joke about Malaysian airlines.

Biggs tweeted, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” The airline had had recently suffered a series of tragic events; first, their flight Flight MH370 which went missing without a trace, and later a Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down in Ukraine. Needless to say, no one was laughing, and Biggs removed his tweet.

16 Khloé Kardashian's Gym Photo Had A Strange, Distorted Background

There is a certain pressure in Hollywood to look and act a specific way, and it seems that Khloé Kardashian gave into that pressure when she altered one of her photos, which was meant to show her gym progress. Her Photoshopping skills needed some improvement though because fans noticed a strange curve in the door in the background of her photo.

After being called out for Photoshopping, Kardashian deleted the image. But she later took to Instagram again, and this time she shared the original photo.

15 Brody Jenner's Not-So-Subtle Jab At His Step-Sister Didn't Go Unnoticed

via Z90.3

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are a complicated family, and they have their own set of problems which often play out in public because of their reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But sometimes, their family dynamics are also made public.

Brody Jenner shared a photo of himself and then-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter dressed up for a friend’s wedding, and in the caption, he joked about how they had finally been invited to a wedding together. Many saw this as a jab at his step-sister, Kim Kardashian and her 2014 wedding to Kanye West, because, as Daily Mail notes, Carter was not invited.

Not long after he made his post, Jenner decided it was against his better judgment and deleted it.

14 Harry Styles' Cultural Misappropriation Sparked Backlash

Sometimes celebrities are not the most culturally sensitive people, and Harry Styles had a fail in 2014, when he shared a photo of himself wearing a Native American headpiece. Styles got a reaction to the photo, but it was not the one he wanted, and he received intense criticism from fans on social media who called him out for cultural appropriation, regardless of context or intent, Buzzfeed reports.

Styles had changed his Twitter and Instagram icons to this picture, but after noticing the criticism he opted to change them.

13 Lindsay Lohan’s Translation Was Not What She Thought

Lindsay Lohan wanted to send out a reminder to all of her fans that they are beautiful, and she posted a photo which she believed was the Arabic translation of the word. However, her Arabian fans thought this was hilarious and were quick to tell her that instead of the message she thought she had shared, the translation actually read: “You’re a donkey,” Time reports.

Needless to say, Lohan decided it was best to end her embarrassment and delete the Instagram post.

12 Ashley Benson’s Imitation Of Amanda Bynes Was In Bad Taste

via Huffington Post

Ashley Benson is a beautiful woman, but she’s also a woman who likes to pull funny faces. The problem is when she decided to do this in 2013, she mocked the face that Amanda Bynes had shared during her meltdown, and this resulted in fans calling out Benson for her actions.

Benson deleted the photo after receiving backlash, and according to The Mirror, she also took to Twitter to apologize. She wrote, "To clear up the whole Instagram thing, I had no idea what her situation was. Truly sorry if I offended anyone.”

11 Paris Hilton’s Photo Was Not Exactly Glamorous

via Social News Daily

Who doesn’t love a good bathroom selfie? In 2014, Paris Hilton thought she looked great and decided to take to social media to share a photo of herself in the bathroom, but she probably didn’t notice the roll of toilet paper in the corner of the photo, which is not exactly glamorous.

Instead of admiring Hilton’s beauty and style, the media focused on the loo roll and Hilton clearly had enough of this attention because she deleted the photo soon after sharing it.

10 Kim Zolciak Deleted A Photo Of Herself And Her Daughter After Claims

Kim Zolciak is a woman who has earned criticism for several posts she has shared, and oftentimes this criticism is unfair. In 2016, she made the decision to delete one of her Instagram pictures showing herself, her teenage daughter Brielle, and her husband, Kroy Biermann, after people commented on her daughter’s appearance and how she looked different.

According to Daily Mail, there were claims that Brielle had undergone beauty mods, a claim Zolciak denied. She chose to delete the photo though because of all the negativity.

9 Selena Gomez Had Fans Second-Guessing Her Relationship Status

via Electric 94.9

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have one of the most confusing relationships timelines in Hollywood, and it was hard for even the most avid fan to keep up with their relationship status. Gomez confused everyone when she shared a photo of her legs, and that of an unknown male’s legs, and according to The Richest, at the time, the couple had claimed to have been broken up.

While there was little evidence to suggest that this was indeed Bieber’s legs, it didn’t stop the romance reports that she was back with Bieber, leading Gomez to make the decision to delete the post.

8 Kendall Jenner Hoped Her Pepsi Ad Would Go Away

In 2017, Kendall Jenner's Pepsi’s advert earned criticism because many people felt minimized the impact of the protests happening in America at the time.

Before the brand pulled their ad, Jenner decided to take to social media to express her excitement and support for the campaign, even sharing behind the scenes shots. But Insider notes that when it became evident that fans weren't loving her latest venture, she ended up deleting all of the promotional material she had previously posted.

7 Miley Cyrus’ Mixed Up The Planets Saturn And Jupiter

Miley Cyrus has quite the collection of tattoos, but when she decided to share a photo of one of her latest, back in 2016, she was forced to delete the caption. It wasn’t because her tattoo of Saturn was a bad choice, but rather that she appeared to mess up which planet she had inked onto her arm, because in the caption she wrote, “lilbbjupiter.”

You can clearly see that the planet is Saturn because of its distinctive rings, and Cyrus was mocked for her mess up.

6 Demi Lovato And Kathy Griffin Won't Be Sending Each Other Christmas Cards

One of the most famous feuds in Hollywood is between Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin, and both women have let their feelings about each other be known. But after an interview in which Griffin said Lovato was the worst celebrity she had ever met, things escalated and Lovato decided to respond by taking to social media.

She shared a photo of herself pulling a tongue and pointing at Griffin who stood in the background. This moment ignited their feud, as Griffin retweeted the image, Daily Mail reports. Lovato then made the decision to delete the photo.

5 Lindsay Lohan’s Photoshop Fail Lead To An Unpleasant Situation

via The Hollywood Gossip

Lindsay Lohan made headlines in 2015, after she shared a photo of herself on Twitter, in which she appeared to have Photoshopped her waist, while wearing a waist trainer. She had tweeted about how she was loving her waist trainer, but many people noticed her Photoshop skills needed work as the stairs behind her were distorted.

Lohan ended up deleting the photo following the backlash, but the following day, she reposted the image, but this time without the use of Photoshop.

4 Selena Gomez Removed Her Most Popular Image, But No One Really Knows Why

via instagram

When Selena Gomez posted a photo of herself sipping on a drink in September of 2018, and it quickly got 10 million likes. According to Style Caster, it became her most-liked Instagram post ever (and she’s already the most followed person on the social media platform).

The publication notes that although the reason for Gomez deleting her photo remains unclear, some fans have speculated that it’s because of the comments she received about her possibly having undergone a beauty mod.

3 Liam Payne Made The Right Decision Deleting His Out-Of-Touch Comment

Liam Payne has done very well for himself, and he made his fortune as part of the hit boy band, One Direction. But he also angered people when he took to Instagram to joke about his success, and the term “jet lag.”

According to Metro, Payne took to Instagram in 2018 to share a photo of himself which he accompanied with the caption, “You can only get jet lag from a jet the rest of ya'll have got plane lag.” He is essentially saying all those who don’t fly in private plans are not allowed to use that term, and because his remarks were rude, he got a lot of criticism, which eventually resulted in him deleting the photo.

2 Vanessa Hudgens' Tribute To Her Love Earned Her A Fine

via NY Daily News

Vanessa Hudgens is one of those people who you see carving their initials into nature, except instead of choosing a random tree, she and her boyfriend Austin Butler, decided to carve their names into the wall of red rock in Arizona.

It happened during a trip to Sedona, Arizona, but Hudgens didn’t think her actions were wrong, so she took to Instagram to share a photo of her artwork. Except, what they did was illegal and resulted in a fine of $1,000. Plus an embarrassing moment on Instagram, which is why she swiftly deleted the image.

1 Maria Fowler's Comments On Muhammad Ali Caused A Spat

Reality star and model Maria Fowler took to Twitter to share her views on Muhammad Ali and why he was not standing during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012. She tweeted, “Ahhh wish I was there so bad. Muhammad Ali. No disrespect though but why can't he stand now?”

Ali cannot stand because he has Parkinson’s Disease. And Fowler’s comments enraged many people, but Daily Mail notes there one was in particular; SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards. He ridiculed Fowler for not doing her research first instead of asking Twitter, and the pair got into a heated argument, which resulted in Fowler eventually deleting her tweets.

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