30 Furniture Or Products We Need To Make Our Homes Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether you are in your 20s and just moved out of your parents' house for the first time, whether you are barely a teenager and want to spice up your room, or even if you have been living on your own for years and just need to refresh everything, we all know it is important to make our homes aesthetically pleasing. Even if you only ever have one couple come over to hang out and have dinner, having our house look inviting and comfortable is crucial while being (or becoming) a host. This is especially important if you are often the host of family game nights, 4th of July parties, or those always entertaining New Year's Eve parties. Some pointers to start with? Pick a color scheme, don't veer off of it unless colors contrast well, and don't overload your walls with too much.

Below, we outline 30 products or pieces of furniture that will just make your home look that much better. Aesthetics are important, as is comfort, but keeping track of what really catches your eye and speaks to you is key. Chances are, if it jumps out to you, it will make your guests say "Wow!", too.

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30 An Accent Rug (For The Living Room)

A unique accent rug is ideal and necessary for a living room that has hardwood flooring. The key to keeping an accent rug relevant to your color scheme and aesthetic goals is to purchase that first. Then, go from there buying your accent décor, couches, chairs, and curtains. Further, pull colors out of the rug that will brighten the room instead of darkening it. You can even purchase things that are not matching to your rug, but are complimentary of its' colors!

29 Fresh Flowers

This one may be the most difficult to maintain, but it may just be the most beautiful. Fresh flowers really brighten up any room, no matter the color scheme or the aesthetic. Burnettpainting.com tells us: "According to the most reputed interior designers, an interior space is never truly finished unless you include some fresh flowers. A vase of fresh flowers in your room will not only increase the aesthetic of your home but will provide you with a sense of life and greenery!"

28 String Lights

String lights seem to be a home aesthetic staple as of late. And, according to hercampus.com, they bring an element to your home that not many other light fixtures can really do, while still being affordable: "They are simple and cheap, and add an extra oomph to your room. They are also perfect for when you want to turn off your bright lights and have a more relaxed lighting." They can actually change the ambiance of your abode. How fitting!

27 An Accent Wall

This is on the top of my list for when my husband and I purchase a house-- and it should be on the top of yours, too! There are items labeled 'accent' that you can add to your home in many places, as you'll see in this article. However, an accent wall is the most obvious and will brighten up a room in an instant. Be sure that the accent wall's colors contrast with the other walls' colors, as well as the color scheme you decided on!

26 One Plant... Or Ten

Theodysseyonline.com says: "Plants are beautiful, they help you breathe better, and they’re a mostly easy step towards responsibility. You can get a plant for every corner of your room, or just one. It’ll be nice to look at, but also it’ll give you a constant chore to add some structure [into your life]." Many of us have lots of responsibility as it is, but a plant is a living thing, so it adds an extra element to the upkeep of your aesthetic.

25 Silverware Organizer

Of course, when talking about making your home aesthetically pleasing, you cannot skip over the kitchen! The kitchen is where a lot of mess happens and it can be easy to overlook it as a room that can build onto your color scheme and overall aesthetic, but it is important not to skip over it. A silverware organizer, especially in a smaller house, is a practical and cute way to store something that you need to use every day. If you do have plenty of drawer space for your silverware, think of that as a place to hide things you can't display in a cute way!

24 Desk Organizer

Hercampus.com tells us it's much more practical than a messy desk/office, but there are also some super cute ones out there to match your scheme: "Having pens lay around and notebook paper crumpled into balls around your desk isn’t exactly the most pleasing thing on the eyes. My suggestion? Get some organizers so that [the] room doesn’t end up so messy, but also because it’s just super practical." While you are at it, grab a few cute jars for markers and a cute drawer set for your paper clips, stapler, and tape.

23 Bottles Of Wine... Full Or Empty

This product and idea could go one of several ways, so it is really up to you how you would like to display it in your house to go along with your color scheme and aesthetic. First, you could repaint and decorate empty and used wine bottles to go with your color scheme-- or even for a special holiday! On the other hand, you could purchase a cute wine rack and fill it with uniquely labeled bottles of wine for a cute display and practical storage.

22 A Mid-Century Element

Burnettpainting.com gives us unique insight into this unique idea: "According to interior designers, a perfect home should have at least one mid-century element. A mid-century designer piece is good for many reasons. Although they are not technically modern, a mid-century element will surely feel current and timeless in every home if utilized properly. For example, you can use mid-century chairs, tables, and traditional wooden furniture. The traditional design elements will nicely complement the modern elements you have in your home. This would give a good new-old mix in your home."

21 Unique Shelving Unit

Gurl.com has a list of 22 ways to spice up your aesthetic. One thing is a shelving unit which is both practical and can add to your aesthetic in an appropriate way: "It’s so important to make good use out of available wall space. One way to do that is with boxy shelving units... It looks very cool and also leaves lots of room to store many items. Again, you can make this or buy it somewhere – although the DIY version might be cheaper."

20 Jewelry As Wall Art

Most of us girls that wear jewelry have lots of it, right? Finding an appropriate and practical way to store and hang it can be difficult, especially because necklaces often get knotted easily and smaller earrings and rings can potentially get lost. Hanging your jewelry in a cute way that goes with your color scheme and your aesthetic goals will be a refreshing and creative way to take care of your jewelry all while making your house look cute and chic.

19 A Bookshelf, Organized By Size Or Color

A tall bookshelf that already accents your color scheme is a great way to stay organized and make your home look aesthetically pleasing, according to burnettpainting.com: "An organized bookshelf that complements the color of your home’s interior will always increase the beauty of your space. In fact, your home will not be complete without a properly designed and colored bookshelf. Actually, a bookshelf is more than just for books; you can store other favorite collections; for example it could be a great place for your family photos."

18 Sheer Linen Curtains

Curtains take up a bulk of a person's eye when first walking into a room, as they are usually long and large to cover the doors and windows. That is why it's important to make sure they match your color scheme. Further, you want to make sure they don't block out the natural light, but bring it in. That is why sheer linen curtains are a perfect item to have in your house. Match them with your color scheme or get a unique print to catch a guest's eye and you're golden!

17 Personal Artwork

Another great way to add to your color scheme and allow guests' to appreciate your humble abode is to add personal artwork to your décor. This one is a fragile idea, but if used properly it can work well. For example, your personal artwork should be neat and clean, not messy and too busy. A perfect option is a painting of a flower or a landscape. It is simple, but if painted with similar colors to your theme, it will accent and add to it nicely!

16 Floating Pictures

Floating pictures are a new and modern way to hang your family photos, pictures that go with your color scheme, or just pictures that you really love. They are clean and precise. Further, if modern is the aesthetic you are working toward, these will need to be a staple! A key to properly keeping with your aesthetic is this: do not hang or add too many other items of décor around something like this; you'll want this to stand out!

15 Three Pillows To Go With Your Scheme

Many interior designers state that items in your home should be quantified in odd numbers; this could be anything from pillows, décor items, photo frames, etc. Another unique and inviting way to make your home more aesthetic is to purchase three throw pillows for your couch that go with your color scheme, but do not have the same pattern! This draws the eye to the matching color, but the different prints will break it up enough to add some layers to your look. You could even go bold and add some textured pillows (think fuzzy and furry)!

14 A Piece Of Oversized Art

According to houzz.com, this could be a big risk, but if you've had your eye on something there is always a way to make it work.

"The most ideal place for a gigantic piece of fine art photography: an open, airy great room packed with architectural interest. A single piece of art can strike the perfect balance between the architectural assets and personal contents of a space." Be sure it matches or compliments the colors you've already chosen. Better yet, buy the art first and create your scheme around it!

13 Candles And More Candles

Hercampus.com explained why candles are a great way to better the aesthetic in your house: "Aesthetics includes smell too!" Be sure to pay attention to the packaging and colors, the site says, as to still accent and highlight your color scheme and not to upset the aesthetic that you are working toward. Also, a tip the site gives their readers is to make sure to buy some right after the holidays (Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc.) because they will be, you guessed it, on sale!

12 Farmhouse Table

A farmhouse table is a classic and timeless piece that will always look good no matter what color scheme and overall theme you are going for in your house. This is because of the natural wooden element it brings to the table when designing (pun intended!). Guests are in awe of these types of pieces, usually because of their age. This is a perfect piece to go searching for at antique stores or yard sales. When you find one, leave it as is or repurpose it for your unique taste.

11 Canvas Collage

Canvases are an affordable and easy way to fill your walls without having to put too much thought into the design. It will add to your aesthetic without lots of effort, in other words! A few tips below to make sure you get the most out of your canvases:

In this instance, it is important that the canvas is the same size as shown above. Still use an odd number when choosing your pictures, too! Choose pictures with lots of colors, but be sure they match and/or complement the scheme you've chosen!

10 An Accent Chair

According to One Kings Lane, "Accent chairs provide not just extra seating, but are a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or color to any room." Be thoughtful of the accent chair's shape, pattern, and size before adding it to your house's aesthetic. It should ultimately accentuate or complement the other furniture in the room. Further, if you want to spice up an already successful and existing color scheme, try adding an accent chair with a new color.

9 Mixing Different Shapes

Another modern and unique way to add to your humble abode and its' aesthetic is this, according to gurl.com: "If you want to make your [room] look really cool while staying organized, try mixing and matching different shapes. It’s a little more eclectic than a minimalist sense of style, but that works for some people!" If this bold and particular style works for you, this is a great way to make your house aesthetically pleasing. Just remember color scheme, color scheme, color scheme!

8 A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall seems like an impossible task, but having a few tips can help make it a breeze. Pottery Barn tells us four easy steps to get started to make the design easy and successful:

Crop Photos. "Cropping lets you call attention to your images while eliminating anything that doesn't belong."

Have a focal point

Restore old photos.

Wall color is important. "Take a hint from museums and galleries, and use wall color to highlight accent colors, creating drama."

7 Hanging Mason Jar Candles

Mason jars can be used in a variety of ways to add to the aesthetic and overall décor of your home. Here is just one way to use them: hang them! Outside, for example, they can hang from the fence for calm lighting as shown above. Inside, hang them under shelves in groups of three. You can also line them up on your bookshelf and fill them with colored rocks, seashells, pebbles, etc. to add to your color scheme. The possibilities with them are endless!

6 Wooden Shelves For Wine Glasses

Another important way that wine comes into our aesthetic is that you need glasses to drink your wine from! These can be put in the boring old cabinet if you have room; however, using them as décor in your home is another great way to add to your aesthetic. Purchase wooden shelves specifically for hanging wine glasses. This way, you can add a parallel element to your wall, by hanging wine glasses below and adding décor on the shelf above!

5 Patio Furniture

This will apply only if you have a patio or balcony to work with, but it is a great addition no matter how small or large the area is that you do have to work with. Patio furniture allows you to sit outside on warm summer nights and actually enjoy the weather without having to spend money going out. Here, you can purchase a set that compliments your color scheme inside-- or buy one that you love and start a whole new scheme outside! If adding an accent rug, please see below!

4 An Accent Rug (For The Patio)

Similar to the accent rug for inside the home that was mentioned above, an accent rug on the patio can do wonders to the aesthetic. Something interesting to realize about this, though: the greenery and landscape outside will be part of your aesthetic! This may make it harder or easier for you to choose products and items that go well. As aforementioned, be sure to buy the rug first. Other things form this article you can use outside: string lights, an accent chair, and plants!

3 Same-Sized Picture Frames

Just like different shapes of wall décor can add a modern spin on accenting your home, adding several frames of the same size can add an element of parallelism to your room as well. The pictures inside could be your choice: they can add to your aesthetic theme, add to your color scheme, or simply be family photos. A tip: if adding family photos, take the element of color away (and avoid clashing) by printing them all black and white! It will look timeless and be seamless in your color scheme.

2 Unique And Personal Letters

Another great way to add to the aesthetic of your house is to continue making it personal! We have added family photos in an aesthetically pleasing way, as well as personal artwork and even bottles of wine you have lying around the house. Create (or purchase) a letter or letters that is personal to your home and add it to your décor. Be sure it matches your scheme or pops out in a unique way (maybe in what it's made with or complimenting the scheme with its' own color).

1 A Throw

A throw is a simple, easily beautiful, and decently affordable way to add an extra element to your room. Not to be ironic, but throwing it over the couch or chair in a lacksidasical and comforting way allows the room not to look so perfectly parallel; it will add layers to the picture that your guests get when they first arrive in the room. Further, it can compliment your colors and add texture to your aesthetic! Add one in every room to make the aesthetic complete.

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