30 Facts We Finally Know About Khloe Kardashian's Entire Pregnancy And Baby

Though Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy was slightly overshadowed by little sister Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, we can't help but feel joy for Khloe. After all, this is something that she has wanted for a long time. Now that she is in her '30s, it hardly seems like a surprise that she would become a mommy for the first time. Though Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was a whirlwind since she isn't even 21-years-old yet, it was sort of a given for big sister Khloe. Khloe has had to watch her sisters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian attain motherhood more than once, and she sort of sat back on the sidelines as the cool aunt. Well, now it's her turn and we couldn't be more excited.

She has officially given birth to a daughter on Thursday, April 12, 2018, at 4 am in Cleveland, Ohio.

This little girl has been born into some serious Kardashian drama. Though her name has not been officially announced yet, we already know some juicy details surrounding the birth of Khloe's firstborn. She might not be aware of what is going on around her, but little does she know that she is being born into a world of glamour and fame.

Without further adieu, here are 30 facts that we finally know about Khloe Kardashian's baby.

30 Her Baby Daddy, Tristan Thompson Is A 26-Year-Old NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Player

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Not unlike other members of her family, Khloe Kardashian seems to have a thing for professional athletes. After all, she was married to Lamar Odom, and Kim had that short marriage with Kris Humphries. The Canadian-born NBA superstar is the center forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The crazy part is that he is 27 making him 6 years Khloe's junior. This guys is an up-and-coming star in the NBA and shows no sign of stopping.

Between the two of them, with Tristan's height being '6"9 and Khloe's being '5"10, this is probably going to make for one really tall kid! Perhaps she will be either a WNBA player or some kind of Olympic athlete. At least we can say that this kid is getting some good luck with their genetics and professional network.

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29 Tristan Was Unfaithful While Khloe Was Three Months Pregnant


You just can't have a Kardashian baby event without some sort of scandal involved. This time around, it really isn't their fault. Tristan was busted just days before Khloe gave birth in a cheating scandal involving another woman back in November. The other woman's name is Lani Blair who is a 28-year-old Instagram model. She was seen partying with him at a Cavaliers game in New York and later walking out of his hotel room the next morning in her previous night's outfit.

According to Daily Mail, around that same night he left with her, he was seen philandering around with at least 4 other women in New York.

This is definitely not the type of news that you want to hear just moments away from giving birth. This is literally every woman's worst nightmare.

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28 Tristan Even Got Booed At A Cavaliers Game Amidst Infidelity Rumors


You have to love the fans of the Kardashians when they are at their most loyal. There were ladies in the audience at the last Cavaliers game who literally booed Tristan Thompson during one of his games. The wrath of the cheating rumors followed him to the basketball court on Wednesday night when the Cavaliers lost to the Knicks. It is entirely possible that he was distracted when he was getting that negative attention from the spectators in the seats. The NBA announcers caught onto this because he was not announced when he was coming off or on the bench to play in the game.

The worst part is that Twitter has blown up already accusing him of not being a good father.

It looks like Tristan is going to have to deal with this ordeal for a while.

Now that we think about it...isn't Scott Disick guilty of doing the similar things? At least this takes the heat of off him for a while...

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27 Khloe Gave Birth In Ohio To Be Closer To Tristan

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Khloe knows all too well the life of an NBA superstar since she was already married to Lamar Odom. This is why she wanted to be as close to Tristan as possible so that he would be 100% available for when the baby arrives. NBA athletes have reputations for being players which you would think would be hard for Tristan to accomplish if Khloe is always there. Well, think again.

Being the Mama Bear that is looking to nest, she set up the environment so that the three of them can all be together as a family.

In reality, she probably also gave birth in Ohio just to keep those little NBA groupies away. When the cat is away the mouse will play...except, in this case, the cat is not going anywhere any time soon. Khloe is on 33-year-old who knows how to keep her 26-year-old man in line.

What will become of these two? Only time will tell.

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26 She Revealed The Gender On An Episode Of KUWTK


Just like in typical Kardashian fashion, Khloe televised the moment she found out that she was having a girl on KUWTK. For the longest time, Khloe thought for some reason that she was having a boy.

She said that she just "felt like she was having a boy."

"I'm shocked!" Khloe exclaimed after finding out the news. Khloe and Kim were just chilling in their hotel room at the Fairmont hotel during a quick trip to San Francisco. A makeup-free Khloe and a platinum blonde Kim find out over the speakerphone that she was indeed preggers with a daughter. As she was crying tears of joy, Kim tells her: "I cried when I found out North was a girl too." Looks like she might have to try again if she was hoping for a boy.

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25 The Hit Movie, Black Panther Was A Source Of Inspiration For The Baby Name Selection

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Black Panther was one of this year's most popular movies bringing in over $1.1 million worldwide. It has supposedly played a huge influence in selecting their baby names.

Back when Khloe was in her earlier trimesters, a source told Hollywood Life: "Tristan has thrown a few recent baby names Khloe’s way that are related to the Black Panther film."

"Everything from Nakia, Okoye, and Shuri have been mentioned."

"Tristan has also told Khloe it might be cool to do a spin on the name to be something close to Wakanda. And Khloe is heavily considering it, she is a little apprehensive though because she wants an original name. She feels these names will be taken with the success of the film and others who are having children wanting to do the same thing and having the same idea."

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24 She Had The Most Extravagant Pink Baby Shower Sponsored By Amazon

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Even though Amazon paid for the entire baby shower, it is not like the Kardashians can't afford a lavish one themselves. Us normal people actually have to pay out of pocket for the planning and execution of baby showers. Seeing as though Amazon pretty much makes everything on the face of the planet, it is a safe bet that Khloe will not want for anything when it comes to the new baby. The event was indeed over-the-top, and it couldn't have been done any other way. This was just another way to prove that Amazon will truly dominate the world if they have the Kardashians backing them.

Instagram was having a field day as Khloe kept posting more pics from the baby shower.

"Had the most unbelievable baby shower - we felt so much love!" Kardashian wrote in the caption of a photo with the hashtag "#ad."


23 Her Baby Registry Was Worth Over $90K

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$90k actually seems kind of cheap when you think about the deep pockets of the Kardashians. Among the 50 items on there: a Boon Hungry Whale bath toy ($10), a DockATot lounger ($175), a Dyson air purifier ($496), a Medela Freestyle Breast Pump ($304), the My Breast Friend feeding pillow ($39) and WaterWipes for a baby’s sensitive skin ($31).

“I know I’ll go through wipes like crazy on my baby’s tushy,” Kardashian, 33, told Amazon.

“So I wanted to make sure I had the best possible for her sensitive skin!”

It looks like Khloe is right now in full-on nesting mode. This kid will be swimming in a sea of luxury. Amazon definitely used this as a marketing opportunity to use her baby registry items on top-watched lists.

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22 Khloe Banned KUWTK Cameras From The Delivery Room


Gasp! A Kardashian who doesn't want to publicize their excruciating labor on one of the most physically unflattering days of their life? No freaking way. We would have never guessed. Yes, it is true that Khloe Kardashian wanted to keep this day private where she gave birth to her little girl.

“She’s the most down to earth of all the Kardashians and she wants a normal birth with no entourage, no cameras, no outrageous requests,” a source told Star Magazine.

Friends said that Khloe wasn't overly fussy about the room that she would give birth in. “She just needs a small room to herself, clean and neat.” This is a far cry from sisters Kim and Kylie, who wanted a 1,000 thread count Egyptian sheets and special lighting for their big days.


21 She Might Even Quit KUWTK To Focus On Her Family

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This one is incredibly hard to believe, but you can't really blame her. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been a long-running show and Khloe has been a big part of it. We just can't imagine the show without Khloe because she is one of the most relatable people on that show. Ratings will probably drop because people might lose interest without Khloe.

A source told InTouch Magazine that "Khloe has reached the point where she’s ready to put family first.

The show is a full-time job that involves being filmed from the first thing in the morning until late at night. After 10 years, she’s ready for a change." She has had her own TV shows like Kocktails With Khloe, Revenge Body and her spin-off shows with Kourtney and Kim.

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20 Her Response To People Providing Mommy Advice? Be Quiet!

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Khloe has always been the sassy sister and has no problem calling them out when she has to. Since her two older sisters had kids before her, they are always giving her baby advice. Although they mean well, we can see how that does get annoying at times. This is especially true when you are pregnant, irritable and hormonal in the first place. With some censorship here, she told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview that she just wants them all to "shut the *beep* up."

Khloe made it pretty clear that all the unwarranted baby advice from her all-knowing sisters, especially Kourtney (who’s a mother of three), is getting pretty tiresome.

Khloe has already had some first-hand experience being an aunt to her nieces and nephews. Out of all of them, she has had the most practice.

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19 Khloe Made The Official Announcement When She Was Already 6 Months Along

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Khloe Kardashian has expressed her desire to follow the true Kardashian custom and start a family of her own. The news that she was pregnant wasn't too shocking, but the announcement of little sis, Kylie's certainly was. She officially announced she was pregnant as she was 5-6 months along.

Fans on social mediums speculated that she did this as a selfless act to take some shade off of Kylie's most likely.

Khloe and boyfriend, Tristan Thompson shared their good news on Instagram around the holiday season in December. It was also confirmed that they were having a baby girl. The excited couple announced their pregnancy shortly before Chicago West, Kim and Kanye's third child who was born via surrogate. It looks like 2018 is one of the best years yet for the Kardashian clan.

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18 Tristan Called It First (Khloe's Pregnancy That Is)

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This is going to be Khloe's first child, but it is Tristan's second child. This is what probably gave him the sixth sense that he knew Khloe was pregnant before she even did. Apparently, she was describing how she "was feeling sick" to him over the phone and right then and there he knew.

He responded, "that means your pregnant."

Though Khloe was in denial at first, a pregnancy test confirmed his suspicions. Seeing as though that this is his second go around, he probably knew what was up. In any case, it is rare that the father of the child knows before the mother does, but it looks like this guy is intuitive. Since they are having a girl, we wonder if she'll be a mommy's girl or daddy's girl...

17 He Also Left His Pregnant Girlfriend, Jordan Craig For Khloe

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It is indeed true that Tristan Thompson and Jordan Craig split before she even gave birth to their son. That must be a bitter pill to swallow for her. She gave birth to a 1-year-old son, Prince Thompson in 2016.

"Jordan is disappointed Khloe gets more of his attention than Tristan’s own son."

"She is also sad that Tristan has moved on and disappeared so quickly from their romance. It hurts her every time she sees Khloe and Tristan looking so in love on TV or online. Jordan is also upset that Tristan is rarely around and not more involved with their son’s life," a source shared with HollywoodLife exclusively.

It looks like this isn't exactly the ideal situation for anyone involved.

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16 There Was Reportedly A Big Family Feud Between The Kardashians And Tristan

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This matriarchal pack will not ever stop protecting one another. It looks like Scott Disick won't have to worry about being portrayed as the only villain in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Even before the whole infidelity scandal happened, Khloe and Tristan supposedly had a "blow-out fight" between her family as to where they should decide to deliver the baby.

The Kardashian clan wanted Khloe to give birth in LA. According to Gossip Cop, Kris Jenner offered her a handsome deal to give birth in front of cameras, to which they declined.

Her mother was devastated because she wanted Khloe to be closer to home and family when she gives birth. Instead, they insisted on Cleveland where Tristan would be playing. Like any tight-knit tribe, they flew out to Cleveland to be with her.

Hollywood Life

15 She Managed To Hide Her Bump For A Long Time


Of course, there were rumors before Khloe even announced that she was pregnant. Since this was already half-expected on her end, she knew how to dress the part. She never looked bad in any of the shots snapped by the paparazzi. Maybe it had to do with her pregnancy glow and great sense of style.

The early trimesters of pregnancy are rough, but at least Khloe proved you can still look good doing it.

This is usually when the glow is at its peak and your body is still in shape. It was only that the clarification was declared that she was indeed pregnant when she was well into her second trimester. Leave it to Khloe or any of the Kardashians to always maintain a chic style no matter what and if they are trying to hide their pregnancy from the world.

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14 Designer Wardrobe > Maternity Clothes

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As Lord Disick has said before, the Kardashians can't just get pregnant and look like peasants!

On an episode of Ellen, Khloe revealed that the worst part about being pregnant was already over: the first trimester.

Apparently, once your stomach starts popping, that is when you start to feel less sick. At least in the first trimester (and a little bit in the second trimester), she wanted to avoid wearing actual maternity clothes at all costs. She even went as far as to describe how she loses her breath after a short walk to her seat and that "the baby is on all my organs." It sounded like she was more keen on having a boy than a girl. Khloe told Ellen that if it was a boy, that she would have named him Tristan Jr.


13 Kris Jenner Has Admitted That Khloe Became Her "Favorite" During Her Pregnancy

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Normally, parents don't even ever want to admit when they have a favorite in the family. However, Kris Jenner candidly admitted in an interview with Daily Mail that it was Khloe just for the time being.

"The last couple days it's been Khloe. She's on the favorite child list. Her and I have been bonding and shopping for the new baby" said the 62-year-old matriarch.

We have to wonder how the rest of her five children would feel about that. They probably will let it go seeing as though she admitted that favorite children change depending on your mood. Maybe she just appreciates the bonding time that she gets to have with her pregnant daughter shopping for baby clothes and maternity wear. She also admitted that her opinions are never set in stone.

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12 She Won't Let Her Daughter Watch KUWTK Until She's 13

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It looks like Khloe is already coming up with some rules for her daughter to follow. She will have to wait a bit in order to be allowed to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians until she is 13-years-old. If you think about it, the show probably deserves a PG-13 rating since they talk about some pretty racy stuff.

It is good that children learn some restrictions, but there is no hiding KUWTK for very long.

If her cousins are allowed to watch the show and not her, that might be a huge problem. Then again, it is too soon to say. Imagine growing up and realizing that your family started their careers simply by cameras following them. It will only be a matter of time before we find out what kind of people these kids will grow up to be.

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11 She Teased Fans About What She Would Name Her Daughter


Khloe has always been known to be cheeky so she was teasing her fans a little bit over her social media accounts. She has been playing coy when it comes to revealing the name of her daughter.

For a while, some people thought that the name of her little girl will be Rose because she was posting pics of roses all over Instagram.

She responded saying that it won't be on the list, but that "Rose is a cute name though." Even though it was already a given that the name would be Tristan Jr. if she was having a boy, fans speculated what the name would be if it was a girl. Stay tuned to find out because she isn't having a boy. We can just assume that it won't be a normal name.

10 Khloe Planned On Eating Her Placenta After Giving Birth

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Though it is not officially confirmed yet, Fox News, Daily Mail, and many other sites claim that Khloe planned on eating her placentae after birth. No word yet on when she will actually do it or if she has done it yet.

Just like Kim did before her with the birth of North and Saint, this has officially become a thing in Hollywood as other stars are doing it, too.

Eating your placentae can be done in the form of pills. You don't literally eat it after it slides out of your body. Eating placenta supposedly gives new mothers numerous health benefits including preventing postpartum depression, reducing pain, bleeding, increasing breast milk production and improving mother-infant bonding. Don't judge some these trends as it would benefit many other mothers that aren't even celebrities.

9 Her Baby Is Only One Month Younger Than Little Sister, Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi

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It looks like between Chicago (who was born in January), Stormi (who was born in February), and then this new daughter of Khloe will all be growing up together.

Chances are, they might even go to the same schools and be best friends.

The Kardashian family is a tight-knit bunch who stick together no matter what. Perhaps that these girls will disappear from the spotlight after the show has run its course, and everyone might just want to retire and focus on their families. That is, if that ever happens. Kylie Jenner actually said that she wanted to raise her kids in the country and that she was never meant to be famous. So far, Stormi is the newest addition to the clan and now we await for the next Kardashian to arrive. This brood just keeps on expanding.

E! Online

8 Recently, Khloe's Ex-Husband, Lamar Odom Announced That He Will Be Writing A Tell-All Book

Radar Online

Much to the Kardashian's dismay, Lamar Odom will be writing a tell-all book about what it was like to be married to Khloe Kardashian. We already know how they feel about anyone writing about their family.

Kim has been estranged from Caitlyn Jenner for writing a book about their family and revealing information about the OJ Simpson case.

No matter how rich and powerful the Kardashian clan may be, they can't overrule the First Amendment to free speech.

Though Khloe has moved on with her new baby and new man, she cannot seem to escape the ghosts of her past. Lamar has retired from the NBA at the age of 38 and is ready to tell his story about his ordeal with substance dependency and his marriage to Khloe. It will touch upon “everything that happened leading up to and after” the former athlete’s near-fatal scandal in October 2015, according to the source. It looks like he will be framing himself as the person who screwed up, so as long as he takes responsibility and doesn't put it all on Khloe, then it is commendable.


7 Motherhood Is Something She Has Wanted For A Long Time

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Khloe has already made a name for herself as the "cool aunt" among her nieces and nephews. She watched her older sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, become moms throughout the years and now it's her turn to be a mommy. Her younger brother, Rob even got to become a parent before she did.

After her divorce with Lamar Odom, she became sad thinking that motherhood might not happen for her.

Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it. It turns out, she met Tristan Thompson, fell in love and wound up getting pregnant with his baby. At this point, she probably doesn't even care whether or not she is married, she just wants to be a mom. You know what they say...better late than never.


6 Sorry Fans, Unsolicited Preggo Workout Tips Are Not Welcome


Just like in sassy Khloe fashion again, she gets sick of people giving her advice when she doesn't ask for it. And really, who can blame her? In fact, she didn't like the shade she got from mommy-shamers who criticized her pregnant workouts.

She knew what she was doing because she was under the supervision of a doctor.

Believe it or not, working out is good for the baby and can lead to a healthier delivery. So exercise and a healthy diet are good for the baby...go figure. Most pregnant women have had to face getting someone's opinion shoved in their face without them asking for it. Khloe Kardashian is certainly no exception. In fact, she probably gets more of it than the rest of us.

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5 She Gave Into All Of Her Pregnancy Cravings During The 3rd Trimester

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At the beginning of her pregnancy, Khloe maintained a healthy diet and stayed on track of her exercise routine. When she entered her third trimester, the rules changed and she caved into every pregnancy craving that struck her fancy. Weeks away from her due date, all of the rules went out the window. We have to give her props for trying to stay away from junk food at first, which is more than we can say for most pregnant women.

“I’ve been eating like a beast and I don’t like it, LOL,” wrote Kardashian on her app and website, nearly a month after expressing how much she misses her pre-pregnancy body.

“In my second trimester, I was giving in to my cravings in moderation—but now in my third, I just don’t have the self-control I used to have,” she added. “Like it seriously all went out the window in my eighth month!”

After all, this woman is the host of Revenge Body, so it will be no time before she gets back in shape.

Daily Mail

4 And Even Got Popeyes Chicken Delivered For Free!

Entertainment Tonight

It turns out that when both Khloe and Kylie were pregnant together, they had a lot of late night runs to Popeyes to satisfy their pregnancy cravings. After tweeting about her intense cravings for the delicious fried chicken, the brand kept giving her free food for the sake of some advertising. And really, who can blame them? Any brand touched by the Kardashians turns into gold, and they know how to market themselves like nobody's business.

In a video that she posted on her Instagram, she exclaimed, "They dropped off all this food to me! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited."

She later shared on Twitter, "Ok that fulfilled every craving I've been having for Popeyes over the past couple days. Letting the food craving build up is actually better lol I'm so satisfied now. Yum yum! I feel guilty but GREAT."

E! Online

3 Right Before Giving Birth, Khloe Did A Yoga Sesh With Kevin Hart While Preggers


Khloe Kardashian and Kevin Hart tried this new trend called Goat Yoga where yogis are looking for a meditative fix with baby goats running around. Umm, that sounds random, but okay we can go with it for now. They were taking a fitness class together on the fourth episode of Hart's YouTube channel, What the Fit. It looks like these two share a passion for fitness and making their own TV shows out of it.

Neither Khloe nor Kevin really understood the point of combining yoga with goats.

“I just don’t really get how zen it’s going to be,” she said.

We guess that you could do the same thing with puppies, kittens or any other baby animals. You are zen and you have adorable little animals everywhere. This is one strange trend, but anything is possible in this Instagram age.

Hollywood Life

2 Khloe Was Specific On What She Wanted Her Baby To Inherit

Us Weekly

Though this is one of those things that you have to let Mother Nature decide, you can't help but prefer which genes you want your baby to inherit.

Just days before she gave birth to her daughter, she announced excitedly on Instagram: "I can't wait to meet my baby girl! I often think about what she'll look like and what her little personality will be like."

"She'll be the perfect mix of me and Tristan, which is such a crazy thought, LOL."

"Check out some of the traits I hope she inherits from each of us, and stay tuned for Part 2!"

She later went on to say, "I pick if I want our baby girl to inherit dance moves, worth ethic & more from either Tristan or ME!! All in good fun."


1 She Will Probably Get Back Into Shape In No Time At All

In Style

When Khloe Kardashian first came onto the scene back in the early 00's, she was known to be the chubbier sister. Now, those days are clearly behind her and she knows it. She has been such a shining example of someone who morphed into a much fitter version of themselves over the years. Nowadays, Khloe is known to be in excellent shape while still maintaining those signature Kardashian curves.

From days away from giving birth to her daughter, Khloe told her 118.6 million followers on Twitter that "I can NOT WAIT to f*** up the gym when it’s time lol!"

After you get in the habit of doing some high-intensity training and all of the sudden you have to stop, you just have the itch to go back tot he gym, and that is a wonderful habit to get into.

Shape Magazine

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