30 Celeb Kids Who Are Actually Best Friends In Real Life

When you're rich and famous, there's a reason why you tend to flock to birds of your own feather. Celebrities in Hollywood go through the trials and tribulations of constantly being in the public eye, never having a moment of normalcy. Because of this, it can be a bit hard to relate to average, everyday people. Although some celebrities do try and maintain relationships with their childhood friends, most form a new A-list squad, a core group of celebrity pals that hang out together and keep each other sane. We love to watch these celebrity besties together, from Taylor Swift's elaborate girl squad to the hilarious duo that is Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.

When the time comes to have kids, it only makes sense to have your little ones hang out with your closest friends, too. It can definitely be hard to relate to other kids at school when your parents are A-listers, so tykes of the elite tend to run around with those brought up similarly to them. What's even cuter is if a celebrity duo is already pals, they'll start their kids off young with playdates, grooming them into becoming BFFs in their own right, too.

We've rounded up a list of 30 celebrity kids who are actually best friends in real life with some who are still very young to some slightly older pairs who've grown up in the limelight together!

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30 Penelope Disick & North West, The Adorable Cousins Who Are Always There For One Another


Starting off this list is obvious celebrity BFFs and cousins Penelope Disick and North West. Daughters of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, these two are almost inseparable.

Friends since birth, the adorable duo has grown up together and is usually seen in matching outfits, too.

With Kim and Kourtney constantly snapping videos of their girls hanging out, fans across the world can't help but audibly, "aww," since a cuter cousin and BFF duo doesn't exist.

29 North West & Ryan Romulus, North's New BFF That's Been All Over Social Media With Her


Little North West has been spotted hanging out with a new BFF in most of Kim Kardashian's snaps and Instagram posts. People have been wondering who the equally adorable tot is. It's none other than Ryan Romulus, daughter of Tracy Nguyen Romulus, who has been Kim and Kanye's long-term friend for more than 15 years, as per Daily Mail.

Kanye's former publicist is now spearheading Kim's KKW label, so the two are close, but it turns out little North and Ryan are even closer, becoming practically inseparable.

28 Oscar Jackman & Roman Blanchette, The Ultimate Australian Kid Clique


The coolest Aussies in Hollywood, Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman's kids' friendships are squad goals. Cate has a little girl and three boys, while Hugh Jackman has one of each, a boy and a girl. Considering they're both far from home, these two celebrities obviously connected and made sure their kids did too.

Together, they formed the ultimate Australian celebrity kid squad.

All of them frequently hang out together, as seen in the infamous photo above, where they all got into a snowball fight led by Hugh Jackman in the middle of New York.

27 Winnie Fallon & Frankie Kopelman, Since Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore Are Both So Funny, Their Play Dates Are Probably Hilarious, Too


Can you imagine a more hilarious playdate than one involving both Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore? The two A-list celebrities have been friends for years, with Huffington Post reporting that the duo got close while they were filming "Fever Pitch" back in 2005.

It was Drew who actually introduced Jimmy to his future wife, as she's actually her best friend and business partner! Naturally, when they had kids, it only seemed obvious to have playdates together. Jimmy's Winnie Rose and Frances Cole and Drew's Olive and Frankie often hang out, with their celebrity parents snapping adorable photos of them all.

26 Future & Titan, Since Ciara & Kelly Rowland Are Already Besties, It Makes Sense Their Kids Are, Too


Ciara and Kelly Rowland are known to be BFFs. Seen dancing in videos and having fun together, the two are inseparable. According to HipHollywood, Kelly gushed about Ciara, "She's such a sweet woman. We actually met when we became mothers and bonded."

Sure enough, they've passed on their friendship to their sons, Future and Titan.

The mamas are known to show off their cute boys playing together on social media, including a super cute video of the duo chatting on a trampoline and proceeding to hug it out together. Aw!

25 Apple Martin & Blue Ivy Carter, Because Beyonce & Gwyneth Paltrow Have Been Close For Years & Have Passed That On To Their Children


Here's one that'll throw you for a loop: Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé are BFFs. In what's probably the most unexpected friendship in all of Hollywood, the duo met in the early 2000s and as per Nicki Swift, resulted in multiple memorable appearances at their husbands' respective concerts, as well as the 2007 Oscars.

Fans were floored, but it wasn't until Gwyneth posted a photo of her daughter Apple and Blue Ivy hanging out backstage at the Super Bowl that the world found out their two girls were joined at the hip. They've shared multiple more photos since, and we love that this unlikely duo is so close!

24 Paris Jackson & Bella Hadid, The Two Beauties Who Support Each Other No Matter What


A bit of an older duo to hit this list is Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, and Bella Hadid, who have gotten close since Paris hit the modeling scene in 2017.

The duo first made their public appearance in a social media post during Fashion Week in January of 2017.

According to Nicki Swift, they were later snapped in an infamous "bad girls" bathroom photo with Paris Jackson, Ruby Rose, Bella Hadid, and Lara Stone at the Met Gala. Since then, Paris has been a part of the cool model clique, and in particular, Bella's BFF.

23 Harper & Gideon Burtka-Harris & Zachary & Elijah Furnish-John, Who Go On Family Vacations Together With Celebrity Friends Neil Patrick Harris & Elton John


The cutest families to embark on joint vacations together is that of Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John as the duo are BFFs, too. From glamorous family vacations together to Hawaii to trips to the Oscars with their dads, both families are always having a blast.

According to Cafe Moms, Neil's husband David Burka posted an adorable snap with the caption, "I am proud to call these wonderful people family ... what a wonderful tradition." The whole crew was recently spotted in the glamorous St Tropez vacationing together again and continuing their holiday tradition!

22 Harlow & Sparrow, & Ruby & Otis, Since Toby Maguire & Nicole Richie Have Been Long-Time Buddies & Have Even Taken Their Children To Disneyland Together


Another unexpected Hollywood mashup of celebrity BFFs is none other than Nicole Richie's friendship with Tobey Maguire and his now-ex-wife Jennifer Meyer. Nicole has a six-year-old daughter Harlow and four-year-old son Sparrow, while Tobey has a seven-year-old daughter Ruby and five-year-old son, Otis.

The families have been seen hanging out on multiple occasions, the most notorious a Disneyland playdate back in 2014 in Anaheim.

As per Daily Mail, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Meyer enjoyed the Mad Tea Party and Alice in Wonderland rides, with Nicole donning black-sequined Minnie Mouse ears.

21 Sloane Haggerty & Future Wilburn, Since It's Only Natural That Seattle-Based Macklemore & Ciara Would Be Close, Considering She's Married To Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russel Wilson


Two families who are massive Seattle Seahawks fans are none other than Ciara's and Macklemore's - and they even go to games together! Ciara is married to Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson while Macklemore is a Seattle native.

With this connection, the duo obviously bonded and proceeded to take their kids to a Seahawks game, as well! Macklemore and his daughter, Sloane, sat with Ciara and her son, Future, and all selfied together. The kids even had matching top knots!

20 Maxwell Drew & Wilder Frances, Because Jessica Simpson & CaCee Cobb Are Also Besties, It's Only Natural Their Children Are, Too


It would only make sense Jessica Simpson's and CaCee Cobb's daughters would be BFFs, given that their moms are, too. CaCee started off as Jessica's personal assistant back in the day, growing into her own fame in Hollywood with her actor husband, Donald Faison.

They have a daughter, Wilder, who they, of course, linked up with Jessica's Maxwell, and the two have been inseparable since.

Jessica Simpson posted the above photo to her Instagram, captioning it, “Besties raising Besties #dreamscometrue."

19 Blue Ivy Carter & Moroccan & Monroe Cannon, Since Their Diva Moms Beyonce & Mariah Carey Were Bound To Join Forces Eventually


Leave it to the divas to flock to one another and introduce their kids to each other, which is the case with this fabulous pop star duo of Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Mariah's 7-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe and Beyonce's 6-year-old Blue Ivy love hanging out and dressing up for playdates while their songstress moms catch up.

As per The Sun, Mariah Carey's $13 million Bel Air mansion is close to the Carters, so the trio shares frequent playdates. It only makes sense, since they're all raised in the similar elaborate lifestyle.

18 Chicago West & True Thompson, Since The Kardashians Always Stick Together


Chicago West and True Thompson, daughters of Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian, are BFFs in the making, as the two are still very young.

As we all know, the Kardashians are known to stick together, so it's no wonder that Kim and Khloe are having constant playdates with the two girls, who were born just a few months apart!

Kim posted a photo of the adorable babies, captioning it "Best friends for life!!!" and it's safe to say we don't have a doubt that that'll be the case.

17 Luca Comrie & Pearl Osbourne, Since Jack Osbourne's Wife Lisa, & Hilary Duff Have Also Been BFFs For Years


A celebrity kid duo that has been best friends for a while now is Pearl Osbourne and Luca Comrie, children of Jack Osbourne and Hilary Duff, respectively. It just so happens that Jack's wife, lifestyle blogger Lisa, and Hilary have been friends for years. The mamas even went so far as taking their kids to the same Hollywood baby class back in 2013, as per Us Magazine.

The two have been inseparable ever since, prompting Hilary to even caption some of her photos of Luca with the hashtag #justlookinforpearl when they're not together. Cute!

16 King Cairo & Sebastian Thomaz, Since Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Have Been Thick As Thieves & Judging By Their Snapchats, Their Children Are As Well


Divas Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are known to be long-term BFFs, having been there for one another through dramatic ups and downs of their turbulent lives.

It's only natural that their sons Sebastian Thomaz and King Kairo would be super close, too.

From inviting each other to birthdays to hanging out together on the regular, the boys are inseparable, with their moms quick to share videos of the cuties on social media, best of friends and thick as thieves.

15 Giovanna Lavalle & Meilani Mathews, Since It Was Every Jersey Shore Fan's Dream That J-Wow & Snooki's Kids Were Friends


Jersey Shore fans across the world squealed with joy when they found out that Snooki and JWoww's daughters, Giovanna and Meilani are growing up to best friends, just like their inseparable moms.

With the two former party queens settling down and taking on a new role as mothers, they often have playdates with their two cuties and are quick to post them to social media, too. Their daughters look just like them and apparently act like them too, with Snooki posting a photo of the girls hugging and captioning it, " I AM SCREAMING! Literally us when we hug @jwoww."

14 Lily-Rose Depp & Harley Quinn Smith, Because Working With Your Bestie Is The Easiest Thing Ever


Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp's daughter, and Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of Kevin Smith, have been friends for over a decade, with their friendship having begun in kindergarten, as per Hello Magazine.

Harley Quinn is naturally a comedian who takes after her dad, but she shares that her friend is actually hilarious too!

She gushed to Hello, “We make each other laugh so much. We always have a great time when we are together and I know she’s always there for me and vice versa.” Recently the duo had the opportunity to star in a horror film together, Yoga Hosers.

13 All Of David Beckham & Gordon Ramsay's Kids, Who Form The Ultimate British Posse


Gordon Ramsay, father to Megan, twins Jack and Holly, and Matilda, are all very chummy with fellow Brits David Beckham and his children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. Fiesty Gordon and soccer legend David often spend time together in London and in LA, often bringing their kids to all mingle together over the years with them.

They've all been spotted at sporting events together, red carpets, and even going on holidays! According to Daily Mail, now that the kids are all older, they've promised their fathers that they'd never date each other, making sure that this bond among both families stays strong forever.

12 Louis Bardo Bullock & Georgette & Vivian Falcone, Who Probably Have The Most Hilarious Play Dates With Moms Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy


It's no secret that Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and her hilarious co-star Melissa McCarthy bonded on set during the filming of The Heat.

According to Us Magazine, their children bonded during that time as well, with Sandra's son Louis forming a special friendship with Melissa's Vivian and Georgette.

Melissa told Us Magazine, "Louis was my Georgie's first friend her own age. And all three of our kids, my two kids and her boy, they still play together. They have a special relationship" So cute!

11 Matilda Ledger & Birdie Silverstein, Daughters Of Michelle Williams & Busy Phillips, Who Have Been BFFs Since Dawson's Creek


Dawson's Creek starlets Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips have been the best of friends for years, now following the time they were on the show together. Busy told Celebretainment, "We both had our kids around the same time. We are interested in the same kinds of books and poetry and music, wine, and beach vacations."

Sounds like a match made in BFF heaven for the pair. Naturally, their kids Matilda Ledger and Birdie Silverstein are besties as well, having constant playdates together while their moms hang out.

10 Satyana Denisof & Shaelyn Killam, Who Met Because Their Moms Alyson Hannigan & Cobie Smulders Became BFFs On Their Show, 'How I Met Your Mother'


Keeping on topic with on-set BFFs and their children, former How I Met Your Mother co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders both have kids who've had a budding friendship since they were babies.

The girls have spent time both on and off set together.

Alyson told Mom.me, "Cobie's daughter Shaelyn is seven weeks younger than Satyana, so they'll have a playdate on set. If one is coming, we try to make sure the other is coming, too." Since finishing the show, the duo still meet up with their adorable daughters!

9 Egypt Dean & Moroccan & Monroe Cannon, Who Both Have R&B Queens As Moms


Diva crooners Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey always have a blast with their kids Egypt Dean and Moroccan and Monroe Cannon during mutual playdates together. These BFFs started off young, and according to Bossip, Monroe and Moroccan were already introduced to Egypt before they were even 1-year-olds, giggling together while parents Nick Cannon and Mariah hung out with Alicia and Swizz Beatz.

The trio of tots has been photographed on numerous occasions together, most notably back in 2012 during an adorable toy-car-racing play date, as per Ranker.

8 Reginae & Zonnique, Whose Friendship Goes Way Back To A Girl Group They Were In As Kids


Friends since they were kids, daughters of Lil Wayne and T.I. Zonnique and Reginae, respectively, are still going strong. According to Essence, their friendship was first brought to us in the spotlight while starring together on Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta.

But what some people don't know is that they were also part of a musical group back in the day called the OMG Girlz.

The two queens are constantly together, sharing snaps and selfies of their lives and even while they vacation with one another!

7 Brooklyn Beckham & Jaden & Willow Smith, Who Love Hanging Out At Festivals Together


According to Hollywood Life, David and Victoria Beckham's son, Brooklyn, is notorious for keeping around a posse of celebrity pals. From Harry Styles to Ariana Grande, Brooklyn is already part of the A-list. His newest BFF selections, however? None other than A-listers themselves, Willow and Jaden Smith, kids of Will Smith.

It turns out, their parents have been close for years, going on double dates numerous times. It only made sense that the kids would all link up, and they've already all been spotted out together at music festivals and more, Instagramming their every move.

6 Kaia Gerber & Charlotte Lawrence, The Soon-To-Be "It Girls" In The Modeling World


Fellow models Kaia Gerber and Charlotte Lawrence have been besties for years. Kaia, daughter of Cindy Crawford, and Charlotte, daughter of Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, have bonded on the runway and off.

The pair makes regular appearances on each other's social media accounts and attends events together.

In her spare time, Charlotte is an aspiring pop star, and according to W Magazine, her and her parents are so close with the Crawford-Gerber family that they all showed up to support Charlotte during her performance at Spotify's "Louder Together" event this past March.

5 Lila Grace Moss & Stella Jones, The Two BFFs Who've Done Their Own Modeling Campaign Together


Lila Grace Moss Hack and Stella Jones are the epitomai of up-and-coming cool girls from the UK. How could they not be? Lila's mom is the famous Kate Moss while Stella's dad, Mick Jones, was part of The Clash.

The two have been besties for years, and just last year landed their first modeling campaigns for The Braid Bar - together. As per W Magazine, the duo then moved on to continue dominating the fashion industry together and even interviewed their idol, Gigi Hadid, in tandem, even going as far as to coordinate in jackets, straight hair, and ankle-grazing pants.

4 Sailor Brinkley-Cook & Ireland Baldwin, The Two BFF Blonde Beauties


Another duo of the next generation's modeling queens is none other than supermodel Christie Brinkley's daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Kim Basinger's Ireland Baldwin.

The fashionistas are best friends and both budding models, and as per Daily Mail, have shared a connection because of the grapevine of their famous Hollywood parents.

Both known to pose together on red carpets and fashion shows, they love channeling their famous moms and even bear startlingly similar looks to those donned by Kim and Christie in the late 90s.

3 Sophia Pippen & North West, Since Kim & Larsa Are BFFs & Wanting To Pass That On To Their Kids


Larsa Pippen, star of Real Housewives of Miami, has been close to Kim Kardashian and her sisters for years, since they obviously have reality TV in common and both learned how to live their lives around it.

They've been so close, in fact, that they've even started to dress similarly, one being unrecognizable from the other. According to Hello!, they've of course started taking their girls Sophia and North out on playdates as well, since there's a small age gap, and they're bound to become BFFs just like their moms.

2 Angelo Konecki & Harper Beckham, Who Quickly Bonded Because Their Moms Adele & Victoria Beckham Did, Too!


Singer Adele is known to have a private personal life, not really in the limelight of social media as much as other stars.

However, according to ZM Online, she's gotten close with Victoria Beckham.

Adele she thinks that Victoria's, "much funnier than people realize and she understands the pressure of being a mum in the showbiz world." Because of this, they've started having fun playdates for their tots as they're only about two years apart in age.

1 Jack Pratt & Beatrice Jean Howard-Gabel, Even Though Dad Chris Pratt Is Convinced His Son Jack Has A Cute Little Crush On Beatrice, Too


Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard became close during the set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Of course, they brought their kids Jack and Beatrice on set and it was simply adorable love at first sight.

As per Celeb Baby Scoop, the co-stars went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the movie and got on the topic of their kids on set. Chris told Ellen, "Jack's in love." He then explained that during a one-on-one moment with his son, he asked him, “If you could have pizza with one of your friends, who would it be?” Jack responded with "Beatrice." Aw!

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